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Banana get the best deal in Singapore 1: How Chinese is banana?

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The racial hatred against Chinese Singaporeans

The minorities in Singapore today do not really know who and what screw them. Many of the active chatroom, bloggers and other online participant of our minorities are half bucket, and a lot of them do not have intellectual breath and depth. While most minorities are ok, there is an small element of half bake trouble maker. The minorities in Singapore do get shit, and then these trouble makers look around.

The trouble makers realize Chinese Singaporeans have white skin that a lot of their own women covet. They realize that Chinese Singaporeans are doing well in school and are doing well in life. The most important thing is Chinese are majority and this Chinese race are extremely gentle to their minorities, if we take a look at the record of Chinese treating their minorities in places like China, compared to Singapore minorities core state like Malaysia and India. Meaning, Chinese will always tolerate minorities bully to a large extend. Hence, a small number of trouble makers started to write lies in line with their own wet dream of "Chinese racism". As they are writing, they get more and more self victimized.

The banana of Singapore are dominant not Chinese Singaporeans

Very few people are aware that there is this banana race of Singapore. The banana race are anglophile. The window to convert to most authentic banana race closed roughly after World War 2, but there is no general agreement on this. For examle, the Peranakan are banana race, they despise Chinese. The Sri Lankan Tamil are banana race, and they are the one who hold the power levers in Singapore, far greater the Indian Tamils. Then there is this tiny number of westernize Malay, but their numbers are few. 

Kuan Yew is a banana. Followings are what wikipedia write about Kuan Yew. Lee and his wife Kwa Geok Choo were married on 30 September 1950. Both speak English as their native tongue. Lee started learning Chinese in 1955 at age 32, before that he was illiterate in Chinese. How can someone who is illiterate in Chinese, conceptualizes things in English, brought up 100% in English culture, represent the Chinese people?  

You can still join the banana race now but it is not so easy to get into the inner power circles. Nevertheless, if one can be such a big asshole like Goh Chok Tong who cannot stop screwing the peasant, the person may succeed in ascending.

The Chinese mestizo banana deny they are Chinese

Many bastard Perankan do not identify with Chinese at all. A little minorities are sinophille. Most despise Chinese since the days of colonial period until shortly after independence of Singapore These mestizos hate their yellow skin and regret not being a white person. In the past two decades, such shameless sentiments somehow subsided as these spineless folks witness the rise of China.

Mother admit Kuan Yew not Chinese

Below is an article appeared in Straits Times 3 March 1971, Kuan Yew's mother, Mrs Lee Chin Koon, nee Chua Jim Neo announced to the whole world that Straits-born Chinese (Peranakan) as a "race apart from Chinese". They have their own special kind of food, their own customs, and they spoke Malay or English -- and not Chinese.

Kuan Yew's mother was daughter of Malaccan Chua Kim Teng with a woman from Indonesia Pontianak. All these places are infested by mestizos because their histories of Chinese settlement were far before the establishment of Raffles Singapore in 1819. 

Even Kuan Yew's mother deny her tribe is Chinese, how can Kuan Yew be a Chinese. So Kuan Yew is definitely not a Chinese. In fact, the Peranakan are better in Malay languages than Chinese. According to Kuan Yew's mother, her tribe have special food, distinct custom and speak no Chinese languages. So how can Perankan be "Chinese"? These people are so different.

The 1st generation PAP leaders are Peranakan, not Chinese, with westernized Tamil and westernized Malay. The theory that Chinese Singaporeans bullied minorities are overblown. Chinese have never hold power in Singapore. It would be more accurate to say that the Malay-Chinese bastard Peranakan implement policies that negatively affect the rest of the tribes in Singapore. 

Nevertheless, it is also true that the Peranakans have lost their identity since the departure of white man colonist. Today, the Peranakan married with Chinese so much that people tend to see them as one tribe. In addition, the policies implemented by Kuan Yew have indeed hurt the minorities more than Chinese, though it benefits the banana most. The bananas are not just Peranakans, but westernized Tamils and westernized Malay.

This will be further discussed in later postings.

Chua Jim Neo, Kuan Yew's mother claimed baba is apart from "Chinese"

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