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Blond people in China Part 4: Blond in China and her neighbors

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For this postings. most images drawn from people outside China. Nevertheless these tribes have larger number of them living in China. The reason for doing so is, these minority tribes residing in China have over-married the Han Chinese. Hence it is very rare for them to be blond. 


The Hmong are called Miao in Chinese. They live primarily in southern China, in the provinces of Guizhou, Hunan, Yunnan, Sichuan, Guangxi, Hainan, Guangdong, and Hubei. Some members of the Miao sub-groups, most notably Hmong people, have migrated out of China into Southeast Asia (northern Vietnam, Laos, Burma (Myanmar) and Thailand). Following the communist takeover of Laos in 1975, a large group of Hmong refugees resettled in several Western nations, such as the United States, France, Australia, and elsewhere. Their demographics are as below.

China: 9.6 millions
Vietnam: 787,604 (1999)
Laos: 460,000 (2005)
France: 13,000 (including 3,000 in French Guiana)
United States: 209,866 (2006)[1]
Thailand: 151,080 (2002)

According to Chinese legend, the Miao who descended from the Jiuli tribe led by Chiyou (Chinese: 蚩尤 pinyin: Chīyóu) were defeated at the Battle of Zhuolu (Chinese: 涿鹿 pinyin: Zhuōlù, a defunct prefecture on the border of present provinces of Hebei and Liaoning) by the military coalition of Huang Di (Chinese: 黃帝 pinyin: Huángdì) and Yan Di, leaders of the Huaxia (Chinese: 華夏 pinyin: Huáxià) tribe as the two tribes struggled for supremacy of the Yellow River valley.

Hmong original homeland. 

The Chinese have a lot of Hmong blood.

It is rare to find blond Hmong people in China as they inter mixed with Han Chinese. The blond Hmong people are found mostly in isolated hill areas of South East Asia. Nevertheless, most Hmong have black hair.

The Hmong languages are deemed as a language group by itself by western linguist. Chinese linguist classified them under Sino-Tibetan. Numbers 1-10 in Hmong as below

Numbers 1 – 10 in Hmong

1. ib
2. ob
3. peb
4. nplaub
5. ntsib she
6. rau
7. xya
8. yim
9. cuaj
10. nkaum

Beautiful Black Hmong girl in North West Vietnam [Source]


The Hmong support themselves with their small vegetable gardens here along various rivers in the forestry nearby Vang Vieng, Vietnam [Source]





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The demographics of Mongols are as below.
China 7,059,000
Mongolia 3,180,000

There are more mongols in China than Mongolia. The Mongols in China are assimilated and mixed with Han Chinese, it is very rare for them to have blond hair. Blond mongols is also rare in outer Mongolia, but there still more prevalent compared to China.

The Mongols speak an Altaic language. They are a distinct language group compare with Sino-Tibetan spoken by the Han Chinese. The Mongolian numbers as below.

1  - neg
2  - hoyor
3  - guraw
4  - doruw
5  - tav
6  - zurgaa
7  - doloo
8  - naym
9  - yes
10 - araw

Blue eyes Mongol [Source]


Anonymous said...

Interesting. We know among the Caucasoid, there are blonde to black. Now you have shown that among Mongoloid there are also blond to brown. Have you done any research on the Negroid? Are there any blonde Negroid?

Veritas said...

There is. But Negroid blond is not my priority now.

I got more interesting thing to write.

Anonymous said...

i guess the mongoloids could claim them as legitimate blond mongoloids, because even if some hmong and mongol have a little caucasian blood (tocharian or something), the blond ones look too asian, with light hair only

Anonymous said...

its other way round, caucasian have asian blood....caucasian is just...popcorn it just came up for no raason..we all a aa. a.Anonymous...

Anonymous said...

High Nose + Big eyes = Caucasian
Opp + Opp = Opp

YDNA Haplogroup R1, R2 = Caucasian
YDNA Hapolgroup O = East Asian

Anonymous said...

Well its just as interesting as other non white races being able to have blonde hair.... -_-

all races have come from the negroid so it would be VERY interesting..

Unknown said...

Solomon Island
Easter Island
New Zealand

Anonymous said...

The genes for blonde hair and blue eyes came probably from the indoeuropean scythic people, who even reached the pacific (Ordos culture). In western china, you find till this day blonde haired european looking mummies in the taklamakan desert. They were probably celto-scythis europeans.
After they got conquered, the men were slaughtered and the women .... well, you know how it ended. This is the reason, there are till this day blonde asian people in this region.

Bottom line, blonde hair and blue eyes did not evolve seperately among asians. It is an admixture.

Unknown said...

Omg my mom always said we originate from Mongolians but I never believed her. The children in the pictures have the same hair and eyes color as me. This is amazing. I feel like I found my family.

Anonymous said...

In Mongolia some children look blond if they are young. With the growing age their hair colour turns to dark. It's not rare. All my nieces and nephews (3-th generation) had blond hair and light skin as babies. As they grown up their skin colour is more beige or darker and their hair is dark too. Only one 4-th generation boy was born with dark hair. I think we (2-d generation) were like him too. I must say, my family is not kasakh, also mongolian. 2. But my mother have blue eyes.