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The lies of PAP's foreign talent marketing 2: Abominable Wong Kan Seng

Wong Kan Seng with his wife Lee Hong Geok. There are speculations that Lee is related to LKY 
Other than Lee Kuan Yew and Loong, Wong Kan Seng is the most despicable minister, probably more so than Mah Bow Tan. While Wong was remembered better for his Mas Selamat fiasco, it was his portfolio as minister in charge of National Population and Talent Division (NPTD), that has actually delivered untold pains to many Singaporean.

Mah Bow Tan has given us a legacy of property time bomb, forcing our young man into slaves of banks and real-estate tycoons. But the works of Mah will never be possible without the advise of NPTD that recommended 6.5 million population for Singapore.

The 16 Aug 2006 interview with Wong Kan Seng attached below depicts a total dishonest and dishonorable man with lots of pre-meditated ill intention to harm Singaporeans, at the same time, indicting Singaporeans with malicious trump-up accusations. He alleged Singaporeans for not procreating without delving deeper into its causes (housing debt, low wages, job insecurity). At the same time, he shamelessly seeks to accommodate foreigners not seen in any country in the world.

Rolling programs to help "FT" paid by Singaporeans and to get Singapore crowded
As foreigners come from diverse backgrounds, we will have to tailor our programmes to cater to their specific needs and provide assistance to help them settle in Singapore. In particular, we should make an effort to introduce different aspects of Singaporean life and our community to them.

Second, we will streamline our immigration processes and make information more accessible. To help attract and retain suitable foreigners working here, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) intends to introduce a new personalized employment pass tied to the person rather than the employer.

Even tourist can stay and look for job
(MHA) will review its criteria to allow for longer-term stay for foreign graduates and adults who meet our requirements and can afford to stay on in Singapore at their own expense to spend more time looking for a job. The Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) also has plans to put in place an online self-assessment points system whereby foreigners interested to apply for permanent residency or citizenship can check their eligibility online such that they are able to take proactive steps to meet the relevant criteria

Censuring Singaporean unreasonable
Justifying FT policy using our forefather as example, taking no account into different context  
Can a government ask Microsoft or Google to take in 3 millions more of new comers as shareholders by means of forcing the original owners to dilute their share? If such things happened, isn't the anger of original shareholder justifiable? Immigration to a developed country and to a piece of virgin forest is totally different matter. 

In the former, the citizen of the developed country have to pay for social services to the alien. In the case of our forefathers, they enjoyed no social services in Singapore. They built them purportedly for their offspring. Instead, PAP gives these services to FT.

One serious implication of taking new immigrants is everyone is made much poorer on paper. Our reserves are earned by our fathers. Everyone will have less claims to reserves if we take in more FT.

What concerns me is that for some Singaporeans, their adverse feelings towards immigrants could be indiscriminate and unreasonable......

Imagine if our forefathers, our parents and grandparents met with similar suspicion and distrust when they first arrived. Life was already hard enough for them in a foreign land; they could all have just left if they could not set up their new homes here. Where would we all be today if that had happened?

Modern Singapore as you and I know, would simply not exist.

We should treat our new immigrants as if they are a new addition to our family. Show them how warm and caring we can be. Remember that for many of us, that was how our great-grandparents, grandparents and even parents started out in Singapore.We would not be what we are today if our forebears were not welcomed and made to feel at home in Singapore.

Wong richly rewarded
For his deeds in screwing Singaporean, Wong was awarded fat jobs after losing his cabinet appointment. Lee Hsien Loong has appointed Mr Wong Kan Seng as special advisor for economic co-operation, responsible for advising the prime minister on Singapore's economic co-operation programmes with China and other Asian countries.

Mr Wong has also been appointed chairman of Singbridge International Singapore Private Limited that invested in Guangzhou Knowledge City project, the Suzhou Industrial Park, Tianjin Eco-City and Bangalore International IT Park.

Kuan Yew aiming for 5.5 million, today we are around 5.2 million. In 3 years, we will be there

Mah Bow Tan is alleged in Wikileak to have planned for only 5 million populations. We have far exceeded 

Media Interview With DPM Wong Kan Seng on Population Challenge for Singapore


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