Sunday, July 16, 2017

Who won 1987 Sino-Indian War, and who was the aggressor?

The expert in India geopolitics Neville Maxwell, has wrote that India was invading China in 1987. The full scale war did not broke out after USA mediation. India withdrew her army later after having a hard time in supplying them.

India is the earth most atrocious country, invading, annexing and terrorizing all her neighbors since independence.

Border war was narrowly averted in 1987 when a belligerent Indian Army commander, General Krishnaswamy Sundarj, having been foiled in his plan to render Pakistan a “broken-back state”, turned his attention to the China border. He massively reinforced positions there and in deliberate provocation pushed numerous posts across the established McMahon line of actual control. China reacted with matching troop concentrations and air force inductions, and warned India to desist from its aggressions, which, in the late summer of 1987, it did, probably under US pressure.

The heat went out of the confrontation but the Indian Army was left in a grossly unbalanced situation, with great troop concentrations beyond normal supply reach. That predicament induced a new Indian government, under Prime Minister Narasimha Rao, to negotiate in 1993 India’s one and only border agreement with the PRC: jointly to observe the line of actual control (LAC) and to reduce force levels to a practical minimum. Later, developments fell far short of what the treaty required.


Anonymous said...

China lost because its riad building was stopped by India. Han are useless fighters. They got occuppied by Mongols Manchus Brits Japanese etc. Present day China is created by Mongols who annexed Tibet and Xinjiang

Mas Salleh said...

As opposed to India who got occupied by Aryans,Arabs,Turkic and last the mughals which left a bigger impact in the cultural landscape of India.At least the han chinese reclaimed the greater China territories from The Mongols and Manchus without interferences from western powers.Btw the brits only managed to occupied a small parts of Southern China.They still got defeated by Japs.And the japs never actually managed to colonized the entire country of China because the han chinese keep fighting back even when they in a midst of civil war with each other.Btw no official statements have declared that India won over China.YOU WERE DEFEATED.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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