Monday, August 1, 2016

Singapore opposition in bed with Muslim extremist: Wolves in sheep' skins

James Gomez and Zulfikar Mohd Shariff

Despite all the sins of PAP, she is far better than any opposition in handling terrorism. Singapore oppositions have a naive and self denial view of Sunni Islam. The only political correct way in Singapore is Chinese are racist, Muslims are victims, and Indians are victims.

Zulfikar Mohd Shariff, and  James Gomez co-penned an article in 2011 regarding a conference themed "Conflict, Religion and Culture: Domestic and International Implications for Southeast Asia & Australia".

James Gomez was former member of Workers' Party and Singapore Democratic Party. Zulfikar Mohd Shariff is a fan of ISIS, Sunni Caliphate (aka big hater of democracy and human rights) and dreamer of jihad against Kafir. Both wrote about "achieving democracy".

There is yet another academic, Dr Michael Barr joining these 2 clowns in the conference. Dr Barr hates Chinese cannot stop stirring shit. In this conference, he claimed Singapore Muslims are discriminated, and are required to prove themselves for discrimination to be removed.

Zul and Gomez went on further to glorify "inter-religious engagement in Malaysia", reckoning it to be far better than Singapore. They gave an example that Muslims NGO will stick their head to protect churches when Muslims engaged Christians by burning churches.

PAP is very wrong when she make use of Straits Time to make Chinese appears like a racist and minorities a victim. Our oppositions went much further, for example, by taking up issue on hijab. For Gomez, a Christian, he went in bed with an Islamofascist, and praise Malaysian way of religious engagement. That makes him a hypocrite, sick coward, and faith traitor.

Pro sex slave, pro genocide and pro beheading Zulfikar Mohd Shariff and family

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