Thursday, July 28, 2016

2.5 millions Malays support murdering women and children

The lies that 99.99% of Muslims are good, 0.01% are extremist

Muslims always lie giving cock and bull stories to justify their murder. One of the most common goes something like this, 99.99% of Muslims are good and just 0.01% are bad. Unfortunately nothing is further from truth.

When asked about whether suicide attack against civilians in defence of Islam can often/sometimes be justified, 18% of Malaysian Muslims, the reputedly "most moderate Muslims" agreed. In another words, around 2.5 millions of Malay support killings of women and children.

Malaysian Malays are champion masturbator orgasm in hate

Cina babi: Malays are the "most non racist people". Chinese are "evil and racist".

Unlike many other countries where there are deadly conflicts between Muslims and non-Muslims, Malaysia has been peaceful. In many of these conflict regions, Muslims have shown more love and forgiving towards neighbors than Malays.

Bosnia had seen civil war between Muslims and Orthodox. Yet just 3% of Bosniaks support suicide bombing. Only 7% of Iraqi, most afflicted by ethnic strife, support suicide bombing.

We can understand Bosniak and Iraqi Muslims want revenge when others hit them, but even then, a very large number of them do not support murdering innocent. Malays have been big bully against minorities for around 60 years since independent. They have reduced their minorities to dhimmitude, by the so call bumiputra policy. Malays have insulted their minorities calling them pigs.

Logically, Malaysian Malays should have satisfied with status quo. Unfortunately, even under such enviable position, Malays, without any good reasons, are now increasingly filled with hatred and desire to murder.

Why so many Malaysian Malays support murder against innocent without provocation? The only reason is Malays masturbate too much in hatred and love deriving orgasm from hating people. Or they are nuts.

Malaysian Malays are disgrace to Islam. Malaysian Malays are traitors against Islam

The victims of suicide bombing is mostly innocent women and children. Using suicide against innocent to defend Islam is a problematic idea. First Sunni terrorists often defend Islam by killing more Muslims. Most of the victims are Muslims themselves especially the Shia (deemed by Sunni as kafir). Majority of victims are innocent Muslims in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan or Pakistan.

Real men form divisions, march to confront enemies' regulars. Despite Sunni macho image, they are losers in most wars. Then Sunni go beg Satan USA for help. Kafir USA helped them in Afghanistan, Bosnia, Kosovo, Cyprus, Syria...etc. Being sour loser, Sunni terrorist unleash against women and children like a big coward.

2.5 millions Malaysian Malays support murder of innocent to defend Islam, even though most of victims were Muslims. Malays have thrown Ummah in shit hole. Malays disgrace Islam. Malays are traitors against Islam.

Cina babi again. Singaporean Chinese should be aware although Chinese may be racist, Chinese are kindergarten. Malaysian Malays are PHD.

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Brokensword said...

15% is too high for Turkey. Maybe 1-2% at most. I live in Turkey by the way.
I would like to see the source to the survey.