Sunday, July 10, 2016

Islam causes obesity: The problem with Hijab

Hijab and the traditions surrounding it discourage exercise both psychologically and practically.

The “Encyclopedia of Women & Islamic Cultures: Family, body, sexuality and health”  authored by Suad Joseph and Afsaneh Najmabad and published in 2006 notes that obesity, especially among women, has become an “epidemic” in many Arab countries. “High obesity prevalence among women may be partially due to cultural prohibitions against physical activity,” Joseph and Najmabad write.

And with obesity comes terrible chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol.

Studies indicate that up to 70 percent of women in the Gulf states are overweight. Obesity is defined as BMI of 30 or more.  According to The Economist magazine’s world rankings, the countries with the highest obesity rates among women are Muslim countries: 1. Qatar 2. Saudi Arabia 3. Lebanon. The United States ranked 8th on this list

Muslim women face uphill struggles for working out. Hijab make it difficult even for conducting normal activity. For workout outdoors Muslim women need to be very aware of the weather. Too hot or humid is a no go, unless they want to face higher risk of heat stroke.

Muslims condemn their women to high risk of obesity being hijab-obsesses

While Muslims are proud that they are able to convince most of their women into hijab and even burka, they are meanwhile destroying the health of their women. In Singapore, Malay women who are Muslims have the highest prevalence of obesity of 28.2%, compared to 5.1% of Chinese women.

And statistic does support that Malay people are running into higher risk of chronic health problem compared to others especially Chinese.

Muslim Hijab supporters and their cheerleaders

In Singapore, there are too many imbecile and hate monger, interpreting Chinese enforcing of non-hijab in certain positions as racism. In fact the reverse it true. Chinese are for the good of Muslim women.

Muslims have been able to cover up in most professions including customer facing one, like school teachers. But Muslims are not happy, and they are trying to impose hijab on private businesses. Their action will hurt business. For example, Muslims cried discrimination when their women show up in Isetan store, against company dress code.

In Thailand, there is a temple who runs a Buddhist missionary Wat Nonjok. A Muslim girl deliberately chose the school and walked in with hijab professing their faith -- despite thousands of other schools to choose from. Muslims shouted discrimination against when being refused.

We can try wearing Sari, Kimono, Sarong or Cheongsam trying to enroll in Madrasah and see what Muslims will react.

Nevertheless there are many other non Muslims, trying to become righteous men, support Muslims initiative to bitch about "Islam being discriminated", totally ignoring that Muslim are shouting discrimination everywhere they go. In addition all Muslim countries are the most discriminating against non-Muslims.

Karma bitches

While Muslims are generally successful in arm-twisting most society into accepting their hijab in most profession, they are in reality hurting themselves by damaging their women.

When women lack exercise for many years, they not only develop chronic health problem physically but also psychologically, affecting themselves, their family and also their men.



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