Sunday, July 31, 2016

Heterosexual HIV transmission risk: Gays are sexual time bomb

A 1997 paper by Dr Nancy Padian, the most widely respected HIV epidemiologist describe vagina sex as inefficient for HIV transmission, The male-to-female transmission is approximately 7-9 times more efficient than female to-male transmission.

In general, estimation of infectivity for male to-female transmission is low, approximately 0.0009 per contact, and that infectivity for female-to-male transmission is even lower. That means from male to female, its around one infection per 1000 sexual contacts. The other way around from female to male would be approximately 1 in 9000, too low to be statistically significant.

The above results are based on her 10 year study of serodiscordant heterosexual couples. Altogether there are 82 infected men and their partners, 360 infected women and their partners.

68 (19 %) of the 360 female partners of HIV male were infected and two (2.4%) of the 82 male partners of female were infected.

In one more observation, not one of the 175 HIV discordant couples were infected, 282 couple-years .

CDC commented that transmission possibilities are so low that it become difficult to understand the magnitude of HIV-1 pandemic.

The above is for "normal" heterosexual couple.

Then how to explain the high prevalence of HIV in Sub Sahara Africa or the very much lower but still significant prevalency among sex workers in Thailand?

We may want to hypothesize the blacks in Africa may have many other sexual perversions, which is too politically incorrect to be documented. Sex workers in Thailand may have higher possibilities to be drug abuser, peddling ass on top of vagina, and vagina bleeding due to oversex.

HIV is not a sexually transmitted disease, it is a disease of perversion

I have written a blog entry title "Gays are HIV vectors and liars: Conspiracy of elites and dirty gays". The results of Dr Nancy Padian are not made known to public, never publicly discussed, but rather proscribe to a tiny circle of intellects.

However government, doctors and gays keep lying and accusing straights of HIV transmission, in order to degenerate the society. Gays having HIV lie also that they are straights.

Nevertheless data of MSM (man who have sex with man) have pointed to an extremely high prevalence of HIV, with 3.1% of Singaporean MSM are positive to 12,6% in Malaysia.

Other than that, there is an eye popping 18.4% prevalence of Syphilis among Singaporean MSM. Gays are dirty scumbag. They are a health threats to a nations, and will potentially cost taxpayers billions of dollars of subsidized healthcare.

Not satiated of keeping their activities in silence, they are bent on recruiting and converting others, to adopt children, and anyone who voice alternatives are now being accuse of discrimination.

Gays and LGBT on the whole, are toxic to the society but a God sent to the elites, who want degeneration and sexualization.

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