Friday, July 22, 2016

Gays are HIV vectors and liars: Conspiracy of elites and dirty gays

There are 4 main groups of people who keep shouting discrimination non-stop. They are gays, Sunni Muslims, feminists and blacks. These discriminated people embark on witch hunt and jihad against the average Joe.

Is homosexuals discriminated?

Is there anyone in Singapore discriminating homosexuals?

It is as though Singaporean straights will put gays into firing squad for catching them red-handed in anal sex. In fact, no one harass gays. Singapore is not persecuting gays. The real intention of gays are to get public to bent over to the overt manifestation of their life-style. In addition, they demand prerogative to accuse others using terms like "discrimination" or "homophobic" when someone dares to voice out alternatives.

In short gays want to kiss one another in public. They want to adopt children. They demand respect and everyone to fear them when their tribe go up the roof top and shout they are gays. They want gay bars, gay whorehouses to be labeled explicitly. They want gay parade, to openly set up gay evangelism to spread their dirty gospel.

If the public just want them to have sex in silence, they want to have to right to persecute others legally for discrimination.

Gays are toxic HIV vector

Data has shown that in Singapore, gays are the most proliferate HIV carrier. MSM (man who have sex with man), PWID (Possession with Intent to Distribute) or junkies have HIV prevalency of 3.1% and 0.5% respectively in 2013.

In comparison, only 0.04% of the FSW (female sex worker), being the most sexually active community, have HIV.

That is to say, it is extremely inefficient to get HIV transmission from penis-vagina sex. Being so few HIV vector among female sex worker, one can stop worrying about getting HIV from screwing whore in Geylang.

How about the purported higher prevalence of HIV among sex workers in Thailand? These data need further analysis on whether the transmission is due to vagina sex or shared needles. Or did they offer anal sex?

There is some risk whoring in Thailand, especially when the whore got so many business that their vagina bleed.

However, backside, being more susceptible to bleeding upon penetration is a far bigger risk of HIV transmission. That is why gays have higher representation in HIV.

Gays and their lies

Researches have shown extreme difficulty of HIV female to male transmission through vagina sex. And in Singapore, whore with HIV is almost non existence.

In western countries, all data shows that MSM are the biggest carrier of HIV, to the point HIV was called the gay disease. Singapore HIV infection data is entirely opposite. During the early days especially, an overwhelming number of Singaporean HIV patients declared they got it from women. Before 2011, heterosexual is the most common HIV transmission mode.

The reason of such interesting data is, gay lied. The gay lied that they catch it through sex with women. Even today, they cannot stop lying, but more are "coming out".

Gays must thank the government and stupid alternative media for non-stop parroting that gays are discriminated, accusing everyone of shitting on gays. The public being brainwash start to feel guilty and declare mea culpa. They start to accept nonsense like pink dot.

Having success in duping the public, gays today have more guts to "come out" and tell doctors of their sexual orientation.

Asymmetrical infection among married couples -- yet another evidence of inefficient heterosexual transmission of HIV

Among the married, a total of 1665 men acquire HIV compared to 369 women, since 1985. Many of these have HIV for years before being diagnosed. If HIV is really very infectious, the married men vs married women ratio should be 1665:1665 or 1:1.

That is to say, one can screw a HIV spouse for many years and nothing happens.

Besides, these married people may have got HIV from other means such as anal sex or shared needles. Many married gay like to perform anal sex on their spouse.

Toxic gay a healthcare disaster

Assuming 90% of Singaporeans are straights and 10% are MSM. If we look at 2015 figures, 38% of HIV infection go to 90% of the straight, 59% of HIV goes to 10% of MSM.

MSM are 14 times more likely than straights to get HIV.

And most likely heterosexual numbers is due to gays lying that they are straights and further lied that they got HIV through screwing women.

Government, doctors and gays lie that HIV is a heterosexual disease

The evidences stake against gay. If the public know the truth, the LGBT right movement will be in trouble. No one will fund research to find a cure against HIV.

HIV targets so specifically against gay community, will be deemed as God sent punishment against the degenerates, not without justification.

The elites and gay conspire to lie. Raw data are dished out, together with government propaganda, to the public incriminating the straights and vagina sex for HIV transmission.

And the LGBT swagger on the streets like a freedom fight cum victim cum martyr, proudly accuse everyone of discriminating them.


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