Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Illegal to use mathematics against casino: Singapore lick up big monies

A member of a gambling syndicate, who won about $20,000 after recording gaming machines on his smartphone to predict payouts, was jailed for 22 months yesterday.
Syndicate members would form teams consisting of "a master" (team leader) and "players". 
After using the devices to record the play patterns of slot machines, the master would upload the information to an unknown server for analysis and decoding.
The decoded data was then sent back to the master, who in turn distributed it to the players. 
Armed with the decoded data, players returned to the same slot machines with the devices, which would alert them to when the next big payout was going to be made.
22 months for using mathematical modelling against casino is excessive. We should in fact lionized him for brilliant application of mathematics and make him a role model in every schools to promote mathematics education.

Statistical analysis is prevalent in everyday life. Big data has been commonly deployed in things like AI, marketing, predicting election outcome...etc. When you rig against the small guy with mathematics via high frequency trading, governments cheer.

When you go after the elites by collecting patterns of betting machines, no elite will blame the machine's algorithm and praise your IQ. Elites will not go back to improve their algos. Elites will go after you,

Casinos are scams against the imbecile, but are powerless against high IQ people. Mathematicians have been pitting up against casinos, raking up huge profits, demonstrating that by logical calculation and strategy, one can beat the house. Casino simply make these mathematician persona non grata. The most famous are the MIT Blackjack Teams. PAP/Singapore court move one step further by jailing those who are good at statistics.


The said...

What is the crime for using Mathematics in predicting payouts? No cheating involved. BTW, our PM majored in Mathematics at Cambridge.

Anonymous said...

Ha-ha-ha! US stock markets trade exclusively using computer-to-computer executing special coded Algos. Volume trades mostly done on high speed lines perform using High Frequency Trading (HFT) systems Algos. And SGX still relies on the remisier system to handle the bulk of it's stock market trades. Remisiers these days earn less than toilet cleaners. DUH!
Likewise, online gambling websites are handling volumes far exceeding Brick 'N Mortar casinos. The odds spread on Int'l online betting sites put to shame the typical odds offered by S'pore Pools to local punters - And S'poreans can't have overseas betting accounts! It's illegal! LOL!

Anonymous said...

George Wong, God of Wine = God of Freeloading

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