Saturday, April 16, 2016

Feminist vs Islam: Boobs are greatest weapon

There are 4 groups of "self-perceived very discriminated" people, namely Sunni Muslims, feminists, LGBT and blacks. The whole evil world are anti these people, and these people believe themselves to be so kind and good.

There are second groups such pedophiles, beastialitists, whores, junkies  who self-perceived to be being "very discriminated" as well. The differences between the first group and second is that the first group got the endorsement by western elites that their grievances are justified.

Sunni think every single gentile is oppressing Sunni for everything, for example, prohibition of hijab, polygamy..etc. Meanwhile feminist think that everyone is oppressing women, especially the Sunni way of hjab and polygamy.

So feminist group femen decide to protest against Sunni using their breast.

When the public does not not allowed Sunni sexist truth way, Sunni feel discriminated, while exactly the same way is perceive as truth sexist by feminist. Is Sunni shitting on people or is Sunni being shitted on by people? Similarly Is feminist shitting on people or is feminist being shitted on by people?

The only truth is that both groups feel very discriminated.

Germany Berlin

Femen felt Sunni way of truth is so unjust that they went up an Islamic Conference in Berlin and shout "fuck your morals". Their bodies painted "fuck Sharia".

France Paris

Again Femen use their breast as powerful weapon in an Islamic conference, a weapon more powerful than radical Sunni terrorism.

Femen make Islamic prayer in front of Algerian Embassy in Paris chanting Femen hu Akbar.

Topless Femen pointing 3rd finger while wearing the word "Arab women against Islamist" and "Fuck your morals" on their naked bodies.

Femen went totally nude other than using "Coran" to cover their vagina, outside Egyptian Embassy.

Belgium Brussel

Topless Femen outside a mosque.

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