Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Grab, valued at US$1.6 billion in 2015 August now set to raise US$1 Billion:

Anthony Tan
Valued at $1.6 billion in its previous funding round, Grab is planning to raise about $1 billion in fresh capital from investors including Didi and Japan’s SoftBank Group Corp.

Tan Hooi Ling
Originally established in 2012 as MyTeksi in Malaysia, GrabTaxi is a Southeast Asia focused taxi-booking app founded by Harvard Business School graduates Anthony Tan, from Malaysia elite Tan Chong family and Tan Hooi Ling. The HQ was later relocated to Singapore.

Grab Salary for Engineers is very good

Tech start up are different beast from other industries. Their survival depends a lot of talented, honest and dedicated engineers. Engineers are well paid.

Grab software engineers are drawing S$6000 a month, and with some experience, they bring home S$7500. That is high in Singapore for someone not in management position.

When a successful start up is sold or listed, the engineers can look forward to retirement.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Malaysian Malays' pig rap: Pigs and Malaysian court

Malaysian Malay and Cina babi

No one in this world is as good as Malays and as evil as Chinese, which is the opinion of many Malays. Chinese are racist and Malays are big victim.

Everyone must be sensitive to Islam and Malays, especially regarding haram pig.

Pig is very bad. Pig is very dirty. Pig must be out of Malays' sight as far as possible. Ironically pig, or in Malay -- Cina babi (Chinese pig), is the most popular Malays' rap. Whenever Malaysian Malays are politically agitated, you likely will hear rant of Cina babi followed by something such as Allah hu Akbar. A google search on "Cina babi" returns 62,200 results.

6 months for Chinese for showing a picture with halal logo while eating pork 

The lady inside get 6 month for this picture for offending Malaysian Malays sensitives

Vivian Lee May Ling was sentenced to six months in prison after she was convicted of sedition over a picture with a halal while eating the “bak kut teh” pork dish.

Sessions Court judge Abdul Rashid Daud said the matter involved the sensitivities of the Muslim community, and that he was imposing the prison term to deter others from doing the same.

“You know that pork is haram (forbidden) for Muslims.

“Like what the prosecutor said, nasi sudah jadi bubur, even if there was apology, but your actions have injured the feelings of Malaysians,” he said, using the Malay idiom that means “too late to make reparations”.

But deputy public prosecutor Wan Shaharuddin Wan Ladin pressed for a jail sentence of between 20 and 24 months, arguing that there was a need for a “chilling effect” to deter other would-be offenders from mocking the religious beliefs of others in Malaysia.

Wan Shaharuddin cited public interest and argued that Lee’s actions had injured the feelings of both Muslims and non-Muslims in Malaysia, noting that online comments from many in the Chinese community showed they were upset as well.

“All Malaysians have the responsibility to respect the race and religion of others because it is appropriate social behaviour. It is not the prosecution’s intention to restrict Malaysians in the use of social media or Internet but there needs to be a standard to control an individual to be more responsible when uploading anything on social media,” he said.

Wan Shaharuddin told reporters later that he will also file an appeal to seek for a harsher sentence to be imposed.

Malaysian Malays hate Chinese because Chinese are too virtuous
Pig is something Malays hate most, and they keep cursing Chinese as pig, despite Chinese did no harm to them. This shows how much Malaysian Malays hate Chinese, not unlike all Sunni hate their kafir minorities.

Chinese are model minorities everywhere in the earth. In USA, Chinese ace the exams, Chinese has the lowest crime rate, the lowest divorce rate, and among the highest income group.

Similarly Malaysian Chinese behave themselves and are rewarded for all their hard work and good deeds. That makes Malays hate Chinese even more.

In comparison Sunni Muslims are unwelcome and trouble maker wherever they migrate to a non Sunni land. Just see how many rape cases conducted by Sunni in Europe today.

Malaysian Malays and their sensitives

Malaysian Malays have a lot of things that are sensitives. When Chinese post a picture with a halal logo while eating pork, Chinese was insensitive, and sentenced to jail. Malays conducts are many times far worse and they get away with everything.

Anyone that claims Chinese are racist and Malays are victims, need to have his head checked.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Singapore opposition in bed with Muslim extremist: Wolves in sheep' skins

James Gomez and Zulfikar Mohd Shariff

Despite all the sins of PAP, she is far better than any opposition in handling terrorism. Singapore oppositions have a naive and self denial view of Sunni Islam. The only political correct way in Singapore is Chinese are racist, Muslims are victims, and Indians are victims.

Zulfikar Mohd Shariff, and  James Gomez co-penned an article in 2011 regarding a conference themed "Conflict, Religion and Culture: Domestic and International Implications for Southeast Asia & Australia".

James Gomez was former member of Workers' Party and Singapore Democratic Party. Zulfikar Mohd Shariff is a fan of ISIS, Sunni Caliphate (aka big hater of democracy and human rights) and dreamer of jihad against Kafir. Both wrote about "achieving democracy".

There is yet another academic, Dr Michael Barr joining these 2 clowns in the conference. Dr Barr hates Chinese cannot stop stirring shit. In this conference, he claimed Singapore Muslims are discriminated, and are required to prove themselves for discrimination to be removed.

Zul and Gomez went on further to glorify "inter-religious engagement in Malaysia", reckoning it to be far better than Singapore. They gave an example that Muslims NGO will stick their head to protect churches when Muslims engaged Christians by burning churches.

PAP is very wrong when she make use of Straits Time to make Chinese appears like a racist and minorities a victim. Our oppositions went much further, for example, by taking up issue on hijab. For Gomez, a Christian, he went in bed with an Islamofascist, and praise Malaysian way of religious engagement. That makes him a hypocrite, sick coward, and faith traitor.

Pro sex slave, pro genocide and pro beheading Zulfikar Mohd Shariff and family

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Heterosexual HIV transmission risk: Gays are sexual time bomb

A 1997 paper by Dr Nancy Padian, the most widely respected HIV epidemiologist describe vagina sex as inefficient for HIV transmission, The male-to-female transmission is approximately 7-9 times more efficient than female to-male transmission.

In general, estimation of infectivity for male to-female transmission is low, approximately 0.0009 per contact, and that infectivity for female-to-male transmission is even lower. That means from male to female, its around one infection per 1000 sexual contacts. The other way around from female to male would be approximately 1 in 9000, too low to be statistically significant.

The above results are based on her 10 year study of serodiscordant heterosexual couples. Altogether there are 82 infected men and their partners, 360 infected women and their partners.

68 (19 %) of the 360 female partners of HIV male were infected and two (2.4%) of the 82 male partners of female were infected.

In one more observation, not one of the 175 HIV discordant couples were infected, 282 couple-years .

CDC commented that transmission possibilities are so low that it become difficult to understand the magnitude of HIV-1 pandemic.

The above is for "normal" heterosexual couple.

Then how to explain the high prevalence of HIV in Sub Sahara Africa or the very much lower but still significant prevalency among sex workers in Thailand?

We may want to hypothesize the blacks in Africa may have many other sexual perversions, which is too politically incorrect to be documented. Sex workers in Thailand may have higher possibilities to be drug abuser, peddling ass on top of vagina, and vagina bleeding due to oversex.

HIV is not a sexually transmitted disease, it is a disease of perversion

I have written a blog entry title "Gays are HIV vectors and liars: Conspiracy of elites and dirty gays". The results of Dr Nancy Padian are not made known to public, never publicly discussed, but rather proscribe to a tiny circle of intellects.

However government, doctors and gays keep lying and accusing straights of HIV transmission, in order to degenerate the society. Gays having HIV lie also that they are straights.

Nevertheless data of MSM (man who have sex with man) have pointed to an extremely high prevalence of HIV, with 3.1% of Singaporean MSM are positive to 12,6% in Malaysia.

Other than that, there is an eye popping 18.4% prevalence of Syphilis among Singaporean MSM. Gays are dirty scumbag. They are a health threats to a nations, and will potentially cost taxpayers billions of dollars of subsidized healthcare.

Not satiated of keeping their activities in silence, they are bent on recruiting and converting others, to adopt children, and anyone who voice alternatives are now being accuse of discrimination.

Gays and LGBT on the whole, are toxic to the society but a God sent to the elites, who want degeneration and sexualization.

[Link] [Link]

Thursday, July 28, 2016

2.5 millions Malays support murdering women and children

The lies that 99.99% of Muslims are good, 0.01% are extremist

Muslims always lie giving cock and bull stories to justify their murder. One of the most common goes something like this, 99.99% of Muslims are good and just 0.01% are bad. Unfortunately nothing is further from truth.

When asked about whether suicide attack against civilians in defence of Islam can often/sometimes be justified, 18% of Malaysian Muslims, the reputedly "most moderate Muslims" agreed. In another words, around 2.5 millions of Malay support killings of women and children.

Malaysian Malays are champion masturbator orgasm in hate

Cina babi: Malays are the "most non racist people". Chinese are "evil and racist".

Unlike many other countries where there are deadly conflicts between Muslims and non-Muslims, Malaysia has been peaceful. In many of these conflict regions, Muslims have shown more love and forgiving towards neighbors than Malays.

Bosnia had seen civil war between Muslims and Orthodox. Yet just 3% of Bosniaks support suicide bombing. Only 7% of Iraqi, most afflicted by ethnic strife, support suicide bombing.

We can understand Bosniak and Iraqi Muslims want revenge when others hit them, but even then, a very large number of them do not support murdering innocent. Malays have been big bully against minorities for around 60 years since independent. They have reduced their minorities to dhimmitude, by the so call bumiputra policy. Malays have insulted their minorities calling them pigs.

Logically, Malaysian Malays should have satisfied with status quo. Unfortunately, even under such enviable position, Malays, without any good reasons, are now increasingly filled with hatred and desire to murder.

Why so many Malaysian Malays support murder against innocent without provocation? The only reason is Malays masturbate too much in hatred and love deriving orgasm from hating people. Or they are nuts.

Malaysian Malays are disgrace to Islam. Malaysian Malays are traitors against Islam

The victims of suicide bombing is mostly innocent women and children. Using suicide against innocent to defend Islam is a problematic idea. First Sunni terrorists often defend Islam by killing more Muslims. Most of the victims are Muslims themselves especially the Shia (deemed by Sunni as kafir). Majority of victims are innocent Muslims in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan or Pakistan.

Real men form divisions, march to confront enemies' regulars. Despite Sunni macho image, they are losers in most wars. Then Sunni go beg Satan USA for help. Kafir USA helped them in Afghanistan, Bosnia, Kosovo, Cyprus, Syria...etc. Being sour loser, Sunni terrorist unleash against women and children like a big coward.

2.5 millions Malaysian Malays support murder of innocent to defend Islam, even though most of victims were Muslims. Malays have thrown Ummah in shit hole. Malays disgrace Islam. Malays are traitors against Islam.

Cina babi again. Singaporean Chinese should be aware although Chinese may be racist, Chinese are kindergarten. Malaysian Malays are PHD.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Nepal registers 60 Tibetan refuges crossing in 2015: The rise of China

China Lhasa

Until 2008, over roughly 128,000 Tibetans made it through the incredibly dangerous crossing over the Himalayas and more than 20,000 are currently living in Nepal as refugees, according to the Central Tibetan Administration and International Campaign for Tibet (ICT).

It is estimated that somewhere between 2,500 and 3,500 Tibetans were coming into Nepal each year. However, after several massive peaceful protests in Tibet in 2008, China intensely cracked down on Tibetans and severely tightened the borders. Since then there has been a dramatic decrease of refugees with roughly a few hundred people known to have made the journey last year and only 60 this year (2015).

Meanwhile, Tibetan refugues in Nepal applying to go India reach an unprecedented low number of 85 in 2015.

Border Tightening?

Meanwhile western newspaper keep parroting China buying out Nepal, tightening border as the reason for low refuges influx. Below is an example from LA Times.

Responding to demands from China, the Nepalese have installed heightened security on the border. A phalanx of undercover police and informants now makes it almost impossible for Tibetans to cross into Nepal, except by extraordinary means such as the zipline. 
Nepal is a case study in how a rising China has come to exert itself over its neighbors. Landlocked and impoverished, with a chaotic political system and recovering from natural disaster, Nepal has capitulated easily to Beijing's will — and nowhere has that been more strongly expressed than in the fate of would-be immigrants from Tibet.
From 1991 to 2008, an average of 2,200 Tibetans came across annually, according to the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees. Only 171 made it in 2013, and fewer last year.
Lobsang Sangay, the prime minister of the Tibetan government in exile, says China is in effect buying Nepal. 
"All this financial aid to Nepal is because of Tibet,'' he said in an interview in the exile government's headquarters in Dharamsala, India.

China rising

But LA Times set herself apart from others(others are worse liars) in this article, by pointing out in merely 2 sentences, of the real reasons of Tibetan not fleeing --  a booming Chinese economy has persuaded many Tibetans to remain at home. Some are even returning to Tibet after years of exile.

And there are many more reasons. Tibetans are now affluent enough to travel to India and Nepal, in addition many refuges are returning. They have seen exile Tibetan in India living in abject conditions in Hindu land. They bad mouth Hindu land back home.

Tibetans have waken to the fact of being deceived by Dalai. Meanwhile, China have provisioned socialized education and healthcare to Tibetan.

All these have made Tibetan to stay behind.

India Mcleodganj seat of Exile Tibetan

Friday, July 22, 2016

Gays are HIV vectors and liars: Conspiracy of elites and dirty gays

There are 4 main groups of people who keep shouting discrimination non-stop. They are gays, Sunni Muslims, feminists and blacks. These discriminated people embark on witch hunt and jihad against the average Joe.

Is homosexuals discriminated?

Is there anyone in Singapore discriminating homosexuals?

It is as though Singaporean straights will put gays into firing squad for catching them red-handed in anal sex. In fact, no one harass gays. Singapore is not persecuting gays. The real intention of gays are to get public to bent over to the overt manifestation of their life-style. In addition, they demand prerogative to accuse others using terms like "discrimination" or "homophobic" when someone dares to voice out alternatives.

In short gays want to kiss one another in public. They want to adopt children. They demand respect and everyone to fear them when their tribe go up the roof top and shout they are gays. They want gay bars, gay whorehouses to be labeled explicitly. They want gay parade, to openly set up gay evangelism to spread their dirty gospel.

If the public just want them to have sex in silence, they want to have to right to persecute others legally for discrimination.

Gays are toxic HIV vector

Data has shown that in Singapore, gays are the most proliferate HIV carrier. MSM (man who have sex with man), PWID (Possession with Intent to Distribute) or junkies have HIV prevalency of 3.1% and 0.5% respectively in 2013.

In comparison, only 0.04% of the FSW (female sex worker), being the most sexually active community, have HIV.

That is to say, it is extremely inefficient to get HIV transmission from penis-vagina sex. Being so few HIV vector among female sex worker, one can stop worrying about getting HIV from screwing whore in Geylang.

How about the purported higher prevalence of HIV among sex workers in Thailand? These data need further analysis on whether the transmission is due to vagina sex or shared needles. Or did they offer anal sex?

There is some risk whoring in Thailand, especially when the whore got so many business that their vagina bleed.

However, backside, being more susceptible to bleeding upon penetration is a far bigger risk of HIV transmission. That is why gays have higher representation in HIV.

Gays and their lies

Researches have shown extreme difficulty of HIV female to male transmission through vagina sex. And in Singapore, whore with HIV is almost non existence.

In western countries, all data shows that MSM are the biggest carrier of HIV, to the point HIV was called the gay disease. Singapore HIV infection data is entirely opposite. During the early days especially, an overwhelming number of Singaporean HIV patients declared they got it from women. Before 2011, heterosexual is the most common HIV transmission mode.

The reason of such interesting data is, gay lied. The gay lied that they catch it through sex with women. Even today, they cannot stop lying, but more are "coming out".

Gays must thank the government and stupid alternative media for non-stop parroting that gays are discriminated, accusing everyone of shitting on gays. The public being brainwash start to feel guilty and declare mea culpa. They start to accept nonsense like pink dot.

Having success in duping the public, gays today have more guts to "come out" and tell doctors of their sexual orientation.

Asymmetrical infection among married couples -- yet another evidence of inefficient heterosexual transmission of HIV

Among the married, a total of 1665 men acquire HIV compared to 369 women, since 1985. Many of these have HIV for years before being diagnosed. If HIV is really very infectious, the married men vs married women ratio should be 1665:1665 or 1:1.

That is to say, one can screw a HIV spouse for many years and nothing happens.

Besides, these married people may have got HIV from other means such as anal sex or shared needles. Many married gay like to perform anal sex on their spouse.

Toxic gay a healthcare disaster

Assuming 90% of Singaporeans are straights and 10% are MSM. If we look at 2015 figures, 38% of HIV infection go to 90% of the straight, 59% of HIV goes to 10% of MSM.

MSM are 14 times more likely than straights to get HIV.

And most likely heterosexual numbers is due to gays lying that they are straights and further lied that they got HIV through screwing women.

Government, doctors and gays lie that HIV is a heterosexual disease

The evidences stake against gay. If the public know the truth, the LGBT right movement will be in trouble. No one will fund research to find a cure against HIV.

HIV targets so specifically against gay community, will be deemed as God sent punishment against the degenerates, not without justification.

The elites and gay conspire to lie. Raw data are dished out, together with government propaganda, to the public incriminating the straights and vagina sex for HIV transmission.

And the LGBT swagger on the streets like a freedom fight cum victim cum martyr, proudly accuse everyone of discriminating them.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Islam causes obesity: The problem with Hijab

Hijab and the traditions surrounding it discourage exercise both psychologically and practically.

The “Encyclopedia of Women & Islamic Cultures: Family, body, sexuality and health”  authored by Suad Joseph and Afsaneh Najmabad and published in 2006 notes that obesity, especially among women, has become an “epidemic” in many Arab countries. “High obesity prevalence among women may be partially due to cultural prohibitions against physical activity,” Joseph and Najmabad write.

And with obesity comes terrible chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol.

Studies indicate that up to 70 percent of women in the Gulf states are overweight. Obesity is defined as BMI of 30 or more.  According to The Economist magazine’s world rankings, the countries with the highest obesity rates among women are Muslim countries: 1. Qatar 2. Saudi Arabia 3. Lebanon. The United States ranked 8th on this list

Muslim women face uphill struggles for working out. Hijab make it difficult even for conducting normal activity. For workout outdoors Muslim women need to be very aware of the weather. Too hot or humid is a no go, unless they want to face higher risk of heat stroke.

Muslims condemn their women to high risk of obesity being hijab-obsesses

While Muslims are proud that they are able to convince most of their women into hijab and even burka, they are meanwhile destroying the health of their women. In Singapore, Malay women who are Muslims have the highest prevalence of obesity of 28.2%, compared to 5.1% of Chinese women.

And statistic does support that Malay people are running into higher risk of chronic health problem compared to others especially Chinese.

Muslim Hijab supporters and their cheerleaders

In Singapore, there are too many imbecile and hate monger, interpreting Chinese enforcing of non-hijab in certain positions as racism. In fact the reverse it true. Chinese are for the good of Muslim women.

Muslims have been able to cover up in most professions including customer facing one, like school teachers. But Muslims are not happy, and they are trying to impose hijab on private businesses. Their action will hurt business. For example, Muslims cried discrimination when their women show up in Isetan store, against company dress code.

In Thailand, there is a temple who runs a Buddhist missionary Wat Nonjok. A Muslim girl deliberately chose the school and walked in with hijab professing their faith -- despite thousands of other schools to choose from. Muslims shouted discrimination against when being refused.

We can try wearing Sari, Kimono, Sarong or Cheongsam trying to enroll in Madrasah and see what Muslims will react.

Nevertheless there are many other non Muslims, trying to become righteous men, support Muslims initiative to bitch about "Islam being discriminated", totally ignoring that Muslim are shouting discrimination everywhere they go. In addition all Muslim countries are the most discriminating against non-Muslims.

Karma bitches

While Muslims are generally successful in arm-twisting most society into accepting their hijab in most profession, they are in reality hurting themselves by damaging their women.

When women lack exercise for many years, they not only develop chronic health problem physically but also psychologically, affecting themselves, their family and also their men.


Saturday, July 2, 2016

Hinduism, pedophile, prostitution: Hinduism sex theology scam

Hindus screw underage girls [link]
Hindus priest aka Brahmins are whorehouse owner. India land of pedophile, virginity for sales

India is a land of vibrant sacrosanct pedophile industries. Hundreds of thousands of young girl, so call Devadasi serve in the Hindu temple brothel institution, run by Brahmins (highest caste Hindus).

Girls from poor families of the "untouchable", or lower, caste are "married" to Yellamma as young as four. Many of these girls hail from family of hereditary Devadasi. No longer allowed to marry a mortal, they are expected to bestow their entire lives to the service of the goddess. Upon first menses, the Devadasi tradition dictated that virginity was sold to the highest bidder. When beyond their prime, some Devadasi were sold to brothels by Hindu temples. Example of this is their first pregnancy. This is to ensure these Hindu temple remain unburdened.

Others were simply thrown to the streets by these Brahmins in order to open them a second career of beggar.

In India, it is prestigious to deflower as many young girls as possible. In Mumbai, virgin Devadasis fetch a high price. By deflowering a Devadasi, a man can cure himself of disease. He can purify himself.’

Another target of Hindus pedophile[link]

Plight of Devadasi

Below is interviews by Guardian Newspaper.

Parvatamma regularly sent money home, but saw her child only a few times in the following decade. Now 26 and diagnosed with Aids, she has returned to her village, Mudhol in southern India, weak and unable to work. "We are a cursed community. Men use us and throw us away," she says.

Applying talcum powder to her daughter's face and tying ribbons to her hair, she says: "I am going to die soon and then who will look after her?" The daughter of a devadasi, Parvatamma plans to dedicate her own daughter to Yellamma, a practice that is now outlawed in India.

Roopa, now 16, has come to buy bangles at the festival. She was dedicated to the goddess seven years ago and was told that Yellamma would protect her. Her virginity was auctioned in the village, and since then she has supported her family by working as a prostitute out of her home in a village close to Saundatti.

"The first time it was hard," she admits. In fact, her vagina was slashed with a razor blade by the man she was supposed to sleep with the first time. Her future, like that of other devadasis, is uncertain. Once they are around 45, at which point they are no longer considered attractive, devadasis try to eke out a living by becoming jogathis or begging near the temple.

Chennawa, now 65 and blind, is forced to live on morsels of food given by devotees. "I was first forced to sleep with a man when I was 12," she says. "I was happy that I was with Yellamma. I supported my mother, sisters and brother. But look at my fate now." She touches her begging bowl to check if people have thrown her anything. "My mother, a devadasi herself, dedicated me to Yellamma and left me on the streets to be kicked, beaten and raped. I don't want this goddess any more, just let me die."

High caste Indians and their magic cocks

The lower caste Indians, especially the Dalits are considered animals by the higher caste. Inter-caste marriages between Brahmins and Dalits in the past will not only see the lovebirds got lynched, but entire dalit village being genocided.

As late as 2012, one particular inter-caste marriage caused 200 Dalit houses were burned downed in Tamil Nadu -- ancestral land of most Singaporean Indians. The higher caste father of the bride committed suicide because her daughter marries an "animal".

Dalits are considered dirty and impure by high caste Indians. Screwing Dalits pollutes one's body. While it is not permissible for Brahmins to make love with an "animal Dalits", when these Dalits women become Devadasi, screwing them now become very holy, and bring purification to body.

The cocks of high caste Indians are indeed amazing.

Hinduism is a scam, a racist cult

When the savage Aryan, the forefathers of high caste Indians, came to India, they invented Hinduism.  They told the native Dravidians, forefathers of the Dalits that they committed sin in their past life. So they must serve as hereditary shit collectors of hereditary prostitute. The Dravidians believe

Then the Aryan told themselves, we must make our blood pure, we must not marry the natives. Any Aryan who marry Dalits must be kick out from high caste. The couples may be murdered. Sometimes, entire Dalit villages genocided.

Hinduism is a racist or even Nazi cult, and an immensely successful one. The Brahmins still have much more Aryan phenotype attests that inbreeding are few.

The anthropologist and scholars in oriental studies have already pointed out these fact, but these scholar fall short of calling Hinduism a scam.

Anyone today who starts a new religion everywhere in the world excluding India, calling to use murder as a weapon to maintain blood purity; to enslave adherent by telling them slavery is a way to purge their sins; to create child sex slave -- will soon be sent to firing squad. In India, these toxic tenets are not just perfectly acceptable but are sacrosanct.

High Caste Indians using their old tricks against the whole world. 

In Andhra Pradesh and Telangana there are 80,000 Devadasi women. There is an estimate of 450,000 Devadasi in India. When Indians migrate, they try to make temple prostitute out of native. For example Nepal has 30,000 temple prostitute.

Now Indians tell everyone they are good at IT. Curiously Indians are good only at IT but not all other STEMI subjects like mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology.

The world believe despite Indians are world lowest IQ people and failed miserably at every single scholastic assessment. Indians now kick everyone out of their job simply by saying Indians is good at your jobs.

Eventually Indians will create a second career of temple prostitution and shit collector for the natives, as their father have done it to the Dravidians.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Illegal to use mathematics against casino: Singapore lick up big monies

A member of a gambling syndicate, who won about $20,000 after recording gaming machines on his smartphone to predict payouts, was jailed for 22 months yesterday.
Syndicate members would form teams consisting of "a master" (team leader) and "players". 
After using the devices to record the play patterns of slot machines, the master would upload the information to an unknown server for analysis and decoding.
The decoded data was then sent back to the master, who in turn distributed it to the players. 
Armed with the decoded data, players returned to the same slot machines with the devices, which would alert them to when the next big payout was going to be made.
22 months for using mathematical modelling against casino is excessive. We should in fact lionized him for brilliant application of mathematics and make him a role model in every schools to promote mathematics education.

Statistical analysis is prevalent in everyday life. Big data has been commonly deployed in things like AI, marketing, predicting election outcome...etc. When you rig against the small guy with mathematics via high frequency trading, governments cheer.

When you go after the elites by collecting patterns of betting machines, no elite will blame the machine's algorithm and praise your IQ. Elites will not go back to improve their algos. Elites will go after you,

Casinos are scams against the imbecile, but are powerless against high IQ people. Mathematicians have been pitting up against casinos, raking up huge profits, demonstrating that by logical calculation and strategy, one can beat the house. Casino simply make these mathematician persona non grata. The most famous are the MIT Blackjack Teams. PAP/Singapore court move one step further by jailing those who are good at statistics.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Singapore Changi Airport T5 to be world 3rd largest: Changi Airport maximum potential of a 5 runway system


Changi Airport's future Terminal 5 will be five-storey-high, 10 million sq ft. T5, slated to open in 10 years (mid 2020s), is expected to handle up to 50 million passengers a year. When completed, T5 is likely to be the third largest passenger terminal in the world, after facilities in Dubai and Beijing.

Changi will be able to handle up to 85 million by 2018, when T4 is ready and T1 is expanded. By the time T5 starts operating, Changi's annual capacity will hit 135 million passengers, with further expansion potential of another 20 million with satellite terminal, for a total of 155 million passengers capacity. The expansion also includes a 3rd runway.

Future of Changi Airport have a potential of 5 runway system

The existing land of Changi East allows up to four 4 km runway. The existing 2 runways are both 4 km each. The future reclamation plan allows yet another 3.3 km runway, which is sufficient for all commercial aircraft. The minimum runway length for A380 is 3 km.

Currently, Changi Airport is also studying the need for a fourth runway to cater to more flights in the coming decades, even as plans are finalised for a third landing and take-off strip.

Potential annual passenger handling capacity of Changi Airport is 250 million  

As a rule of thumb, one runway can handle around 50 million passengers per year. A five runway system allows Changi Airport to handle 250 million passengers. By them, It would need at least two more terminals, on top of Terminal 5.

Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport, the busiest airport today handles 100 million passengers annually. Changi handles around 55.4 million in 2015.

Singapore air traffic growth 

For the past one two years, Changi Airport see stagnant growth in passenger traffic. This year, she register around 9% growth. For the past 10 years, she grows at around 5% annually. The 5% growth rate for the next 10 years will bring passenger traffic to 90 million in 2026 -- enough to justify T5 existence.

IATA forecasted that by 2035, Singapore airport will receive 117 million passengers.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

China immense advancement in strategic heavy airlift capabilities: 1000 Indigenous Y-20 plane to come online

State owned China Daily reported that China plans to build 1,000 Y-20 strategic heavy lift aircraft designed by Xi'an Aircraft Industrial Corporation. The specs of the USA and Russia heavy lift aircraft as below.

             Country  Max Payload(t)   Max Range(km)  Inventories

Boeing C-17   USA          78            10,390        222

Y-20          China        66            10,000+       1000(future)

Il-76         Russia       60                          119

The plane's engines will initially be imported, but it is only a matter of time before the Y-20 is equipped with domestically developed engines, he said. The plane has a maximum payload of 66 metric tons and a maximum takeoff weight of more than 200 tons, according to military sources. The high payload means it can carry the PLA's heaviest tank, the 58-ton Type-99A2.

According to a technical evaluation in Aerospace Knowledge, the Y-20 when fully fueled and carrying a payload of 51 tons can fly for 5,200 kilometers. This means it can reach everywhere in Europe and Asia, the US state of Alaska, Australia and North Africa.

China will also develop transport jets that are even larger than the Y-20 and comparable to the Lockheed C-5 Galaxy from the United States and the Antonov An-225 Mriya, designed in the former Soviet Union.

Strategic heavy airlift capability is one of the most important criteria for a state to be a superpower. The more than 200 C-17 allows USA to put divisions and hundreds of panzers in the doorstep of her enemies, thousands of km away, within days. It can also serve as air-refueling.

China does not have such capability yet. She cannot project her military power to far away continent,

The development indigenous design and production capability of military airlift followed by massive acquisition of PLAAF will be a game changer.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Indians are champion wife beater:

Indians top wife beating championship in Singapore

In Singapore, family violence, already pervasive in the Indian community here, seems to be on the rise, and self-help group Singapore Indian Development Association (Sinda) is worried.

About one in five reported abuse cases and personal protection order applications are made against Indians, said organisations approached. This outweighs their 9.1 per cent representation in the Singapore population.

Other figures back Sinda's findings. Pave, the leading agency dealing with family violence here, found that Indians made up 21 per cent of the thousands of cases it handled between 2002 and 2012. Victims from minority ethnic groups such as Indians and Malays are over-represented, it said.

And for the last five years, Indians accounted for 22 per cent of new applications filed for personal protection orders, making them the second-largest group after the Chinese, at 48 per cent, figures from the State Courts show.

Indians top wife beating championship in Malaysia

Malaysia demographics

Malaysia Minister Datuk Seri Rohani Abdul Karim revealed today that domestic violence cases have increased 43.6 per cent from January to September this year to the 3673 cases reported, last year. The highest number domestic abuses involved Malays (2202), followed by Indian (685), other ethnicities (417) and Chinese (369).

Indians which are 7.3% of Malaysian, contribute to 18.6% of family violence. In comparison, Chinese which are 24% Malaysian contribute just 10%.

Indian culture of intoxication and wife beating

Many people has already suspecting Indians are good in getting drunk and beat wife. But such allegation will

On rare occasion, some better Indians will admit flaws of terrible Indian culture.

Singapore former Cabinet minister S. Dhanabalan: "Social practices like the alcohol problem, domestic violence problem. These tend to be more pronounced among Indians."

When Indians are not drunk and beating wife, they practice caste system 

Dhanabalan continue: "Thing is changing, especially as a result of the new Indians coming in who are mostly professionals. So that's a good thing.
But they bring other bad habits with them which most of the Indians in Singapore have forgotten or got rid off. They have a very strong sense of caste."

In fact there is an epidemic of gendered violence, discrimination and harassment – from wife beating to child marriages in India, in which 54% of Indian men believe in acceptable according to a Unicef 2012 report.

Indians accusing others of racism to carry out assault against humanity

So far, Malays have been helping Indians by pointing out their mistake. For example, Malays informed Indians they are dirty and they commit a lot of crime. Indians simply retorted Malay are racist.

Malay have created an idiom keling mabuk todi (Indian drunk), and as a result of so many "keling (Indian)" idiom go inside Malay dictionary as something negative, Indians simply ban "keling". Indians lie keling word is racial slur.

Unfortunately Chinese are not helping in pointing out Indians' mistake.

Today, FT Indians have bring caste system to Singapore in shameless and audacious to create dalits out of Singaporeans especially Chinese, meanwhile accusing Chinese as racist.

Below is the kind of career Singaporeans will get in the future. High caste Indians already reserved shit collector for the native Dravidins since invading the sub-continent, they will do it to us -- the Singaporean native.

Monday, June 20, 2016

India nationalist fanning hatred against Chinese:

South Tibet or Indian so call "Arunachal Pradesh": China Territory still under India control

The race most hated by Hindus is Chinese. Indians accusation/lie of China intrusion shows up on India newspaper on monthly, or even on daily basis on certain months.

India hatred against China goes back to the time when Chinese save the world by defeating the world from  the worst imperialist not seen since Hitler -- India. Then India invented the "Forward Policy", an euphemism of invading China, behaving like a brave cowboy, perceiving China's restrain as cowardice.

To put things short, China was enough. India and her most elite units were defeated, in the most humiliating manner. Hindus cannot forget the insult and hope to get back against China. China is too powerful for India. India can only cry victim, accusing China as aggressor, and in numerous occasion, paint a picture of courageous resistant as though India had won Sino-Indian War,

Sino-Indian War is the most remembered war in modern India history, while China has downplay the war. All Chinese should be informed of Hindus hate against Chinese, and the most important source of Indian nationalism is anti China hatred.

Hindu nationalist Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) wants Indian schoolchildren to closely study and learn more about the 1962 war between India and China. India, led by Jawaharlal Nehru and the Indian National Congress at the time, lost the war. Even today, India’s defeat in 1962 continues to persist as a source of embarrassment. The RSS is closely ideologically aligned with many members of India’s current ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government.
The group is looking to highlight the accomplishments of the Indian military during the war, attributing India’s ultimate defeat to the policies pursued by the Congress government of the time: ”We can tell the children about one of the most embarrassing episodes of our history by highlighting the gallantry of our troops."
“History is a subject that should invoke a sense of pride in India and also a study of events that we should take lessons from. The Chinese aggression is one such episode and is likely to be included in history books,” another RSS member noted. The RSS’ push for broader education on the 1962 war is a sign that India’s Hindu nationalists won’t be eager to forget the country’s defeat in 1962.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Malaysia university: Hindus are dirty

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) has come under fire for its Islamic and Asian Civilisation Studies (TITAS) teaching module. The module claimed that Islam had introduced civility to the lives of the Hindu community in India.

The slides showed that Hindus preferred to be "dirty", adding that Islam had taught former Hindu followers the importance of cleanliness and healthcare.

It also stated that the teachings of Islam had contradicted the practices of some Hindus as they "believe that dirt on the body is a form of ritual which could lead to the attainment of nirvana".

Another slide claimed that Sikhism is a combination of Hindu and Islam, but its founder had a shallow understanding of Islam.

Hindus the dirtiest people in planet is a fact 

What UTM taught about dirty Indians are 100% true, India, run by Hindus is the world dirtiest country. People still shit on the streets. Not even the poorer Africa can surpass Indians on open defecation championship.

Certain Hindu sects are known to seek enlightenment by keeping themselves as dirty as possible. For example, the Hindus sect of Aghoris engages in cannibalism, having sex with women during menstruation.

They also drink from human skulls, chewing the heads off live animals and meditating on top of cadavers in search of spiritual enlightenment. These wise men believe being as dirty is a way of forgoing oneself and be unitied with God.

Indian media glorify the lifestyle of these Sadhus, Hindus worship them, seeking their advise, and heeding their prophecies. taking their babble as word of wisdom.

In India, cow urine is a popular soft drink. The holy cow pee is believed by Hindus to be a panacea for all ailments, and a health supplement.

Islam purge Hindus

When Hindus converted to Islam, for example those in Bangladesh or Pakistan, open defecation drop off the cliff. 53% of Indian shit on the streets compared to just 7% of Bangla, despite the later being poorer. The sadhus are purge by Islam. No Muslim Hindustanic people drink cow urine.

Hindus accuse Malays of spreading falsehood. Malays has no courage to stand by the truth

A police report has been lodged against UTM by a NGO for its irresponsible and derogatory teaching module.

In addition, Deputy Education Minister P Kamalanathan said that he has already informed UTM's vice chancellor about the misinformation and that UTM's vice-chancellor has "acknowledged the mistake" after the issue was made known to him.

"He (the vice-chancellor) has also stated that the necessary changes to the module concerned will be corrected expeditiously," Kamalanathan said.

Is dirty a compliment or insult?

Aghori Sadhus believe in nude: One must not be dirty minded looking at them

Since there is widespread respect for Hindus Sadhus who seek nirvana by being dirty, so in some Hindus mind, being dirty is a way of asceticism, and purification. Dirty is a good thing,

Also cow urine, while perceived dirty by others is holy water to some Indians.

Instead of accusing others of falsehood, Hindus should proudly admit dirty is a part of their tradition. Hindus should not feel shameful because according to some teaching, being dirty will bring them to nirvana.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Iran to challenge Gulf states as aviation hub

On 2016 15th July, news emerged from Tehran, the Iran Air has reportedly reached an agreement with Boeing for 100 airliners. In January, Iran Air and Airbus agreed to a historic deal for 118 airliners with a list value topping $25 billion.

With nearly 220 planes on order, Iran Air and its management are looking to return the once world-class carrier to its previous luster. At this rate, Emirates, Etihad, and Qatar Airways may have a new regional power with which to contend.

Geographically Iran is better positioned than Gulf states, and further better than Turkey's Istanbul as a hub for most important routs, for example Europe to South and South East Asia, Europe to North East Asia, and as a gate way of America East Coast.

Similarly to Gulf states, Iran aviation industries has access to cheaper jet fuel, outside the reach of Turkey.

An additional advantage of Iran vs the Gulf states is her large domestic population, 80 million vs 8 million of UAE.

Tehran in Winter

A further strength against Gulf states is, Iran is infinitely more interesting in culture and landscape. The Gulf states and merely shopping malls on top of deserts.

Many states such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Thailand, strive to be aviation hub, but they are in disadvantage geographically, while the former three are further disadvantaged in term of domestic population.

Iran has all the plus and none of the minus compared to all others. Her rise will be inevitable.

Tehran in Winter

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Goh Chok Tong said Muslims are anti gay. Islam a religion of love or a religion of hate?: Self-denial misinterpreted as tolerance

Goh Chok Tong: "The question of gay rights is an example. We have told them it’s an offence because it’s in the criminal code and the Muslims too will be against gays.

... the population will understand that some people (gays) are born that way. We are born this way and they are born that way but they are like you and me."

Singapore's first Prime Minister, the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew, said he believed homosexuality is in a person's genes. Kuan Yew also does not mind if anyone of his grandchildren is gay.

Lee Kuan Yew: "Some people are that way and just leave them be.....It's already accepted in China. It's a matter of time before it's accepted here."....That's life. They're born with that genetic code, that's that

[Former US Vice President] Dick Cheney didn't like gays but his daughter was born like that. He says, 'I still love her, full stop.' It's happened to his family. So on principle he's against it, but it's his daughter. Do you throw the daughter out? That's life. I mean none of my children is gay, but if they were, well that's that.” 

Now our PMs have said gay is congenital. But 10 Muslims nations want gay to die for their "genetic code". It’s their law. Almost every single Islamic nation criminalized gay. And even PM Goh Chok Tong said Muslims are against gay.

Singapore Home Affairs Minister K Shanmugam said on Tuesday (2016, Jun 14 ) that the apparent targeting of the gay community in a shooting in Orlando, Florida on Sunday was "unacceptable". He failed to mention the Muslim state terror against gay community, is far worse than terrorists' work.

So is Islam the most peaceful religion as forever ranted by our establishment, or Islam is a religion of hate and murder? The answer cannot be both.

Or alternatively does gay deserve to be murdered?

No one can give the true answer without repercussion. Anyone who honestly infer about gay and Islam will be deemed fanning hatred. Should we continue to ostrich ourselves and strive to be "sensitive" and "tolerance", or should we have the courage to tell the truth?

The only certainties are cowardice, falsehood and schizophrenia are being interpreted as virtue, tolerance and sensitive to others.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

More than one third India's law makers are criminals

According to a recent analysis of 541 of the 543 lawmakers by India’s Association for Democratic Reforms, the country’s new parliament has 186 members (about 34 percent) facing criminal cases.

There is even a so call RJD party, where an incredible 100% of her members are facing criminal charges.

Even more troubling, most of these charges are for what the association classifies as serious crimes, including murder, kidnapping and crimes against women. In the 2014 parliament, 112 members face such charges, including nine accused in murder cases and 17 in attempted murder cases.

India’s elites are often don of organized criminal. The integration between mafia and status quo elites is so complete that the corrupted court system seldom hand over punishment to these thugs. The court listen and protects the mafia against the people, the the other way round.

The depravity of Indians increase each day, evidence by Indians getting more and more wicked people to lead them. Today, it is impossible for man of moral to be lead the country as Indians desire people of wicked nature.

The marriage of crime with elites lead to an explosion of wealth in the upper class.Current elected parliamentarians are significantly wealthier on average than in the past. The average assets declared by elected lawmakers this year is 14.61 crore rupees ($2.5 million) compared to 5.35 crore rupees ($900,000) in 2009.

Bad money drive out good. The good people today do not have the financial resources to outgun crooks in the elections.

Exporting cultural cancer to the world

India future is bleak and she will never be able to escape being a shit hole, created out of collective wickedness of the Indian people.

The only way out for Indians is to migrate, which Indians will then pollute the culture and society of the host states. From USA, Europe to Singapore, Indians brought their degenerative culture. But they always bring chutzpah to next level by accusing others of racial discrimination, when the native start to be concern on Indians' conduct.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Indian women fertilize themselves with white people sperm and egg: Indians are world worst racist

Indians are disgustingly seeking white people sperm and egg as Indians themselves despise black. Local Indian sperms have no market and no value.

"Couples who come for in-vitro fertilization (IVF) list out specifications — the egg or sperm donor should be educated, fair, have blue eyes," says Dr Rita Bakshi, an IVF expert. Dr Bakshi says roughly 70% clients ask for fair donors.

Indians going all out to get white babies despite of massive hurdles

Infertility experts warn that getting a 'designer' baby is difficult and expensive. "You need a lot of paperwork and approvals," cautions Dr Anjali Malpani, a Mumbai-based fertility specialist. European donors may charge between $1,000 to $5,000 (Rs 6,000 to Rs 30,000 approximately) depending on factors such as physical health and educational background.

Dr Manish Banker, director of a fertility clinic, says: "Seeking fair-skinned donors is a rising trend. Couples usually ask for donors with blue or brown eyes."

Caucasian eggs are usually sourced from donors in Spain and countries in Eastern Europe. Dr Bakshi of Delhi explains: "You need to get a legal agreement signed by the intended parents, and the clinic, which should be registered with the ICMR. The clinic should issue a No Objection Certificate to import frozen human embryo and it should be signed by the intended parents while they are physically present in India." Various courier services and cryopreservation companies ship such biological material to India.

But there are issues of logistics and laws. Dr Malpani of Mumbai cites a 2010 incident where a container carrying frozen human embryos from the US was seized by customs officials at Mumbai airport and returned to the US. While the ART Bill 2010 clearly states that import of human embryos is allowed, the customs department has yet to update its import tariff manual to include it.

None of this deters couples like Suresh and Supriya Shetty from Hyderabad who scouted for a donor fairer than them. "We are so grateful that our daughter Vani is as white as milk. There is no denying that it is easier to get fair girls married," says Suresh who came to Ahmedabad to get IVF treatment done.

Indian rank as world worst racist and they are black hater

In 2013, the Washington Post released a map based on a study by two Swedish economists that colour coded the map of the earth based on racist attitudes. The study was simple: they asked people whether they would have a problem with a neighbour of another race. Only two nations – India at 43.5% and Jordan at 51.4% – scored over 40% in racial intolerance.

Recently, the question was posed on Quora as to which was the most racist country in the world, and Dave Adali, an American, had a poignant and saddening answer to it.

“I am an African-American in the IT field and I have thus far had the good fortune to live and travel extensively throughout Western and parts of Eastern Europe and many countries in  Asia. I have lived or traveled in the UK and most of the EU countries as well as Taiwan, Korea, the Philippines, Thailand, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia and several other Asian countries including India.

Of all the countries I have been to, India ranks way up there among the most ‘racist’, IMHO. Indians aren’t so much ‘racist’ as they are intolerant. Indians discriminate against fellow citizens to a degree that I have NEVER encountered in ANY other country. Without a doubt, Indians are the the most color obsessed people I have ever encountered anywhere in the world. No doubt because of all that saturation advertisements for ‘Fair and Lovely’, ‘Fair and Handsome’ and all manners of skin-whitening creams, lotions, soaps etc. Even if you are 100% Indian, your fellow Indians might still discriminate against you on the basis of the color of your skin, which region of India you come from, what language you speak, your religion, your caste etc, etc.

If you are of obvious African ancestry, including African-American, you can find life really, really tough in India if you are going to be in India for a while. Indians can be such unabashed, in your face racists. In the interest of fairness, I should point out that oftentimes, lighter-skinned Indians despise darker-skinned Indians every bit as much as much as they despise us people of African ancestry. Apart from that, there is also considerable antipathy between North Indians and South Indians

Indians outside of India endlessly complain about the intolerance and racism they have to put up with in places like Europe, the US, Canada, Australia, the Middle East and even Africa. These very same Indians conveniently choose to ignore the fact that Indians themselves can be such pathological bigots against their fellow Indians, other Asians and especially people of African ancestry. `. In Amritsar, one of my best friends was Gyan, a Nepali whom I initially mistook for a Chinese. Indians disdainfully call him “Chinki” or “Bahadur”, which Gyan hated.  As a matter of fact, Indian citizens from India’s North-Eastern states, who often have Chinese facial features are routinely referred to, usually disparagingly as ‘Chinkis’.

Some African-Americans have sought my advice about going to Indian for hands-on IT training. My stock advice to them is. be prepared to deal with unabashed in-your-bigotry because Indians hate dark-skinned people, including fellow-Indians. You can expect to have things even worse if you are somebody of African ancestry. As for housing, be prepared to live long term in a hotel. Available housing can be hard to get even if you are an Indian. Because Indian landlords routinely discriminate even against fellow Indians who happen to be from the ‘wrong’ part of India, speak the ‘wrong’ language, belong to the ‘wrong’ religion or caste etc. As somebody of African ancestry, you face a double whammy in a culture that hates dark skin. If you are Caucasian or White, you should be alright, since the people automatically show respect for white-skinned people. Heck, I have seen Indians discriminating against fellow Indians in favor of White foreigners.

Indians insult and assault everyone, other than whites

When people from South India visit North Indian states, they are teased with words like “Mallu” and “Kaalu.” Indians spare no time in swearing at Africans calling them “Hapshees.”

For someone with slightly oriental features, Indians call them ‘Chinkis.”

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Malaysian Indians make up 7% of population and 71% gang members: Indians cry racial discrimination

Director of criminal investigations (CID) Bukit Aman Hadi Ho Abdullah said the police records of known gang members revealed that 71 percent were Indians,  23 percent were Chinese and that just under five percent were Malays.

A 2004 statistic shows minority Indians accounted for a disproportionate 15% of juvenile delinquents, committed 40% of all violent crime and made up nearly 50% of all convicts in prisons - presenting the typical profile of a helpless underclass.

Blaming racism

Meanwhile Indians use denial and accusing others of racism. PKR vice-president N Surendran said in a statement today the figure was inconceivable given that Indians make up only seven percent of the population. He said PKR believed that the high figure could be due to the police and other enforcement officers’ targeting ethnic Indian in their operations. Surendran thus, demanded that the government set up an independent inquiry to determine if the law enforcers were indeed racial profiling ethnic Indian.

Why pick on Indians

Associate professor P. Sundramoorthy of Universiti Sains Malaysia holds that if Indians appear to represent 71 per cent of gangsters in Malaysia, that does not necessarily mean that other ethnic groups are not dominant in gangland activities.

"The probability is that the type of gangland activities involving Indians might be more visible and violent, thereby drawing tremendous public attention.

Indian professor: Other races are equally bad

Associate professor P. Sundramoorthy continues.

“By the same reasoning, selective types of gangland criminal activities classified as low visibility and less violent may be committed disproportionately by other ethnic groups but they go undetected or are difficult to investigate.

“Obviously, they receive less media and public attention, leading many to believe that Indians are the dominant characters involved in gangland activities in this country.”

Social media now full of Malaysian Indians real life violent clips

A documentary by Al Jazeera on Malaysia gang scene (above) appears like a freak show comprising almost entirely of Indian gangstes.

These days, social media are full of uploads of Indian criminals committing violent. Below, shows an Indian hand was lopped off.