Friday, October 23, 2015

Malaysian Malays have one of lowest academic performance: And ever more worse each year

It is inevitable that Malaysia to be into a nation of shit hole in future. Having inherited a British system and earlier, being relatively more prosperous than her neighbors, Malaysia had a head start in industrializing.

But the future of Malaysia look bleak as neighbors start catching up. Today, despite having the 2nd best infrastructure in SE Asia, only behind Singapore, her PISA score is among the lowest. Her PISA score appears to be lower than the past years. If one remove the Chinese students contribution towards PISA, Malaysia's score could go down the level of Indonesia.

And her policies of  "Ketuanan Malayu", "Bumiputra-ism" "balik Cina-ism", of driving Chinese out, does not help either. With Chinese there, Malaysia Malays will have a role model showing them what hard work is, of someone putting in effort studying Math and Science 24x7. Unfortunately the harder Chinese work, and the harder Chinese show virtue to Malays, Malays are striving ever harder to accuse Chinese of racism and shitting on Islam.

Today, even Malay thugs are being worship as shown in "Lowyat incident". Malays just got to shout "Takbir - Allah hu Akbar", and quickly their crime of theft become a virtue. Lots of Malay go out full effort to hail thieves as a heroes meanwhile Malays cook lies that Chinese cheated on Malay. Malays also make a lot of noise calling to manhandle Chinese cheats.

In Malaysia, every single woes of Malays are due to Satan Chinese and every evil under the sun are done by Chinese. Islam will prevail.

It appears that the low Malaysia low PISA score will not bother the Malays an iota. Malaysia Malays have too much faith. Eventually I believe Allah will bless them with everything. When Allah shows his power, Malays' only problem is to choose whether to buy a Porsche or Ferrari, and they can wait for this day until forever. In the meanwhile, I hope Malaysian Malays can persevere in the interim time that their country is going into shit.


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The BBC article titled “Asia tops biggest global school rankings” is rather meaningless as Asia is so huge and diverse that it doesn’t mean anything. Malaysia and Indonesia are also in Asia, but they are nowhere near the top of PISA rankings. If you look at the Top 5 in the ranking, you would notice that they are mainly from East Asia. However, Singapore is not in East Asia. I have therefore coined the term “chopsticks wielding” countries. If you look at the high IQ countries and similar rankings, you would notice that the top-ranked are the usual suspects – Singapore, Taiwan, HongKong, Macau, Japan, South Korea, and China.

Not sure if it due to the dexterity with using chopsticks, or due to the written Han Chinese characters, since the Korean (Hanja/Hanzi) and Japanese (Kanji) languages are also based on the Chinese scripts. Perhaps the Chinese words, similar to hieroglyphs and pictograms, are conducive to improve memory and spatial reasoning. Whatever the cause, there is a high correlation between these chopstick countries and high performance. Or, maybe there are too many tiger mothers in these countries.

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Ha ah..melayu bodoh...bodoh sangat orang melayu macam aku dapat study overseas..bodoh sangat sampai boleh study engineering.bodoh2 pon dapat gak straight A's spm.nampak nya.admin pon bodoh macam aku gak..membuta tuli tuduh orang lain bodoh dan dia seorang saja yang pandai dan betul..kalau kau tak suka malaysia,kau boleh berambus dari tanah nenek moyang aku.aku sendiri nak majukan negara aku.cukup2 lah bangsa kau majukan tanah aku,ni giliran generasi aku pulak untuk majukan negara and for your information, we're gonna fuck you guys inside out one fine day..just wait and see.and another thing is,u are lack of TLC..kasih sayang dari ibu bapa tidak ada disemai dalam diri mu.mendorong kamu untuk membenci orang-orang lain..hati mu busuk,jijik dan penuh sarat dengan kebencian..Malaysia ini adalah rumah kepada pelbagai bangsa.tapi yang pasti,bukan rumah untuk golongan seperti kamu.kamu lebih layak berambus dari sini.such act as yours would not be tolerated.promoting violence and chaos in community..

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