Sunday, September 6, 2015

Muslim refugees flooding Europe: Turn back by Ummah-land into arms of Christian Satan

Muslim in this write up is directed on Sunni. Shia generally and Ahmadya especially, are peaceful people.

Europe's refugee crisis has been dubbed the worst since WWII with a record number of 107,500 asylum seekers crossing the EU's borders in July 2015.

Recently the drown picture of a Syrian child reverberate. The Europe Satan Christiandom media are now on full blast blaming Christian nations of being heartless in not taking in the Muslim refugees despite Europe Satan-land are already taking in a large numbers of Muslims on asylum.

On the other hand, most people seems to keep relatively mum that the super rich Gulf states, good in their Sharia, Ummah are taking in absolutely zero numbers of refugees till date -- meanwhile keep importing migrant workers everywhere in the world, especially from India.

The number of migrant workers exceeds the native population in every Gulf country except Saudi Arabia and Oman. In all of the Gulf countries, the vast majority of the workforce is foreign, ranging from 88.5 percent in Oman to 99.5 percent in the United Arab Emirates. Nevertheless, these Sharia land must have good reasons to see their own Sunni and Arab brothers die and got kicked like a slumdog, shunting them while flooding themselves with Indians.

Muslims in their apex charity

The bad Christan Satans offering shelters

Over the years, the European Christan Satans have been repeatedly bailing out the Muslim, taking them in, giving them free food, free education, free house and free monies. The Satans treated Muslims to the extend that this time, Finland PM is going to offer his own house to Muslims.

Nevertheless, that do not prevent Muslims from feeling discriminated and hating Europeans, A lot of Muslims rally for ISIS, trying hard to build Europe Caliphate and enacting Sharia. They openly preaching hate against Christian and especially the Jews, They engage in terrorism against their European host because -- Muslims are so discriminated despite being given everything free. They engage in terrorism against any perceived insults, And any deeds under the sun can be interpreted as insults and discrimination against Muslims.

In their homeland, Muslim engage in widespread conversion to Islam by rape and by murder. Muslims created a halal nirvana of rape and murder in almost all their land unless oil gushes out. ISIS has just issued a rape and sex slave fatwa. In countries like Pakistan, Egypt and many more, Christian and other religions are frequently subjected to sharia rape sex slavery, sharia rape conversion and sharia rape prostitution, despite not in the state of war,

Muslims have already impose Sharia in Europe on a certain extend. For example, Muslims are above pedophile law so long they cite they are following the romance of Mohomad and Aisha.

Nevertheless Muslims in Europe are still cherishing the sharia shit hole that they created and has caused them to flee, and they are determine to recreate exactly the same Sharia shit hole in Europe.

As a result, European Muslim enclave become their Sharia nirvana of rape, murder, pedophile and terror [link] [link] [link].

How not to discriminate someone after you have given them free education, free food, free shelter, free healthcare and free monies? How to improve further? Taking a clue from Muslims' expectation towards Christian in their homeland, European Christian must offer Muslims their vagina to be raped and to be prostituted and European men must offer their head to be beheaded. Anything less is considered discrimination.

No one is as evil as Christian Satan.


Anonymous said...

Hi Veritas,

Note that Syria under Assad is a secular state. While majority of the Syrian refugee would be different sect of Muslim, there would be more than a few Christians among those refugee.

Clearly the civil war being the trigger of the refugee crisis, maybe we should point the finger on those who started the civil war for their geo-political advantage. First and foremost is Turkey aiming to dispose the Kurds in the region and the Assad regime, through supporting the ISIS. I would speculate that arm-dealers from the US would be making a killing ("losing" the arsenal cache in Northern Iraq means new orders for "allies", right?)

By the way, thanks for some of those travelling / photographic articles, while led me to your site. I also appreciate your openness in discussion despite opinion may differ. Some of the anonymous posters hiding even without an avatar seems closed minded and aggressive but you still try to accommodate their comments. Although that said, sorry for being another anonymous.

Veritas said...

I have been Syria and as you have said, it was indeed a secular state. The Muslims tide to Europe are mostly of Syria and North African origin, while there are Afghans and Iraqi.

The Sunni civil states are Lybia, Syria, Iraq and all shared a common characteristic, they are enemies of Israel.

Syria was taken down with help of Sunni Saudi and USA.

Also others cannot stir shit in Sunni land without Sunni themselves keep preaching hate.

Sunni Islamofascist is clearly a strange hydra frankenstein whose parents are USA and Saudi.

Anonymous said...

Veritas.u are a stupid slut. Check your facts before blogging. It seem clearly that cia is behind the work of illuminati. Destablising middle east so israel will expand it category. If yr wicked mind love death among clearly u are stupid coz the usa trying to build its base to surround china.they wont pay china money they owe so they will attack china back. It illuminati against humanity. Dont talk about race n religions. If u found amazing excited by people misery n death.well u can join the illuminati geng n stop to pretend being good.

Veritas said...

If Muslims do not will to kill others, no one can stir shit. Even in non-war state like Pakistan, Muslims are murdering and raping others and entire community are participating.

Also Muslim want people to die for apostasy.

Muslim shit is exactly the creating of Muslim murder mind. Once someone outside stir shit, everything blows up. Then they go elsewhere like a slumdog, and act like victim. After people adopted them, they show shit and try to murder their host.

Anonymous said...

Veritas, note that all these anon comments are "Malayuwababi Shitaporeans", i.e. fake Singaporeans that serve the interests of their Wahabbi masters in Saudi Arabia. All Muslims behave the same way, whether they Middle Easterner, Pakistani or Mud.
One thing I like about Japan and Myanmar is there NO TOLERANCE FOR MUSLIM BULLSHIT!

Anonymous said...

Malays in Singapore should seriously consider where their loyalties lie the same way Chinese, Vietnamese, Filipino, Japanese, Korean and even White Singaporeans are forced to. In Singapore, why is that Malays, Indians, Banglas and all the other "darker" more Muslim/Hindoo nee-ga Singaporeans act the most uncivilised, alway rioting, committing crimes disrupting the peace and promoting violence against the "white" Singaporeans (I.e. those who don't have black skin) It should be compulsory to ask them in the event of a war between Malaysia/Indonesia/India and Singapore, who will they side with? If they hesitate for even one second, throw them out, make them walk the plank and return to Malaysia, India, etc., etc.

I stand by my opinion that Singapore doesn't need any more FT in the form of Malays, Indians and Muslims of any sort. If necessary, Penan, Filipinos, Vietnamese, Thai Buddhists/Christians, Burmese, Lao, Japanese, Chinese, Tibetans, Nepalese, Cambodians, Koreans and even westerners are much better candidates. At least these groups aren't religiously intolerant retards with saliva and shit coming from their mouths, contribute far more, are far more civilised than the groups mentioned before.

Most importantly, they just look better. Malays and all sorts of Black people are just plain ugly. All the Malay girls go for white, South/West and East Asian guys. All the Malay guys want anything but Malay but can only settle with Malay girls while forcefully keeping them with Islum ;)

Anonymous said...

Dear Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Saudi Arabia and all the Muslim terrorist world,

Where are you when your Moslem brothers in Middle East are tortured and being killed by your barbaric religion and false prophet? Why isn't your tolerant country taking them in?

Why are first world countries of the Occident like America, Germany,Australia and advanced countries in Asia, i.e. Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore forced to take them in. Even developing Asian countries like Myanmar, India, China, Thailand are taking in Moslem terrorist refugees yet your Moslem countries aren't. Why do Moslems want settle anywhere but Moslem countries?

Questions you need to ask yourself before even daring to call our beautiful, advanced countries "racist". If you're not happy about this, it's time you fuck off back to Malayshitland. Plenty of deserving Syrians would love to take your place.

Anonymous said...

Google saudi took 2.5 millions syria refugees. Veritas u misled readers with dis infos.

Anonymous said...

I am japanese. We welcome muslims in japan. Not all muslim are terrorist. Becoz isis is funded by cia who fund then money n weapons to destablise middle east. So that oil corps will able to enter and suck the oil once the country is without goverment.btw i am a reporter .i record isis news there. Isis is mostly not muslims.they grow beard n once u saw their faces. U knew they are from western countries black ops soldiers.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Veritas is a shit babi eater. You will shit in your babi den when usa attack china.

Anonymous said...

Number of Muscraps taken in from the following Muscrap countries:
Bangladesh: 0
Indonesia: 0
Malaysia: 0

Anonymous said...

Anon, September 15, 2015 at 10:15 AM

Try harder you little ugly malayuwababi, Japanese look 100000x better than Muds. Makes sense why you'd pretend to be Japanese, I'd hate to be Malay as well HAHAHAHA. The life of an average Muslim man, always staring longingly at girls while the mere thought of a Muslim Malay men is enough to give them nightmares. No wonder why to leave "Islam" is punishable by death.

ugly malay shit man said...

Silly malay man, obviously you're not Japanese. You don't even know that Japanese are already wary of Muslims which is why they aren't taking very many Muslim refugees AKA terrorists in. Can't blame them, even Malaysia n Indonesia don't want them.

If you were in fact Japanese, you wouldn't be covering up for your fellow Muslim brothas in ISIS or blaming the West. As an upstanding member of the free world, Japan has an excellent relationship with Western countries and vice versa. In fact Singapore is part of the alliance fighting tyranny and terrorism while Malays in Singapore are terrorist sympathisers. You support your wababi saudi brethren like the Malayuwababi you are

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

China is babi exporter no 1 in the world so that why there are many babi online trying to be racists.

Anonymous said...

Oh no the japs is training for war incase china attacks them. Usa is training japs at okinawa.

Anonymous said...

Not all chinese are the same. Chinese has 250 ethnics race. I have good friends which are chinese. Pls note some comments here refer to the person who name is veritas and his anon friend who are racists and too much time to spare instill racial hatred.why dont u do some goodness instead. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Pls note that cina waaaababi culture derive from communists party when communists kill their own emperor and start a new social experiment on the cinahs. For the chinese to be accepted by world people. They have to change kiasu and kiasi mentalism. This is a sincere advice from a friend.

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2nd the migrate chinese u can be more adaptable. Dont bring your burning culture and burn europe down. Instead be more like American born chinese or european born chinese. More like u only bring good culture like fussion . Burning paper and firecrackers are no no . Cheongsam clothes are okay. Be more like maggie q and michelle yeoh. You will be respected and welcome.

3rd. Learn to share and intergrate with other races. Dont be greedy. Think about others rights too. Throw your superiority and oppressor mentality. Learn to intergate and migle with others. I am sure other people will welcome u. Sincere advice from a friend.

Anonymous said...

What china want to attack usa ? And conquerer it?
I dont think so mate.
China may have a lot of army but they lack of technology.
Sorry..........china u are still way behind.

Anonymous said...

Veritas os right. The mongols should of just wiped you all out when he killed 800,000 pussy mohammed lovers.