Monday, September 15, 2014

Singapore elites' flight

WSJ published an article on the statistic regarding high net worth Singaporeans planing to flee their native countries. Turns out that Singapore, the so call most prosperous country in the world has the 2nd highest percentage of elites planing to vote with the legs.

While PAP keep bragging how good Singapore is, seems that PAP's own kind, the elites do not buy that. Not just the peasants, the elites are seeing Singapore as a shithole, hopping to flee this island as fast as possible.

The elites of Singapore are among the most atrocious and parasitic compared to their pals in other countries. While German and Nordic elites are doing their due social responsibilities by paying taxes (even though many are avoiding taxes), taking care of people, Singapore elites are bunch of thieves who cannot stop stealing, by means of financial engineering, especially policies such as asset inflation.

They will not hesitate to destroy Singapore since so many already has a plan B -- migrate overseas.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

We cannot call Shia as ‘unbeliever - Dr M

Dr M's daughter Marina Mahathir(far left) bare shoulders (no tudung) with her husband Tara Sosrowardoyo. Malay Islamofascist peasants are not able to read the ninds of their leaders. Is "Mahathir Islamofascist"? 

Mahathir blasts Malay Sunni Islamofascism, and claim that it is wrong for Sunni to allege Shia as "Kafir"(non-believer). Ironically, Dr M was exactly the biggest culprit who pushed very hard to pollute Malays' mind into Islamofascist.

Dr M appears as a racist, an Islamofascist himself, and has proudly proclaimed Malaysia as an Islamic State. Under Dr M, Islamofascism and Malay self-victimizationism achieved tremendous progress. Even when Dr M is no longer in power, Malays' Islamofascism momentum set off by Mahathir has only gain from strength to strength,

Today, Malay broke Islamofascist record by monopolizing Allah. The persecution of Shia get ever severe each day. The entire Malaysian Malay got rabid upon getting the wind that a girl call Lina Joy was going apostasy.

So how should we understand Dr M's contradicting personality?

First, Dr M is a Islamist and Malay supremacist, but not to the spectrum of Islamofascism. I suspect that Dr M has some "crypto secularism" inside him. Dr M also understands that a country needs modern technology and education to move forward. But Dr M understands Malays are lack of confidence. Islamofascism is a tool that Dr M use to give Malay more confidence. Islamofascism is also use to unite various Malay race. It was hoped that by converting everyone to Islam, Malaysia will be united as one people.

However, Islamofascism is a double-edge sword. Dr M and all the Malay leaders are trying very hard, walking on the tightrope on exactly how much Islamofascism is good for Malaysia. Unfortunately, Islamofascism may have run out of control for Malaysia. Islamofascism has developed to a point that it is no longer a unifying, but a divisive ideology. It has also threatened to bring Malaysia backward, instead of progress. Malaysia is now a powder keg.

Below is excerpt of Dr M's interview.

Islam is a way of life (ad-din) and there are numerous prohibitions and requirements. This (jihad) is not taught. It is stated in the Quran that Muslims cannot kill, especially a fellow Muslim. 
We cannot question Islam or how Islamic a certain person is merely because he is a little different from other Muslims. 
Yes, we do not like the Shia coming here and we reject it, but we cannot say he is kafir (unbeliever)
It has reached a level where we believe the Shia are kafir and we kill them. He recites the Muslim declaration of faith, he prays, he accepts the Prophet and God. 
That is why I say people go to jihad because they do not truly follow the Islamic teachings. In turn, they teach us Muslims to be enemies with one another. 
It was a sin and one would enter hell for killing another Muslim. 
Look at how they are killed. They are lined up and shot with a pistol. Is this fair? There is no trial or anything. Islam prioritises justice. When one is sentenced, make sure it is done fairly. It has been repeatedly said in the Quran. 
Is it fair you kill someone without trial? You kill him because he is supposedly not Muslim. 
Islam prioritise justice. When you punish, you punish justly. This was said many times in the Quran. Is it just that you kill them just because they’re allegedly non-Muslim, without any trial? 
In Quran, there is only one Islam. We are the ones who made them into three types of Islam, four types. Now, there are 1,000 types of Islam… This is not right.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Malays are lazy, dishonest, lack of integrity, shameless and they must blame themselves - Dr M

Dr M diagnoses Malays' problem.

Former Malaysia PM Mahathir has repeatedly accused Malays of very bad things again. Below is part of his transcript. If Singaporean Chinese is to say the same thing, Malays will nail Singaporean Chinese down as racist.

Malays have been calling Chinese racist for very trivial things, but the guy who bad mouth and stereotyping Malays most in this planet is Dr M. Or is it that Dr M has the courage to say the truth?

Nevertheless, few Malay will heed Dr M. An easier way out is to blame Chinese racism for everything under the sun whenever Malay fails.

I spent 22 years trying to change the Malays, trying to alter the perception that they were lazy, I failed.
In the past, when a Malay was sentenced to jail, the offender would hang his head in shame as it was not something to be proud of. But today, when a Malay is sentenced to jail, the offender will walk with his head proudly in the air, smiling as if he has achieved something. 
If anyone asks me today, I would have to say Malays are lazy. 
When they fail, they say we will go and become Mat Rempit. Look at the gender breakdown in our public universities. Women make up 70% of the students while men are a mere 30%. What has happened? Is Malaysia lacking in males? No, the Malay men appear to feel proud to be Mat Rempit. They do not feel ashamed when they fail in their examinations 
I always tell non-Malays not to think that the Malays are lazy. If anyone asks me today, I would have to say Malays are lazy. 
Another failing among the Malays, was the lack of honesty and integrity, and their failure to handle money properly. I am operating a bakery and have given many opportunities to Malays to hold management positions. 
Unfortunately, time and time again, honesty and integrity appear to be lacking as there have been staff who keep stealing. 
They do not seem to understand that it is wrong to take what is not theirs, they do not think of the big picture or the long term. 
As Malaysia heads towards 2020, the Malays must work hard to ensure that they are not the poor people of Malaysia, If we fail, we should not blame anyone but ourselves. We have failed because we did not do what was right.