Friday, July 18, 2014

SIA's flight path over Ukraine

The below diagram is from BBC which is based on data from Flight radar24. It is not uncommon for airlines to fly over trouble spot. SIA and Air India are close to MAS crash site in Ukraine. MH17 was just unlikely, the plane downed could easily be SQ.

If that happens, we will have a show on how our talent and scholar managers are going talk themselves out of trouble.

British Airways has been avoiding eastern Ukraine for some time, the BBC understands. But many airlines continued to fly over it. According to Flight radar24, which monitors live flight paths, the airlines that most frequently flew over Donetsk in eastern Ukraine in the last week were: Aeroflot 86 (flights), Singapore Airlines 75, Ukraine International Airlines 62, Lufthansa 56, and Malaysian 48. It was not necessarily a risky approach. The chance of a rocket reaching above 32,000 feet was considered remote 
They will generally fly the shortest route - a long detour around a warzone will cause delay and add extra fuel costs.

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Anonymous said...

Good information, however it would appear that MH17 flew way off course:

It definitely was a close call for SIA though and for now all airlines have agreed not to fly over the Ukraine.