Sunday, July 27, 2014

Malaysian students cried "humiliation" when told to remove Niqab by invigilator for identity check

A final-year Universiti Malaya student was forced to take off her purdah (veil) during an examination because the invigilator said it was an offence to cover the face. 
According to procedure, female students wearing purdahs are checked at the entrance of the exam hall to prevent identity fraud. 
Malay Linguistics student Zulaikha Adam said she and her classmate were forced to remove their veils after the exam started on June 18. 
“I was embarrassed and humiliated before others to take off my purdah. 
“Why didn’t they conduct a check before the exam?” she asked. 
“It will take only a few seconds to verify someone’s identity, rather than forcefully asking us to remove our veils after the exam has started,” she told FMT. 
Zulaikha and her classmate, who declined to be identified, said they had never been subjected to such humiliation in their three years at the university. 
“This is the first time wearing a purdah has ever been an issue,” she said. 
She added that she was threatened that she will be taken to the head invigilator if she refused to remove her purdah.
It is a good news that Malaysian Malays are getting more and more pious, but side effects are, there are more chances to get themselves feel humiliated. 40 years ago, there was no such problem because Niqab is never Malay traditional custom. The Malays' parent generation seems to be either tougher or more timid, because they have no issues with many "insults" which Malays today are facing.

Some times ago in Egypt, university officials say that some students don the niqab to facilitate cheating or have someone else take their exam for them. Unfortunately, the ban was overturned later, by the court under an Islamist government.

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