Sunday, June 8, 2014

Singapore corporate debt bubble

According to research by Bloomberg,
Singapore companies’ indebtedness has swelled to the most in Asia after China and India as the city-state’s economic growth slows, according to GMT Research Ltd.
Leverage among the Southeast Asian nation’s corporates is following counterparts in the two larger economies to a level considered a “danger threshold,” Gillem Tulloch, founder of the Hong Kong-based researcher, said in an interview yesterday. Debt rose to six times the amount of operating cash flow in 2013 for non-financial Singaporean companies, from 5.1 times in 2012, a report by GMT Research shows.
Earlier, non other than vampire squid Goldman Sachs had also shown Singapore companies are over-leverage at 133% GDP. The day bubble pops, we will suddenly wake up to find that we are shithole of SE Asia.

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Anonymous said...

That is the reasons why finance minister came up with rules to managed over leverage on property which came too late in controlling a bubbling property bubble, now is to wait for the invisible hand to blow the property market apart.