Saturday, May 17, 2014

Keeping food price low

Taken from Zerohedge

Despite all misdeeds of PAP government, one must still credit her for having the wisdom of keeping food price low. The elites of Singapore seems to be aware that they are able to impose harsh direct or indirect taxes and financial burden on people, so long as food price is affordable to people.

A loaf of bread in Singapore is close to 2 times the price in Indian cities.

Before, when Kuan Yew younger and wiser, he secured the rule of PAP by making housing low. As he grows older and greedier, he and fellow elites abandoned the low housing policies, putting PAP on the path of losing power.


Me Guerrero said...

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Anonymous said...

Need to keep food price low so that slaves can continue to work till they die...

Anonymous said...

Singapore and toilet movement

Singapore is among the most hospitable countries to India. Singaporeans especially Chinese are concern about India swimming in feces. A Singaporean Chinese by the name Jack Sim started WTO, World Toilet Organization.

On 24 July 2013, WTO achieved a key milestone for the global sanitation movement when 122 countries co-sponsored a UN resolution tabled by the Singapore government to designate 19 November, World Toilet Day as an official UN day.