Thursday, January 9, 2014

SAP schools 2: PAP's sowing racial discord. Chinese language embraced by the world but Singapore minorities are limited in access

Part 1

PAP's English language jingoism

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There are lots of hate write up online against SAP schools. Part of the problem of the resentment against Chinese regarding SAP schools is due to the discord sowing of PAP. The above posting, quote 1, while quite unbalanced, provide a valuable insight of PAP's racial policy. In summary, he claims that minorities are denied access to study mandarin, which make SAP schools unavailable to them. The writer has a narrow valid point in this case.

Contrary our minorities' perception, PAP's policy is not to create a sinicized elites but an anglicized elites. SAP schools is not to sinicized anyone but to anglicized Chinese Singaporeans.

Chinese, having a beautiful and profound culture, a large trove of literature must not be accessible to the minorities.

Singaporean minorities are prohibited to study Chinese, unless they are willing to pay a steep price of forgoing their own mother tongue in school. There is absence of Chinese language immersion of minorities despite that all government schools have Chinese teaching resources.

If PAP open Chinese language access to our minorities, the result will be a mark increase in sinicization, given the backdrop of emerging China, and the pre-eminence of Chinese language soft power like Canto-pop, and Kung Fu movie. Such sinicization will certain result to a greater understanding between minorities and Chinese which PAP would not want to see.

Similarly, Chinese students are generally not given access to minority language, preventing better racial understanding and integration.

The access of Chinese language is possible only very late at the secondary school level, in the so call 3rd language program. The Malaysian Chinese school students are given access to Chinese, Malay, and English since their primary school in comparison. The taking up of Chinese language by minorities as 3rd languages is uncommon. Language is best learned before 6 years old. Learning a 3rd languages during secondary school is extremely inefficient.

PAP policy is to create a racially divided people, communicate superficially by English language, and in the long run, do away with all culture and make everyone an acultural banana.

Minorities limiteaccess to Chinese language education

PAP are acultural and shameless banana Peranakan and have done everything they could to undermine Chinese culture. Today everybody in the world is embracing mandarin. Plenty of elite students from western countries choose to learn mandarin as foreign language. More and more students all over the world go to China for further studies. Korean enrollment in China schools is slated to overtake USA bounded Korean students in the near future.

PAP, by proscribing our minorities students in Chinese education, is destroying the future and career prospect of our minorities. It will be very difficult for our minorities to enroll in China schools, in the future without basic command of Chinese.

China could be overtaking USA as early as 2016. China is expected to be the world's most prolific producer of scientific papers. Today, many jobs require conversational Mandarin.

Unfortunately, our minorities do not stand a chance in the exciting world of emerging China. In the end, our minorities will have lousy career, bad networking, and uninformed. They will not be able to access the large amount of scientific papers written in Chinese language.

Chinese Singaporeans certainly welcome minorities learning our culture and language. Chinese Singaporeans certainly would like our language and culture to have more prestige and adherent. It is Peranakan PAP who hate Chinese culture. PAP closed the Chinese schools and replaced it with SAP schools, genocide the Chinese culture. At the same time, they have not explicitly explain to the public how SAP schools came about, relishing in the ecstasy of seeing minorities hating Chinese. PAP denied minorities access to Chinese education. Many of our minorities are not informed enough about the situation are angry at Chinese Singaporeans, for the racist policies implemented by Peranakan.