Monday, September 15, 2014

Singapore elites' flight

WSJ published an article on the statistic regarding high net worth Singaporeans planing to flee their native countries. Turns out that Singapore, the so call most prosperous country in the world has the 2nd highest percentage of elites planing to vote with the legs.

While PAP keep bragging how good Singapore is, seems that PAP's own kind, the elites do not buy that. Not just the peasants, the elites are seeing Singapore as a shithole, hopping to flee this island as fast as possible.

The elites of Singapore are among the most atrocious and parasitic compared to their pals in other countries. While German and Nordic elites are doing their due social responsibilities by paying taxes (even though many are avoiding taxes), taking care of people, Singapore elites are bunch of thieves who cannot stop stealing, by means of financial engineering, especially policies such as asset inflation.

They will not hesitate to destroy Singapore since so many already has a plan B -- migrate overseas.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

We cannot call Shia as ‘unbeliever - Dr M

Dr M's daughter Marina Mahathir(far left) bare shoulders (no tudung) with her husband Tara Sosrowardoyo. Malay Islamofascist peasants are not able to read the ninds of their leaders. Is "Mahathir Islamofascist"? 

Mahathir blasts Malay Sunni Islamofascism, and claim that it is wrong for Sunni to allege Shia as "Kafir"(non-believer). Ironically, Dr M was exactly the biggest culprit who pushed very hard to pollute Malays' mind into Islamofascist.

Dr M appears as a racist, an Islamofascist himself, and has proudly proclaimed Malaysia as an Islamic State. Under Dr M, Islamofascism and Malay self-victimizationism achieved tremendous progress. Even when Dr M is no longer in power, Malays' Islamofascism momentum set off by Mahathir has only gain from strength to strength,

Today, Malay broke Islamofascist record by monopolizing Allah. The persecution of Shia get ever severe each day. The entire Malaysian Malay got rabid upon getting the wind that a girl call Lina Joy was going apostasy.

So how should we understand Dr M's contradicting personality?

First, Dr M is a Islamist and Malay supremacist, but not to the spectrum of Islamofascism. I suspect that Dr M has some "crypto secularism" inside him. Dr M also understands that a country needs modern technology and education to move forward. But Dr M understands Malays are lack of confidence. Islamofascism is a tool that Dr M use to give Malay more confidence. Islamofascism is also use to unite various Malay race. It was hoped that by converting everyone to Islam, Malaysia will be united as one people.

However, Islamofascism is a double-edge sword. Dr M and all the Malay leaders are trying very hard, walking on the tightrope on exactly how much Islamofascism is good for Malaysia. Unfortunately, Islamofascism may have run out of control for Malaysia. Islamofascism has developed to a point that it is no longer a unifying, but a divisive ideology. It has also threatened to bring Malaysia backward, instead of progress. Malaysia is now a powder keg.

Below is excerpt of Dr M's interview.

Islam is a way of life (ad-din) and there are numerous prohibitions and requirements. This (jihad) is not taught. It is stated in the Quran that Muslims cannot kill, especially a fellow Muslim. 
We cannot question Islam or how Islamic a certain person is merely because he is a little different from other Muslims. 
Yes, we do not like the Shia coming here and we reject it, but we cannot say he is kafir (unbeliever)
It has reached a level where we believe the Shia are kafir and we kill them. He recites the Muslim declaration of faith, he prays, he accepts the Prophet and God. 
That is why I say people go to jihad because they do not truly follow the Islamic teachings. In turn, they teach us Muslims to be enemies with one another. 
It was a sin and one would enter hell for killing another Muslim. 
Look at how they are killed. They are lined up and shot with a pistol. Is this fair? There is no trial or anything. Islam prioritises justice. When one is sentenced, make sure it is done fairly. It has been repeatedly said in the Quran. 
Is it fair you kill someone without trial? You kill him because he is supposedly not Muslim. 
Islam prioritise justice. When you punish, you punish justly. This was said many times in the Quran. Is it just that you kill them just because they’re allegedly non-Muslim, without any trial? 
In Quran, there is only one Islam. We are the ones who made them into three types of Islam, four types. Now, there are 1,000 types of Islam… This is not right.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Malays are lazy, dishonest, lack of integrity, shameless and they must blame themselves - Dr M

Dr M diagnoses Malays' problem.

Former Malaysia PM Mahathir has repeatedly accused Malays of very bad things again. Below is part of his transcript. If Singaporean Chinese is to say the same thing, Malays will nail Singaporean Chinese down as racist.

Malays have been calling Chinese racist for very trivial things, but the guy who bad mouth and stereotyping Malays most in this planet is Dr M. Or is it that Dr M has the courage to say the truth?

Nevertheless, few Malay will heed Dr M. An easier way out is to blame Chinese racism for everything under the sun whenever Malay fails.

I spent 22 years trying to change the Malays, trying to alter the perception that they were lazy, I failed.
In the past, when a Malay was sentenced to jail, the offender would hang his head in shame as it was not something to be proud of. But today, when a Malay is sentenced to jail, the offender will walk with his head proudly in the air, smiling as if he has achieved something. 
If anyone asks me today, I would have to say Malays are lazy. 
When they fail, they say we will go and become Mat Rempit. Look at the gender breakdown in our public universities. Women make up 70% of the students while men are a mere 30%. What has happened? Is Malaysia lacking in males? No, the Malay men appear to feel proud to be Mat Rempit. They do not feel ashamed when they fail in their examinations 
I always tell non-Malays not to think that the Malays are lazy. If anyone asks me today, I would have to say Malays are lazy. 
Another failing among the Malays, was the lack of honesty and integrity, and their failure to handle money properly. I am operating a bakery and have given many opportunities to Malays to hold management positions. 
Unfortunately, time and time again, honesty and integrity appear to be lacking as there have been staff who keep stealing. 
They do not seem to understand that it is wrong to take what is not theirs, they do not think of the big picture or the long term. 
As Malaysia heads towards 2020, the Malays must work hard to ensure that they are not the poor people of Malaysia, If we fail, we should not blame anyone but ourselves. We have failed because we did not do what was right.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Shia anti-Sunni Rhetoric on air: Permitting sodomy for jihad purpose?

London-Based Shia Cleric Abdallah Al-Khilaf on Fadak TV (U.K.). Trading exchanges against other communities are quite common in other races and countries, on public broadcast channel. The most caring and sensitive people on this planet is Singaporean Chinese, who never insult others at level what others are doing today.

Meanwhile enjoy the clips. It is so funny that I cannot stop laughing. The transcript of the video clip is as below.

One Wahhabi wrote: “Dear Sheik, may Allah grant you martyrdom and black-eyed virgins in Paradise, I wanted to commit a martyrdom operation. I turned to Sheik Abu Dimaa Al-Qassab, who told me that they had invented a new and unprecedented form of martyrdom operations – explosive capsules are inserted into your anus. 
“In order to train for this method of Jihad, you must consent to being sodomized for a period of time, so that your anus becomes wider, making room for the explosives. 
“My question is whether I am permitted to allow one of the mujahideen access to my anus, if my intentions are honorable, and the purpose is to train for Jihad by widening my anus.”
The sheik praised Allah and said: “In principle, sodomy is forbidden. However, Jihad is more important. It is the pinnacle of Islam. If sodomy is the only way to reach this pinnacle of Islam, then there is no harm in it. 
“The rule is that necessity makes the forbidden permissible. Something that is required in order to perform a duty becomes a duty in and of itself. No duty takes precedence over Jihad.
“Therefore, you must be sodomized… After you have been sodomized, you must ask Allah for forgiveness.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Saudi preacher rapes 5 year old daughter till death after doubting her virginity: He walks free

Fayhan al-Ghamdi Saudi Sunni cleric who always preaches on TV, was accused of raping, torturing and killing his five-year-old daughter, Lama , has reportedly been released from custody after agreeing to pay "blood money".

Fayhan appears on Saudi Islamic programme frequently. He always tell people how to be good Islamically.

According to news reports, Al Ghamdi told the judge that Lama was behaving strangely and that he questioned her virginity. He went as far as to have a medical professional check that her virginity was intact. 

In the end, Lama was found dead with extensive burns and bruises. Lama had one of her fingernails removed, the side of her head was smashed and the rest of her body was covered up. Lama’s rectum was torn open and that the abuser had attempted to burn it closed. Randa Al Kaleeb, a social worker from the hospital where Lama was said that Lama’s back was broken as well and that she had been raped “everywhere”. 

See reports from
Al Jazeera
International Business Times

Monday, August 11, 2014

Hamas fired 4000 rockets into Israel in the first place: Sunni Muslims crying victim when Israel strikes back

The Hamas attacks began in 2001. Since then, nearly 4,800 rockets have hit southern Israel, just over 4,000 of them since Israel withdrew from the Gaza Strip in August 2005. The range of the rockets has increased over time.        

Israel does not even occupy Gaza. Israel does take part of West Bank, but today West Bank Arabs are better behave. So there is less trouble in West Bank.

Israel has repeatedly begged Hamas to stop firing rockets from Gaza. But then the Arabs are too macho. The Hamas is a bunch of pathetic clowns. They know that Israel is good. They know that Israel will not conduct an Sunni ISIS style genocide. So they keep firing rockets into Israel to kill Jews until Israel decided to manhandle the Hamas. Today if anyone fire 4000 rockets into Malaysia, Indonesia, Iran or North Korea, it will be war, and no one will sympathized with the rocket firer. Nevertheless the world is too soft towards Sunni.

Look below at the work of Hamas clowns. The rockets are fired from civilian area. Israel is forced to fight in civilian area, and this is the main reason for civilian casualties. Nevertheless it is another good opportunity that Sunni can one more time rant that they are victims.



Sunday, August 10, 2014

Gaza Conflict 2014 and crocodile tears: Sunni Muslims are big victims -- one more time

This year, we witness Sunni Muslims keep ranting their victim hood, and cursing Israel's incursion of Gaza. Meanwhile, we see Sunni clowns ISIS unleashing their crime against humanities against Christians and Yazidis, murdering the men, sex-slaving the women, and expelling entire population, a cruelty beyond human imagination far worse than Israeli in Gaza. Sunni choose either to be completely silent on ISIS atrocities, or even joining ISIS.

However there are still some good Sunni even though their numbers are small, who stick their head out and tell everyone the truth -- Hamas is the real culprit of Israel Gaza conflict.

Responding to a question about the Palestinians’ demand to appeal to the International Criminal Court at The Hague (ICC) against Israel, Palestinian envoy to UNHRC Ibrahim Khreisheh responded: “The missiles that are now being launched against Israel, each and every missile constitutes a crime against humanity, whether it hits or missed, because it is directed at civilian targets…Therefore, targeting civilians, be it one civilian or a thousand, is considered a crime against humanity.”

Relating to Israel’s mode of operation in Gaza during Operation Protective Edge, Khreisheh states: “Please note that many of our people in Gaza appeared in TV and said that the Israeli army warned them to evacuate their homes before bombardment. In such a case, if someone is killed, the law considers it a mistake rather than intentional killing, because (the Israelis) followed the legal procedures.”

He goes on to say that Hamas, firing from PA controlled areas, does not warn civilians before firing on them and by doing so is committing a war crime: “As for the missiles launched from our side, we never warn anyone about where these missiles are about to fall, or about the operation we carry out.”

Hamas firing rockets to Israel picking a fight, using civilian as collateral

One has to ask, why Israel does not go into West Bank or South Lebanon this time, both Arab controlled territories? The reason is for the past years, attack on Israel from these places generally ceases. Meanwhile since 2001, Palestinian militants have launched thousands of rocket and mortar attacks on Israel from the Gaza Strip as part of the continuing Arab–Israeli conflict.

The Hamas make Gaza Arabs live like a beggar did little to improve the economy. A lot of monies were spent in building tunnels and fighting Israel. Many rockets are fired at the opening of these tunnels.

Israel have repeatedly begged Hamas to stop but the Sunni Hamas keep killing people until Israel fed up and send IDF into Gaza. As terrorists are taking cover among civilians, many innocents were killed, despite Israel's best effort to avoid civilian casualties,

Sunni Hamas fighting a losing battle but a winning PR war

In a war, a commander need to achieve some objectives. But when going into low level war with Israel without any hope of winning, it would be interesting to speculate what objectives the Sunni Arabs are trying to achieve. The only logical conclusion in this ugly scenario is Arabs are not interested in winning Israel in whatever manner but to entice IDF to incur civilian casualties so that, Muslims can be victim one more time. Alternatively these Sunni Arabs could be too stupid having no objective at all.

The benevolent Israel has spoiled the Sunni Arabs into a gangsters 

We need to ponder why is Hamas a loser, a clown, is able repeatedly kill Israeli civilians with rockets with impunity and keep rejecting Israel's peace offer like a macho man. The reason is Sunni Arabs know that Israel is good guy and will not do a ISIS style genocide and sex slavery on them.

The Iraqi Christian and Yazidis do not harm any Sunni. Yet the Sunni ISIS are killing them, claiming that Allah will be pleased. So if Israel loses any battle, be 100% assured all Jews is going to be massacred and their women gang raped.

The macho mentality of Sunni Arabs coupled with a strange hydra of inferiority complex, self-victimization, hatred against non-Sunni, and being poor unless oil gushes within their backyard, is the reason of their conflict with non-Sunni.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Poyd Treechada, a beautiful Thai Transsexual

Poy Treechada nee Saknarin Manyaphon in October 1986, Thailand. She was a male but now a female. She attended the Faculty of Law in Assumption University. She is a famous actress 

She has even found herself an handsome boyfriend shown below.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Former HDB CEO calls for 10 million population in Singapore

Dr Liu Thai-Ker is an architect-planner. Since 1992, he has been Director of RSP Architects Planners & Engineers Pte Ltd., a consultant firm of over 1,600 people, with 12 overseas offices and projects in 18 countries.

Dr Liu is concurrently the Founding Chairman of Centre for Liveable Cities since 2008. The Centre is a knowledge hub created jointly by the Ministry of National Development and the Ministry of Environment and Water Resources.

He has served as the Adjunct Professor of the School of Design and Environment and the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore. He is also the Adjunct Professor in the College of Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences, Nanyang Technological University. He is a member of several governmental bodies in Singapore, and planning advisor to around 30 cities in China.

As Architect-Planner and CEO of the Housing & Development Board, 1969-1989, he oversaw the completion of over half a million dwelling units. As CEO and Chief Planner of Urban Redevelopment Authority, 1989-1992, he spearheaded the major revision of the Singapore Concept Plan and key direction for heritage conservation.

The Republic should plan for a population of 10 million in the long term if it is to remain sustainable as a country, says the man known widely as the architect of modern Singapore. According to Liu Thai Ker, Singapore should not stop its population growth projection at the figure of 6.9 million listed in the 2013 White Paper on Population. 
"That is an interim figure and projection and obviously Singapore is going to grow beyond that," he said yesterday at a seminar, "Building a Nation: Tomorrow, Challenges and Possibilities for a Liveable Singapore". 
As architect-planner and CEO of the Housing Development Board from 1969 to 1989, Mr Liu oversaw the completion of over half a million public housing units, and as CEO and chief planner of the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) from 1989 to 1992, he spearheaded the major revision of the Singapore Concept Plan and key direction for heritage conservation.
"The question is: How long do you want Singapore to exist as a sovereign state? Certainly beyond 2030, so we should plan for the longer term and for this 10 million figure as we cannot curb population growth after 2030." 
Mr Liu explained that it was necessary for Singapore to plan for the longer term than for the 17 years it had planned for in the White Paper. He suggested that even though Singapore has a lot of land to be reclaimed and there is a lot of land set aside for industrial purposes that can be converted for other use, it is still better to plan for the long term so that there is a better estimate of the amount of land that is required. 
"So if we need to reclaim more land from the sea, we can plan for it and do so."
Conversely, Mr Liu argued that shorter-term population planning would result in higher density as each time the population projection is made, the government may increase land density as it does not have a longer-term view of the amount of land that may be needed and that it has available. "Overall, this results in Singapore's land density increasing." 
Mr Liu told BT that the 10 million figure was projected on how much Singapore could grow long term for the next 80-150 years at a population growth rate of less than one per cent each year. He said that if the growth rate were based on the upper limit of the projection of the 2013 White Paper, at 6.9 million, then Singapore could reach a population of 10 million by 2090. If however, it is based on the lower limit of 6.5 million then we may reach 10 million by 2200.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Malaysian students cried "humiliation" when told to remove Niqab by invigilator for identity check

A final-year Universiti Malaya student was forced to take off her purdah (veil) during an examination because the invigilator said it was an offence to cover the face. 
According to procedure, female students wearing purdahs are checked at the entrance of the exam hall to prevent identity fraud. 
Malay Linguistics student Zulaikha Adam said she and her classmate were forced to remove their veils after the exam started on June 18. 
“I was embarrassed and humiliated before others to take off my purdah. 
“Why didn’t they conduct a check before the exam?” she asked. 
“It will take only a few seconds to verify someone’s identity, rather than forcefully asking us to remove our veils after the exam has started,” she told FMT. 
Zulaikha and her classmate, who declined to be identified, said they had never been subjected to such humiliation in their three years at the university. 
“This is the first time wearing a purdah has ever been an issue,” she said. 
She added that she was threatened that she will be taken to the head invigilator if she refused to remove her purdah.
It is a good news that Malaysian Malays are getting more and more pious, but side effects are, there are more chances to get themselves feel humiliated. 40 years ago, there was no such problem because Niqab is never Malay traditional custom. The Malays' parent generation seems to be either tougher or more timid, because they have no issues with many "insults" which Malays today are facing.

Some times ago in Egypt, university officials say that some students don the niqab to facilitate cheating or have someone else take their exam for them. Unfortunately, the ban was overturned later, by the court under an Islamist government.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Thai Muslims score another victory on hijab : Accommodate me, else I shout discrimination

Muslims shouting discrimination on hijab is no news. In Thailand, Muslims have scored strings of victory against the Buddhist on hijab and all these events are concrete evidences that Thai Buddhists discriminate Islam.

In Thailand, there is a temple who runs a Buddhist missionary Wat Nonjok. A Muslim girl deliberately chose the school and walked in with hijab professing their faith -- despite thousands of other schools to choose from.

Several teachers felt aggrieved and refused to teach her. Then Muslims cry discrimination and hundreds of them gathered outside the school protesting. What else could be a better proof that Muslims are victims. Muslims managed to get Thai Minister to intervene on their behalf. The outcome of the dispute was not reported but apparently it seems that the school relented. It is Islam triumphant against evil Buddhist. It is a victory of good against bad.

Lets hope a Madrassah can accommodate, if a secular girl with to enroll with her head uncovered.

There is also a case whereby a Muslim girl get fired for hijabing in Isetan department store in Singapore. The  online forums and chatrooms were flooded with anger and grievances of Muslim netizens.  In time to come, a hijab Muslim girl will cry discrimination, when LV or Prada store in France Champs-Élysées deprive her a job. Another good chance to prove that everyone else are discriminating against Muslims.

Friday, July 18, 2014

SIA's flight path over Ukraine

The below diagram is from BBC which is based on data from Flight radar24. It is not uncommon for airlines to fly over trouble spot. SIA and Air India are close to MAS crash site in Ukraine. MH17 was just unlikely, the plane downed could easily be SQ.

If that happens, we will have a show on how our talent and scholar managers are going talk themselves out of trouble.

British Airways has been avoiding eastern Ukraine for some time, the BBC understands. But many airlines continued to fly over it. According to Flight radar24, which monitors live flight paths, the airlines that most frequently flew over Donetsk in eastern Ukraine in the last week were: Aeroflot 86 (flights), Singapore Airlines 75, Ukraine International Airlines 62, Lufthansa 56, and Malaysian 48. It was not necessarily a risky approach. The chance of a rocket reaching above 32,000 feet was considered remote 
They will generally fly the shortest route - a long detour around a warzone will cause delay and add extra fuel costs.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Sell Singapore, Buy Sri Lanka

Seeking Alpha has just published an article titled "Sell Singapore, Buy Sri Lanka". The excerpts are as below. These days, due to the mismanagement by PAP under the leadership of Lee Hsien Loong, Singapore is getting increasing and unprecedented amount of bad press, not seen in the earlier days of PAP.

Singapore - Short term weakness or Long-term decline?

In 2015, Singapore will celebrate its 50th birthday unsure whether it is about to endure a major political upheaval. The general election of 2016 has the potential to rock the People's Action Party ('PAP'), the party of Lee Kwan Yew that has dominated Singaporean politics since 1965. The last general election in 2011 saw the party lose a General Representation Constituency ('GRC') for the first time (to the Workers Party). A GRC is a larger constituency that elects a slate of MPs from the same party. Moreover, the PAP overall share of the vote fell to just over 60%.

This was generally viewed as a wake up warning for the PAP, but since then, there are many signs that discontent in the country has increased and economic factors are contributing to build further discontent. Questions are being whispered as to whether a bigger political avalanche could be coming at the next general election in 2016.

1. Singapore is now the most expensive city in the world. According to the Economist Intelligence Unit, the cost of living in Singapore has soared. This is felt on a daily basis by locals and expats alike who are paying more for every day expenses from food to travel.

2. Singapore is increasingly crowded. The population has increased from 3 million in 1990 to its current level of nearly 5.5 million. During that time, the number of foreign permanent residents has increased from 112,000 to 531,000 and the number of foreign employees on a temporary work visa from 311,000 to over 1.5 million.

3. Car ownership in Singapore is now exclusively a luxury. The complex system of ownership now means that if you can afford a car, you may as well buy a luxury car. In 1990, there were 5 times as many small (under 1,600 cc) cars available for sale as larger ones. Today, bigger cars dominate. Thelargest selling car brand in Singapore in the first quarter this year was Mercedes Benz with BMW at #3.

These factors are contributing to a sense of resentment that ordinary Singaporeans are no longer being placed first by the Government. This is undoubtedly the most common coffee shop conversation in the city at the moment. However, it is not just locals that are suffering.

4. Foreign businesses and business people are leaving Singapore. Despite official statistics, expats in Singapore will assure you that people are leaving Singapore at a much higher rate than ever before. The evidence comes from their professional lives but more importantly from their children's schools and social activities that are experiencing unparalleled turnover. One relocation agency reports a 3-fold increase in business supporting departing families in June 2014 compared to June 2013. There is also plenty of anecdotal evidence that foreign companies are struggling to attract senior foreign talent to locate in Singapore.

The real estate market, a key barometer of sentiment across Asia, is also showing concerning signs.

5. Housing rental yields are collapsing. Whilst official figures point to a 'softening', the specific evidence is of rentals being offered 30-50% lower than 2 years ago.

6. House prices are falling. Official figures show 3 consecutive quarters of decline. So far in 014, prices have fallen 1.1% in Q2, and 1.3% in Q1. Whilst not dramatic, once again, specific evidence is that sellers that need to sell are having to accept much more dramatic reductions and even new condos are being offered at discounts in excess of 10%.

7. The 'Chinese factor' of buying properties for investment but leaving them empty is resulting in a large stock of housing that lies empty. This is all potential supply that still has to be launched into a declining rental or sale market.

This last point about the 'Chinese Factor' is a key issue. In the past, expat talent was largely productive, attracted by jobs or the opportunity to build businesses in a key economic hub. This lay at the heart of Singapore Government Policy. Such expats are being replaced by mainland Chinese investors whose primary focus is moving portfolio investment offshore and hence is less accretive to the economy.

8. Volume on the Singapore Stock Exchange has collapsed to around $1 billion, over 40% down year on year and Moody's continues to warn of pressure on the credit ratings of Singapore banks.

So the big question is whether Singapore has reached the peak of its potential, at least for the time being? Has being declared the most expensive city in the world heralded a 'top' for Singapore that is now about to be followed by a period of consolidation or even decline. It is this correspondent's belief that the growth story of Singapore has ended and investors need to look for its successor. The answer seems to lie across the Indian Ocean in a country that showed such promise 50 years ago.

Monday, July 7, 2014

World best rock climber

An amazing video showing Alex Honnold, the world best rocker climber ascending.

Friday, July 4, 2014

France Muslim minister

Najat Vallaud-Belkacem (born Najat Belkacem on 4 October 1977) is a French-Moroccan socialist politician, who on 16 May 2012 was appointed Minister of Women's Rights and Government spokesperson in the Ayrault government.

Second in a family of seven children, Najat Belkacem was born in the Moroccan countryside in 1977 in Bni Chiker, a village near Nador in the Rif region. In 1982 she rejoined her father, a building worker, with her mother and elder sister Fatiha, and grew up in the suburbs of Amiens. She graduated from the Institut d'études politiques de Paris (Paris Institute of Political Studies) in 2002.