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SAP schools 1: An epitome of Chinese sufferings and humiliation

SAP school system is good target for bigots, to accuse Singaporean Chinese as racist. I have came across numerous blogs, comments and even articles in major books and magazine ranting about Chinese racism then, picked a few examples to support their accusations whereby SAP school system is among of their favorite.

Nothing can be further from truth. Reality is SAP school system is the biggest insult to Chinese, a legacy of Chinese culture genocide and the epitome of the sufferings Chinese Singaporeans have gone through.

Dr Michael Barr and his anti Chinese hate

Michael Barr
Dr Michael Barr is an important source of hate writings against Chinese Singaporeans. Partly due to his endless evangelism, many are filled with rabid hate against SAP schools.

Below is what he wrote.

Yet even before the scholarship stage, the education system has stacked the deck in favor of Chinese, starting in preschool. Here is the heart of Singapore’s systemic discrimination against non-Chinese.

The early outward signs of the Sinicization program were the privileging of Chinese education, Chinese language and selectively chosen “Chinese values” in an overt and successful effort to create a Mandarin- and English-speaking elite who would dominate public life. Two of the most important planks of this campaign were decided in 1979: the annual “Speak Mandarin Campaign” and the decision to preserve and foster a collection of elite Chinese-medium schools, known as Special Assistance Plan (SAP) schools.

The SAP schools are explicitly designed to have a Chinese ambience, right down to Chinese gardens, windows shaped like plum blossoms, Chinese orchestra and drama, and exchange programs with mainland China and Taiwan. Over the years the children in SAP schools have been given multiple advantages over those in ordinary schools, including exclusive preschool programs and special consideration for pre-university scholarships.

For instance, in the early 1980s, when there was a serious shortage of graduate English teachers in schools, the Ministry of Education ensured there were enough allocated to SAP schools “to help improve standards of English among the Chinese-medium students, in the hope that they will be able to make it to university”—a target brought closer by the granting of two O-level bonus points exclusively to SAP school students when they applied to enter junior college. By contrast, neither Indians nor Malays received any special help, let alone schools of their own to address their special needs. They were not only left to fend for themselves, but were sometimes subjected to wanton neglect: inadequately trained teachers, substandard facilities and resources and the “knowledge” that they are not as good as the Chinese.

Chung Cheng high: A Chinese style building is racism

Barr painted SAP schools as cesspool of Chinese racism against minorities. The schools serve to sinicized minorities because they are built in Chinese architecture style. PAP starved all other schools of English teachers and allocate them to SAP schools. Malays and Indians got shit.

In addition many have blog and comment extensively about SAP schools. Below are some of their opinions in summary.

  • SAP schools are good because of various unfair advantages (Barr had listed a few for example priority in getting English teachers in early 1980s).
  • Only Chinese are given SAP schools (no Malay SAP or Indian SAP)
  • SAP school is racist and breed Chinese elitism. Minorities have small representation there.

What else can be a better evidence of a racist Chinese for many of our minorities bloggers and commenters? Someone even write a wikipedia entry of anti Malay sentiments using SAP schools to support their case. James Gomez has wrote SAP schools in practice they favour Chinese culture and Mandarin language and add to the marginalization of minorities.

The only thing these people are able to prove is, they are either too stupid, too full of self-victimization, have no breadth of historical knowledge, or they they simply preaching hate.

Chung Cheng lake: Another Chinese style architecture. It should be demolish as this is evidence of racism
The cultural genocide of Chinese and the SAP school system

In reality, SAP school system was born due to the need to wipe out Chinese cultural and Chinese school system. Then there was Chinese school system in Singapore. SAP schools are former Chinese schools. Every single subjects were taught in Chinese and English was learned in language lesson.

PAP being banana Peranakan hated everything related to Chinese culture. They have all along trying to close Chinese schools and finally succeeded in the early 1980s. The Chinese saw all our schools, multiple of tenths of them, closed shop or taken over by PAP. The Chinese leaders are not able to gain any grounds for us in Chinese education and had to accept PAP's humiliating terms.

The Chinese communities managed to get nine former Chinese schools structured in a way that, students have options (not obligation) of choosing two more subjects, namely a Chinese literature subject and a slightly more difficult Chinese language subject.

This is nothing but to placate the Chinese which saw all their school closed and anglicized. Overnight, the medium of instruction other than Chinese language and Chinese literature were changed to English.

Chinese High students celebrating Mid Autumn Festival: Racist KKK are caught red handed
Malays allow to keep their Madrasah

In comparison, PAP has allowed Malays to keep their Madrasah. Malays are free to promote their culture and languages. Nevertheless, it may be a good idea to nationalized a few Madrasahs into "SAP madrasah" to see whether anyone will attack their "Malay ambiance".

Chinese are among the least racist people in the planet. The banana PAP even though extremely un-chinese like, still treats the minorities better in cultural aspect. Unfortunately, by letting Malay madrasahs run independently and killing all Chinese schools, it makes many narrow-minded minorities feel that they are short-changed by Chinese racist (only Chinese SAP schools means Chinese are racist).

These minorities will never look at how much advantage they have in shaping their culture, in being able to control their own school system.

Chinese suffering and pain mis-interpreted maliciously as Chinese racism 

Michael Barr mentioned SAP schools got allocation of English teachers in 1980s even when there is shortage. So Chinese are racist. This is a lie. The reason of English teachers shortage is due to massive Anglicization of Chinese schools in a short period of time. Given a choice, Chinese would rather keep our Chinese schools and get rid of these English teachers.

Hwa Chong celebrate Chinese New Year. This is Nazi-ism

Barr and some of our minorities also claim SAP schools are racist because of their Chinese ambiance such as Chinese architecture and a wider choice of CCA related to Chinese culture. Not even feces are that odious compared to such accusations. Instead of a proof of Chinese racism, it is a good proof such people are nuts.

SAP schools are reincarnate of Chinese schools. The SAP school buildings like those of Chung Cheng and Chinese high were built long time ago to house Chinese schools, from Chinese donations, designed by Chinese, and attended by Chinese students. Unless people hate it so much that they would like them to be dynamite, else it will remain very Chinese.

Teachers and students there, have started Chinese culture oriented CCA long before anyone here were born. So there will be a lot more choice of Chinese culture oriented CCAs. Unfortunately this is enough to be racism for some, because SAP schools are not celebrating for example, Thaipusam or provisioning CCA such as Silat fighting.

Is Madrasah racist by having a middle eastern architecture as well as Malay ambient?

Hwa Chong Chinese Singaporeans just cannot stop being racist against minorities again--by celebrating Chinese New Year

Anglicization or Sinicization?

Many people are filled with hate against Chinese and will spin up any malicious accusations against us. Michael Barr and many of our commenters stated that SAP school is an outward sign of sinicization. The opposite is true. SAP is a sign of Anglicization, to extinguish Chinese culture. In SAP schools, all subjects are taught in English except Chinese language and Chinese literature.

PAP allow Malay to keep their Madrasah, but has shut down all Chinese school. If Chinese are able to keep our schools, Singapore will be a sinicize state. In addition, no one is forcing Chinese language and Confucious ethnic on anyone of our minorities.

If people can argue that SAP schools are sinicization, why not the argue the presence of Madrasah as Islamization or Malayu-lization? All majority races in South East Asia  promote or impose their lect on minorities, other than Chinese Singaporeans and to a lesser extend Javanese. Just watch Malaysian Malay for example.

Our minorities need to do much more soul searching.

Singapore Chinese being hated for fake accusation of promoting Sinicization, while in reality adopting a neutral language from our British colonial master

What if PAP allow Nantah and all Chinese schools to run? The outcome will be Singapore will be a very sinicized state compared to today. Our English language standards will not hit current level. A lot of business and public activities will be conducted in Mandarin.

Today most Chinese in Singapore speak English at home precisely because PAP's sabotage of Nantah and Chinese schools. Chinese languages are going the way of dodo.

However, many people have irrational hate against anything Chinese, even though our languages are dying and English has gain supremacy. Even SAP system who retain nothing much of Chinese-ness is too much for them. They want to see SAP schools close.

Meanwhile, no one say anything about Madrasah.


Anonymous said...

Anak babi.

Let's hope Japan, the USA and S Korea teach the PRC a lesson.

I support Japan's rights to her islands.

Anonymous said...

Very well written, your insight has been enlightening to me.

Thank You

Idiot anon 7.51pm, just take your pig and get lost.

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Anonymous said...

Many Singapore Chinese are racists.

I am so happy to see the PRCs look down on these southern dialect speaking peasants.

Very soon there will be more PRC millionaires in Singapore. We need the local Chinese to acts as our maids and servants. Pinoy cheaper but they cant speak Chinese.

Thank you lee Hsien Loong and the great Lee Kuan Yew to allow us to come to Singapore and uplift the locals.

Anonymous said...

When these bigots closed their mind, you can't talk sense to them.

Perhaps their eyes open a little when you talk dollars to them.

Anonymous said...

Art? Culture? is that only belong to some specified races? or jst Personal Preference? I think some ppl should learn and think deeply here.
Is the culture from western civilization can be the only choice that allowable btw different races and fully acceptable by every human race on this planet?
How abt a Japanese who love Chinese Kung Fu or a Chinese who love batik art? Chinese style building which designed by Malay Architect or Minangkabau's Style by a Chinese?
A Chinese style is racist but Italian and Greek style not?
What's a joke.
Cultural, art and wisdom from every ancient civilization from past generation should belong to all human races. Bc that is not us who create it, but everyone of us regardless races have the right to share and enjoy the fruit which passed from generation to generation.

Anonymous said...

More good news for Singapore


Nice to have more cultured PRCs coming to Singapore.

Nice to hear the wonderful Manadarin language on the streets.

Anonymous said...

Hwa Chong celebrates Chinese New Year and thus it is racist? Sorry, but I believe that all other schools (or most in fact) have chinese new year celebrations in school. In addition, Hwa Chong celebrates other festivals such as Hari Raya too.

Anonymous said...

It is ironic that you condemn Anglicization of the school system and yet adopt Yale's motto as your blog address.

Veritas said...

I like truth and light, hate lies and darkness.

When I see politician lie, I just feel angry.

Anonymous said...

Awww Veritas is very cute too : )

Anonymous said...


I doubt Veritas really likes "truth" and "light", as judging by the content this website spews, it looks more like a crackpot living in complete darkness, in a world of his own. This writer obviously appears to be scared of the light and truth, so much fabrications going on here it makes lawyers look like saints.

Oh and by the way, veritas aint cute, that's obviously a fake picture he's using. He cant reveal who he is cause he is only closet hero, living in his own delusions and fantasies that are very different from how the real world is actually operating.

Good luck to all you of out there who are just like him, enjoy your little life with your own retarded imaginations.

Anonymous said...

WTF? how are you 100% sure that Veritas is a man? actually i am friends with Veritas on Facebook and her sex is female. Veritas's name on Facebook is in Chinese characters, but mine is in latin Characters,i am Ale ; ) .

Usagi said...

About the confusion of Veritas's gender, He/ She may be a transexual and be in some way both a man and a woman, i guess with my imagination that Veritas was born as a male and he later turned into a woman with a surgeon, i myself accept trannys as women.

Sakura Kinomoto said...

Or Veritas could have been first a woman and then turned in a man with surgery...

Anonymous said...

Hmm, man or woman or neither, I think veritas is a sorry excuse for an existence on the Internet. Ah, an intern on the net... maybe that.. an inexperienced, blabbering pseudo-intelligent fool...

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What happen to you, come back to red bean blog, miss your statements man, hope to see your words again.

Anonymous said...

Yes Veritas, please come back.
Please continue to further enlighten us like a battery operated psuedo sun, the psuedo lightbearer of truth, in the Internet community on your profound idiotic ramblings, show us what new knowledge you have pulled out of tissue loving unclean butt, show us a perfect example of a living thing we should all strive to avoid to be. Being an animal in the jungle might be better, brave and ready to die in its own nature. Not a keyboard hitler wannabe with a mao zedong complex.

Word of advise for the wise:

If you sleep with the devil, the devil will sleep you also.

Anonymous said...

Yes Veritas, please come back.
Please continue to further enlighten us like a battery operated sun, from your communist textbooks hardwired into your brain cells, the psuedo lightbearer of truth, in the Internet community on your profound idiotic ramblings.

Show us what new knowledge you have pulled out of your tissue loving unclean butt, show us a perfect example of a living thing we should all strive to avoid to be.

Being an animal in the jungle might be better, brave and ready to die in its own nature. Not a keyboard hitler wannabe with a mao zedong complex.

Word of advise for the wise:

If you sleep with the devil, the devil will sleep you also.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Veritas said...

I exercise censorship-- my first in my whole life for the 2 post.

Anonymous said...

It's quite simple. If the Malays don't like it, they can leave Singapore anytime. I'm sure Malaysia is so much better with it's human rights abuse, blowing up Mongolian models, appalling treatment of refugees, marginalizing of minorities, sponsoring of terror across Southeast Asia, dirt and rubbish everywhere, terrible health care and high crime.

I'd be thrilled to be a citizen of non-racist, 1Malaysia. Not.

Dear Malays, perhaps you don't know that life is difficult for all people, and it's not just about you selfish people.

To that one Malay anak babi guy supporting Japanese, US and SKs etc. get real. Even the former two have criticized the widespread discrimination and horrible human rights of Malaysia. None of them care about Malaysia. Actually neither does the PRC, Taiwan or HK or Chinese states.

Anonymous said...

all i know and get straight to the point. Almost every Chinese woman wants to marry White man. So what sinification?

Anonymous said...

After Indonesia invaded East Timor and started slaughtering the Chinese population there, China, Libya, and the Acehnese Islamists all gave military aid to the East Timor FRETILIN resistance.

Many of the Indonesian Generals who massacred Timorese and Chinese were Christians, like General Moerdani, Theo Syafei, johnny Lumintang, Sintong Panjaitan and Tyasno Sudarto. They all served in East Timor and were named as top war criminals in the book "Masters of Terror : Indonesia's Military and Violence in East Timor".

Theo Syafei openly insulted Islam recently and it was in the news, and General Moerdani was openly anti Muslim and denied promotions to Muslims while he served as army chief to Suharto and occupied East Tmor.

The Indonesian government under Suharto butchered and raped Acehnese Muslims along with Timorese and Papuans.

Acehnese Islamists killed Indonesian soldiers and directly fought against them in battle.

The reason why China recognized East Timor so fast and has strong ties with Timor and with Alkatiri is because of China's military support for them against Indonesia.

It is a massive lie that China did not do anything for Chinese in southeast asia.

Besides butchering Communists, the Indonesians also butchered Islamists in the Darul Islam movement and many Islamist cells conducted bombings and resistance against Suharto's regime.

You should thank Islamists like Free Aceh Movement and PAS in Malaysia for bothering to stand up for your rights while you diss them as "Islamofascist" and praise murderers of Chinese. And the Christian Generals who butchered Chinese and Timorese..,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.

Anonymous said...

wow sorry for just only chancing upon this article. If what you typed was really the case, given a chance, I would have had PAP turning madrasahs into SAP schools and let Chinese schools be. Then we'll see who's complaining at the "lack of meritocracy"