Monday, November 25, 2013

Malaysian Malay self-victimization and hate: Hitler will be proud

Singaporean Chinese carry original Sin. On one hand, we got screwed by Peranakan, who are hell bent to destroy our language and culture. On the other hand, we have minorities, who exhibit irrational hate and racism in the countries where they are majority.

Our minorities have been trying very hard to prove Chinese racism. Our minorities never miss a chance to bash Chinese upon stumbling upon one or two miscreant kids' racial slur. Then they will use these one or two isolated cases to nail Chinese down.

Chinese are indeed racist but I bet all researches on Chinese racism are not going to be exciting. One can get a lot of ecstasy by R&D on Malaysian Malay racism and Indian caste system. In Malaysia, mongering hate against minorities, spreading racial lies, inculcating self-victimization and even funding terrorism and regional Islamic insurgency are institutional and big businesses.

Malaysian Malays' breakthrough in history research

Malaysia is today one of the few countries in the world where one can find a good career preaching hate against minorities. Malaysian Malay Muslim have recently accomplished milestone achievement in racism by monopolizing the use of Allah, that not even the most nut head Taliban ever dream of doing. While racists in most countries are despised, shunned or even outlawed, they are allowed in Malaysia to organize all sorts of conference and symposium, speaking to thousands of audience.
Zaharah Sulaiman

Recently Zaharah Sulaiman, a writer and historian from a society called Malaysia Archaeology Association who is also Suara Pribumi chairman, delivered the followings to a thousand-strong audience.
Dari Utara ke Selatan pula ia bermula dari Pulau Farmosa, Filipina Champa, Funan, Siam Malaysia, Indonesia, Pulau-Pulau kecil di Pasifik dan juga New Zealand....
Gerakan ini dinamakan sebagai Nam Tien atau dalam bahasa Melayu “Gerakan ke Selatan”. Gerakan ini diusahakan oleh golongan penakluk, untuk mengepung dan menolak orang Melayu hingga ke ‘penghujung dunia’.
 Berikutan dari ledakan penambahan orang Cina di Thailand, Kemboja dan Vietnam sehingga mereka menubuhkan bangsa keturunan mereka sendiri yang digelarkan sebagai Dai Viet telah menyebabkan orang Melayu semakin dipinggir di negeri sendiri. Kini mereka berevolusi menjadi bangsa Khmer (Kemboja), Thai (Siam) dan Hmong, Mong dan Miao (Vietnam)...... 
Mereka terus berusaha hingga sekarang agar orang Melayu pupus dari muka bumi dan mereka berjaya menakluki Nusantara. 

Translate the above passages.

The Malay world spanning from the North to the South, consists of Taiwan, Philippines, Champa (now central and South Vietnam), Funan (now Cambodia), Siam (now Thailand), Malaysia, Indonesia and the small islands in the Pacific and New Zealand....

The Nam Tien (南天) movement was initiated by conqueror (Chinese) and to push Malay to the end of the world.

The increased in Chinese in Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam resulted in a Chinese mestizo call Dai Viet (Vietnamese), that caused Malay to be sidelined in their own countries. They (Chinese mestizo) then evolved into Khmer (Cambodian), Thai, Hmong, Mong, Miao... They strive to make Malay extinct from the face of the earth and they have manged to conquer the Malay world. 

So Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam were former Malay land. Malay there got extinct because China and their hybrid conquered them. Then, she continued

Nampaknya bukan bangsa Cina sahaja yang benar-benar ingin menakluki Nusantara, ini kerana bangsa-bangsa hibrid dari keturunan Cina juga terus berusaha untuk menolak dan menghancurkan kekuasaan orang Melayu.

Chinese are not the only one wanting to conquer the Malay world. Nations of Chinese mestizo are also continuing to destroy Malay. 

The above findings by Zahara Sulaiman was reported in English Yahoo as well. The content was much less exciting than the one in Malay version.

The Yahoo version, she was quoted saying that

"Malays are called lazy and not innovative, but it’s because the knowledge, the peoples who have the knowledge have gone extinct"

"Foreigners were jealous of us because of what Malays had, the expertise in mining gold and tin."

"When foreigners came to Tanah Melayu, they grabbed (our riches) and killed Malays, they took over our tin and gold "

Many Malays "are now awakened of the killings their tribe has suffered under Chinese"

I have read Malay comments about her article in blog and in Malay medium. Many Malay wrote with patriotism. They have just discovered Chinese has along trying to kill Malay. They responded with determination never to let wicked Chinese plot succeed. They now realize that Chinese are making Malays poor, killing Malays and making Malays lazy and non-innovative. They regret not knowing this earlier.

Malay commenters have vowed to rally and get united, and to guard themselves against the conspiracy of wicked Chinese.

A Caveat to Chinese and Singaporeans

The anti Chinese sentiment of Malaysian Malay Muslim is not an illusion but very true. Inciting racial hate, lying and inculcating victimhood, even supporting Islamic insurgencies in South East Asia have grown into a multi million dollar industries in Malaysia.

So what does it got to do with Singapore?

Singaporean Malay may be drawn to Malaysian Malay mindset. Our Malay may also be awakened of "Chinese evil conspiracy to kill Malay" after reading nuts article coming from Malaysia, without doing further verification.

Some like Mas Selamat who got radicalized much earlier simply just want to kill a lot of Singaporeans.

Chinese must strive for highest standards in virtue

Malaysian Malay historian are making inroads in histories. Malaysian Malay commentors and "well-informed people" are awakening with their delusional grievances.

We are aware that Malaysian Chinese was discriminated under bumiputera-ism. We are aware that Malaysian Malay hate industries keep mongering hate against Chinese and have indeed made a lot of Malaysian Malay hate Chinese.

I beseech all Chinese to remain calm. We must not fall into the trap of Nazi industries that add fuel to more hate. Malaysian Malay radicals can hate Chinese, and hate "Chinese mestizo" like Thai, Vietnamese and Cambodian but we must not reciprocate with hate.

Recently 99% of Singaporean Chinese commenters on facebook and other sites support fair representation of Malays in SAF despite that Malaysian Malay leaders have been hostile to Singapore, and Malaysia posses big threat to Singapore's security. Singaporean Chinese again have shown to be virtuous.

On the other hand, Malaysian Malay Muslim are hostile to any change in racist Bumiputra policy.

Being called racist by many, Singaporean Chinese quietly bearing insults meanwhile trying all the best to eradicate racism. Singaporean Chinese always respond with love to minorities.

Singaporean Chinese do not impose caste system on minorities.
Singaporean Chinese do not preach hate and lies about minorities.
Singaporean Chinese do not Islamized, Christianized or Confucius-nized minorities.
In Singapore all Muslim are free while in Malaysia, Shia and Ahmadya got shit.

Singaporean Chinese must stand up against racism and caste system. If we fall, minorities like Shia or Ahmadya may get shit or we may descend into caste system. We must continue to anchor our righteous way and be a beacon to all nations.


Anonymous said...

Malaysia has too many religious scholars, Singapore has to much bankers, when both countries should have more engineers and doctors

Anonymous said...

US say f*ck you to Veritas' PRC.
Nothing PRC can do.

U.S. Military Aircraft Fly Over East China Sea Without Informing China

I support Japan's right to their islands.

By Phil Stewart and David Alexander

WASHINGTON, Nov 26 (Reuters) - Two U.S. military aircraft have flown around disputed islands in the East China Sea without informing China, the Pentagon said on Tuesday, defying China's declaration that the region falls into a new airspace defense zone.

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Anak babi. Makan anjing.

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Veritas is very pretty : )

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You folks shouldn't take Veritas too seriously. He or she or it obviously has some problems and is abit slower than the rest of us... We shouldn't make fun of such people. Lets give them to think through things again, see a therapist, visit a zoo, watch Mr bean, or whatever it takes for them to recover and become a normal person again.

Veritas, we have faith in you. And btw, please start with changing your name and choosing a suitable gender for yourself, you need to stop breaking the law by continuing mating with animals (its unfair to them) and then coming up with such nonsense posts.

I hope you find peace. Amen.

Anonymous said...

Hitler believed in supremacy of the Aryan race. He was fighting for a perfect race, and in the process, took the wrong path and became abhorrent to the world.

Malay supremacy is a bit different and should not be labelled as such. It stems from incompetence, insecurity, inferiority and jealousy.

You should post more articles about Malays. It is interesting and they are very racist to Indians calling them slurs. The two are just as bad as each other.

The difference between them and us is most Chinese will feel shame if one of their own is racist. Malays OTOH defend the right to be racist with pride, even though to the rest of the world, including Japan and the US, some of their policies are a complete antithesis to human rights. No need for more representation of these people, just deport them in exchange for Chinese Malaysians. Win-win.

Anonymous said...

You are so right about Malaysian Malay self-victimization and hate. Unfortunately, many also migrate to Singapore and bring their troubles over. They should be grateful to live in a much more advanced community.

Sadly, the Singaporeans have to bend backwards to accommodate them while they act like entitled Black Americans and Muslim Europeans.

Current government in Singapore must be having some sort of agenda and it is time to revoke the "protected Malay species"

Anonymous said...

Typical actions of crybaby Malays:
We are poor victims, Chinese are racist. Chinese think they are so good. Blah blah blah.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the Chinese really are better than the Malays because they are willing to work for results and not sit on their lazy asses and claim benefits. It's not like Malays can exceed the Chinese even if they work hard and I think they know this. That's why they also scream Malay privilege!

I have yet to see a Malay that does not resort to self victimization, jealousy and hate. They are an inferior species.

Anonymous said...

Now Mr Sri Ram (albeit a learned one) has been kicked out of a law firm owned by a Chinese and a Malay, according to some claims on the internet. Hardly surprising when I hear that the former partner of that firm was one Sharizat. When she left Soo Thien Ming was joined by another Malay. Of course all this are lies. Mr Sri Ram just decided to start his own firm so he could defend Datuk Anwar by himself.

Unknown said...

Why there is racial tension?, it is the CHAUVINIST DAP Chinese that is perpuating it. Just google "Bias in job interview by Star News Malaysia". Every year it is the same.