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SAP schools 1: An epitome of Chinese sufferings and humiliation

SAP school system is good target for bigots, to accuse Singaporean Chinese as racist. I have came across numerous blogs, comments and even articles in major books and magazine ranting about Chinese racism then, picked a few examples to support their accusations whereby SAP school system is among of their favorite.

Nothing can be further from truth. Reality is SAP school system is the biggest insult to Chinese, a legacy of Chinese culture genocide and the epitome of the sufferings Chinese Singaporeans have gone through.

Dr Michael Barr and his anti Chinese hate

Michael Barr
Dr Michael Barr is an important source of hate writings against Chinese Singaporeans. Partly due to his endless evangelism, many are filled with rabid hate against SAP schools.

Below is what he wrote.

Yet even before the scholarship stage, the education system has stacked the deck in favor of Chinese, starting in preschool. Here is the heart of Singapore’s systemic discrimination against non-Chinese.

The early outward signs of the Sinicization program were the privileging of Chinese education, Chinese language and selectively chosen “Chinese values” in an overt and successful effort to create a Mandarin- and English-speaking elite who would dominate public life. Two of the most important planks of this campaign were decided in 1979: the annual “Speak Mandarin Campaign” and the decision to preserve and foster a collection of elite Chinese-medium schools, known as Special Assistance Plan (SAP) schools.

The SAP schools are explicitly designed to have a Chinese ambience, right down to Chinese gardens, windows shaped like plum blossoms, Chinese orchestra and drama, and exchange programs with mainland China and Taiwan. Over the years the children in SAP schools have been given multiple advantages over those in ordinary schools, including exclusive preschool programs and special consideration for pre-university scholarships.

For instance, in the early 1980s, when there was a serious shortage of graduate English teachers in schools, the Ministry of Education ensured there were enough allocated to SAP schools “to help improve standards of English among the Chinese-medium students, in the hope that they will be able to make it to university”—a target brought closer by the granting of two O-level bonus points exclusively to SAP school students when they applied to enter junior college. By contrast, neither Indians nor Malays received any special help, let alone schools of their own to address their special needs. They were not only left to fend for themselves, but were sometimes subjected to wanton neglect: inadequately trained teachers, substandard facilities and resources and the “knowledge” that they are not as good as the Chinese.

Chung Cheng high: A Chinese style building is racism

Barr painted SAP schools as cesspool of Chinese racism against minorities. The schools serve to sinicized minorities because they are built in Chinese architecture style. PAP starved all other schools of English teachers and allocate them to SAP schools. Malays and Indians got shit.

In addition many have blog and comment extensively about SAP schools. Below are some of their opinions in summary.

  • SAP schools are good because of various unfair advantages (Barr had listed a few for example priority in getting English teachers in early 1980s).
  • Only Chinese are given SAP schools (no Malay SAP or Indian SAP)
  • SAP school is racist and breed Chinese elitism. Minorities have small representation there.

What else can be a better evidence of a racist Chinese for many of our minorities bloggers and commenters? Someone even write a wikipedia entry of anti Malay sentiments using SAP schools to support their case. James Gomez has wrote SAP schools in practice they favour Chinese culture and Mandarin language and add to the marginalization of minorities.

The only thing these people are able to prove is, they are either too stupid, too full of self-victimization, have no breadth of historical knowledge, or they they simply preaching hate.

Chung Cheng lake: Another Chinese style architecture. It should be demolish as this is evidence of racism
The cultural genocide of Chinese and the SAP school system

In reality, SAP school system was born due to the need to wipe out Chinese cultural and Chinese school system. Then there was Chinese school system in Singapore. SAP schools are former Chinese schools. Every single subjects were taught in Chinese and English was learned in language lesson.

PAP being banana Peranakan hated everything related to Chinese culture. They have all along trying to close Chinese schools and finally succeeded in the early 1980s. The Chinese saw all our schools, multiple of tenths of them, closed shop or taken over by PAP. The Chinese leaders are not able to gain any grounds for us in Chinese education and had to accept PAP's humiliating terms.

The Chinese communities managed to get nine former Chinese schools structured in a way that, students have options (not obligation) of choosing two more subjects, namely a Chinese literature subject and a slightly more difficult Chinese language subject.

This is nothing but to placate the Chinese which saw all their school closed and anglicized. Overnight, the medium of instruction other than Chinese language and Chinese literature were changed to English.

Chinese High students celebrating Mid Autumn Festival: Racist KKK are caught red handed
Malays allow to keep their Madrasah

In comparison, PAP has allowed Malays to keep their Madrasah. Malays are free to promote their culture and languages. Nevertheless, it may be a good idea to nationalized a few Madrasahs into "SAP madrasah" to see whether anyone will attack their "Malay ambiance".

Chinese are among the least racist people in the planet. The banana PAP even though extremely un-chinese like, still treats the minorities better in cultural aspect. Unfortunately, by letting Malay madrasahs run independently and killing all Chinese schools, it makes many narrow-minded minorities feel that they are short-changed by Chinese racist (only Chinese SAP schools means Chinese are racist).

These minorities will never look at how much advantage they have in shaping their culture, in being able to control their own school system.

Chinese suffering and pain mis-interpreted maliciously as Chinese racism 

Michael Barr mentioned SAP schools got allocation of English teachers in 1980s even when there is shortage. So Chinese are racist. This is a lie. The reason of English teachers shortage is due to massive Anglicization of Chinese schools in a short period of time. Given a choice, Chinese would rather keep our Chinese schools and get rid of these English teachers.

Hwa Chong celebrate Chinese New Year. This is Nazi-ism

Barr and some of our minorities also claim SAP schools are racist because of their Chinese ambiance such as Chinese architecture and a wider choice of CCA related to Chinese culture. Not even feces are that odious compared to such accusations. Instead of a proof of Chinese racism, it is a good proof such people are nuts.

SAP schools are reincarnate of Chinese schools. The SAP school buildings like those of Chung Cheng and Chinese high were built long time ago to house Chinese schools, from Chinese donations, designed by Chinese, and attended by Chinese students. Unless people hate it so much that they would like them to be dynamite, else it will remain very Chinese.

Teachers and students there, have started Chinese culture oriented CCA long before anyone here were born. So there will be a lot more choice of Chinese culture oriented CCAs. Unfortunately this is enough to be racism for some, because SAP schools are not celebrating for example, Thaipusam or provisioning CCA such as Silat fighting.

Is Madrasah racist by having a middle eastern architecture as well as Malay ambient?

Hwa Chong Chinese Singaporeans just cannot stop being racist against minorities again--by celebrating Chinese New Year

Anglicization or Sinicization?

Many people are filled with hate against Chinese and will spin up any malicious accusations against us. Michael Barr and many of our commenters stated that SAP school is an outward sign of sinicization. The opposite is true. SAP is a sign of Anglicization, to extinguish Chinese culture. In SAP schools, all subjects are taught in English except Chinese language and Chinese literature.

PAP allow Malay to keep their Madrasah, but has shut down all Chinese school. If Chinese are able to keep our schools, Singapore will be a sinicize state. In addition, no one is forcing Chinese language and Confucious ethnic on anyone of our minorities.

If people can argue that SAP schools are sinicization, why not the argue the presence of Madrasah as Islamization or Malayu-lization? All majority races in South East Asia  promote or impose their lect on minorities, other than Chinese Singaporeans and to a lesser extend Javanese. Just watch Malaysian Malay for example.

Our minorities need to do much more soul searching.

Singapore Chinese being hated for fake accusation of promoting Sinicization, while in reality adopting a neutral language from our British colonial master

What if PAP allow Nantah and all Chinese schools to run? The outcome will be Singapore will be a very sinicized state compared to today. Our English language standards will not hit current level. A lot of business and public activities will be conducted in Mandarin.

Today most Chinese in Singapore speak English at home precisely because PAP's sabotage of Nantah and Chinese schools. Chinese languages are going the way of dodo.

However, many people have irrational hate against anything Chinese, even though our languages are dying and English has gain supremacy. Even SAP system who retain nothing much of Chinese-ness is too much for them. They want to see SAP schools close.

Meanwhile, no one say anything about Madrasah.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Malaysian Malay self-victimization and hate: Hitler will be proud

Singaporean Chinese carry original Sin. On one hand, we got screwed by Peranakan, who are hell bent to destroy our language and culture. On the other hand, we have minorities, who exhibit irrational hate and racism in the countries where they are majority.

Our minorities have been trying very hard to prove Chinese racism. Our minorities never miss a chance to bash Chinese upon stumbling upon one or two miscreant kids' racial slur. Then they will use these one or two isolated cases to nail Chinese down.

Chinese are indeed racist but I bet all researches on Chinese racism are not going to be exciting. One can get a lot of ecstasy by R&D on Malaysian Malay racism and Indian caste system. In Malaysia, mongering hate against minorities, spreading racial lies, inculcating self-victimization and even funding terrorism and regional Islamic insurgency are institutional and big businesses.

Malaysian Malays' breakthrough in history research

Malaysia is today one of the few countries in the world where one can find a good career preaching hate against minorities. Malaysian Malay Muslim have recently accomplished milestone achievement in racism by monopolizing the use of Allah, that not even the most nut head Taliban ever dream of doing. While racists in most countries are despised, shunned or even outlawed, they are allowed in Malaysia to organize all sorts of conference and symposium, speaking to thousands of audience.
Zaharah Sulaiman

Recently Zaharah Sulaiman, a writer and historian from a society called Malaysia Archaeology Association who is also Suara Pribumi chairman, delivered the followings to a thousand-strong audience.
Dari Utara ke Selatan pula ia bermula dari Pulau Farmosa, Filipina Champa, Funan, Siam Malaysia, Indonesia, Pulau-Pulau kecil di Pasifik dan juga New Zealand....
Gerakan ini dinamakan sebagai Nam Tien atau dalam bahasa Melayu “Gerakan ke Selatan”. Gerakan ini diusahakan oleh golongan penakluk, untuk mengepung dan menolak orang Melayu hingga ke ‘penghujung dunia’.
 Berikutan dari ledakan penambahan orang Cina di Thailand, Kemboja dan Vietnam sehingga mereka menubuhkan bangsa keturunan mereka sendiri yang digelarkan sebagai Dai Viet telah menyebabkan orang Melayu semakin dipinggir di negeri sendiri. Kini mereka berevolusi menjadi bangsa Khmer (Kemboja), Thai (Siam) dan Hmong, Mong dan Miao (Vietnam)...... 
Mereka terus berusaha hingga sekarang agar orang Melayu pupus dari muka bumi dan mereka berjaya menakluki Nusantara. 

Translate the above passages.

The Malay world spanning from the North to the South, consists of Taiwan, Philippines, Champa (now central and South Vietnam), Funan (now Cambodia), Siam (now Thailand), Malaysia, Indonesia and the small islands in the Pacific and New Zealand....

The Nam Tien (南天) movement was initiated by conqueror (Chinese) and to push Malay to the end of the world.

The increased in Chinese in Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam resulted in a Chinese mestizo call Dai Viet (Vietnamese), that caused Malay to be sidelined in their own countries. They (Chinese mestizo) then evolved into Khmer (Cambodian), Thai, Hmong, Mong, Miao... They strive to make Malay extinct from the face of the earth and they have manged to conquer the Malay world. 

So Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam were former Malay land. Malay there got extinct because China and their hybrid conquered them. Then, she continued

Nampaknya bukan bangsa Cina sahaja yang benar-benar ingin menakluki Nusantara, ini kerana bangsa-bangsa hibrid dari keturunan Cina juga terus berusaha untuk menolak dan menghancurkan kekuasaan orang Melayu.

Chinese are not the only one wanting to conquer the Malay world. Nations of Chinese mestizo are also continuing to destroy Malay. 

The above findings by Zahara Sulaiman was reported in English Yahoo as well. The content was much less exciting than the one in Malay version.

The Yahoo version, she was quoted saying that

"Malays are called lazy and not innovative, but it’s because the knowledge, the peoples who have the knowledge have gone extinct"

"Foreigners were jealous of us because of what Malays had, the expertise in mining gold and tin."

"When foreigners came to Tanah Melayu, they grabbed (our riches) and killed Malays, they took over our tin and gold "

Many Malays "are now awakened of the killings their tribe has suffered under Chinese"

I have read Malay comments about her article in blog and in Malay medium. Many Malay wrote with patriotism. They have just discovered Chinese has along trying to kill Malay. They responded with determination never to let wicked Chinese plot succeed. They now realize that Chinese are making Malays poor, killing Malays and making Malays lazy and non-innovative. They regret not knowing this earlier.

Malay commenters have vowed to rally and get united, and to guard themselves against the conspiracy of wicked Chinese.

A Caveat to Chinese and Singaporeans

The anti Chinese sentiment of Malaysian Malay Muslim is not an illusion but very true. Inciting racial hate, lying and inculcating victimhood, even supporting Islamic insurgencies in South East Asia have grown into a multi million dollar industries in Malaysia.

So what does it got to do with Singapore?

Singaporean Malay may be drawn to Malaysian Malay mindset. Our Malay may also be awakened of "Chinese evil conspiracy to kill Malay" after reading nuts article coming from Malaysia, without doing further verification.

Some like Mas Selamat who got radicalized much earlier simply just want to kill a lot of Singaporeans.

Chinese must strive for highest standards in virtue

Malaysian Malay historian are making inroads in histories. Malaysian Malay commentors and "well-informed people" are awakening with their delusional grievances.

We are aware that Malaysian Chinese was discriminated under bumiputera-ism. We are aware that Malaysian Malay hate industries keep mongering hate against Chinese and have indeed made a lot of Malaysian Malay hate Chinese.

I beseech all Chinese to remain calm. We must not fall into the trap of Nazi industries that add fuel to more hate. Malaysian Malay radicals can hate Chinese, and hate "Chinese mestizo" like Thai, Vietnamese and Cambodian but we must not reciprocate with hate.

Recently 99% of Singaporean Chinese commenters on facebook and other sites support fair representation of Malays in SAF despite that Malaysian Malay leaders have been hostile to Singapore, and Malaysia posses big threat to Singapore's security. Singaporean Chinese again have shown to be virtuous.

On the other hand, Malaysian Malay Muslim are hostile to any change in racist Bumiputra policy.

Being called racist by many, Singaporean Chinese quietly bearing insults meanwhile trying all the best to eradicate racism. Singaporean Chinese always respond with love to minorities.

Singaporean Chinese do not impose caste system on minorities.
Singaporean Chinese do not preach hate and lies about minorities.
Singaporean Chinese do not Islamized, Christianized or Confucius-nized minorities.
In Singapore all Muslim are free while in Malaysia, Shia and Ahmadya got shit.

Singaporean Chinese must stand up against racism and caste system. If we fall, minorities like Shia or Ahmadya may get shit or we may descend into caste system. We must continue to anchor our righteous way and be a beacon to all nations.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Indians and their shit: Looking at Indian's mind from defecation

Indians and shitting on the streets

Few days ago, there is a conference in Singapore discussing about shitting on the streets. Before going into the findings published in the conference, it is worth look at the above CNN news clips first.

According to the above CNN clips, a lot Indians rather have mobile phones and satellite TV, than getting themselves a toilet. Most Indians, even those that living in the bigger cities shit in the streets. India is a country whereby it is easiest for someone to have a view of woman vagina so long they take a walk outdoor. Is this one of the factor of high rape case in India?

In India, just 2% of 162 out of 7035 town have proper sewage treatment. The remaining 98% of Indian's shit is being dangerously disposed. That is to say, India's rivers and aquifers are inevitably polluted by shit. Indians are drinking these polluted pooh water on daily basis.

Latest UN figures on shit of India

UN has done their research on Indian shitting on the streets. The conclusion is most Indians still shit on the streets. The below are their findings.

About 638 million people in India, or more than half of those residing in the second-most populous nation on Earth, defecate in the open.
Toilets are out of reach for 53 percent of India’s 1.2 billion residents left with little choice but to go outdoors the figure for those lacking a toilet in India is an improvement from 63.6 percent in 2001.
While more than half of India’s people go to the toilet outdoors, in Bangladesh and Brazil only 7 percent do. That figure is 4 percent in China, Unicef data shows.

Shitting on streets is Indians choice of lifestyle. Islam civilization is far superior than Hindus

Indians like to shit on streets -- no doubt. They would rather spend monies on Iphones that get themselves a toilet.

Bangladesh people are Islamized Indians. The diagram below shows urbanization rate of nations [source]. India is 30% urbanize and twice as rich as Bangladesh. Besides Bangladesh is just 28% urbanize. Yet in Bangladesh only 7% people shit on streets as compared to 53% of Indians. In 2001, an appalling 63.6% of Indians shit on the streets.

Urbanization rate

Analyzing Indians' mind through shitting culture

It make no sense that a backward Islamic country like Bangladesh has better defecating culture than India. Other than that, the Arab states never mind how poor will be reluctant to let their women expose themselves in public. And while there is sanitation issues in Africa due to poverty, India rank number one in shitting on the streets even though she is way more prosperous than many African states. How can someone do not have a toilet while having all the Iphones and satellite TV?

The only explanation is Indian prefer to shit on the streets. I will try to further illustrate using economics principle of externality. A manufacturing plant often let go their waste to the surrounding causing water or air pollution. The company pay nothing for such pollution. However the society on the whole foot the bill when the ill effects of pollution show up. The cost imposed on society is given the name of externality.

Indian pee and shit in public for reason being, there is no ROI aka return of investment if they build toilet. The cost of shitting is externalize. So why spend monies for hygiene? On the other hand, Iphones and satellite TV have value of utilities. A toilet has no value, given that one can shit in the streets FOC, free of charge.

Besides Indian culture may have higher tolerance for nude compare to others. The Muslim and traditional Chinese culture are very prude. Public exposure is a big shame and everyone are expected to cover up properly.

Lastly, Indian culture could have a high tolerance for filth. Certain cultures that stress cleanliness have clean toilet. Examples are Japan and Islam. Other than shitting on streets, dead body disposal also shown Indians have high tolerance for filth. You can always see corpse on Ganges.