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Banana get the best deal in Singapore 4: Kuan Yew-ism and collateral damage 1

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The effect of PAP's policies that harm minorities are more of collateral damage as a result of ultra capitalism. I have posted writings on IQ of nations and to provide balance view, I quickly post a write up on early intervention and its help on boasting IQ. There is a need to link the two to give people a better impression of IQ of nations.

The cultural factor of East Asians Q

The IQ of nations statistic give people a false impression that East Asians are entirely hereditary. The hereditary factor of East Asian high IQ is just part of it.

There are also cultural factors which boost East Asian IQ. The East Asians have very few kids, and today, are far below replacement level. As the result, the East Asians are able to better invest in their kids education. Also East Asian women are ultra materialistic. Monies play an important role in selection of mate. East Asians marriage are more stable and possess resources to invest in kids.

The East Asian culture give a lot of prestige to scholastic achievements. So even the poorest East Asian family will prioritize on education spending. Hence the East Asians kids have higher IQ. It also shows that any tribe can raise their IQ if they are willing to change their culture or upon enough resources.

Under PAP, low education = low wages. Such policies hurt low income people and damage their children's IQ

My earlier post shows the Heckman Curve, created by Nobel prize laureate James Heckman. Also I have another post which shows that family income affects IQ of a kid, which stays with him for the rest of his life. A kid from poor family will have lower IQ. He will not be able to make it in schools. He will not have cognitive job.

Under the current system, this kid will grow up an adult taking low pay job. Then he will marry. Due to his low pay, he will be in high risk of divorce. His kids will never have adequate access to educational intervention. Then his kids will do badly in school. The cycle continues.

The low wages of non cognitive jobs are entirely engineered by PAP. It enriches the elites and screws the poor

Right now, PAP keep brainwashing us that if we do not study, then we are going to get low pay in future. Unfortunately, the low salary of our manual jobs have more to do with PAP than to our school results.

Lets take toilet cleaners as example. Toilet cleaning is a dirty job that few people want. The fewer people want the merrier. We have a lot of toilet. To prevent shit from overflowing, the rich will need to raise the salary to entice people into this career. If there is no taker, the salary will need to be raised even further. Benefits like career path, short working hours, free meal, long holidays, huge bonuses will eventually be throw in, if there are really no takers. Under free market capitalism, toilet cleaning job remuneration and working conditions will be so good that no one is going to college, but fight to work with shit and pee.

Unfortunately, PAP floods Singapore with foreigners. Our uneducated workers now have salary pegged to the slum kids in Bangladesh. Meanwhile, the rich and GLC prosper beyond their wildest imagination, by arbitrating the wage between local toilent cleaners, and the imported Bangala. That is to say, the due compensation of our local toilet cleaners are being stolen by the rich, by means of importing foreign workers. 

Low wages family = low IQ family

My previous blog shows that planting low IQ (high 70s) kids into a middle class family raises their IQ by 15 points, while a rich family will add 20 points.

When a certain portion of our population are impoverish, it will prevent their kids from developing IQ. On the other hand, the rich kids in Singapore perform well in schools not merely because they are particularly very smart.  but also due to the fact that they have better access educational resources.

The East Asian poor is able to cope better

While PAP keeps salary of manual job low, the impact are felt differently across different tribes. Among them the East Asians are coping better, and stand a better chance of upward social mobility, though this social mobility today is very slim.

The most important factor is that East Asians are much more willing to invest in children's education. Second, East Asians value hard work. Even if poor East Asians have higher IQ, they would not be able to overcome poverty if they are idle. East Asians students spend more time in studying. Idle and poor East Asians are too trapped inside the poverty cycle -- no exception.

Singapore elites have narcissism and solipsism problems

If you have high IQ, its a blessing from God. You do not have any credit to it. If you have access to good education, its a blessing from God. You do not have any credit to it. If you study very hard, you deserve to be fairly rewarded, not scandalously.

Today, too many rich people mistaken good fortune and good luck as capability. Too many successful people think that they have succeeded due to their capability, hard work and nothing else. Too many people think they deserve the obscene pay.

The high IQ of a tribe has a lot to do with collective culture

While individual high IQ is a blessing, the high IQ of a tribe is mostly due to their collective culture. Tribes that place premium on education, hard work and justice will have high IQ. We can explain it by evolution. Chinese respect educated people and hard work. Over the years, the educated and hard working people get to breed and pass down their genes. On the other hand, gangsters who preach violence are decimated in Chinese society. Chinese do not admire hate preacher or racist. So we have evolve to be a tolerant people. Over the years, the IQ of Chinese increase through such selective breeding.  

Socialism will save us from our destruction

In Singapore, you may never work your way out of poverty even if you are willing to work hard. PAP will always screw you once he see that you have a high salary. There are so many broken families due to low salary of breadwinner. There are so many kids who cannot make it in schools because they have little access of educational resource. Broken family is a issue. But failing in schools is not an issue under a the socialist economy.

In socialist economy, we may see blue collar workers like toilet cleaners drawing higher salary than some white collar workers. Today in western countries plumbers are drawing such pay.

When a toilet cleaner have monies, he will more likely to have a stable marriage. His kids will also have better access to education. His kids will have higher IQ. By then, IQ and school results does not matter. As long as someone is willing to work hard, he can always drop out and clean toilet.

Under socialism, everyone will get their fair share of wealth. The people who work hard in schools will generally get more, but not scandalously more. The people who work hard as blue collar workers will be fairly compensated. The solution of poverty, and racial issues in our country is not affirmative action, but socialism. 


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