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Banana get the best deal in Singapore 3: The dilemmas, two fake solutions

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Our minorities did have valid grievances. Unfortunately, the only acceptable way of discussing issues is to attribute all woes to Chinese racism. The minorities elites have much to be blamed for this. The mainstream one keep quiet. The rebel intellects mis-informed by blaming minorities problems on Chinese -- far from accurate. There are also the white men intellect who are hostile to Chinese given that China is challenging the supremacy of white man.

The Malaysian Malay elite (only) are far more advance and mature. 40 years ago, they have already self introspected, and acknowledged a lot of their own problems.

The Malay Indian bastard Mahathir 

The book is called The Malay Dilemma is a masterpiece by Dr Mahathir Mohamad. It was published in 1970, in Malaysia and subsequently banned by the then Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman as being too inflammatory, only to be lifted after Mahathir became the Prime Minister. Foreign observers pronounced the book as unscientific, racist, and shocking. It contains a lot of bigotry against Chinese and it is very problematic, especially in the recommendations of solutions. Nevertheless, this book summarized what the Malay elites are thinking.

I read Malay Dilemma inside out, and shall refrained from citing too much from it, in order to be sensitive about racial sentiments. If I write this book today, I will be lock up by ISA (go and read what Mahathir wrote yourselves and prepare for surprises).

Mahathir's findings

Mahathir's proposition is that the Malays are ill-equipped by their racial traits, upbringing and conditioning to compete against the commercially advanced and acquisitive Chinese in their midst. In fact, the above statement is not just owned by Mahathir, but also a common sentiment of Malaysian Malay elites.

Left alone, the Chinese may well deliver Malaysia faster to the common goal of national prosperity. But should the Malay stand aside and watch his country prosper under the Chinese? Or should he demand a share in that prosperity, even at the cost of slowing down the economy? This, Mahathir says, is the Malay dilemma.

The blind spots of Chinese bashing

 Above, Mahathir cried for unknown reason. Mahathir always cries when he bash his tribe.

A lot of books out there try to portray Chinese Singaporean wealth and educational attainment to Chinese racism. Evidences show otherwise. The Chinese were very much over represented in wealth and education attainment in Malaysia before 1969, whereby Malays are more or less in hegemony.

The Malay never loss numerical superiority in Malaya. The Chinese never holds executive power in British Malaya that allow Chinese to gain economics favor. There is not much way Chinese can bully Malay in Malaysia. The reverse is true. But Chinese still prosper.

Mahathir despite himself being a racist, provided a lot of valuable opinions on Chinese success  that has no reference to racism. Besides, a lot of Malaysian leaders speak out publicly against certain short coming of their own tribe

Chinese bashing will bring us nowhere

Hate mongers preach hate without any introspection. Today a lot of people have even much lower standards than racist Malaysia Malay elites.

To move forward, all major tribes in Singapore, namely the Chinese, Malay, Indians and Eurasian need to be honest and aware of going on. There are too much denial. There are too much brainwashing towards the people by both Malaysia and Singapore government. Only informed population can cease to be divided and break the chain of enslavement, forced upon us by elites.

The toxic prescription of Kuan Yew and Mahathir

Kuan Yew proposed the "meritocracy" as the basis of nation building. Mahathir proposed the Malay affirmative policy and was sibsequently implemented as Malaysia New Economic Policy, NEP. Kuan Yew's proposal look fair, but unfortunately, the devils are in the details and the way of administration. On the other hand, Mahathir's NEP is even more problematic. While NEP has been deservingly widely criticized, there is a need to further expose Kuan Yew-ism.

The people of Singapore and Malaysia have been duped by our leaders. Our intellects have been bribed. Very few choose to side the people. Some criticize PAP system on racial lines, but such approach will not give a broader perspective. I will further discuss about Kuan Yew-ism.

Chinese version of Malay Dilemma provided as below. I am not able to find the English one.

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