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Banana get the best deal in Singapore 2: Chinese get the worst cultural genocide

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PAP is an anti-Chinese culture government. PAP shut down Nantah and all Chinese schools

While some minorities bigots keeping trumpeting PAP being a pro-Chinese chauvinist party, the reverse is true. The only Chinese university outside China, Nanyang University (南洋大学), abbreviated Nantah was close down by PAP. And immediately, PAP proceed to close down all Chinese schools, forcing every single Chinese to conduct lessons English. Nantah, being the magnet for all South East Asian Chinese students could have made Singapore a very sinicized country. PAP does not want that from the very beginning. All people leaders are banana.

The reasons cited for closing Nantah and Chinese schools are fabrications. PAP talked about Nantah low academic standards because good students wanted to go University of Singapore. However, the successful NTI (later NTU) opened shortly after Nantah closure shows, there is still enough good high school population to accommodate one more university. And Nantah's catchment pool was the entire South East Asia Chinese, not just Singapore.

Chinese school system are among the more successful one in the world. The Taiwanese school system produces a Nobel prize laureate, Yuan T. Lee (李远哲). He completed all his studies in the Chinese school system except for Ph.D. Andrew Chi-Chih Yao (姚期智) who won the highest award in computing, the Turing Prize did all his studies in Chinese school system other than his two Ph.D. The Hong Kong Chinese Pui Ching Middle School (培正中學) produces one Field Medalist, the greatest commendation in Mathematics and one Nobel prize laureate. Both Nobel prize laureates CN Yang (杨振宁) and TD Lee (李政道) did all their studies in Chinese school system in China, other than post graduates.

Even if our Chinese schools were bad, it could always be improved by flooding it with teachers from Hong Kong and Taiwan. Nevertheless, our Chinese schools were good schools. The teachers and students of our Chinese schools were using Chinese for teaching and learning. Suddenly, they had to use English due to PAP's mandate. The Chinese teachers and students struggled but eventually they triumphant. They were still acing the exams even they were taking it in English, an alien language. That is the reason the SAP schools who are originally Chinese schools are the better schools even today.

Next excuses given by PAP to close were Nantah enrollment were getting smaller. While it may be true that a lot of students prefer University of Singapore, Nantah can always remain as a boutique school that takes in 200 undergraduates for Chinese studies, Chinese histories, Chinese classics ...etc. Nantah had the best Chinese program in South East Asia. Caltech which won a total of 32 Nobel prizes takes in around 200 undergraduate each year.

Also the reason given by Nantah students of lower enrollment in Chinese schools are discrimination against them especially from civil service.

The minorities are infinitely better treated to educate in their own culture. The Malays are allowed to keep Madrassahs.

The banana PAP even though extremely un-chinese like, still treat the minorities better. The Malay are allowed to keep Madrassah.

In his 1999 National Day Rally speech to the nation, Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong commented on the high dropout rates amongst madrasah students, citing figures from the past three years that some 65% of madrasah students dropped out of school each year without completing their secondary education. His concern was that these dropouts were neither qualified to be religious instructors nor suitable for other skilled jobs in the developing knowledge based economy of Singapore. Another concern was related to national integration. Madrasah students, who are physically and socially segregated from mainstream pupils, also lacked the opportunity for socialisation in a multi-racial, multi-religious context.

PAP can easily cite low academic standards to close down madrassah but she does not. In fact, PAP charges MUIS to look into ways to improve Madrassah standards. In contrast, Nantah who get top students from South East Asia was forced to close shop.

While certain poison pen writers never fail to accuse Nantah and SAP schools of Chinese Chauvinism and impediment to national integration, by these racist's standards, the same could be attributed to Madrassah. These trouble makers have completely ignore Chinese's human nature's love of their own culture, meanwhile, too ready to forgive similar desire of themselves.

The Peranakan PAP though quite un-chinese still manages to preserve some traditional Chinese way, of treating minorities better than Chinese majority in this aspect.

There are still Chinese schools in Malaysia and they are doing very well

A lot of non Chinese students in Malaysia enroll in Chinese schools for their high standards and good discipline. Only Kuan Yew says Chinese school no good. Only Kuan Yew says Chinese school nobody want to come. In Malaysia going to Chinese school is increasingly a fad as China become stronger and stronger

While PAP smears that Chinese schools standards sucks, no one wants to enroll, hence deserves to close shop, the experience in Malaysia shows otherwise. The Chinese schools are the best schools in Malaysia. Not only are Chinese enrolling in large numbers, other tribes are eager to send their sons there.

Students from Malaysia Chinese schools especially Chung Ling ace exam in the whole world. Delivering lessons in Chinese does not affect students' learning abilities later in non Chinese medium universities.

Khaw Boon Wan is an alumni of Chinese Chung Ling High School, Penang. Chinese school low standards? Khaw got himself redeemed after a Colombo Plan Scholarship and doing his under graduates in Australia. PAP treats people studying in white man land, as one of their kind. If he went Nantah, however smart he is, he will have no chance here.
Chinese culture and Chinese language are supposed to be naturally dominant in Singapore. PAP has destroyed that

What if PAP did not closed down Chinese school and did not deliberately sabotage Nantah? Singapore with a 77% Chinese majority will be steep in Chinese culture. Singapore will be flooded with Chinese poetry, and people will relish classical Chinese literature. You will see Chinese calligraphy everywhere. You will see everyone speaking Chinese.

There are even much more things PAP did, to harm Chinese culture. The Sinitic lects of Chinese such as Hokkien and Cantonese were denigrated as "dialects", are being banned in all TV broadcast. In Singapore, speaking your own "dialect" (mother tongue) in schools are deemed as vulgarities and liable to be punished. The Mandarin, a Northern Sinitic lect, 100% unintelligible to Hokkien and Cantonese speakers is imposed on us. Kuan Yew tell us this is our "mother tongue".

With the lost of our Hokkien and Cantonese which are our real mother tongue, a lot of culture are lost.

The dominant language today is English not Chinese

Kuan Yew has destroyed Chinese culture and he always wants to further the damage. To do so, he has to confuse his enemies -- the true Chinese. On one hand, Kuan Yew fake promoting things like Confucius ethic and Mandarin (not our mother tongue). On the other hand he make it clear to everyone that English is the prestigious language, and failing to master it will badly affect one's career. As Kuan Yew are still putting on all his theatrics, Singapore is fast moving into an English mother tongue country. Today, English is the mother tongue of 60% of students.

The Singapore language policies are entirely wrong. We are fast moving into a monolingual society whereby Malaysian Chinese are trilingual. Eventually we will be more stupid than Malaysian Chinese and will be unable to compete with them -- thanks to Kuan Yew.

A small number of minorities racist self-poisoned with their hate against Chinese

Most minorities are good. Nevertheless there are few trouble makers. These rabble rousers never fail to bark on the rubbish that PAP promotes Chinese culture. Then these people equate PAP with Chinese and preach self-victimization that minorities are discriminated.

These racist are either too stupid or too full of hate. First, Kuan Yew has never impose Confucius and Mandarin on minorities. Second, they ignore that Kuan Yew has done them a big favor by liquidating all Chinese schools, destroying Chinese as a dominant language as well as dominant culture. Else Singapore will be very Chinese.

Chinese culture here is going the way of dodo, nevertheless, to many racist, they have no pity on Chinese. Then they take Kuan Yew's theatrics of Confucius ethic wayang and Mandarin speaking promotion as a sign of Chinese racism against minorities. These minorities racist shout "PAP is Chinese racist", "minorities are oppressed".


Anonymous said...

Well, asked LTK lah...Why he is so quiet on this...after being an elected MP for four terms leow...

Anonymous said...

They want on "tame" English educated people..rather than "untame" Chinese educated people...

Anonymous said...

They want on "tame" English educated people..rather than "untame" Chinese educated people...

Veritas said...

Sibei Dulan

Anonymous said...

I differ to your trilingual of Malaysian Chinese, only a small percentage of them are effectively trilingual, the majority are only good in mandarins or Cantonese

Anonymous said...

I differ to your trilingual of Malaysian Chinese, only a small percentage of them are effectively trilingual, the majority are only good in mandarins or Cantonese

Isaac said...

I find it amazing how you talk about racism and call others racist. However, you blatantly imply that Malaysian Chinese are in some way inferior by saying that, "Eventually we will be more stupid than Malaysian Chinese..." This is an obvious sign that you yourself are racist and hence have no right to comment on any other person's racism.

Veritas said...

Do not over extrapolate. I am self effacing making the statement.

Anonymous said...

What Veritas said is true, Malaysian chinese are second class citizen in their Malaysia, however we Singaporean are not too far behind as we are going to be flooded with 6.9m population, many of these PR dont have to do ns, we sg are slave in the damn island.

Anonymous said...

Dear Veritas
Lots of people (bananas excepted) would agree with your observations.......

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