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Chinese Muslim Part 2: With other Muslims and Celebrities

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The biggest China Muslim group is Hui of about 10 million population of Sunni sect. They are patrilineally Turkic and Persian. It is an overstatement that China does not have problems with Muslim minorities. However China's Muslim minorities are the most integrated compared to every single nations around the world, even though in general Muslims are among the most difficult group to integrate, especially those from Sunni Sect. Sunni seems not being able to integrate as a minority while everywhere Shia go, they are better integrated.

I have read forums and writings discussing whether it is possible in foment independence within Chinese Hui Muslim, and make Chinese Hui Muslim call for Jihad and suicide bomb every infidels, like what is happening elsewhere. The final conclusion is always a big NO. Chinese Hui Muslims are integrated, rich, well traveled, been to Middle East and places like Pakistan and Afghanistan. They have seen the mad Jihad kids and realized they can get themselves screwed big time if they try very hard to plant hate inside their heart.

Other Muslim tribes are suspicious of Chinese Hui Muslims

Hui Muslims are black sheep (or rather white sheep) among many Muslim groups. Some Muslims groups will massacre Hui Muslims once they ascend power. One slogan of China Uyghur Muslim is "Kill the Hui and perish the Han (Chinese)" 杀回灭汉.

Hui Muslim is an embarrassment for those people who teach Muslims how to self victimized. These hate mongers repeat their preaching countless times and never failed to win a lot of fans by telling Muslims they were discriminated and persecuted. They teach that due to oppression, Muslims remain poor and miserable. Unfortunately, the existence of Hui Muslim serves to debunk these lies.

People will ask, why Hui Muslims are not persecuted and why are Hui Muslims rich?

Hui Muslims are spoilers of Jihad organizers and self victimization preachers. Their existence must be carefully erased from all media 

When Western media talks about persecution of Muslim in China, they take pains to ignore the existence of Hui, interleaving Muslims with Uyghur, with a content of half true and lies. No media will report that Chinese Muslims in Thailand, the Panthay are well integrated and respected. No Thai Army is waging war against Chinese Muslim. Most simply want to attribute the Muslim insurgencies in Southern Thailand as "Buddhist Thai oppress Muslim".

Recently the Jihadist and western media launch a PR campaign of Buddhist Burmese against Muslim Rohingyas. They deliberately choose not to report that the Burmese Hui Muslim (Panthay), are not molested.

If the world knows Panthay is enjoying their life in Myanmar, everyone will ask questions like are Rohingyas trouble makers making people hate them? Have the Rohingyas waged Jihad in the past making people piss and are they still waging Jihad now?

Chinese Hui Muslims celebrities

Chinese Hui Muslims are so integrated that very few people know that a lot of famous people in China are Muslim. The first commander of China's aircraft carrier is a Hui Muslim. Below are examples some of the famous Hui.

Zheng He 郑和  (1371–1433) Admiral
the greatest navigator of the world in his time.

Tie Xuan 鐵鉉(1366-1402)Defense Minister
among the most respected in China history for courage and loyalty

A Chinese temple for Muslim Tie Xuan 

Li Zhi 李贄 (1527–1602) Philosopher
non practicing, among the greatest philosopher of his time

Zuo Baogui 左宝贵(1837—1894年 General

Bai Chongxi 白崇禧 (18 March 1893 – 1 December 1966) Defense Minister

Ma clique of warlords 

Hu Songshan 虎嵩山 (1880–1955)

Hui Liangyu 回良玉 (October 1944) Vice Premier of the People's Republic of China

Pai Hsien-yung 白先勇(July 11, 1937) Writer
He is a famous gay writer

Li Xiaoyan 李晓岩(1961.7-)Navy General
The 1st commander of China's 1st aircraft carrier

Ha Yuanyu 哈远仪 (1979年5月29日-)presenter
Top presenter in Taiwan

陈鲁豫 Chen Luyu (1970年6月12日) presenter
Top China presenter

撒贝宁 Sa Beining 1976年3月23日-)presenter
He is the current boyfriend of top China actress Zhang Ziyi

马雅舒 Ma Yashu (1977年3月24日) actress
ex wife of famous celebrity 吴奇隆 Wu Qilong

辛晓琪 Xin Xiaoqi (1962年2月8日-)singer
famous Taiwanese singer

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