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Indonesia 1965 massacre: Forget about Holocaust, one to three millions killed by western sponsored junta

Western media forever trumpeting communist Pol Pot killings in Cambodia, few knows killings in Indonesia sponsored by west was far worse

Al Jazeera has again proven itself to be a good source of information. Not too long ago, it reported about a documentary " The Act of Killing". The documentary is about the killings perpetuated by late general Suharto (later president) and gangs in order to seize power from the late former president Sukarno of Indonesia. In total one to three millions were killed.

The total Jews killed by Nazi were 6 millions and that was during war time. The Indonesians murdered by army could be as high as 3 million during peace time, and that was equivalent to half of Jewish casualty in Holocaust.

The Suharto aristocracies are still ruling

Today, the 1965 massacre is still a sensitive topic in Indonesia. The massacre have largely purged an entire elite class, replacing them with new ruling class. These new ruling class is still there in Indonesia and they are largely intact even though Suharto was gone. Powerful families have benefited from the ascend of Suharto.

President Susil Bambang Yudhoyono, for instance, is a former general while his father-in-law, Sarwo Edhie Wibowo, was an Australian-trained officer who led the killings in Central Java.

The players

1) Suharto (army)
2) Sukarno (president)
3) China/USSR
4) Western countries (mainly USA, UK and Australia)
5) Indonesian communist/trade unionist (PKI)
6) Indonesia Muslim groups
7) Chinese Indonesian

The great game during post World War 2 South East Asia

South East Asia was the battle field of two main ideological groups, the capitalist and communist. Most people in South East Asia who received some educations were left leaning. On the other hand, the arm forces, landlords and religious groups were pro western.

Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos went communist, as they were able to receive direct support from China next door. Indonesia had high potential going communist. The Communist Party of Indonesia, PKI was the 3rd largest in the world and was extremely well organized.

It had 3 million members and around 20 millions of peripheral groups like trade unions and educated youth. The PKI was the biggest political party in Indonesia. It was expected to win elections and ascend to power in matter of times.

This is the scenario that the west will prefer not to happen.

The enemies

Late former President Sukarno was left leaning. He has a vision of progressive Indonesia. The PKI and unions were organizing land reform, seizing lands from parasitic landlords and redistributing lands to labor. The parasitic landlord fumed.

Trade unionist were asking for better rights and working conditions, and the rich got angry. The progressive communist who were atheist or moderately religious were also viewed as enemies of Muslim groups. The arm forces, then were traditionally reactionary and hated communist.

The people were supporting communist because this was the first time that oppressed peasants got a piece of land. Also peasants were getting more and more aware of their rights.

The foreign players

The PKI had close relationship with the communist countries. While it is not wrong to say that China and USSR supported PKI, the PKI was more an indigenous and independent movement.

The western countries led by USA found Suharto as a proxy. The west, Indonesian arm forces, rich and Islamic groups formed an unholy alliance.

The Killings

The massacre started after the counter-coup of Suharto. US diplomats and CIA officers, including the former US ambassador to Indonesia and Australia, Marshall Green, subsequently admitted working hand-in-glove with Suharto and his butchers in carrying through the massacres. They personally provided the names of thousands of PKI members from CIA files for the death lists.

David Jenkins, former foreign editor of the Sydney Morning Herald, said that the Australian, British and US embassies were aware of the mass killings, but did not raise a single protest to the systemic slaughter. All the embassies knew the PKI had not initiated the coup but did nothing to protect the victims from the military.

Archive documents released in Australia in 1999 proved that the Johnson administration in Washington was actively agitating for the formation of a military regime, and urging its embassy in Jakarta to co-ordinate closely with the army and insist that the generals act ruthlessly to crush the PKI. When, at the end of October, Washington determined that Suharto should establish a military government, it did so in close consultation with both the British and Australian governments.

Brad Simpson, Assistant Professor of History and International Studies at Princeton University and author of “Economists with Guns: Authoritarian Development and US-Indonesian Relations, 1960-1968”, said the US and British governments did “everything in their power” to ensure that the Indonesian army would carry out the mass killings. He said US and other Western officials viewed the mass killings as “efficacious terror”, an essential building block of the “quasi neo-liberal policies that the West would attempt to impose on Indonesia after Sukarno’s ouster”. They viewed the wholesale annihilation of the PKI and its supporters as “an indispensable prerequisite to Indonesia’s reintegration into the regional political economy and international system, the ascendance of a military modernising regime and the crippling or overthrow of Sukarno”.

Immediately after the coup, the US administration rushed to express political support for the Suharto regime. It provided covert monetary assistance to the Indonesian armed forces, while the CIA organised arms from Thailand. The US government also provided communications equipment, medicine and a range of other items, including shoes and uniforms.

Muslim groups participants

There is significant role played by the Muslim organisations Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) and Muhammadiyah in the killings. These right-wing organisations, acting at the behest of and at times organised by the military, willingly participated in the eradication of workers and peasants who were seen as a threat to traditional landowners and vested religious interests.

The west help create Islamic Radicalism that hates the west

The Muslims are often lead to believe that USA are bad to them. In fact most of the time the reverse is true. USA during the cold war worked closely with Muslim groups against communist. For example, if the west sit by and let USSR decimated all the Jihadist and built a socialist state, Afghan could be something like Kazakhstan today, extremely secular and Afghani Muslims will reject radicalism.

Many central Asia states like Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan are extremely secular in outlook, due to Stalin, who decimated their most religiously fanatics.

In Indonesia, the army and political Islam formed close alliance since. In addition, there was decimation of progressive left wingers. The radicalization of Indonesian Muslim continues till this day, and its reaching a potentially destabilizing level.

Chinese Indonesian in collateral damage

Most Chinese Indonesian being the best educated group in Indonesia were left leaning. They were deemed ally of communist China and being especially singled out for murder.

The Chinese were discriminated under the Suharto regime and suffered yet another pogroms in 1998, this time for no reason at all. The emancipation of Chinese Indonesian came to past after Suharto was kicked out of power.

Communism is badly maligned by elites today. People today are brainwashed. In reality, Stalinism is bad, but Economic Marxism is much better than capitalism. Soon people will rediscover Marx.

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Tibetan Buddhism and sex 2:How it works

Part 1 of Series

Origin of Tibetan sex Buddhism -- India of course

Sexual content in Tibetan Buddhism originated from India. There were many Buddhist sects in India, some were monastic while others were esoteric. There is this thing call tantra from India, and one of the tenet is one can screw into enlightenment. [see this] [see this]
India temple prostitute Devadasi

Today some Hindu temples in India still have temple prostitute call devadasi. Basically the sex Hindu temple preach similar things like purification of sin though screwing temple prostitute, while the high caste Indian (Brahmin) priest makes lots of monies pimping. The devadasi are invariably dalits.

The high caste Indian pimping priest are pedophile and virginphile, believing that screwing virgin is tonic. The above girl got screwed at 13 years old and most got deflower by high caste Indian priest. Today there are tens of thousands of temple prostitute in India.

Since the 50s, white man visited India, borrowed a lot of sex kung fu, market it as tantric sex, and make a lot of monies by conducting screwing lessons. Today, there are numerous books on the shelf on Tantric sex.

In Tantric sex, one can gain spiritual power by exchanging energy during screwing. The Tantric Hindusim of India teaches the seven Chakras. Screwing will open the first Chakra.

Tibetan sex Buddhism practices

Tibet was a feudal states before the arrival of communist. The landlord and elites deliberately impoverish the people, as a mean of control. When people get miserable, they look up to the lamas, who are the ruling class. The lamas can took any daughters from the people and make them sex slaves. The poor peasants were brained wash with tons of superstitions, extremely deprived in material well being, and perpetually under the threat of violent by their rulers. Not only they did not felt angry and humiliated when lamas took their daughters and conduct mass orgies, they felt extremely honored when lamas made their daughters sex slaves. Tibetan girls were as brainwashed and deprived. They felt extremely luck to be made sex slaves.

Tibetan sex initiation and Tibetan sex dracula

The lamas are pedophiles and virginphiles. They typically select young girls of twelve years old. The virgin are given to the most senior lama to be deflowered. The senior lama are likely to be one in their 60s and 70s, and may be even on the verge of dying. The shameless lama believe that he will gain energy and health benefits by absorbing energies female energies during screwing and more so tonic if he screws virgin girl.

Girls having tantric sex with lama are doing all the job. They must be horny and and move, while the lama sit still and meditate. The lama practice "detachment" and "meditate" when the girl moves his dick "in-out" of her vagina. If the lama ejaculate, he will distribute his sperm mixed with the girl's love juice to his disciple and ask them to swallow. Such act is supposed to be beneficial to spiritual development. But normally, he will try semen retention. Because ejaculation is thought to be energy losing.

The Tibetan theology states that meditating in such state of "excitation" will increase magic power and allow the lama to reach superlative ecstasy call mahasukha.

Former sex slave exposing Tibetan sex Buddhism

Below a former white woman sex slave of Tibetan fake guru speaks out.

It was, said June Campbell as she began her lecture, only the second time she had been asked to give a talk to a Buddhist group in this country since her book, Traveller in Space, came out three years ago. Small wonder. The topic of her talk was "Dissent in Spiritual Communities", and you don't get much more potent types of dissent than hers. For she not only revealed that she had for years been the secret sexual consort of one of the most holy monks in Tibetan Buddhism - the tulku (re-incarnated lama), Kalu Rinpoche. She also insisted that the abuse of power at the heart of the relationship exposed a flaw at the very heart of Tibetan Buddhism.

This was heresy, indeed. To outsiders, the Rinpoche was one of the most revered yogi-lamas in exile outside Tibet. As abbot of his own monastery, he had taken vows of celibacy and was celebrated for having spent 14 years in solitary retreat. Among his students were the highest-ranking lamas in Tibet. "His own status was unquestioned in the Tibetan community," said Ms Campbell, "and his holiness attested to by all."

The inner circles of the world of Tibetan Buddhism - for all its spread in fashionable circles in the West - is a closed and tight one. Her claims, though made in a restrained way in the context of a deeply academic book subtitled "In Search of Female Identity in Tibetan Buddhism", provoked what she described as a primitive outpouring of rage and fury. "I was reviled as a liar or a demon," she said during a public lecture last week at the non-sectarian College for Buddhist Studies in Sharpham, Devon. "In that world he was a saintly figure. It was like claiming that Mother Teresa was involved in making porn movies."

But it was not fear of the response which made her wait a full 18 years before publishing her revelations in a volume entitled Traveller in Space - a translation of dakini, the rather poetic Tibetan word for a woman used by a lama for sex. It took her that long to get over the trauma of the experience. "I spent 11 years without talking about it and then, when I had decided to write about it, another seven years researching. I wanted to weave together my personal experience with a more theoretical understanding of the role of women in Tibetan society to help me make sense of what had happened to me."

What happened was that, having become a Buddhist in her native Scotland in the hippie Sixties, she travelled to India where she became a nun. She spent 10 years in a Tibetan monastery and penetrated more deeply than any other Westerner into the faith's esoteric hierarchy. Eventually she became personal translator to the guru as, during the Seventies, he travelled through Europe and America. It was after that, she said, that "he requested that I become his sexual consort and take part in secret activities with him".

Only one other person knew of the relationship - a second monk - with whom she took part in what she described as a polyandrous Tibetan-style relationship. "It was some years before I realised that the extent to which I had been taken advantage of constituted a kind of abuse."

The practice of Tantric sex is more ancient than Buddhism. The idea goes back to the ancient Hindus who believed that the retention of semen during intercourse increased sexual pleasure and made men live longer. The Tibetan Buddhists developed the belief that enlightenment could be accelerated by the decision "to enlist the passions in one's religious practice, rather than to avoid them". The strategy is considered extremely risky yet so efficacious that it could lead to enlightenment in one lifetime.

Monks of a lower status confined themselves to visualising an imaginary sexual relationship during meditation. But, her book sets out, the "masters" reach a point where they decide that they can engage in sex without being tainted by it. The instructions in the so-called "secret" texts spell out the methods which enable the man to control the flow of semen through yogic breath control and other practices. The idea is to "drive the semen upwards, along the spine, and into the head". The more semen in a man's head, the stronger intellectually and spiritually he is thought to be.

More than that, he is said to gain additional strength from absorbing the woman's sexual fluids at the same time as withholding his own. This "reverse of ordinary sex", said June Campbell, "expresses the relative status of the male and female within the ritual, for it signals the power flowing from the woman to the man".

The imbalance is underscored by the insistence by such guru-lamas that their sexual consorts must remain secret, allowing the lamas to maintain control over the women. "Since the book was published, I've had letters from women all over the world with similar and worse experiences."

So why did she stay for almost three years? "Personal prestige. The women believe that they too are special and holy. They are entering sacred space. It produces good karma for future lives, and is a test of faith."

The combination of religion, sex, power and secrecy can have a potent effect. It creates the Catch 22 of psychological blackmail set out in the words of another lama, Beru Kyhentze Rinpoche: "If your guru acts in a seemingly unenlightened manner and you feel it would be hypocritical to think him a Buddha, you should remember that your own opinions are unreliable and the apparent faults you see may only be a reflection of your own deluded state of mind... If your guru acted in a completely perfect manner he would be inaccessible and you would be able to relate to him. It is therefore out of your Guru's great compassion that he may show apparent flaws... He is mirroring your own faults."

The psychological pressure is often increased by making the woman swear vows of secrecy. In addition, June Campbell was told that "madness, trouble or even death" could follow if she did not keep silent.

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Tibetan Buddhism and sex 1:Young girls, beware of sex lamas

Erotic Buddha of Tibet

Part 2 of series

Before the rise of Gelug order, Tibetan Buddhism have a lot of screwing in their theology. Buddhism elsewhere other than Tibet are generally monastic. Tibetan Buddhism is exception. It has origin of Tantric-ism of India.

Tibetan Buddhism seems to import sex theology from India's tantric-ism, though parts of the sexual content could be locally developed. The emergence of Gelug order (yellow 黄教), headed by Dalai Lama, is more monastic, and it halt a lot of sex culture in Tibetan Buddhism. Dalai Lama is celibate. Nevertheless there are still many incidences of sex scandal involving Gelug order monks. [see this][see this]. The majority of Tibetans belong to Gelupa school.

The remaining schools of Tibetan Buddhism are Nyingma (Red 红教),  Kagyupa (white 白教), Sakya (multi color, 花教), Bon (black, 黑教). All these sect are crazy about screwing and organizing mass orgies. Many of their renown Rinpoches are sex criminals.

Sexual way to enlightenment

Today, many western countries and places like Taiwan is infested by Tibetan Buddhism. There are honest monk. But there are also minorities of sexual lama. These con artists are able to get many stupid women spread their legs. Today more and more Tibetan Buddhist centers open shop in Singapore. Our women beware.

There are reasons why many people are attracted to Tibetan Buddhism nowadays. Our societies are sexualized and people are seeking ever more orgasm than they usually have. Tibetan Buddhism give people solution of how to prolong ejaculation....etc

Many new age charlatan borrowed heavily from Tantric Hinduism and Tantric Tibetan Buddhism telling people how to enhance sexual power. Women got screwed. Many sex education center do sex marketing using arcane so call Tibetan/Indian terms. Above, couple practicing the so call "Nadabrahma".
Case studies of Tibtetan Buddhism sex incidence

The guru of many religions are constantly preying of unsuspecting believers. The Catholic church today is famous for their pedophile priest. Nevertheless, Catholic institution see such sex cases as a big shame.

On the contrary, fornication is a way of life for many Tibetan Buddhist institution, except Gelupa. For example Sogyal Rinpoche of Nyingma is considered among top elites of Tibetan Buddhist institution. His work The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying top best selling lists in USA for many weeks. To date, more than two million copies have been printed in 30 languages and 56 countries


Unfortunately, Sogyal is not as detached as what he preached. He is a sex lama. In 1994, a $10 million civil lawsuit was filed against Sogyal Rinpoche. It was alleged that he had used his position as a spiritual leader to induce one of his female students to have sexual relations with him. The complaint included accusations of infliction of emotional distress, breach of fiduciary duty, as well as assault and battery. The lawsuit was settled out of court.

This is probably a tip of the iceberg. We do not know exactly how many women this fake guru has screwed.

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USSR and sex: Freedom

The USSR was perceived as a reign of mass homicide, Gulag and oppression. Under the western propaganda, the Soviet communists were psychopathic monsters and Russians were constantly under the surveillance of KGB.

There are some truths in the above perception. However, many people have no knowledge that the USSR had highest degree of sexual freedom among civilized nations. The Bolshevik were ruthless but at the same time, extremely liberal about sex. They screwed one another, swapped spouses, and female cadres would not hesitate to spread their legs. The Bolshevik smashed the conservative Russian pre-revolution culture, which was heavily influenced by the Eastern Orthodox Church. The sexual revolution in the west was 40 years late compared to the Bolshevik.

The sexual freedom continued unabated during the early reign of Stalin. It receded a little when Stalin started purging his party around the year 1934. Nudity disappeared in public domain but Russians were still having free sex privately. Stalin did terrorized his people but generally he was not too bothered about their sex life.

Today sexual freedom persists in Russia even after the communist were gone. Below is taken from a 1931 textbook aimed at eradicating illiteracy. The full set of images can be see on this link.

It seems harmless engaging in free love, but nevertheless, I believe it has brought immense harm to the Russian people. However, I would balk at writing it at this moment. One can only live a fulfilled life by being moral.

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Chinese Muslim Part 2: With other Muslims and Celebrities

Click here for Part 1 of the series

The biggest China Muslim group is Hui of about 10 million population of Sunni sect. They are patrilineally Turkic and Persian. It is an overstatement that China does not have problems with Muslim minorities. However China's Muslim minorities are the most integrated compared to every single nations around the world, even though in general Muslims are among the most difficult group to integrate, especially those from Sunni Sect. Sunni seems not being able to integrate as a minority while everywhere Shia go, they are better integrated.

I have read forums and writings discussing whether it is possible in foment independence within Chinese Hui Muslim, and make Chinese Hui Muslim call for Jihad and suicide bomb every infidels, like what is happening elsewhere. The final conclusion is always a big NO. Chinese Hui Muslims are integrated, rich, well traveled, been to Middle East and places like Pakistan and Afghanistan. They have seen the mad Jihad kids and realized they can get themselves screwed big time if they try very hard to plant hate inside their heart.

Other Muslim tribes are suspicious of Chinese Hui Muslims

Hui Muslims are black sheep (or rather white sheep) among many Muslim groups. Some Muslims groups will massacre Hui Muslims once they ascend power. One slogan of China Uyghur Muslim is "Kill the Hui and perish the Han (Chinese)" 杀回灭汉.

Hui Muslim is an embarrassment for those people who teach Muslims how to self victimized. These hate mongers repeat their preaching countless times and never failed to win a lot of fans by telling Muslims they were discriminated and persecuted. They teach that due to oppression, Muslims remain poor and miserable. Unfortunately, the existence of Hui Muslim serves to debunk these lies.

People will ask, why Hui Muslims are not persecuted and why are Hui Muslims rich?

Hui Muslims are spoilers of Jihad organizers and self victimization preachers. Their existence must be carefully erased from all media 

When Western media talks about persecution of Muslim in China, they take pains to ignore the existence of Hui, interleaving Muslims with Uyghur, with a content of half true and lies. No media will report that Chinese Muslims in Thailand, the Panthay are well integrated and respected. No Thai Army is waging war against Chinese Muslim. Most simply want to attribute the Muslim insurgencies in Southern Thailand as "Buddhist Thai oppress Muslim".

Recently the Jihadist and western media launch a PR campaign of Buddhist Burmese against Muslim Rohingyas. They deliberately choose not to report that the Burmese Hui Muslim (Panthay), are not molested.

If the world knows Panthay is enjoying their life in Myanmar, everyone will ask questions like are Rohingyas trouble makers making people hate them? Have the Rohingyas waged Jihad in the past making people piss and are they still waging Jihad now?

Chinese Hui Muslims celebrities

Chinese Hui Muslims are so integrated that very few people know that a lot of famous people in China are Muslim. The first commander of China's aircraft carrier is a Hui Muslim. Below are examples some of the famous Hui.

Zheng He 郑和  (1371–1433) Admiral
the greatest navigator of the world in his time.

Tie Xuan 鐵鉉(1366-1402)Defense Minister
among the most respected in China history for courage and loyalty

A Chinese temple for Muslim Tie Xuan 

Li Zhi 李贄 (1527–1602) Philosopher
non practicing, among the greatest philosopher of his time

Zuo Baogui 左宝贵(1837—1894年 General

Bai Chongxi 白崇禧 (18 March 1893 – 1 December 1966) Defense Minister

Ma clique of warlords 

Hu Songshan 虎嵩山 (1880–1955)

Hui Liangyu 回良玉 (October 1944) Vice Premier of the People's Republic of China

Pai Hsien-yung 白先勇(July 11, 1937) Writer
He is a famous gay writer

Li Xiaoyan 李晓岩(1961.7-)Navy General
The 1st commander of China's 1st aircraft carrier

Ha Yuanyu 哈远仪 (1979年5月29日-)presenter
Top presenter in Taiwan

陈鲁豫 Chen Luyu (1970年6月12日) presenter
Top China presenter

撒贝宁 Sa Beining 1976年3月23日-)presenter
He is the current boyfriend of top China actress Zhang Ziyi

马雅舒 Ma Yashu (1977年3月24日) actress
ex wife of famous celebrity 吴奇隆 Wu Qilong

辛晓琪 Xin Xiaoqi (1962年2月8日-)singer
famous Taiwanese singer

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The Shia: A beacon of reason, humanism, courage and struggle in the sea of Islam

The above is the extraction of debate participated by Ayad Jamal Aldin, an Iraqi Shia cleric. In the debate, Ayad Jamal Aldin argue for a separation of religion and state. Below are summaries of his points.

State should be neutral to all religious institution and should only be charged of provisioning service even to the night club. 
Hypocrite emerged in theocracy even under Prophet Muhammad himself. Koran has an entire Surah titled "Al-Munafiqun" (The Hypocrites) to describe hypocrite in Medina during the prophet Muhammad 's rule, not to mention rule by others. 
The non separation of religion and state produces people with split personality. Hypocrisy is not a reaction to religion but to ideological state. Rulers intimidate people with religion if they want to control the people. 
All the prophets not only Prophet Muhammad were sent to form human beings, not to construct buildings. 
The Sharia is a personal commitment only. The state should implements civic law, a man-made law and not the one conveyed by Allah. 
The notion of civic law is based on equality in duties and rights, but under rule of Islam, Muslims and non-Muslims are not equal. The late regime of Taliban was a pure Sunni Islamic rule. The Shia rule of jurisprudence claims to be substituting the Prophet Muhammad (Iran theocracy). They claimed to be "representing Allah upon the Earth", more or less. 
Whoever want Sharia should turn to Taliban government, to Ayatollah government in Iran. Or he should select way the Western, the Crusaders, the infidel regime which create New Zealand and Canada for instance, as well as human rights and notion of liberties. These human rights do not exist in Islam (states). 
The combination of Koran and sword is dangerous. It is more dangerous than nuclear technology. Today people are being exiled on religious and sectarian grounds. The Christians, Sabians were exiled. The peaceful Yazadis were attacked. The deportation is done in the name of Allah. We were plagued by Emirs who slaughter while praising Allah, who deport while praising Allah, who burning down houses while praising Allah.  
Is it what Prophet Muhammd was sent for? Was he sent to enslave people? The union of Ataturk and Rumi Sufism is the only hope for survival of Muslims as a nation, and for the survival of human being within Muslim.

The Shia is a vibrant religion committed to support democracy and human rights. The Iranian theocracy is condemned by the highest Shia authority as heretic. In comparison, there are many in Sunni Islam advocating the return of Caliphate and declaring themselves Emir.

The Shia advocate a separation of religion and state, and Ayad Jamal Aldin's view represent not only himself, but a fair lot of Shia people. Shia hates imposing Sharia on everyone, but rather, Sharia should be a source (among others) of the law of the land.

Democracy works in Shia Iraq but failed in all Sunni Arabic states

Since the downfall of Saddam Hussein, Iraq which has a Shia majority is enjoying fair and free elections. There are one on 2005 and one on 2010. Due to the hard work and collective goodness of Shia Arabs, democracy is taking root without much irregularities. The transition of Shia Iraq from millennium of totalitarianism to democracy, till date 8 years is remarkable.

In contrast, all Arabic Sunni states are either still under dictator, or anarchy. Egypt stands a chance but Sunni Islam does not have Shia's strong emphasis of civics law as well as separation of state and religion. Egypt's democracy failed in a little more than one year.

Iraq was bombed into heap by USA and under years of civil war. There are many sectarian hate. Yet Iraq is now under democracy. There is no civil war in Egypt and democracy failed. The collective conscious and their sectarian intolerance is responsible for failing of Egypt.

Malaysia is going to fail if she continues Islamization

While Shia strives to modernize their country, Malaysia who has a majority Malay Muslim population has slide back from a secular state to an Islamic state. Malaysia can forget about being a strong, advance and modern nation, respecting human rights and promoting equality, unless she repent her ways. While Iraq enjoys fair and free elections, Malaysia elections are increasingly rigged.

Malaysia's ex premier Mahathir declared Malaysia is an Islamic state. Chinese can be accused racism for anything. In 2013 elections, Chinese were called racist even though Chinese voted for the coalition which includes the PAS.

In comparison, Iraq will rise from ashes and show everyone a country with Muslim majority can be good in democracy and human rights -- thanks to the Shia.