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Indians kowtow racist Arabs : All hatred against kind Singaporean Chinese

Indians are planet worst racists

Today in Singapore, there are a large bunch of FT Indians, and a very small minority of local Indians ready to vent their irrational hate against the kindest Singaporean Chinese never mind resorting to mis-informations, lies and mad accusations. The majority of local Indians are very integrated and have no such problems.

You can confidently name the Arabs if someone ask you which tribe despises Indian most. Meanwhile, nowhere on the planet you can find a tribe like Singaporean Chinese who treat Indians with such high respect, dignity, kindness, hospitality and love.

Singaporean Chinese are the most colorblind people. We even give our girls to the lowest Dalits. Dalits Indians cannot even marry their high caste type due to internal racism impose among Indian people, aka caste system. For example, the best way for Dalits to marry a Brahmin is to commit suicide, and reincarnate as a Brahmin. If such love birds decide to go ahead and get laid, they may be lynched by their relatives. The hatred of racist Indians against inter-caste (casteism is racism) romance is so immense and there are even cases of father murdering the entire family of his in laws. [see this]

Nevertheless, the hate for Singapore Chinese are too big for FT Indians. They are more self-victimize than the nuts feminist. Not only they impose racism on Singaporeans as what happened in Citibank, they accuse Singaporean Chinese as racist. This is despite the fact that Indians are planet worst racism proven by countless studies.

Indian migrants bring racism and casteism to every of their host countries. Things are so bad that many western countries are alarmed. UK law makers recently voted laws, outlawing caste system. Nevertheless, UK Nazi Indians are fighting hard against equality and well being of humanity, to renege the law. There are 1.8% of Indians, including FT and local born, in UK. UK is now struggling with Indian Nazism. Singapore has 200,000 non resident Indians and and unknown numbers of newly residenced Indian out of 5 million people. Singaporean Chinese today are Dalits, and are subjected to the worst kind of racism not seen after the fall of Hitler.

Indians stooge when they got assaulted and insulted by both UAE people and government  

Recently a Dubai Arab was caught in Video assaulting Indian. It is so common for Indians to get assaulted by racist everywhere in the world except Singapore. If a Singaporean attacks Indian due to racism, the aggressor goes into cage.

Generally Indians will stooge and this is no news. Indians are so used being assaulted for reasons of being Indians that they take such assault lightly if there are no serious injury to property or body. But this video become a news when Dubai police arrested the filmmaker for sharing the clip.

This news appear in many online channels including the largest English newspaper in the world, the Times of India [click here for comments in TOI]. Most Indians commented refrained from insulting Arabs and a large number of South Asian commentators even voiced in support of Arabs.

Meanwhile, Times of India is also world biggest hate monger against China with their lies and hate report. Indian commentators spewed toxic and hate in every of their writings towards China. Readers, please visit Times of India on daily basis, and you will be appalled by the immense effort of India in educating its people to hate Chinese.

Indians in Singapore inventing and intoxicating on their own mis-information to hate Singaporean Chinese

There are a large bunch of FT Indians, and a very small minority of local Indians that carry an unexplainable and irrational hate against Chinese. Singaporean Chinese are not known to assault Indian for racial reason. Singaporean Chinese even allow ourselves to become Dalits accommodating Indian racists. We allowe 90% of Citibank CDP to be staffed with Indians, discriminating ourselves and every other tribe.

But to Indians, Singaporean Chinese are eye sore. Lies must be invented to hate Chinese. There are many many incidences and today I will just take one as example. In my previous blog, I mentioned about the UOB Bollywood theme party.

UOB Bollywood party

Above: The photo of SPH racist hate monger Jennani Durai.

Last year UOB has a Bollywood theme party and people dressed like Indians. An Indian clown of SPH, Jennani Durai picked up a photo showing a few black faces and indirectly accused Singaporean Chinese as racist in Straits Times.

No one in right mind would link a few man in front of camera wearing black skin and Indian garment as racist.


Whenever Indians found a chance to bash Chinese and they bash Chinese hard

Chinese are extremely good people. We take good care of minorities and we even give lots of perquisite to minorities. In India, the yellow people in Manipur who are Sino-Tibetan and cousin of Chinese are routinely subjected to rape and extra-judicial killings. India throw in world most famous rapist unit the Assam Rifles against the Manipuri, who are originated from China.

Singaporean Chinese do not mind what is happening in India. We are good. But then Indians still hate the non-racist Singaporean Chinese. The UOB Bollywood picture above give Indians a good opportunity to attack Chinese online. Jennani Durai choose published the above picture of Chinese painted themselves black and make a big fuss. She never bother to take a panorama or do further research or to publish more photos. Detail research into Bollywood night will certainly spoiled her hate preaching plans. Then Indian keyboard warrior started their all out attack against Chinese online using venom, lies and immense hate, after reading her article.

Racist lies and "worse than feminist" self-victimization. Relentless attack against kind and gentle Chinese host.

As I have put it in my previous post, Tamil Nadu where our local Indians originated are as black as africa according to skin color Index. Wearing a black skin to fits perfectly the reality of local Indian skin color.

The high caste Indians arrived recently since the last decade. The have fairer skin. The locals need time to change the perception of Indian skin color. But Jennani Durai and Indians commentators online are too ecstatic to miss the chance to bash Chinese.

In comparison, every racist assault against Indians by white man, KKK, bone head and Arabs are treated with more stooging from Indians with very restrained complains.

Human Skin Color

Below is how Indians self-victimized and their atrocious reaction to UOB Bollywood party for their self created lies. Compare this to their meek reaction when racist Arab assault them. In fact, Indians are meek towards hate crimes of all lands other than yellow land. The Arabs being in millennium close contact with Indians know them well and have found a way dealing with Indians. If Arabs behave as good and non racist as Singaporean Chinese, Indians will shit on them big them and make them Dalits. By the way, in many political forums, a lot of Muslim sounding names commented that Arabs despise Indians.

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Terrence of New Nation got wacked by nazi Indians liars

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Anonymous said...

Me thinks Veritas eat too much dog. Affect brain.

Veritas' favorite food - sweet & sour dog.

Anonymous said...

The Asiana pilots names:

Capt Sum Ting Wong
We To Lo
Ho Lee Fuk, and
Bang Ding Ow.

Veritas, are they your relatives?

Expert at using auto pliot but can't land the plane on manual.

Anonymous said...

In the USA and the West, all Chinese looking people should be treated like spies for the PRC.

Feel sorry for the innocent S. Koreans and Japanese, all good people from democratic societies.

Veritas said...

Spies? You refer to USA or Snowden?

Anonymous said...

Spies? You refer to USA or Snowden?

Spies from PRC and Yellow skin evil.

Spies from democratic nations good, and help save the world from PRC and yellow skin spies.

Anonymous said...

Ko-Suen "Bill" Moo

Ko-Suen Moo was convicted of being a covert agent of the People's Republic of China in May 2006. He attempted to purchase United States military equipment to send back to China but was arrested by undercover United States agents. Some of the equipment Mr. Moo tried to purchase included an F-16 fighter jet engine, an AGM-129A cruise missile, UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter engines, and AIM-120 air-to-air missiles

Anonymous said...

Chi Mak

Chi Mak is a Chinese-born engineer who worked for L-3 Communications, a California based defense contractor.[3] Chi worked as a support engineer on Navy quiet drive propulsion technology.[3] According to recovered documents, Chi was instructed by his Chinese contacts to join "more professional associations and participate in more seminars with 'special subject matters' and to compile special conference materials on disk."[3] Specifically, Chi was to seek information on: space-based electromagnetic intercept systems, space-launched magnetic levitation platforms, electromagnetic gun or artillery systems, submarine torpedoes, electromagnetic launch systems, aircraft carrier electronic systems, water jet propulsion, ship submarine propulsion, power system configuration technology, weapons system modularization, technologies to defend against nuclear attack, shipboard electromagnetic motor systems, shipboard internal and external communications systems, and information on the next generation of US destroyers.[3] Chi Mak was able to successfully secretly copy and send various sensitive documents on U.S. Navy ships, submarines and weapons to China via courier. In 2008, Chi was sentenced to a 24 and 1/2 year prison term for his espionage activities

Anonymous said...

Peter Lee

Lee was a Chinese born physicist who worked at Los Alamos nuclear weapons laboratory, and later for TRW, a major California defense contractor. Lee pleaded guilty to lying on Security Clearance forms, and to passing classified national defense information to Chinese scientists on business trips to Beijing.[24] Lee compromised classified weapons information, microwave submarine detection technology, and other national defense data.[2] Later the Department of Energy concluded that Lee's disclosure of classified information, "was of significant material assistance to the PRC in their nuclear weapons development program...This analysis indicated that Dr. Lee's activities have directly enhanced the PRC nuclear weapons program to the detriment of U.S. national security."

Anonymous said...

Larry Wu-Tai Chin

Larry Wu-Tai Chin worked in the U.S. intelligence community for close to 35 years, all the while providing the PRC with sensitive classified information.[21] Chin was recruited as a spy by a Chinese Communist Official in 1948, while he was employed as an interpreter at the U.S. Consulate in Shanghai.[2] Chin was later hired by the CIA’s Foreign Broadcast Information Service office. After becoming an American Citizen in 1965, Chin was transferred to Arlington, Virginia, where he had access to highly sensitive information; including reports from intelligence agents abroad, and translations of documents acquired by CIA Officers in China.[2] In addition, Chin sold highly classified National Intelligence Estimates pertaining to China and Southeast Asia to the PRC.[2] Consequently, the PRC was able to uncover weaknesses in their intelligence agencies, and compromise U.S. intelligence activities in the region. Among the most damaging information Chin compromised, was highly sensitive information regarding President Nixon’s plans for normalizing relations with China two years before President Nixon traveled to China. In February 1986, Larry Wu-Tai Chin was finally convicted of 17 counts of espionage, conspiracy, and tax evasion

Veritas said...

don talk about spook first. Anyway Israel is No 1 spy in USA. Russia, EU, China, India all spied one another.

The theme of this writing is, why Indians forever preach hate against Chinese. Go see your Times of India and their lies, and their hate against Chinese.

Anonymous said...

Japanese hate the Chinese.

More than EIGHTY %:

About 84% of Japanese respondents said they have a negative impression of China, a six percentage point increase from the previous year, according to an annual bilateral survey conducted by Japanese think tank Genron NPO and the state-run publication China Daily released Wednesday.

It’s the highest percentage of negative views seen among Japanese respondents since the survey began in 2005.

Anonymous said...

LKY wants Ah Tiongs from China to come to Singapore.

In Singapore, if you look around today, most faces you see are Chinese faces, and not faces from other parts of the world. And the large proportion of them are unable to speak English but only Mandarin.

I think this is how Veritas ended up in S'pore, right?

Anonymous said...

Lky also want India ah neh to come to Singapore, many of them are YES man like the no. 1 prata man.

Anonymous said...

Japan and China are like India and Pakistan however many Japanese set up factories in China, not sure about Indian and Pakistan, only know many more actors and actresses from Pakistan go to India bollywood because of their fair complexion.

Unknown said...

The real question is why are indians react more aggressively towards chinese prejudice than any other race who have been and are more racist towards them?

That itself is a kind of racist.

Personally, I have nothing against Indians, but having found out just how racist they're in their own country especially towards orientals in india I don't have any sympathy towards indian racist or indians who cry wolf. People shouldn't throw stones from their glass houses'

Anonymous said...

Blackies with the ape like features are the most racist and also very ugly. This includes Indians, Africans, Arabs and Malays. I'd rather the Japanese, Koreans, Burmese and Germans come to Singapore. Even the Filipino has more to offer than your typical Malay and Indian. Indians cry racism while their societies are sexist and racist. Malays are sexist, racist and believe in an evil cult ideology. They have no qualms raping their own women and children but like to cry racist.

Jay said...

FYI regarding Times of India .. looks like the newspaper is backed by western lobby. As the news group is anti Hindu majority and pro west. Even though it is headed by someone with last name 'Jain'.

Anonymous said...

Anyone notice what Malays, Indians and Africans have in common? They are all as black as each other. Look at Indonesia LOL!!! Hey Indians, Malays or whatever, we are not being racist if we call you dark. You are DARK and it's scary because we can't see you at night ROFL!!!

Anonymous said...

Unknown, definitely. The way Indians treat the much more beautiful, noble, intelligent and superior Northeasterners is super disgusting. Dot heads are just jealous and I wish Veritas would cover more of the plight of Northeasterners. I don't even want to consider them the same people as the yucky brown, turdskin majorities in India since they're much better people. Why can't Singapore accept them instead of your average Hindu Brahminman or the Muslim "facists" Malays.

Malaysia and Malaysians are equally racist. They don't even accept fellow Muslims suffering persecution in Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria. At least Muslims from these four countries look better than Malays since they look Caucasian and not the India kind. Kicking out the Malays and putting in the Middle Easterners would improve the Singapore look index.

Anonymous said...

Lol ok anonymous. You clearly have a lot of pent up anger being a tiny little dick slanted eyed yellow dog eating chink your whole life. Chinese are the most sub-human race on this planet, absolutely disgusting people. They behave like animals when overseas, sick.