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Chinese Muslim Part 1: Integration

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Islam persecuted in China?

Recently there are some events in Xinjiang, whereby Muslim Uyghur attacked people. The media in the whole world play up the event, interleaving Uyghur and Muslim giving impression that Muslim in China is suffering under harsh persecutions. The Uyghur terrorists and criminals are portrayed as freedom fighters.

These articles often emphasized a "Han majority" China, conducting cultural genocide against Islam. The most frequent claims are all jobs are given to Han Chinese, flooding Xinjiang with Han Chinese et cetera et cetera.

In reality, there are two issues deliberately mixed up by China bashers to create hate against China and to give impression that Han Chinese discriminate the Muslims. The truth can better illustrated if we separate the two issues. First, the Chinese Muslim issue and second, the Uyghur separatism issue.

Uyghur terrorists are given a sympathetic treatment not only in all western press but also in some Muslim media. Majority of Uyghurs are Muslim. Then these writings interleave Uyghurs with Muslims in China, giving an impression of pogroms against Muslim.

Chinese Muslims and integration

The Uighur is not the only Muslim minority in China. The biggest Muslim group in China is the Hui Muslim, with 10 million population, followed by the 8.4 millions of Uyghur, and 1.5 millions of Kazakhs and others. The Hui speaks the Han lect, while Uyghur and Kazakhs speak the Turk lect.

All Hui, Uyghur and Kazakhs have either Turk or Persian patrilineality. The Hui is the result of Turk and Persian mix with Han Chinese woman. The Hui Muslims are the most integrated. The Hui are so integrated that people are not aware that many celebrities are Hui.

The Kazakhs are quite integrated, while the Uyghurs are the least integrated.

Hui takes Chinese name. The Salar, another Turkic Muslim tribe takes Chinese name as well. The Kazakhs and Uyghur do not have Chinese name.

Chinese Muslims and Arab Muslims 

Iman Hu Songshan

One of the most prominent Hui Muslim is iman Hu Songshan 虎嵩山 (1880–1955), member of an illustrious iman family. Hu went Saudi Arabia for Hajj and get shit from middle east racist. Many other tribes got shit from Saudi Salafis but return to follow extremist ways and choose a way of discrimination against their own minorities. Some Malays told me "Arabs are proud and look down on Malays". But Malaysia Malay still choose the Arab Salafi ways and impose apostasy law and many intolerant stuff, even towards their Shia brothers. However, this is not the conduct of Chinese Hui Muslim.

Hu knew that the future of Chinese Muslim does not lies on racism or got anything to do with Arabs. He was deeply convicted that the future of Chinese Muslim is in the hand of strong China. He and all his colleague work together to this goal and fought for China to become powerful.

Chinese Muslims' Jihad

Hui General Ma Hongbin 馬鴻賓, one of the 
commanders of Battle of West Suiyuan

When Japan invaded China, they asked Hui Muslim to go independence. Instead of heeding Japan,  Chinese imans issued fatwas calling for Jihad against Japan. The Hui Muslims fought.

Then Japan decided to up their offer to Chinese Muslim. Japan tried install a Hui Muslim state. Unfortunately, Japan's offer was met with sword and machine gun. The Battle of West Suiyuan was fought almost entirely by Hui Muslim to take down take down attempts of puppet independent Hui state. The Hui won the battle and preserved the integration of China.

Hui General Ma Hongbin 馬鴻逵, one of the 
commanders of Battle of West Suiyuan

Chinese Muslim suppressing separatist Uyghur

In 1934, the Uyghur separatist launched their First East Turkestan Republic, inside China. All Uyghur separatist lied and claim that "Chinese invade" their independent country with the support of western and Islamic world media. In fact, "First East Turkestan Republic" was never recognized by any other country in the world.

They are a bunch of terrorist who echo their Pan Turkism friends in Turkey. First thing they did was to butcher the Han and Hui Chinese. The event was named Kizil Masscacre. The Hui themselves are Turkic and they knew the ways of Uyghur who are also Turkic. They knew the danger of Uyghur terrorist.

Upon hearing the event, the Hui Muslim rallied an army to crush the Uyghur. The Hui Muslims hated anyone who secede China. They decided to teach the Uyghur a lesson. The Battle of Kashgar which sealed the fate of "East Turkestan" was fought entirely by the Hui Muslims against the Uyghurs.

By writing "Chinese invaded East Turkestan", the foreign media are misinforming. The truth is Hui Muslims suppressed Uyghur criminals.

To be continued


Anonymous said...

- Some Malays told me "Arabs are proud and look down on Malays". But Malaysia Malay still choose the Arab Salafi ....

We became Muslims because of Allah by way of a humble Arabic prophet and not because of the Arabs. If Islam came through a Chinese Muhammad, we would still follow it but Allah has chosen an Arabic. So where got racism ah.

Veritas, u're not a Muslim scholar. As a lay person, dont you feel any trace of injustice inflicted by yr strong myopic view. There's a wide difference between a Sunni n a Shii. Shiis want to go to Mecca n Medinah, Sunnis did not stop them as long as they profess to the Shahadah. Though I wonder why, since their holy places are in Karbala n Homs, Iran.

The Prophet forbade discrimination among Arabs and non-Arabs. Allah knows racial discrimination is a weakness in humans and The Prophet always reminds and even emphasised it again in his 'Last Sermon'.
Not an easy task, even a pious person at times is guilty of this.
During his lifetime, his companions recorded all his hadiths and practices. Verification and authentication done at the highest level. It's a science tought right up to Phd. But anyway, you wouldnt understand lah.

Like the PRCs in my neighbourhood, Muslim Arabs are good people but its normal to hv some bad apples - which race doesn't, right. Maybe Chinese the exception here ;). Sorry I cynical a bit here.
So, Veritas, dont be too harsh lah. Mecca and Medinah always beckoned with an open arms for those who proclaims the Shahadah.

Veritas said...

Lets talk about apostasy law of Malaysia. It is clearly discriminatory. And if some other country implement a similar apostasy law in favor of Christian, the Muslim will complain.

I agree that many Muslims are good people. Islam is base on morality and many Muslim follow. Muslim elites are corrupt but most Muslim are moral.

You never see I attack Muslim on their character. I have a lot good things to say about Muslim on morality.

Just see how I commented about India culture you will know.

The only thing I commented negatively about Muslim is intolerant.

And Malaysia apostasy law has its roots on wahabism. This is against the main stream teaching.

We know that the equivalent of pope in Muslim world is Rector of Al Azhar. The late rector Muhammad Sayyid Tantawy said apostate should be left alone.

I will blog about it more. In fact, Islam has far more potential than Hindu.

Islam is a religion that cares about his neighbour. And there are more immoral Chinese than Muslim.

Anonymous said...

Are you much better than LKY who ever gave bad remarks upon the Malay/Muslim in Singapore regarding their religion belief?By writing above do you agree Islam is a terrorist way of life as Singapore media published ?Why in Singapore the Muslim till now liberately being discriminate by the goverment and didnt uphold the constitution for the indegenious people? Is Singapore goverment import more foreign Chinese Muslim to Singapore?

Veritas said...

I am spreading the way of your highest authority, the rector of Al Azhar. The late rector Muhammad Sayyid Tantawy said apostate should be left alone.

He is many times more moderate than UMNO. He wants Islam to progress just as I do.

When Islam go the extremist way like what UMNO did, I will point out.

By the way, Assad is much more moderate and secular than UMNO. That is the reason most Sunni do not fight Assad in Syria.

The prefer to see Al Qaeda defeated. This is one more example extremism is bad even for one own community.

Veritas said...

I have cursed LKY's way and I am the only Chinese who advocate returning Bahasa Indonesia as national language, as what constitution preach.

Anonymous said...

- Though I wonder why, since their holy places are in Karbala n Homs, Iran.....

It should be Karbala and Qom in Iran NOT Homs which is in Syria.

Peace to you Veritas.

Veritas said...

Shia holiest place is in Najaf and Karbala.

That is the reason why Sistani of Najaf is the most respected Shia Ayatollah even though Qom is backed of Iranian government.

Anonymous said...

Islam is a religion/a way of life conyeyed from Allah through the angel Jibrael to men appointed by Allah to give guidance to mankind. These God abiding pious men are called Prophets and Messengers. I feel even the founder of Budhism is a prophet bcos he showed a way of life. People worshipped him though he never asked to be worship but he did worship a higher being than human, that is Allah.
Through centuries, beginning from Adam, Enoch, Noah, right upto John, Jesus (Isa) and the final Muhammad (peace be unto them all), the messages from the Creator guiding mankind towards the One True Path.
You are a man seeking knowledge thru yr experiences and readings. I urge you to go to MUIS or Muslim Convert Association to be enlightened. Afterall you did say many Muslims are good and moral. Nothing to lose and God willing you might even understand why the 'idiosyncracies' of the Muslims compared to others.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Veritas for your cool articles related to the past history of China.

I am learning many brand-new facts here indeed... :-)

A site worth to get popularized and be shared among friends and correspondences!

Cheers :-)

Anonymous said...

one can tell by the way they are able to grow beards.

The more 'integrated' with Han their beards are sparse like the plants on a desert.

The more Caucasian Uighurs are better bearded