Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Adam and Eve : A primer on our parents

There are different scientific methods applied in the anthropological field. The patrilineal study using Y chromosome and matrilineal study using mtDNA are among the most popular. 


DNA is contained in 46 chromosomes found in 23 pairs in the nucleus of nearly every cell of the human body.


Within the 46, chromosone, the y-chromosome is inherited more or less unchanged from father to son to grandson, indefinitely. Chromosomes contain the DNA that determines our inherited characteristics, and the y-chromosome is one of the 46-chromosomes in the nucleus of each of the cells of all human males. Most chromosomes, including the two x-chromosomes possessed by females, get recombined or shuffled each generation before being passed down to offspring. But the y-chromosome is unique in remaining more or less unchanged when passed from father to son. Thus while most chromosomes will contain a random mixture of genetic codes from one's grandparents and great-grandparents, a male's y-chromosome will be identical or nearly identical to that of his father, grandfather, great-grandfather and beyond for countless generations

Females cannot participate directly in y-chromosome studies, having no y-chromosomes. However if they wish to research their father's patrilineage, they can help sponsor their father or a brother or other patrilateral relative of their father.

Y Chromosome Haplogroups of nations

The analysis of Y Chromosome yield some surprising results. The Han Chinese and SE Asia Malay got a common father of O Adam. While Mongols who look yellow like Chinese are predominantly C Adam. Meanwhile, the Tibetans are mostly D Adam.

The Pacific Oceania Malay are mostly C Adam, same as Mongols, even though they are completely different.

The Europeans results are less surprising. There are mostly sons of R Adam.


The matrilineality can by traced via Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA), which is found outside the nucleus of the cell and is thus independent of the chromosomes. Like the y-chromosome, mtDNA is not recombined or shuffled, and it is passed more or less unchanged from mothers to their children, both males and females. Males do not pass on their mtDNA, so it can only be used to study maternal lines. 

MtDNA haplogroup of nations

The mtDNA has far more diversity in Asia. The mothers of East Asian such as, Han Chinese, Mongolia, Thailand and Tibet look quite similar. Even then East Asians, Malay, Thai and India have quite a large similarity in their maternal heritage.

Finding out your parents

National Geographic Society and IBM started the Genographic Project aims to map historical human migration patterns by collecting and analyzing DNA samples from hundreds of thousands of people from around the world.

The project sells self-testing kits and the price of Phase II "Geno2.0" testing is US$199.95 for a far more comprehensive test. Anyone in the world can order a kit with which a mouth scraping (buccal swab) is obtained, analyzed and the DNA information placed on an Internet accessible database. Genetic markers on mitochondrial DNA (HVR1) and Y-chromosomes (12 microsatellite markers and haplogroup-defining SNPs) are used to trace the participant's distant ancestry, and each customer is provided with their genetic history via a secure website.


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Hi Veritas, is this silmilar to National geographic DNA test for ancestry? Thanks for the great article.

Veritas said...

Nat Geo DNA test for ancestry is probably much more comprehensive. I would like to try it out as well.

It has Y chromosome and mtDNA.

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