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Malaysian Indians screwed themselves with caste system : Indians admit

Malaysian Indian wrote this. 

The Indian leadership in Malaysia has always been a subject of criticism. The Indian leadership has not seen a leader with capability to steer the community for socio-economic growth. To date Malaysian Indians are still plagued with fundamental issues of identity card issues, job opportunities, Tamil schools, poverty, displaced estate workers,university seats, alcoholism, gangsterism, etc.
The root cause for the disparity among the Indians are the caste (jati) system inherited from India. The recent fiasco over MIC presidential elections is surrounded by the caste support for the top post. The Mukkulathors and Kounders are the dominant caste and the current president is aligning the candidates with the respective caste. Despite their education, the leaders are still playing the caste sentiments in politics. In this context, whom shall we blame for the backwardness of community? The leaders for campaigning based on caste or the community for practicing the caste system till today without regards to human values?

The social stratification of the community has hampered the progress of the Indians and we are the root cause for our downfall because of the choice to practice caste system. Mahatma Gandhi, BR Ambedkar, Periyar, EV Ramasamy spent their lives fighting for the eradication of the caste system. Their achievements helped uplift the Dalits (untouchables) in India. In Malaysian context, the caste system is the root cause for our political and economy failure and the Indian community in should take responsibility for the society’s collapse.

Malaysia Indians are the most violent and poverty stricken community. They did got shit from Malay and UMNO but racism alone cannot explain Indians' level of misery given that Malaysian Chinese getting the same shit are doing quite well. 

It is the traditional way of caste system, "to each his own"-ism that have screwed Indians. Caste system is racism. The writer is wrong that Mahatma Gandhi wanted to eradicate caste system. Gandhi is a high caste Indian monster, spending his entire life fighting for caste system screwing the low caste. It is the marketing gimmicks of Indians that all but the very well informed are ignorant about Gandhi's wicked works.

In Malaysia, Indian leaders do not give a damn to the well being of their people. All they care is their families, relatives, caste and how to perpetuate power. The leadership of Malaysian Indians are plagued with caste-ism and unlikely that low caste type will ascend through ability. The Indian leaders are immensely rich while the whole community sink.

While Malaysian Indians have the guts to admit they are in shit because of caste system, Singaporean Indians are in self denial. The self reflection of Malaysian Indians offers hope to the future. In Singapore, the aim of some Indians (especially FT Indians and a very minority of local Indians) here is to attack Singaporean Chinese and impose caste system.

Singaporean Chinese is the anchor of colorblind-ism. Many FT Indians hate us for that and they sought to replace our way with caste system, entitlement-ism and racism. FT Indians here built the shit hole Citibank @CBP, the HQ for caste-ism evangelism with the support of PAP. Soon Singapore will be a bigger shit hole than India, if Singaporeans continue to let PAP in charge. Singapore today has worst caste system than any place on earth except India.

FT Indians look forward to take down the kind and good Chinese. When Chinese are gone and good things are defeated, Indians here will suffer exactly the same fate as Malaysian Indians. The way out is not attack Singaporean Chinese with lies, caste-ism and racism, but to work with us, and see how we can change Indian cultural DNA better.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Korea going back to Chinese Characters

Below is from Korean Herald published 3rd July 2013. Note Hanja 漢字 is Chinese Character and Hangul is Korean alphabet.

The government’s plan to enhance Hanja, or Chinese character, classes sparked backlash from civic groups and advocates for Hangeul, or the Korean writing system, who claim it would hamper efforts to defend the purity of the Korean language and further burden students. 

They launched a sit-in protest in front of Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education in Jongno demanding the authority cancel the plan which would “revive an old-fashioned and unnecessary” education program. 

The plan could impose academic stress on students and they would end up relying more on hagwon, or private education institutes, in order to get good marks at schools, they claimed. 

The protest came a week after the Seoul education office’s plan to encourage all primary and secondary schools to teach written Chinese starting in the second semester this year. Learning Chinese characters could enhance students’ Korean language proficiency as school textbooks use many Korean words based on Chinese characters, officials said. Many students find it hard to memorize the words even though they don’t know the meaning, they added.

The education office said it will hire retired teachers and parents for the classes. The program is not a mandatory course and will be operated as part of after-school programs, it added.

The Hangeul supporters, however, said that the plan was made unilaterally by Seoul education chief Moon Yong-lin. The former conservative-leaning education minister has been pushing ahead with the plan which contradicts the nation’s decades of efforts to develop and distribute Hangeul-only textbooks, they said. 

Since 1970, the government has been encouraging all sectors, including schools, offices and news media, to stop using script mixing Hangeul with Chinese characters to describe Sino-Korean words and replace them with native Korean words, if possible. Sino-Korean refers to vocabulary that originated from the Chinese language pronounced and written in Hangeul. 

“Moon is just trying to justify (the purpose of) the plan saying it would help students understand words (based on Chinese characters) used for textbooks. But it is just his personal idea,” a protestor said.

Education authorities also criticized the group saying they are overreacting and that they have no intention to promote the use of Chinese characters in schools. 

“If students have better understanding of Chinese letters, it will help them follow school classes. We don’t encourage schools to teach Chinese characters or idioms that go beyond the level of textbooks,” officials said. 

Some argue that teaching Chinese letters is inevitable because over sixty percent of Korean vocabulary is Sino-Korean.

Korean intellects have been pushing for Chinese characters over a long period of time. In 2009, 20 out of 21 living former Korean prime ministers petitioned for a return to Hanja education, to Lee Myung Bak's government. Lee is pro USA, but even then, he has decided a slow return to Hanja in phases.

The current Korean president Park Geun Hye is a big sinophile and returning to Hanja is expected to gain further momentum. One of Park's favorite writer is Chinese Feng Youlan. Park knows Chinese. Ironically it was her father Park Chung Hee that implemented policies to phase out Chinese.

After Korea, I expect Vietnam to be next. The Kinhs will return to Chu Nom.

The Korean flag's Taiji symbol is originated from China

Below Korean President Park Guen Hye speaking Mandarin

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Indians kowtow racist Arabs : All hatred against kind Singaporean Chinese

Indians are planet worst racists

Today in Singapore, there are a large bunch of FT Indians, and a very small minority of local Indians ready to vent their irrational hate against the kindest Singaporean Chinese never mind resorting to mis-informations, lies and mad accusations. The majority of local Indians are very integrated and have no such problems.

You can confidently name the Arabs if someone ask you which tribe despises Indian most. Meanwhile, nowhere on the planet you can find a tribe like Singaporean Chinese who treat Indians with such high respect, dignity, kindness, hospitality and love.

Singaporean Chinese are the most colorblind people. We even give our girls to the lowest Dalits. Dalits Indians cannot even marry their high caste type due to internal racism impose among Indian people, aka caste system. For example, the best way for Dalits to marry a Brahmin is to commit suicide, and reincarnate as a Brahmin. If such love birds decide to go ahead and get laid, they may be lynched by their relatives. The hatred of racist Indians against inter-caste (casteism is racism) romance is so immense and there are even cases of father murdering the entire family of his in laws. [see this]

Nevertheless, the hate for Singapore Chinese are too big for FT Indians. They are more self-victimize than the nuts feminist. Not only they impose racism on Singaporeans as what happened in Citibank, they accuse Singaporean Chinese as racist. This is despite the fact that Indians are planet worst racism proven by countless studies.

Indian migrants bring racism and casteism to every of their host countries. Things are so bad that many western countries are alarmed. UK law makers recently voted laws, outlawing caste system. Nevertheless, UK Nazi Indians are fighting hard against equality and well being of humanity, to renege the law. There are 1.8% of Indians, including FT and local born, in UK. UK is now struggling with Indian Nazism. Singapore has 200,000 non resident Indians and and unknown numbers of newly residenced Indian out of 5 million people. Singaporean Chinese today are Dalits, and are subjected to the worst kind of racism not seen after the fall of Hitler.

Indians stooge when they got assaulted and insulted by both UAE people and government  

Recently a Dubai Arab was caught in Video assaulting Indian. It is so common for Indians to get assaulted by racist everywhere in the world except Singapore. If a Singaporean attacks Indian due to racism, the aggressor goes into cage.

Generally Indians will stooge and this is no news. Indians are so used being assaulted for reasons of being Indians that they take such assault lightly if there are no serious injury to property or body. But this video become a news when Dubai police arrested the filmmaker for sharing the clip.

This news appear in many online channels including the largest English newspaper in the world, the Times of India [click here for comments in TOI]. Most Indians commented refrained from insulting Arabs and a large number of South Asian commentators even voiced in support of Arabs.

Meanwhile, Times of India is also world biggest hate monger against China with their lies and hate report. Indian commentators spewed toxic and hate in every of their writings towards China. Readers, please visit Times of India on daily basis, and you will be appalled by the immense effort of India in educating its people to hate Chinese.

Indians in Singapore inventing and intoxicating on their own mis-information to hate Singaporean Chinese

There are a large bunch of FT Indians, and a very small minority of local Indians that carry an unexplainable and irrational hate against Chinese. Singaporean Chinese are not known to assault Indian for racial reason. Singaporean Chinese even allow ourselves to become Dalits accommodating Indian racists. We allowe 90% of Citibank CDP to be staffed with Indians, discriminating ourselves and every other tribe.

But to Indians, Singaporean Chinese are eye sore. Lies must be invented to hate Chinese. There are many many incidences and today I will just take one as example. In my previous blog, I mentioned about the UOB Bollywood theme party.

UOB Bollywood party

Above: The photo of SPH racist hate monger Jennani Durai.

Last year UOB has a Bollywood theme party and people dressed like Indians. An Indian clown of SPH, Jennani Durai picked up a photo showing a few black faces and indirectly accused Singaporean Chinese as racist in Straits Times.

No one in right mind would link a few man in front of camera wearing black skin and Indian garment as racist.


Whenever Indians found a chance to bash Chinese and they bash Chinese hard

Chinese are extremely good people. We take good care of minorities and we even give lots of perquisite to minorities. In India, the yellow people in Manipur who are Sino-Tibetan and cousin of Chinese are routinely subjected to rape and extra-judicial killings. India throw in world most famous rapist unit the Assam Rifles against the Manipuri, who are originated from China.

Singaporean Chinese do not mind what is happening in India. We are good. But then Indians still hate the non-racist Singaporean Chinese. The UOB Bollywood picture above give Indians a good opportunity to attack Chinese online. Jennani Durai choose published the above picture of Chinese painted themselves black and make a big fuss. She never bother to take a panorama or do further research or to publish more photos. Detail research into Bollywood night will certainly spoiled her hate preaching plans. Then Indian keyboard warrior started their all out attack against Chinese online using venom, lies and immense hate, after reading her article.

Racist lies and "worse than feminist" self-victimization. Relentless attack against kind and gentle Chinese host.

As I have put it in my previous post, Tamil Nadu where our local Indians originated are as black as africa according to skin color Index. Wearing a black skin to fits perfectly the reality of local Indian skin color.

The high caste Indians arrived recently since the last decade. The have fairer skin. The locals need time to change the perception of Indian skin color. But Jennani Durai and Indians commentators online are too ecstatic to miss the chance to bash Chinese.

In comparison, every racist assault against Indians by white man, KKK, bone head and Arabs are treated with more stooging from Indians with very restrained complains.

Human Skin Color

Below is how Indians self-victimized and their atrocious reaction to UOB Bollywood party for their self created lies. Compare this to their meek reaction when racist Arab assault them. In fact, Indians are meek towards hate crimes of all lands other than yellow land. The Arabs being in millennium close contact with Indians know them well and have found a way dealing with Indians. If Arabs behave as good and non racist as Singaporean Chinese, Indians will shit on them big them and make them Dalits. By the way, in many political forums, a lot of Muslim sounding names commented that Arabs despise Indians.

In RB's blog

Terrence of New Nation got wacked by nazi Indians liars

And here

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Adam and Eve : A primer on our parents

There are different scientific methods applied in the anthropological field. The patrilineal study using Y chromosome and matrilineal study using mtDNA are among the most popular. 


DNA is contained in 46 chromosomes found in 23 pairs in the nucleus of nearly every cell of the human body.


Within the 46, chromosone, the y-chromosome is inherited more or less unchanged from father to son to grandson, indefinitely. Chromosomes contain the DNA that determines our inherited characteristics, and the y-chromosome is one of the 46-chromosomes in the nucleus of each of the cells of all human males. Most chromosomes, including the two x-chromosomes possessed by females, get recombined or shuffled each generation before being passed down to offspring. But the y-chromosome is unique in remaining more or less unchanged when passed from father to son. Thus while most chromosomes will contain a random mixture of genetic codes from one's grandparents and great-grandparents, a male's y-chromosome will be identical or nearly identical to that of his father, grandfather, great-grandfather and beyond for countless generations

Females cannot participate directly in y-chromosome studies, having no y-chromosomes. However if they wish to research their father's patrilineage, they can help sponsor their father or a brother or other patrilateral relative of their father.

Y Chromosome Haplogroups of nations

The analysis of Y Chromosome yield some surprising results. The Han Chinese and SE Asia Malay got a common father of O Adam. While Mongols who look yellow like Chinese are predominantly C Adam. Meanwhile, the Tibetans are mostly D Adam.

The Pacific Oceania Malay are mostly C Adam, same as Mongols, even though they are completely different.

The Europeans results are less surprising. There are mostly sons of R Adam.


The matrilineality can by traced via Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA), which is found outside the nucleus of the cell and is thus independent of the chromosomes. Like the y-chromosome, mtDNA is not recombined or shuffled, and it is passed more or less unchanged from mothers to their children, both males and females. Males do not pass on their mtDNA, so it can only be used to study maternal lines. 

MtDNA haplogroup of nations

The mtDNA has far more diversity in Asia. The mothers of East Asian such as, Han Chinese, Mongolia, Thailand and Tibet look quite similar. Even then East Asians, Malay, Thai and India have quite a large similarity in their maternal heritage.

Finding out your parents

National Geographic Society and IBM started the Genographic Project aims to map historical human migration patterns by collecting and analyzing DNA samples from hundreds of thousands of people from around the world.

The project sells self-testing kits and the price of Phase II "Geno2.0" testing is US$199.95 for a far more comprehensive test. Anyone in the world can order a kit with which a mouth scraping (buccal swab) is obtained, analyzed and the DNA information placed on an Internet accessible database. Genetic markers on mitochondrial DNA (HVR1) and Y-chromosomes (12 microsatellite markers and haplogroup-defining SNPs) are used to trace the participant's distant ancestry, and each customer is provided with their genetic history via a secure website.

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Chinese Muslim Part 1: Integration

Click here for part 2 of the series

Islam persecuted in China?

Recently there are some events in Xinjiang, whereby Muslim Uyghur attacked people. The media in the whole world play up the event, interleaving Uyghur and Muslim giving impression that Muslim in China is suffering under harsh persecutions. The Uyghur terrorists and criminals are portrayed as freedom fighters.

These articles often emphasized a "Han majority" China, conducting cultural genocide against Islam. The most frequent claims are all jobs are given to Han Chinese, flooding Xinjiang with Han Chinese et cetera et cetera.

In reality, there are two issues deliberately mixed up by China bashers to create hate against China and to give impression that Han Chinese discriminate the Muslims. The truth can better illustrated if we separate the two issues. First, the Chinese Muslim issue and second, the Uyghur separatism issue.

Uyghur terrorists are given a sympathetic treatment not only in all western press but also in some Muslim media. Majority of Uyghurs are Muslim. Then these writings interleave Uyghurs with Muslims in China, giving an impression of pogroms against Muslim.

Chinese Muslims and integration

The Uighur is not the only Muslim minority in China. The biggest Muslim group in China is the Hui Muslim, with 10 million population, followed by the 8.4 millions of Uyghur, and 1.5 millions of Kazakhs and others. The Hui speaks the Han lect, while Uyghur and Kazakhs speak the Turk lect.

All Hui, Uyghur and Kazakhs have either Turk or Persian patrilineality. The Hui is the result of Turk and Persian mix with Han Chinese woman. The Hui Muslims are the most integrated. The Hui are so integrated that people are not aware that many celebrities are Hui.

The Kazakhs are quite integrated, while the Uyghurs are the least integrated.

Hui takes Chinese name. The Salar, another Turkic Muslim tribe takes Chinese name as well. The Kazakhs and Uyghur do not have Chinese name.

Chinese Muslims and Arab Muslims 

Iman Hu Songshan

One of the most prominent Hui Muslim is iman Hu Songshan 虎嵩山 (1880–1955), member of an illustrious iman family. Hu went Saudi Arabia for Hajj and get shit from middle east racist. Many other tribes got shit from Saudi Salafis but return to follow extremist ways and choose a way of discrimination against their own minorities. Some Malays told me "Arabs are proud and look down on Malays". But Malaysia Malay still choose the Arab Salafi ways and impose apostasy law and many intolerant stuff, even towards their Shia brothers. However, this is not the conduct of Chinese Hui Muslim.

Hu knew that the future of Chinese Muslim does not lies on racism or got anything to do with Arabs. He was deeply convicted that the future of Chinese Muslim is in the hand of strong China. He and all his colleague work together to this goal and fought for China to become powerful.

Chinese Muslims' Jihad

Hui General Ma Hongbin 馬鴻賓, one of the 
commanders of Battle of West Suiyuan

When Japan invaded China, they asked Hui Muslim to go independence. Instead of heeding Japan,  Chinese imans issued fatwas calling for Jihad against Japan. The Hui Muslims fought.

Then Japan decided to up their offer to Chinese Muslim. Japan tried install a Hui Muslim state. Unfortunately, Japan's offer was met with sword and machine gun. The Battle of West Suiyuan was fought almost entirely by Hui Muslim to take down take down attempts of puppet independent Hui state. The Hui won the battle and preserved the integration of China.

Hui General Ma Hongbin 馬鴻逵, one of the 
commanders of Battle of West Suiyuan

Chinese Muslim suppressing separatist Uyghur

In 1934, the Uyghur separatist launched their First East Turkestan Republic, inside China. All Uyghur separatist lied and claim that "Chinese invade" their independent country with the support of western and Islamic world media. In fact, "First East Turkestan Republic" was never recognized by any other country in the world.

They are a bunch of terrorist who echo their Pan Turkism friends in Turkey. First thing they did was to butcher the Han and Hui Chinese. The event was named Kizil Masscacre. The Hui themselves are Turkic and they knew the ways of Uyghur who are also Turkic. They knew the danger of Uyghur terrorist.

Upon hearing the event, the Hui Muslim rallied an army to crush the Uyghur. The Hui Muslims hated anyone who secede China. They decided to teach the Uyghur a lesson. The Battle of Kashgar which sealed the fate of "East Turkestan" was fought entirely by the Hui Muslims against the Uyghurs.

By writing "Chinese invaded East Turkestan", the foreign media are misinforming. The truth is Hui Muslims suppressed Uyghur criminals.

To be continued

Monday, July 1, 2013

The ancestry of Southern Chinese

I just came across an thesis written by Stanford PHD student Chen Shu Juo, regarding the ancestry of Southern Chinese [see this]. The author is a Taiwanese. The thesis is based on research of Y chromosome which indicates patrilineality as well as mtDNA, which is inherited only through mother.

The author deduces that Fujian Han receives 100% paternal genetic contribution from Northern Chinese and 34% maternal Northern Chinese contribution. Meanwhile Guangdong Han is 68% paternal and 15% maternal from Northern Chinese. Hence, the local woman maternal genetic contribution to Fujian and Guangdong people is 66% and 85% respectively.

We know that ancient Southern China belongs to the Yue (越) people, and we are closely related culturally, linguistically and genetically to the Vietnamese (越南). Southern Chinese according to many researches was a result of Northern Chinese mixing the Yue women. But this report that suggest 100% Northern Chinese patrilineality in Fujian Chinese is still very appalling to me.

Although further research is merited, the dominant of paternal Northern Chinese gene in Southern Chinese is quite conclusive.