Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The atrocities of Syrian rebel : Assad is going to win Syrian civil war

USA and Al Qaeda

The rebel of Syrian civil war are mostly Sunni Arab Muslim. Al Qaeda from overseas also join in large numbers. Al Qaeda was trained, funded and supported by USA. First, USA threw Al Qaeda to Afghanistan to sabotage USSR. Next USA sent them to Bosnia to break up Yugoslavia. Then they were deployed to Kosovo, to break up Serbia. On the same time, many were sent to Chechnya to disturb Russia. Today, they are deployed in Syria to create trouble.

With their pet fighting the secular Assad regime, western countries especially USA, UK and France threatened direct invasion of Syria through ground units to overthrow Syrian government.

Boy got killed for saying "if Muhammad, were to come to this earth right now, I would still not lend a cup of coffee"

The Al Qaeda did one atrocity after another. Few days ago, a boy got killed for saying "If Muhammad, peace be upon him, were to come to this earth right now, I would still not lend a cup of coffee to anyone unless they pay for it".

This boy Muhammad al-Qatta, was 14 years old, sell coffee with his kiosk to support his family. Three men with long hair, wearing long beards and the robes favored by ultraconservatives, overheard the exchange. They accused the teenager of insulting the prophet, told him to leave the kiosk and then took him away in the car. When they returned an hour later, bringing back Qatta who has appeared to be beaten. Then "bang" "bang", he was shot twice in his face in front of his mother.

The image is graphical and I deliberately make it small.

Muhammad al-Qatta, a 14 years old who have to earn a living to help his family. The Sunni terrorist put 2 bullets in his face in front of his mother.

Muhammad al-Qatta, we will remember you. May your murderer be brought to justice

Rebel using chemical weapons and Sunni cell caught with chemical weapon in middle east countries

In my previous blog, I wrote UN commission of inquiry's head, Carla Del Ponte said Rebel used sarin gas. Also Turkish security forces found a 2kg cylinder with sarin gas after searching the homes of Syrian militants from the Al-Qaeda linked Al-Nusra Front who were previously detained.

Recently, Iraq caught five Al Qaeda with chemical weapons. It seems that Al Qaeda has gain skills in making chemical weapon not seen previously.

Nevertheless, USA, UK and France is still trying very hard to smear Assad of using chemical weapon.

Syrian rebels and their choreography 

This picture is deliberately made into smaller size. It shows USA supported terrorist barbecue head. 

The so call freedom fighters that the western countries supported are the worst human right abuser. In internet today, there are many images and videos depicting their atrocities. These people posed themselves proudly, performing some of the most barbaric act.

For the past few weeks, I am appalled by their cruelty. The act captured is extremely graphical and there are many of them around.

Assad did oppressed the people and has shown his willingness to employ disproportional amount of violent. But Assad and the Alawite has never shown to desecrate the deceased like what the rebels are doing. Not even the Shia group like Hezbollah or another Sunni groups like Hamas or Muslim Brotherhood are capable of such barbarism.

Syrian Christian got shit due to USA supported Al Qaeda, Assad is their protector

Assad is Alawite, an off shoot of Shia Islam. He is extremely secular, more so than Malaysia. Under Assad, one can renounce Islam, without any oppression of apostasy law. He has funded church building.

Under Assad, Christians are protected. Under the USA supported Sunni Arab Islamist, Christian got shit big time. Christian living under rebel zone risk rape, kidnapping and ethnic cleansing. Not only Christian, all other minorities living under freedom fighters suffer discrimination. Even long before seeing the prospect of winning the war, the rebel impose Sharia law on their own turf.

Assad has never impose Sharia law on his people.

Why Assad will win the war

Syrian demographics on the side of Assad

The demographics of Syria is 60% Sunni Arab Muslim. The rest is Druze, Shia Twelver, Alawite, Christian, Sunni Kurd. Alawite is about 11% of the population. Assad is Alawite and hence, the Alawite are doing most of the fighting for the government against the Arab Sunni Muslim. Even though it appears that Sunni Arab is six times more than Alawite, they are not as strong as they appear.

First, Assad's Alawite fighting machine is highly organized while the rebels are fragmented without a central commands. Most Syrian Sunni Arab Muslim are secular and probably 10% of them are more radical. The rebel is not going to be able to recruit successfully.

All other groups supported Assad, including the Sunni Kurd, even though they are not heavily involve in fighting fearing reprisal of Sunni Arab Muslim against their community. The Sunni Kurd hails from the PYD, an off shoot of Turkey's PKK. PKK and PYD are Marxist group and they hate religion extremist. Al Qaeda hate them.

PYD is able to draw veteran from PKK in Turkey. They have since taken control of Syrian Kurdistan. PKK fighters are some of the best guerrillas in the world today, not even the Turks are able to defeat them militarily. They are now fighting the rebels.

If the Sunni Kurd have their way, they are going to be even more secular than Assad. PYD has been collaborating with Assad, and would expect to commit deeper against Al Qaeda, once Assad looks sure to win.

Iran and Iraq Shia as well as Hezbollah joining Assad against Al Qaeda 

Iran still denies sending expeditionary forces to Syria other than few advisers. Meanwhile, there are reports that Iraqi Shia are volunteering in droves to fight in Syria.

The biggest help to Assad is the Hezbollah group from Lebanon. Hezbollah are Shia and they are the No 1 urban warfare expert in the world. They are fighting along side with Alawite regulars and this has raise the standards of Assad's army.

Two months ago 80% chances USA will send in ground troops to help Al Qaeda overthrowing Assad. Now, the west will not help 

As Assad gain upper ground in the civil war, USA looks increasingly concern for his Al Qaeda militia. Western media start spinning Assad is using chemical weapon. The prospect of USA invading Syria or at the very least, flying sorties to bomb Assad looks very real.

Then Sunni Chechens terrorist whom USA imported from Russia bombed Boston. These Chechen terrorists do not give a damn that USA give them a life. They hated USA despite that USA is supporting Chechen against Russia, supporting Al Qaeda and supporting Sunni Arab Syrian rebels.

Since then, I know USA will not help.

Another important factor is Syrian rebel was alleged using chemical weapons. Sunni cells in Turkey and Iraq were caught with chemical weapons. It send chill down the spine of Israel. Assad even though possess chemical weapon has never use it on Israel. If Al Qaeda seize power in Syria, soon sarin could rain on Tel Aviv.

Al Qaeda gaining chemical weapon capability cast a specter of using it in western population center. Considering that Al Qaeda is becoming ever more lethal, the west would probably prefer to see them being decimated by the Shia.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Veritas, you have a very deep understanding of the situation there. So far the Americans have the upper hand in all the wars they started in the region. This is likely the only one they are not going to win.

The trump card is still Russia with perhaps China's backing. What the Russians need to do is to send in more anti aircraft missiles and tell the Americans categorically that they will stay on to fight the Americans and Nato forces.

Only then will the Americans and Nato have to think twice to launch an air strike. They have attempted to do it earlier. Think the Russians have made their stand very clear. With SAMs, Nato will be very careful send aircraft into Syria.

Veritas said...

The western countries almost throw in the ground troops, until the Boston bombers spoil the whole show.

Secondly, USA main concern in middle east is Israel security. With Al Qaeda gaining knowledge on chemical weapon, I bet USA would like them to be decimated by Shia. Assad will not fired Sarin into Israel, I am sure Al Qaeda will.

Anonymous said...

One sided article regarding the middle east.Hope you darely post the Zionist Regime since 1948 til now for mischieving the peace process and the killings of the Palestian and why the US,NATO or any world army include Singapore stop the long invasion,land occupation .Syria killing is Just his own citizens but interfere and supported by foreign power.Just happen to Libya,Iraq,Somalia.Are you a originally a foreigner?Singapore now day is run by a local government with a foreigner dogma by sidelining the local.

Veritas said...

One sided article regarding the middle east.Hope you darely post the Zionist Regime since 1948 til now for mischieving the peace process and the killings of the Palestian and why the US,NATO or any world army include Singapore stop the long invasion,land occupation .Syria killing is Just his own citizens but interfere and supported by foreign power.Just happen to Libya,Iraq,Somalia.Are you a originally a foreigner?Singapore now day is run by a local government with a foreigner dogma by sidelining the local.

I think Israel has a lot of human right abuses and I support 2 state solution.

Israel should go back to 1967 border.

I am a Singaporean.

I did not write about Israel does not mean I am one sided. Step by step I will write. I have more interesting topic.

Anonymous said...

the story is simple. the usa and nato will help Israel to set up a new world order. in order to do that they will destroy arab worlds and rule them. after they establish their base there.they will use it to encircle china. they will attack china as the anglo empire will never pay china back its debt.they also fear china will surpass them as economy and super power.when they win this games all the money that they own the world by buying their bond and thus their currency is devalue.when us dollar is collapsed they will never will able to pay the debt that they owe the world esp china.thus by playing this dirty games they can forfit the attacking and conquering a country.

Veritas said...

New order or not, I cannot prove it. But taking down Syria is equivalent of weakening Iran, and emasculating Hezbollah. Israel greatest security threat is Hezbollah.

I would be supportive of FSA if they are less reactionary.

But I am also aware of the contribution of fanatic sunni islamist in the world. We need to set our eyes further. The world has socialism from 1945 - 1980 because there is a USSR, who would provide support to workers' movement.

Now puritanical islam is a counter weight to deprave-ism. Without islamic extremist, I predict our world will go the way of incest, bestiality, rape-ism, and anyhow fuck-ism....etc

In the west, puritanical islam breeds and deprave white man society are sterilize.

But in the long run, puritanical islam is going to demise. And the world will get more deprave. Then they will be WW3, and Armageddon.

I see puritanical islam a guardian of morality. But I would not want to live under their society.

Also as a non muslim, I can empathize more with persecuted minorities under sharia.

I do not trust the high IQ cognitive rationale elites of our society. To them deprave-ism is ok as long as it do not harm people. They fuck and fuck. But I cannot take the sharia law as well.

lizzy lux said...

middle eastern men are trash, they lie & say they r asians or israelis or ethiipian, they simply cannot say they are shia lebanese.

your blog is a lie

Lizzy lux said...

israel is the only democracy in the mid east, all mideastern men shud die.

sunnis or shias all are the same, ,rats of hell