Monday, June 17, 2013

India's dowry killings : Indian men burn their wife if they cannot get enough monies from them

Dowry abuses is way of life in India

The Telegrah of UK report with the headline "Indian dowry deaths on the rise", last year.

In 2010, 8391 dowry death cases were reported across India, meaning a bride was burned every 90 minutes, according to statistics recently released by the National Crime Records Bureau....

With prosperity burgeoning after the early 1990s when India's state-controlled economy opened up to a free market system, this pernicious custom became more acute with greedy grooms backed by their families seeking to get rich through their hapless brides.

But if a bride refused to satisfy incessant demands by her husband and in-laws for money and goods, despite having brought with her the mandatory dowry at the time of marriage, she was subjected to inhuman treatment.

Thereafter, the luckless girl was either starved, administered frequent beatings or simply "jailed" inside her bridal home and denied all contact with her family.

If her family either declined to pay or were simply unable to do so, many in-laws in connivance with their sons forced the bride into an flammable nylon sari, doused her with paraffin and set her alight, claiming she had caught fire whilst cooking.

Dowry killing is not merely the sin of high caste Indian, but a wicked culture across all Hindic culture, not seen in other tribe. Often the brides who are unable to pay are poured kerosene or gasoline then set into fire or smeared acid. The criminals are either the husbands or in laws.

No other tribe in this whole world is as wicked as Hindic in their matrimonial system. Islam discrimination is particularly bad only in places like Pakistan and Afghanistan, but we can say both countries are Hindic with Islamic veneer. Elsewhere in Islamic civilization, there is no dowry killing.

Official statistic failed to highlight the social evil

Many of such crime in India not heavily persecuted because it is Indian's way of life. There is no deterrent on such wickedness, hence every year, the Indian crime against humanity of dowry killing continues.

8391 dowry death is official statistic, and the unreported case could be ten times as much. What also is not documented is the countless cases of bride non lethal abuses due to greedy husband's covet in dowry. So long as it does not result to death, it is not inside statistic. However, death could be more preferable to such life long abuses.

No other tribe is as covetous, greedy, wicked and ungrateful to the bride. In most other culture take Chinese as example, we are very good people. We understand the it is very tough for the bride's family to bring her up. Dowry is not important in our culture, and in all cases the groom has to present monetary gift to the bride's family as an appreciation.

Man marrying in India is good business

In India, man expects his wife to bring in dowry. Some then confiscates all the dowry. Subsequently they get rid of their wife and remarry. The new wife bring additional wealth. So, for some man having prospect of second marriage, some choose to kill their wife if they failed to get rid of her in a more peaceful manner.

Singaporean Chinese anchoring a good culture changing Indian cultural DNA

In Singapore, I have still heard Indian groom demanding dowry although this culture is diminishing as years go by. Indian groom only demand dowry against Indian bride. But Indian like to marry Chinese woman. Demand dowry on Chinese woman family is a big no way. Indian woman see and demand the same treatment from their fiancee. So dowry system breaks down here.

Chinese has help Indian in improving their culture. When the dowry culture is gone and weakened due to cultural interaction with Chinese, the wife killing or wife abuse related to dowry is gone. Interacting with Chinese has make them shed away caste system and many other backward mindset such as dowry abuses.

Because of Chinese, Indian woman can stand up.

Dowry death [source
Dowry death [source

Her mother [source

Her mother wailing [source

Wicked Indian burn wife because she cannot give him $$$ [source]. She got a 100% burn. Her husband want to get rid of her to marry other woman to get more $$$.

Cut up by husband and in laws [source]

FT Indian culture is problematic. If we continue to import them, we will become a shit hole.


Anonymous said...

Lee Kuan Yew loves FTs. The India-Indians in banking, and the PRCs as service workers.

Veritas said...

India has the worst culture in the planet. They are more dangerous than Islam.

Their inherent wickedness in their culture includes caste system, dowry killing, sati, racism, rapism, urine drinking, female infanticide, hate pogroms.

Others may have one or two but Indian culture have the entire shit elements.

Also FT Indian has toxic mouth and are super ungrateful. They like to feign victim of racism. They hate Singaporeans. They kick out their host everywhere they go.

These FT Indians are hated all over the world. Mahathir who are Indian himself despise Indian, choose to be Malay. He has pointed a good way to Indians, convert to Islam, forget their shit ways and assimilate to become Malay (or Chinese). Mahathir know all the shit of his race.

Unfortunately Kuan Yew like Indian.

Anonymous said...

LKY loves people from the PRC, like Veritas.

But this loves is not shared by local Singaporeans.

When I visited Singapore last month, I was shocked by the large number of PRC FTs in the City. They seem to be everywhere, pushing, shouting plus exhibiting all the bad habits from China. I have lived and worked in China for more than ten years and have known lots of intelligent, well mannered and polite Chinese. Somehow, these Chinese FTs in Singapore are taken from the very bottom of the barrel. It looks as if China has deliberately released their undesirable people to Singapore to relieve it of its social burden. Very, very few FTs can speak English, Singlish or the basic Chinese dialects of Singapore. They speak their own Mandarin with heavy countryside accents. From my experience, these are the rough and tough Chinese I have seen in China who cannot be easily intimidated by police as they have nothing to lose. It would be a nightmare for Singapore police if these FTs decide to go on riots because of lack of jobs.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Lee Kuan Yew

Are these Chinese FTs, LKY said are smarter and more hardworking than Singaporeans?

In Chinatown, there were PRC women in their forties flirting with local old retirees. The Singapore consulate in China must be blind and daft to grant PR status to these women. What economic values can these middle age women bring to Singapore except to con those dirty old men of their retirement fund and hopefully cast a vote in favor of PAP? The government should check it out in Chinatown. If they bring in another million FTs as planned, the City is going to explode with overloaded infrastructures.

Veritas: Do you hang around Geylang?

Instead of assimilating into the Singapore culture, the new immigrants from China are demanding that curry and sambal cannot be cooked in HDB estates because they stinks and they cannot stand the smell. They insult native Singaporeans by calling them “dogs”, “pigs” and lately “chimpanzees”.

Veritas said...

sadly what you all say about LKY like PRC has some truth. Bottom line is LKY hate Singaporeans.

Importing PRC has a lot of problem as well, but PRC can expect to be assimilate to our culture at their 2nd generation.

Problem is whether FT Indians can do that? Can FT indian forgo racism, a weapon so instrumental in their survival.

I doubt so. They are in their shit ways for thousands of years and their culture is far more toxic than PRC.

We have no problem with local Indians because they are low caste, so they have less caste-ism and racism in them than high caste one.

Also due to their fewer numbers, they get pretty assimilated by now and their next generation can expect to be upright.

But high caste FT Indian has exceed a critical mass. We are going to have shit caste system.

Veritas said...

I am writing all these article for the well being of FT Indians as well. Many FT Indians are sick of their own hopeless tribe, and prefer Chinese boss.

A FT Indian boss will poison them once all Chinese is kicked out.

Because high caste Indians are so shit and thats why India today is shit.

My solution is FT Indian should support a ban of further import of FT Indian.

If Singapore really become a shit hole because of FT indians, the big loser will be FT indians as well.

FT indians knew their shit ways, and knew for themselves that if they continue their own shit, Singapore will be shit and they will get shit.

Its getting obvious now.

Anonymous said...

Hey Veritas,
Do you think maybe the India Indians look down on you because of your poor English?

Veritas said...

Hey Veritas,
Do you think maybe the India Indians look down on you because of your poor English?

You go chat forum and see how US engineers hate Indian.

Anonymous said...

This Indian-born guy seems to be doing well in India. How do you explain this?

Nitin Nohria
George F. Baker Professor of Administration, Dean of the Faculty

Prior to joining the Harvard Business School faculty in July 1988, Dean Nohria received his Ph.D. in Management from the Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and a B. Tech. in Chemical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay (which honored him as a Distinguished Alumnus in 2007). He was a visiting faculty member at the London Business School in 1996.

Anonymous said...

Another Indian who is doing well in the USA.

Piyush "Bobby" Jindal - Governor of Louisiana

Jindal was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to Amar and Raj Jindal, who came to the United States as immigrants from Punjab, India, six months before he was born.

Jindal was named to the 1992 USA Today All-USA Academic Team. He applied to and was accepted by both Harvard Medical School and Yale Law School, but studied at New College, Oxford, as a Rhodes Scholar. He received an M.Litt. degree in political science with an emphasis in health policy from the University of Oxford in 1994, where the subject of his thesis was "A needs-based approach to health care". He turned down an offer to study for a D.Phil. in politics, instead joining the consulting firm McKinsey & Company.

Veritas said...

I am going to admit Indian has more super cognitive elites at the moment than Chinese. But outside the top 0.0001%, Indians' IQ fall off the cliff. Even in this 0.0001% super cognitive elite bracket, Chinese is not far behind. Looking USA top politician Chinese have Gary Locke, Elaine Chao. The list is higher if we considered greater Chinese civilization like Japanese and Koreans.

At Nobel prize, Turing award, field medal, Chinese alone draws with Indian. That does not include Japs and Korean.

Chinese and Indian culture cultivate talent in different way. In Chinese culture, everyone must be educated. In Indian culture, everyone are exploited to provide resource for high caste Indians. Brahmins leads a parasitic idle life studying for thousands of years.

In the start of globalization, Indian has more salient individuals but overall population IQ is moronic.

For Chinese, we kill super talent by route learning and enforcing 12 hours of study everyday. We have less salient individuals but overall population IQ is highest in the world. Creativity is killed in forced hardwork in exchange that all our population get smart.

But signs are showing even in the top cognitive elites that Chinese are able to beat Indians there. The USA Intel prize and National Merit Scholarship in USA are the best indicator of cognitive prowess.

Every year in semi finalist list, Chinese outnumbered Indians by 6:4. Same in the finalist list. If we include vietnamese, japanese, korean, the greater chinese civilization outnumbered Hindic by even more.

But Chinese has one big disadvantage in western society. Western society is caucasoid and we are mongoloid. We will be discriminated. All tech IT MNC favors Indians even Chinese population is way smarter.

By as our cognitive prowess ascend, and with our good charatcter, work ethic, we will go very far even though all stacks are against us.

Veritas said...

I have no ill intention against Indians. You yourselves know that Chinese culture is good and importing large numbers of high caste Indians will destroy Singapore.

We need to import in a pace where we can assimilate them.

You cannot expect me to see caste-ism against my tribe and keep quiet.

Anonymous said...

Why people are skeptical about China's students.

Riot after Chinese teachers try to stop pupils cheating

By late afternoon, the invigilators were trapped in a set of school offices, as groups of students pelted the windows with rocks. Outside, an angry mob of more than 2,000 people had gathered to vent its rage, smashing cars and chanting: "We want fairness. There is no fairness if you do not let us cheat."

According to the protesters, cheating is endemic in China, so being forced to sit the exams without help put their children at a disadvantage.

But Lee Kuan Yew wants to keep bringing in these FTs to Singapore.

Also explains how Veritas was able to pass her English. Did you cheat in your English exams, Veritas?

Veritas said...

Chinese example system is by far one of the most uncorrupt system in the whole world. It stand upright for 1400 years.

You may want to cite individual cases of corruption.

But there are very little systemic degeneration. I do not deny there is certain level of corruption but it is way below USA in Chinese exam system. It is 99.9% meritocratic while I would say USA is 60% meritocratic.

And cheating in exams occur all over the world. India USA everywhere has...etc

Even in Harvard where you find super elite, there is a recent case of serious cheating.

What is not found in the world but typically Indian evil are things like bride burning, caste system...etc.

I am here for the good of Indians. Please repent and change.

Veritas said...

If you are well read enough, you will know USA super elite ivy league school is is more unmeritocratic in their admission system.

They are rigged formerly in favor of WASP and today rigged in favor of Jews.

They have the so call "holistic" admission requirement, aka "NO REQUIREMENT" at all.

You can score 100% in every test and admission officer can still reject you and take in morons like George W Bush. Bush went Yale and brag to everyone he is a D grader and party man.

They look at "holistic". Your grade can be 100%, you are still not "holistic".

Anonymous said...

Did you cheat in your English exams, Veritas?

Anonymous said...

I am Jewish and support the "holistic" admission requirement embraced by the Ivy League universities.

Helps keeps down the number of Chinese, who are such boring people with narrow skills.

See Veritas' own remarks, "For Chinese, we kill super talent by route learning and enforcing 12 hours of study everyday."

Anonymous said...


10,000 Dogs Tortured as Part of Annual Yulin Dog-Eating Festival

See pictures here.

Come on Veritas, tell us how many dogs you have eaten?

Veritas said...

I am Jewish and support the "holistic" admission requirement embraced by the Ivy League universities.

Helps keeps down the number of Chinese, who are such boring people with narrow skills.

See Veritas' own remarks, "For Chinese, we kill super talent by route learning and enforcing 12 hours of study everyday."

I want to tell you that the one who complain most vocally about holistic admission is not Chinese, it is American Indians.

While Chinese mostly keep quiet, work hard and grumble a little, Indian American have been screaming about racism of Ivy league.

Anonymous said...

International Business Times
15,000 Dogs Slaughtered for Food Festival in China (Photos)

Yulin [Eastern China] is recognised throughout the region for producing some of the tastiest dog meat in the world.

The festival Started A Couple of Years Ago and draws sizable crowds of people who descend upon the city to take part in the event.

'It is just like other meat. Smaller animals tend to be more delicate and sweeter while very big dogs have a strong, muscular taste,” said Local Lu Hin, the Daily Mail reported.

Preserved dog meat is an accepted cuisine in some parts of Guangdong province as certain breeds of dogs are raised up to 3 or 4 months old and slaughtered on farms, local media reported.

Eating dog is a socially acceptable practice in parts of southern China. Dog meat has been a source of food in some areas of China from around 500 BC and possibly even earlier.

Anonymous said...

When we recently spoke to an ex-Dartmouth College admissions officer, he admitted that East Asians can be at a disadvantage:

"When reading recommendations you see these words—"diligent," "hardworking"—because people tend to see East Asians in a certain way.

You rarely see "CREATIVE" or "STRONG INTELLECTUAL BENT," and they are less likely to be seen as "FREETHINKING."

Same with issues of character. [CHEAT]

A lot of secondary teachers find it difficult to connect culturally with Asian Americans and the type of things they end up doing, so they won't see as much talk about character.

But at Dartmouth there was not much discrimination against Asian Americans, since they were considered a historical minority at the school."


Veritas said...

I agree yellow has less creativity. That is due to our culture and also a professor has put forward that Chinese empire decimate the most agressive people.

These people are often creative people.

Veritas said...

Look Indians, I admit I have a lot of Buddhism in my thoughts. This is 100% Indian culture and I am not ashamed to admit it. Buddhism is overall more good. I am very thankful of Buddhism enrichment in my life.

I have no malice against you. But conduct of Indian culture like dowry killing and caste system is so shitting that I got to voice out.

Anonymous said...

Veritas said,
"But conduct of Indian culture like dowry killing and caste system is so shitting that I got to voice out. "

Using Veritas English, I like to say this:
But conduct of Chinese culture like eating dogs and exam cheating is so shitting that I too got to voice out.

China people, repent and mend your bad ways.

Anonymous said...

Veritas said...
I agree yellow has less creativity. That is due to our culture and also a professor has put forward that Chinese empire decimate the most agressive people.

These people are often creative people.
Which is why the Ivy league does not want too many Chinese to attend. They are like robots, reliable but cannot think for themselves.
Why Huawei has to steal from Westerners - cannot come up with their own ideas.

Anonymous said...

The PAP loves these An Tiongs from the PRC. Look what they are doing in France.

The PRCs I work with can't write or speak English properly, but the PAP gives them jobs over Singaporeans.

Scandal erupts at French university over alleged Chinese bribes

The Sunday Newspaper, which obtained a copy of the ministry report, quoted it as saying one professor in charge of a master's degree program reported being contacted in the summer of 2008 by a Chinese alumnus who proposed almost $3,000 for each Chinese student admitted and another $7,500 for each one who obtained a diploma. The professor, identified as Nathalie Hector, said she turned him down but kept receiving e-mails from him suggesting Oueslati agreed with the arrangement.

Anonymous said...

Son of Chinese government official tried to bribe his Bath University professor with £5,000 during meeting in which gun fell out of his pocket

Yang Li told university don 'I'm a businessman' before placing cash on table
When 26-year-old was asked to leave an air pistol fell from his coat pocket
Sentenced to 12 months for bribery and six months on the firearms charge

Read more:
Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

Anonymous said...

I posted the stories on cheating by Chinese.

In all fairness, the Indians also have a dubious reputation in this area.

Unless they are graduates of the IITs and have an American post-graduate degree, I wont hire any Indian graduate for senior positions.

Veritas said...

We talk about wife killings.

Indians know their tribe has a lot of wife abuse. Even FT Indian complain to me that they need to prepare big dowry for their sisters, else she will got shit after married.

Eldest brothers often remain single if he is kind enough to make money for his sisters.

Indians should thank Chinese woman for helping them ridding off the dowry system.

Anonymous said...

Veritas is a dog eater.

Beijing Police Seek ‘Large and Vicious’ Suspects

In addition to risking the seizure of offending dogs on the spot, owners can be fined $800, an amount that doubles if the owner is a business. Once confiscated, large dogs cannot be retrieved.

With the exception of high-end pedigrees, animal rights advocates say, many of the seized animals are likely to end up in the hands of dog meat traders.

Veritas said...

Very few Chinese ate dog. Most Korean eat dog.

But majority of Indians are cow urine drinkers.

Anonymous said...

Yulin [Eastern China] is recognised throughout the region for producing some of the tastiest dog meat in the world.

Yulin and Beijing are not in Korea, idiot. They are in China!

Or don't you know that, dog eater.

Anonymous said...

Veritas said...

Very few Chinese ate dog. Most Korean eat dog.


Interesting sentence construction. Did you cheat in your English exam?
Did you bribe your teachers like all the other Chinese students.

Your English sucks!

Lee Kuan Yew wants to keep importing this type of FTs into Singapore from the PRC?

Veritas said...

I am a true blue Singaporean, served NS.

You go find dog meat resturant in China? I am sure its fewer than the number of rapist in India.

Anonymous said...

Veritas said...
I am a true blue Singaporean, served NS.
Since when did S'pore girls start serving NS? Or didn't the PRCs spy agency forgot to tell you that.

You are full of sh*t. One day you are Shite, the next day you are S'porean, the day after you are a girl.

Come on, you little dog eater, get your story straight.

Anonymous said...

this is how good your motherland/tribe/whatever-stupid-fuck-words-you-like-to-use-is>

Anonymous said...

Seeing the sharp rise in number of comments, your blog has suddenly become very popular.

Caution, it may just be 1 or 2 who're stalking you and wasting your time. It's the classic mindgame to trigger negative emotions and make you waste your time.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work Veritas, enjoy reading your blog...