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India's dowry killings : Indian men burn their wife if they cannot get enough monies from them

Dowry abuses is way of life in India

The Telegrah of UK report with the headline "Indian dowry deaths on the rise", last year.

In 2010, 8391 dowry death cases were reported across India, meaning a bride was burned every 90 minutes, according to statistics recently released by the National Crime Records Bureau....

With prosperity burgeoning after the early 1990s when India's state-controlled economy opened up to a free market system, this pernicious custom became more acute with greedy grooms backed by their families seeking to get rich through their hapless brides.

But if a bride refused to satisfy incessant demands by her husband and in-laws for money and goods, despite having brought with her the mandatory dowry at the time of marriage, she was subjected to inhuman treatment.

Thereafter, the luckless girl was either starved, administered frequent beatings or simply "jailed" inside her bridal home and denied all contact with her family.

If her family either declined to pay or were simply unable to do so, many in-laws in connivance with their sons forced the bride into an flammable nylon sari, doused her with paraffin and set her alight, claiming she had caught fire whilst cooking.

Dowry killing is not merely the sin of high caste Indian, but a wicked culture across all Hindic culture, not seen in other tribe. Often the brides who are unable to pay are poured kerosene or gasoline then set into fire or smeared acid. The criminals are either the husbands or in laws.

No other tribe in this whole world is as wicked as Hindic in their matrimonial system. Islam discrimination is particularly bad only in places like Pakistan and Afghanistan, but we can say both countries are Hindic with Islamic veneer. Elsewhere in Islamic civilization, there is no dowry killing.

Official statistic failed to highlight the social evil

Many of such crime in India not heavily persecuted because it is Indian's way of life. There is no deterrent on such wickedness, hence every year, the Indian crime against humanity of dowry killing continues.

8391 dowry death is official statistic, and the unreported case could be ten times as much. What also is not documented is the countless cases of bride non lethal abuses due to greedy husband's covet in dowry. So long as it does not result to death, it is not inside statistic. However, death could be more preferable to such life long abuses.

No other tribe is as covetous, greedy, wicked and ungrateful to the bride. In most other culture take Chinese as example, we are very good people. We understand the it is very tough for the bride's family to bring her up. Dowry is not important in our culture, and in all cases the groom has to present monetary gift to the bride's family as an appreciation.

Man marrying in India is good business

In India, man expects his wife to bring in dowry. Some then confiscates all the dowry. Subsequently they get rid of their wife and remarry. The new wife bring additional wealth. So, for some man having prospect of second marriage, some choose to kill their wife if they failed to get rid of her in a more peaceful manner.

Singaporean Chinese anchoring a good culture changing Indian cultural DNA

In Singapore, I have still heard Indian groom demanding dowry although this culture is diminishing as years go by. Indian groom only demand dowry against Indian bride. But Indian like to marry Chinese woman. Demand dowry on Chinese woman family is a big no way. Indian woman see and demand the same treatment from their fiancee. So dowry system breaks down here.

Chinese has help Indian in improving their culture. When the dowry culture is gone and weakened due to cultural interaction with Chinese, the wife killing or wife abuse related to dowry is gone. Interacting with Chinese has make them shed away caste system and many other backward mindset such as dowry abuses.

Because of Chinese, Indian woman can stand up.

Dowry death [source
Dowry death [source

Her mother [source

Her mother wailing [source

Wicked Indian burn wife because she cannot give him $$$ [source]. She got a 100% burn. Her husband want to get rid of her to marry other woman to get more $$$.

Cut up by husband and in laws [source]

FT Indian culture is problematic. If we continue to import them, we will become a shit hole.

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The atrocities of Syrian rebel : Assad is going to win Syrian civil war

USA and Al Qaeda

The rebel of Syrian civil war are mostly Sunni Arab Muslim. Al Qaeda from overseas also join in large numbers. Al Qaeda was trained, funded and supported by USA. First, USA threw Al Qaeda to Afghanistan to sabotage USSR. Next USA sent them to Bosnia to break up Yugoslavia. Then they were deployed to Kosovo, to break up Serbia. On the same time, many were sent to Chechnya to disturb Russia. Today, they are deployed in Syria to create trouble.

With their pet fighting the secular Assad regime, western countries especially USA, UK and France threatened direct invasion of Syria through ground units to overthrow Syrian government.

Boy got killed for saying "if Muhammad, were to come to this earth right now, I would still not lend a cup of coffee"

The Al Qaeda did one atrocity after another. Few days ago, a boy got killed for saying "If Muhammad, peace be upon him, were to come to this earth right now, I would still not lend a cup of coffee to anyone unless they pay for it".

This boy Muhammad al-Qatta, was 14 years old, sell coffee with his kiosk to support his family. Three men with long hair, wearing long beards and the robes favored by ultraconservatives, overheard the exchange. They accused the teenager of insulting the prophet, told him to leave the kiosk and then took him away in the car. When they returned an hour later, bringing back Qatta who has appeared to be beaten. Then "bang" "bang", he was shot twice in his face in front of his mother.

The image is graphical and I deliberately make it small.

Muhammad al-Qatta, a 14 years old who have to earn a living to help his family. The Sunni terrorist put 2 bullets in his face in front of his mother.

Muhammad al-Qatta, we will remember you. May your murderer be brought to justice

Rebel using chemical weapons and Sunni cell caught with chemical weapon in middle east countries

In my previous blog, I wrote UN commission of inquiry's head, Carla Del Ponte said Rebel used sarin gas. Also Turkish security forces found a 2kg cylinder with sarin gas after searching the homes of Syrian militants from the Al-Qaeda linked Al-Nusra Front who were previously detained.

Recently, Iraq caught five Al Qaeda with chemical weapons. It seems that Al Qaeda has gain skills in making chemical weapon not seen previously.

Nevertheless, USA, UK and France is still trying very hard to smear Assad of using chemical weapon.

Syrian rebels and their choreography 

This picture is deliberately made into smaller size. It shows USA supported terrorist barbecue head. 

The so call freedom fighters that the western countries supported are the worst human right abuser. In internet today, there are many images and videos depicting their atrocities. These people posed themselves proudly, performing some of the most barbaric act.

For the past few weeks, I am appalled by their cruelty. The act captured is extremely graphical and there are many of them around.

Assad did oppressed the people and has shown his willingness to employ disproportional amount of violent. But Assad and the Alawite has never shown to desecrate the deceased like what the rebels are doing. Not even the Shia group like Hezbollah or another Sunni groups like Hamas or Muslim Brotherhood are capable of such barbarism.

Syrian Christian got shit due to USA supported Al Qaeda, Assad is their protector

Assad is Alawite, an off shoot of Shia Islam. He is extremely secular, more so than Malaysia. Under Assad, one can renounce Islam, without any oppression of apostasy law. He has funded church building.

Under Assad, Christians are protected. Under the USA supported Sunni Arab Islamist, Christian got shit big time. Christian living under rebel zone risk rape, kidnapping and ethnic cleansing. Not only Christian, all other minorities living under freedom fighters suffer discrimination. Even long before seeing the prospect of winning the war, the rebel impose Sharia law on their own turf.

Assad has never impose Sharia law on his people.

Why Assad will win the war

Syrian demographics on the side of Assad

The demographics of Syria is 60% Sunni Arab Muslim. The rest is Druze, Shia Twelver, Alawite, Christian, Sunni Kurd. Alawite is about 11% of the population. Assad is Alawite and hence, the Alawite are doing most of the fighting for the government against the Arab Sunni Muslim. Even though it appears that Sunni Arab is six times more than Alawite, they are not as strong as they appear.

First, Assad's Alawite fighting machine is highly organized while the rebels are fragmented without a central commands. Most Syrian Sunni Arab Muslim are secular and probably 10% of them are more radical. The rebel is not going to be able to recruit successfully.

All other groups supported Assad, including the Sunni Kurd, even though they are not heavily involve in fighting fearing reprisal of Sunni Arab Muslim against their community. The Sunni Kurd hails from the PYD, an off shoot of Turkey's PKK. PKK and PYD are Marxist group and they hate religion extremist. Al Qaeda hate them.

PYD is able to draw veteran from PKK in Turkey. They have since taken control of Syrian Kurdistan. PKK fighters are some of the best guerrillas in the world today, not even the Turks are able to defeat them militarily. They are now fighting the rebels.

If the Sunni Kurd have their way, they are going to be even more secular than Assad. PYD has been collaborating with Assad, and would expect to commit deeper against Al Qaeda, once Assad looks sure to win.

Iran and Iraq Shia as well as Hezbollah joining Assad against Al Qaeda 

Iran still denies sending expeditionary forces to Syria other than few advisers. Meanwhile, there are reports that Iraqi Shia are volunteering in droves to fight in Syria.

The biggest help to Assad is the Hezbollah group from Lebanon. Hezbollah are Shia and they are the No 1 urban warfare expert in the world. They are fighting along side with Alawite regulars and this has raise the standards of Assad's army.

Two months ago 80% chances USA will send in ground troops to help Al Qaeda overthrowing Assad. Now, the west will not help 

As Assad gain upper ground in the civil war, USA looks increasingly concern for his Al Qaeda militia. Western media start spinning Assad is using chemical weapon. The prospect of USA invading Syria or at the very least, flying sorties to bomb Assad looks very real.

Then Sunni Chechens terrorist whom USA imported from Russia bombed Boston. These Chechen terrorists do not give a damn that USA give them a life. They hated USA despite that USA is supporting Chechen against Russia, supporting Al Qaeda and supporting Sunni Arab Syrian rebels.

Since then, I know USA will not help.

Another important factor is Syrian rebel was alleged using chemical weapons. Sunni cells in Turkey and Iraq were caught with chemical weapons. It send chill down the spine of Israel. Assad even though possess chemical weapon has never use it on Israel. If Al Qaeda seize power in Syria, soon sarin could rain on Tel Aviv.

Al Qaeda gaining chemical weapon capability cast a specter of using it in western population center. Considering that Al Qaeda is becoming ever more lethal, the west would probably prefer to see them being decimated by the Shia.

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Yellow people in India Part 1: Tibetan of Ladakh

Yellow people in India have been subjected to the worst form of discrimination by the Hindic people. Rape and indiscriminate killings are regime in the North East. In addition daily insults, calling yellow people using derogative slur such as "chinki" a way of life for Hindic people.  

The atrocious high caste Indians impose racism and caste system on all others. The status of yellow people in India is a little higher than dalits, which is in turn lower than animals.

Hindic people has immense hatred against yellow people in India. Their hatred stem mainly from India's disgraceful invasion of Tibet against China in 1962, and her corresponding big humiliating defeated given by brave Chinese. 

Indian vented their anger on yellow people. The yellow people in India are Sino-Tibetans, who are brothers of Chinese. 



Ladakh in India

The Buddhist Majority area is in the Leh and Zanskar area in darker brown and light brown respectively. They are Tibetan. 

The geographic Ladakh region includes the Leh and Kargil division. The Tibetan Buddhist majority area are Leh division and Zanskar sub-division, which is part of Kargil division.

The Tibetan in Leh and Zanskar totals about 120,000. They speaks the Ladakhi dialect of Tibetan language and it has low intelligibility with standard Tibetan spoken in Lhasa.

Ladakh and environ is the frontier state of Sino-Tibetan people and Aryan. For the past 200 years, it became the frontier state of Buddhist, Hindus and Islam religion and its a powder keg. The ancient Buddhist frontier has retreated 600-700 km from Afghan as Islamization progress. Just couple of tenth kilometer away saw Indian fighting Pakistani sponsored insurgencies.

Many Tibetan are Islamized and they are mostly referred to as Balti. Tibetan Buddhist in Ladakh region are referred to as "Ladakhi" or Balti instead of Tibetan. Eventually Tibetan in India will acquire the "Ladakhi race" given to them by Indians. In China, almost all Tibetic dialect speakers are classified as Tibetan.

In wikipedia (English version are susceptible to Indians' vandalism) and many Indian books, the civil war between Lhasa and Ladakh are depict as "invasion" of Tibet against "Ladakh people", to fan hate and division among Tibetan people. Lhasa and Qing's expedition responding to calls from Ladakh people to free them from Indians are depict as "invasion" in Indians' work.

Dalai Lama looks the other way and keep quiet.

Ladakh invaded by Dogra and Sikh

The reality is Ladakh has always been the vassal states of Lhasa. Since 1683, Ladakh paid tribute to Lhasa, and need to heed advice of Qing dynasty representative. In 1834 and 1840, Ladakh was invaded by Dogra, an Hindic people and Sikh forces. This is the so call Sino-Sikh war. (Go and wikipedia and see their mis-information beautifying Indian invader)

Ladakh sought help from Lhasa but then, Ladakh is too far from China proper. Today Ladakh to Beijing is 3500 km on air and to Lhasa is around 700 km. Travelling on road could be double the distance and that requires hiking across Tibetan plateau and Kunlun mountains. That time, China's Qing dynasty is going down hill and she could not help.

In 1841, Dogra invaded Tibet and reached Ali. But now Chinese and Tibetan managed to rally and army and defeated Dogra near Lake Manasarovar. The Chinese Tibetan forces set out to free Ladakh from Dogra invaders, but they are overstretched. They failed in their mission and Ladakh become part of Hindic land since. [see this in Chinese]

Crisis of Ladakhi Tibetan Buddhist today

Ladakh people being isolated and heeded Dalai Lama advise not to give trouble to Indians are unfortunately having existence crisis.

Being inside Jammu and Kashmir state which has a predominantly large Muslim population, Tibetan Buddhist are losing the cultural war due to conversion and the inherent low birthrate of Tibetan culture.

The Tibetan practice fraternal polyandry (one wife shared by brothers) while their Muslim neighbors practice polygamy. Many spared Tibetan woman (woman has low prospect of marrying in Tibetan culture) married Muslim. The Muslim controlled the state apparatus and it is very difficult for anyone to convert out of Islam once you get in. Evidence also indicate that Muslim are favored in employment and civil service.

The Buddhist population is getting lower and lower and if Tibetan Buddhist continues their way of polyandry, they will go the way of dodo. The right thing to do is for Tibetan leaders to break their polyandry way and go for monogamy. Dalai Lama need to speak up. And its already quite late now. Many Tibetan already converted to Islam and call their land Baltistan.

By being reactionary, Tibetan can only go the way of extinction. Eventually no one will heed Dalai Lama as there will be no Tibetan Buddhist left.

Only China can save Tibet people

In China, most young Tibetan are well educated and are already monogamy. There are 5.4 millions of Tibetan in China and its far too little. Their polyandry way bring them to extinction only. Today the Tibetan of China is the most well educated and enjoy highest standards of living, in the whole world. However, China must still do more to promote Tibet culture.

I think its a good idea to bring up all Han-Tibetan mix blooded people, in Tibetan language and culture, sanitized of many of the excessive superstitious, including getting rid of polyandry.

Ladakhi Tibetan numerals

Ladakhi Tibetan numerals is incredibly similar to Min Nan (Hokkien) Chinese from one to five. The 9 in literal Min Nan is "kyu".

(chik )
(nyis )
(sum )
(jzhe )
(nghra )
(tuk )
(dun )
(gyat )
(gyu )
        (chu )

A very touching documentary. Its about a woman in Zanskar becoming a nun and her friend being married to a stranger. Deep down I am very Buddhist


Leh, Changspa village [source]

Ladakhi girl dancing [source]

Beautiful Nubra Valley, Leh. [source]
Beautiful Nubra Valley, Leh. [source]
Beautiful Nubra Valley, Leh. [source]

Girl in Nubra Valley, Leh. She is very beautiful [source]



Girls in Zanskar [Source]

Beautiful Zanskar Valley [Source]

Beautiful Zanskar Valley [Source]

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The truth of Sino-Indian 2013 Ladakh standoff Part 2: The self victimization of Indians and their lies

Part 1 [See this]

Around the end of April, India's large national newspaper continued to be jingoistic. While small regional newspaper were also bashing China in Ladakh event 99% of the time, contrary opinion began to trickle out. The above map is from India Telegraph, a small newspaper based in Kolkata. The map give people a hint what is going on even though it is still very bias in favor of India. The incidence in Depsang is explained as below.

China and India frontier guards have been patrolling until their perception of LAC. Both are able to move in and out freely. However Chinese pitching of tents within a certain distance of the China's percepted LAC violates in 15th April 2013 violated an 1993 agreement. Hence, the problem is not about China's intrusion as Chinese regular patrol has gone much further into India's percepted LAC. The problem is China's tent pitching. Hence, India's accusation of China's 19 km intrusion is bullshit.

But why is China doing so? The Telegrah did not explain, making China look very bad.

India's Forward Policy

Before moving on, lets listen to an old story.

Since India's independence in 1947, she wanted to conquer a large part of Tibet. She has been until today, illegally occupying China's South Tibet, which largely correspond to Arunachal Pradesh today. The demarcation of South Tibet and Tibet proper is the so called illegal McMahon line, that Chinese never signed. The Indian president Nehru went further than that. He invented the "Forward Policy" to aiming to conquer a large part of Tibet.

Under the guidance of Forward Policy in 1961, Indian soldiers began setting up outpost, slowly progressing into China's territory, even way beyond McMahon line while Chinese restrained in taking any actions. There were eventually 60 such outposts, including 43 north of the McMahon Line. Indian soldiers viewed China's restrain as coward. Indian soldiers started to believed they have a lot of guts and provoked Chinese further and further, to the point of firing at Chinese. Indians scored victories over victories and built more and more outpost in the soil of China. China kept on withdrawing and India was conquering more and more Chinese land. Nehru was ecstatic.

Eventually China had enough and retaliated big time in 20th October 1962. To make things short, India solders proved to be a big coward and laughingstock. India lost the war miserably. Nehru was so heart-broken that he went Nirvana in 1.5 years.

In a typical Indian way, Indian media and academic accuse China of invading India, like the most shameless liar and rascal. That is despite that China withdrew 20 kilometres behind the line of actual control which existed between China and India on 7 November 1959, immediately after reaching Assam plains during the war.

China is a peaceful country. She just wanted teach India a lesson. Else India will never cease of invading China like the most dirty gadfly. China could have taken the whole South Tibet or on the very least Tawang, but she didn't.

The Chinese PLA showing courage and sacrificing themselves for the peace of humanity and against imperialism. Because of their sacrifice, people do not have to live under rascals who impose caste system and slavery. This picture of unconfirmed sources appear on many post and news report on 1962 Sino-Indian war.

India's Neo Forward Policy 2013

China's recent tent pitching in Depsang plains was driven by Indian Army's activities in Chumar Area, around 175km south of Depsang. This is exactly the same as Nehru's "Forward Policy". Taking advantage of China's recent tension in South China Sea, Indian creep forward building permanent bunkers in Chumar Area, an violation of Sino-Indian agreement. Below is by NDTV.

India began constructing seven bunkers in Chumar, which is also considered disputed territory, in April this year. The Chinese reportedly objected as a 2005 border protocol agreement between the two sides allow neither to construct any permanent structure. India has already reportedly constructed one bunker.

The Chinese, sources said, had also objected to aggressive patrolling by the Indian Army which is believed to have cut off the access routes of the Chinese patrols in this sector.

In addition, while both side were able to patrol of their respective perceived LAC previously, India's aggressive patrolling is tantamount of depriving China's access to its own perceived LAC. This probably occurred not only in Depsang or Chumar, but all across the Sino-Indian border. In another words, aggressive patrolling and bunker building amounts to territorial gain for India on China's expense, if it is not arrested.

India's rogue army

Also Mumbai DNA with 2.6 million of circulation published the article below.

The army had built bunkers and started undertaking aggressive border patrolling in Chumar in early April, according to highly placed sources. This had prompted China to play it off in Daulat Beg Oldi sector in the north of Chumar by undertaking a 19 kilometers incursion inside the Indian territory and pitching tents in Rakinala.

Top sources revealed that the high-level China Study Group (CSG) — consisting of national security advisor Shiv Shankar Menon, cabinet secretary Ajit Seth, defence secretary Shashikant Sharma, home secretary RK Singh and top heads of the central security agencies — took a very dim view of the army giving an inaccurate picture of its manoeuvres in Chumar.

When the CSG sat down to take stock of the Chinese incursion on April 15, the army had apparently said that it had only set up some makeshift shelters in Chumar sector to take care of its troops in times of need. 

Within the next couple of days, the CSG gathered evidence about the army’s actual position from independent sources and confirmed it with the agencies. The information proved that the army had given inaccurate information and was building bunkers that were not in line with the 2005 Border Patrol protocol singed by the two countries. On being asked by dna, the army denied having undertaken construction of any bunkers or intensifying patrolling in Chumar sector.

The leaks look quite probable. I conclude this given that during the Ladakh standoff, the civilian government tries to downplay the scenario, while military connected personnel keep feeding the media with hate against China.

It seems that this time, India's civilian government has lost its control of the army.

China did not incurred

As mentioned above, in Depsang plains, China was pitching tents within her perceived LAC, where she has been doing routine patrolling. Tent pitching violates Sino-Indian agreement, but no way China has incurred into India. And the 19km China deep incursion of Chinese claimed by Indian media is a wild exaggeration based on India's delusional perceived LAC.

The accusation of few hundreds kilometer of Chinese incursion in Chumar is even crazier. Chumar is 6 km from India's perceived LAC. An incursion of 250 km from here deep into India, will reach Shimla, capital of Himachal Pradesh and Leh, seat of Ladakh, depending on direction. This is a complete lie.

Chumar is marked A

Indians being brainwashed to hate China

In the whole Ladakh standoff scenario, I cannot find any valuable information on Chinese media. The Chinese government keep quiet and refrained from sensationalization. Meanwhile, India the aggressor feign victim. Everyday, I got choked with mad Indian media. The civilian government did tried to leak the actual ground situation, but it was too little. Instead of giving a coherent full picture, bits and pieces were scattered among China bashing articles.

Indians got more and more orgasm bashing against China and many online forum urge government to fight and accused the civilian government of being traitor.

The outcome

India agreed to destroy Chumar bunkers in exchange for China de-camping. China scored a big victory. This is a epic battle of truth against lies and good against evil.


In all serious forums and chat room where many intelligent people traded information, India has already been indicted as the aggressor and culprit. The people can be deceived but not scholars who did their research. China, being a benevolent power has shown restrain and rationality and that has improved her image among many online community. India on the other hand got discredited and mocked in many of the chat room.

China is a peaceful nation with no ambition for India's territory. China could have taken Leh in 1962 but she didn't. China is good. India never forget to invade China. Nevertheless every Chinese intellects (the peasants are not informed) are concerned about people of Ladakh and Zanskar. They are discriminated and they are now subjected to cultural genocide, with Dalai Lama, watching the other way and sucks up India. Look at the picture below you will know why. I will blog on Ladakh issue if I am free.

Zanskar people [Source]

Ladakh people [Source]

Leh [Source]

Leh [source]

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The truth of Sino-Indian 2013 Ladakh standoff Part 1: The unholy western and India alliance against China

These days, China get bash even if India is at the wrong

On April 2013, India media went frenzy accusing China of incursion. The western media follow suite, even for very respectable magazine such as Economist. Below is an except from economist. It refers to Indian's alleged Chinese incursion of Depsang plains in Aksai Chin.

India accuses its neighbour to the north-east of sending troops some 19km past a line of actual control (LAC), in the Despang (wrong spelling) area of Ladakh, a part of Jammu & Kashmir state that is wedged between Tibet proper and the vale of Kashmir. They have reportedly been there for more than two weeks. Now a small number of Indian soldiers have set up camp within a stone’s throw of their Chinese counterparts. Though there is no sign yet of escalation—and would seem to be little prospect of it—nor have the sides found a way to walk back.


It has been widely noted that leaks about the incursion came from India’s defence forces, while its diplomats appeared to try to hush it all up. One reliably hawkish Indian commentator, Brahma Chellaney, lashes out at India’s mild-mannered leaders as being unable to speak up themselves with any strength. Hawks, by and large, want India to retaliate by making remarks about China’s behaviour inside Tibet, essentially raising questions about the legitimacy of Chinese rule there. By contrast the prime minister, Manmohan Singh, and his foreign minister, Salman Khurshid, are playing down the dispute in Ladakh (and stay entirely mum on Tibet). Mr Khurshid has compared the Chinese incursion to a pimple on an otherwise unblemished face.

A related but subtler response sees the current confrontation as being only partly about India’s relative weakness and partly as a Chinese reaction to India’s trying (even if in a limited way) to assert itself. One military analyst, Ajai Shukla, sees China behaving just as it did during two previous episodes of tension on the border, when India pushed forward. First in the 1950s, then again in the 1980s, India attempted to increase its military capacity along the disputed border. China reacted the first time by invading, which resulted in a brief border war in 1962 and the humiliation of India, as well as the destruction of what had been cordial relations. That war also cost China: marking it out as an aggressive power on the rise. The second time, in the 1980s, a confrontation on the border led eventually to a visit to China by Rajiv Gandhi, then India’s prime minister—and an improvement in ties.

This time around, says Mr Shukla,

China has clearly signalled its discomfort with India’s troop build-up, submitting a draft proposal for a freeze on troop levels that will solidify and make permanent India’s disadvantage along the LAC.
He argues that India should respond by offering to keep talking; refusing such a freeze; and getting on meanwhile with building roads and other military infrastructure, as fast as it can.

It is hard, in fact, to see what China actually hopes to achieve with the incursion. Its foreign-ministry spokesmen continue to deny any wrongdoing. They deny, too, accusations that Chinese helicopters crossed into Indian-controlled airspace in an attempt to resupply their soldiers.

Indian Newspaper fanning hate

Times of India, the largest English newspaper in the planet has been very busy spinning hate against China. Below is an except of an article with the title "Now, Chinese choppers enter several hundred kilometres inside India".

I am a frequent reader of Indian newspaper and Indo-Pak forum. These days, Indian reporting has far worse record of credibility compared to newspapers from Muslim countries. Among Muslim countries, there is at least an Al Jazeera which is very credible.

As the intruding Chinese soldiers refuse to budge from their occupied position in Daulat Beg Oldi(DBO) sector in Ladakh, two Chinese military helicopters have violated Indian airspace at Chumar, several hundred kilometres southeast of Leh, adding to the prevailing tension. The Chinese choppers entered the Indian airspace on April 21 and hovered over the area for quite sometime and returned after dropping some food cans, cigarette packets and notes written in their local language, official sources said today.

Indians are mentioning about 2 cases of Chinese"incursion"

First : India's accusation of 19 km incursion on Depsang plains by Chinese Army. Below is from google map. You can get to Depsang plains by entering "Depsang La, Leh, Jammu and Kashmir 194401" in google map. As you can see the LAC (line of actual control) cuts Depsang plains into half. Even if Chinese army incur to the maximum limit of Indian side of Depsang plains, it would be just an incursion of 5km. And Chinese army is very likely to camp within China side of Depsang plain.

Chinese army should be camping within the yellow circled area, as on the picture above, the tent rest on pretty flat land. This place is the so called Depsang plain. The next nearest plain on India side is more than 40 km away. In between, there are only mountain ridges.

Second: Chinese incursion of "several hundred kilometer inside India" in Chumar. You can get Chumar location by using google map and enter "leh Chumar". The Indian Chumar area is where roads built by Indians is terminated. It is around 3 km from Chinese line of percepted LAC. It is around 6 km from India's percepted  LAC(Indian's percepted border could be anywhere hundreds of km inside Tibet). An "Chinese incursion" of, for example 250 km (several hundreds) from LAC near Chumar will be tantamount of reaching Leh (seat of Ladakh) or Shimla (capital of Himachal Pradesh).

While all Indian press are still cooking hate against China, all military forums in the world, other than those run by Indians have already indicted India as a liar, victim feigner, and rascal. India media's credibility is in ruin. The western media are still hostile against China. Nevertheless, Chinese has earn the respect of many non Indian military pundits. You can bluff the people by feeding them mis-information on MSM but you cannot bluff extremely smart individuals. India now appears as a clown,

Next : I will discuss in detail what actually happened [See this]

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Blond people in China Part 4: Blond in China and her neighbors

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For this postings. most images drawn from people outside China. Nevertheless these tribes have larger number of them living in China. The reason for doing so is, these minority tribes residing in China have over-married the Han Chinese. Hence it is very rare for them to be blond. 


The Hmong are called Miao in Chinese. They live primarily in southern China, in the provinces of Guizhou, Hunan, Yunnan, Sichuan, Guangxi, Hainan, Guangdong, and Hubei. Some members of the Miao sub-groups, most notably Hmong people, have migrated out of China into Southeast Asia (northern Vietnam, Laos, Burma (Myanmar) and Thailand). Following the communist takeover of Laos in 1975, a large group of Hmong refugees resettled in several Western nations, such as the United States, France, Australia, and elsewhere. Their demographics are as below.

China: 9.6 millions
Vietnam: 787,604 (1999)
Laos: 460,000 (2005)
France: 13,000 (including 3,000 in French Guiana)
United States: 209,866 (2006)[1]
Thailand: 151,080 (2002)

According to Chinese legend, the Miao who descended from the Jiuli tribe led by Chiyou (Chinese: 蚩尤 pinyin: Chīyóu) were defeated at the Battle of Zhuolu (Chinese: 涿鹿 pinyin: Zhuōlù, a defunct prefecture on the border of present provinces of Hebei and Liaoning) by the military coalition of Huang Di (Chinese: 黃帝 pinyin: Huángdì) and Yan Di, leaders of the Huaxia (Chinese: 華夏 pinyin: Huáxià) tribe as the two tribes struggled for supremacy of the Yellow River valley.

Hmong original homeland. 

The Chinese have a lot of Hmong blood.

It is rare to find blond Hmong people in China as they inter mixed with Han Chinese. The blond Hmong people are found mostly in isolated hill areas of South East Asia. Nevertheless, most Hmong have black hair.

The Hmong languages are deemed as a language group by itself by western linguist. Chinese linguist classified them under Sino-Tibetan. Numbers 1-10 in Hmong as below

Numbers 1 – 10 in Hmong

1. ib
2. ob
3. peb
4. nplaub
5. ntsib she
6. rau
7. xya
8. yim
9. cuaj
10. nkaum

Beautiful Black Hmong girl in North West Vietnam [Source]


The Hmong support themselves with their small vegetable gardens here along various rivers in the forestry nearby Vang Vieng, Vietnam [Source]





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The demographics of Mongols are as below.
China 7,059,000
Mongolia 3,180,000

There are more mongols in China than Mongolia. The Mongols in China are assimilated and mixed with Han Chinese, it is very rare for them to have blond hair. Blond mongols is also rare in outer Mongolia, but there still more prevalent compared to China.

The Mongols speak an Altaic language. They are a distinct language group compare with Sino-Tibetan spoken by the Han Chinese. The Mongolian numbers as below.

1  - neg
2  - hoyor
3  - guraw
4  - doruw
5  - tav
6  - zurgaa
7  - doloo
8  - naym
9  - yes
10 - araw

Blue eyes Mongol [Source]