Sunday, May 19, 2013

Syrian Rebel eats heart

Very graphic video

The man is identified as Abu Sakkar, a leader of Syrian Rebels. The Syrian Rebels are Sunni Muslims, and Sunni groups like Al-Qaeda supported by USA, UK, Saudi and Qatar. The are fighting the government led by Bashar Al-Assad, who is an Alawite, an off-shoot of Shia Islam.

While Abu Sakkar is cutting open the soldier’s liver, the person filming says, “God Bless you, Abu Sakkar, you look like you are drawing [carving] a heart of love on him.”

After he cuts out the corpse’s liver and heart, he is filmed holding the organs in his hands and speaks into the camera: "I swear to God we will eat your hearts and your livers, you soldiers of Bashar the dog." Off-screen cheers shouting "Allahu akbar (God is great)" can be heard in the background.

Past few months, Bashar Al-Assad seems to have won the PR war in internet, whereby leaks of atrocities of "freedom fighters" are posted on Youtube. The rebels, or so call the FSA (Free Syrian Army) have shown to execute POWs on several clips.

To provide balance reporting, most casualties of Syrian civil wars are Sunni as FSA took cover in Sunni quarters and the government does not hesitate to use indiscriminate artillery fire.

Nevertheless, recently the government has at least bothered to drop pamphlets giving safety passage to civilians, request them to flee and giving them few days to do so, before shelling starts.

The FSA's most effective fighting force are Al-Qaeda, and video clips on youtube has given people impressions that they are wicked nuts.

Syrian civil war has again exposed that the Sunni-Shia conflict could be much more serious than that between Muslim states and Israel.


Anonymous said...

Why is Iranian backed Bashar killing his own Sunni people? Bashar has lost his way (like PAP?)
Why is Iranian backed Hezbollah in Syria now? Israelis warplanes strike targets in Syria.
Veritas - Syrian civil war has again exposed that the Sunni-Shia conflict could be much more serious than that between Muslim states and Israel.

Armageddon is coming. The Jews are preparing Palestine for their Messiah - the Anti-Christ to the Muslims and Christians. Christian America is abetting. That is the NWO that Bush n his allies been aiming for with the Anti-Christ as the leader. Prophet Jesus will come and kill the Anti-Christ. Jesus will then lead the world, ruling justly as ordered by Allah the Almighty.
But seriously, will we still be around till then?

Let each of us strive for our own Armageddons and be good and just to our fellow human being.

Veritas said...

Bashar is bad, but he has the support of all minorities except Sunni Arabs.

The Alawite
The Twelvers Shia support him.
The Druze support him.
The Christian support him.
Even the Sunni Kurds support him.

The reason is Bashar Al-Assad is a secular leader that protects minorities.

Under him, Syrian can change religion, and Al Assad actually give money to build church and places of worship for Druze, despite he himself is Shia.

If the Sunni Arab and Al Qaeda come to power, Syrian minorities will be under Sharia, and they will get bigger shit.

Right now, most minorities other than Alawites and Arab Sunni have not been participating the civil war.

But as Assad is winning now according to my research, he is going to get all non Sunni Arab minorities rally around him.

Anonymous said...

The fact theres other besides Sunni for hundreds of years means no quarrel with other believes. Theres a statement in Quran - Theres no compulsion in religion.
For years there has never been any major demos/uprising against father and son.
Its obvious the Illuminatis are striking towards their goals and Islam with Sunnis as majority are a threat to them. The ultimate will be Palestine. That NWO is being realised with the Anti-Christ as god head.

Veritas said...

I have no evidence about Illuminati yet.

I have been Syria. The best people in the world is

1) Syria
2) Georgian

While Bashar Al Assad is no good, I still have a soft spot for him, and personally believe he used to be a good man. He wanted nothing of politics and was not even the chosen heir, until his brother died.

He was a doctor, humbly treating patients, not even in combat unit or crooked business.

Then brother died, he was chosen to lead. He is now fighting Al-Qaeda supported by USA. Al Qaeda wanted Sharia for all Syrian.

The Christian, Druze, Kurds, Alawite, Twelver Shia all counted on him, and support Al Assad because the alternative Al Qaeda is more shit.

Assad no matter how bad is more secular than UMNO. In Assad regime you can apostasy, not under UMNO.

He protects the minorities.

When I was in Syria, I sense that minorities really supported Assad.

Anonymous said...

Didn't u know that 74% Syrians are Sunnis.
Its not a sects war though it made to look that way.They've been living in harmony hundred of years. Good you've been there, so u know wat I'm talking abt.
Illuminatti is a modern term. I used to laugh at friends subscribing to those beliefs till I did some readings on internet post 9/11.
Oh yeah, it is so obvious now for Armageddon. God graces for the fighters of truth and hellfire for the armies of Anti-Christ.

Veritas said...

Around 60% Sunni Arabs against 40% of Alawite, Sunni Kurd, Twelver Shia, Druze, Christian.

The Sunni Kurd are now neutral will a little bias towards Bashar Al Assad. The western media spread lies saying Kurd are fighting against Assad. Thats not true.

Because I get many reports and news that Kurds are fighting FSA.

The Kurds are PYD an offshoot of PKK.

Recently PKK withdraw its armed wing from Turkey, and they are now given Syrian citizenship.

They are now taking control of Syrian Kurdistan. While they may not like Assad too much, but they hate Al-Qaeda and Turkey. I believe eventually Syrian Kurd could make a deal with Assad, and fix FSA.

Veritas said...

SYRIA is one of my favorite country. MANY PEOPLE DO NOT KNOW SYRIANS ARE THE BEST ARABS IN THE WORLD. I have been Syria 2 times.

They are noble, moral, hospitable...etc They are VERY VERY VERY GOOD.

KNN, now Syria is destroyed.

Anonymous said...

Do you notice the phenomenon : wherever there's mayhem there's America.
No need to give any example. Oh maybe Africa is the exception cause no oil and no resistance.

Veritas said...

Last time USA still good, now it is not very good.

Any place with USA embassy will have lots of CIA and trouble.

Also I pity the Sunni Muslim Arabs sometimes. They could be great people. Their elites like Al Saud family and Gulf states sold them out. Their elites support USA.

The USD is call petrodollar not for nothing. The USA hegemony is back up by Sunni oil states by making USA fungible with oil, and this is the basis of wall street financial engineering, and impoverishment of many Arabs, other than oil states.

In Africa, western people give trouble also. They have metals like copper, gold, cobalt, diamonds...etc.

Though Sunni sheikh collude with USA, that does not mean they dont hate USA. Thats y you see funny thing like USA supporting Al Qaeda, meanwhile Al Qaeda bite USA whenever there is any chance.

Veritas said...

The only country now really against USA is Iran. Her people got shit big time despite Iran is a oil rich country.

I been Iran. They told me in Palavi Shah time, they are rich, now they are poor.

China now play another game with USA. Chinese elites are shipping goods to USA in exchange for worthless fiat USD, just like what the oil state does.

But China has a clever plan. But doing free job for USA, China got USA strip down its production and ship it to China. Eventually China will get all know how, and production.

Veritas said...

Many Sunni Muslim failed to see deeper connections between Al Qaeda and USA, as well as dynamic between different Arab states.

USA use Al Qaeda to disturb in Afghan against Othodox Christian then represented by USSR.

USA use Al Qaeda to disturb Russia in Chechenya.

Today USA use Al Qaeda to disturb Syria.

And many people do not know Saddam Hussein is secular and hate Al Qaeda.

Assad is more secular than UMNO and hate Al Qaeda.

Iran hate Al Qaeda.

Saudi and Gulf state elite provide leadership for Al Qaeda.

Osama Bin Laden is the elite of Saudi Bin Laden family, today still the richest family in Saudi other than Royal Al Saud.

Islamic brotherhood hate Wahhabi and despise Al Qaeda.

All these are truth and are nuance differences that one need to know if one really want to understand politics in middle east.

Sometimes when I write, people will think I am extremist. People are brainwash by MSM. But I really cant help to write in a way that really offend people who did not read enough.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Veritas said...

I have been Syria.
When I was in Syria, I sense that minorities really supported Assad.
I have been Syria 2 times.
I been Iran.

Hey Veritas,
I am impressed that you so well travelled.

What other countries will you be visiting?

Veritas said...

No point counting places like Europe. Exotic countries I been are Iran, India, Pakistan, Turkey, Syria, Egypt, Jordan, Georgia, Armenia, Israel, China Tibet, China Xinjiang

Open my eyes.

I encourage young Singaporeans to go.

Anonymous said...

Veritas said...

No point counting places like Europe. Exotic countries I been are Iran, India, Pakistan, Turkey, Syria, Egypt, Jordan, Georgia, Armenia, Israel, China Tibet, China Xinjiang

Wow! Impressive!
Must cost a lot of money and time. How do you afford to go to all of these places?

Can't use Singapore passport from some of these countries. Which passport did you use?

Veritas said...

I am using Singapore passport. Singapore passport is one of the best in the whole world.

I got my visa along the way. I want to go Syria, I got a syrian visa in Armenia. I got a Georgian visa in Ankara.

I got a Iran visa in Istanbul....etc

You do not need a lot of money to travel if you stay away from Europe, USA, OZ, Japan...etc

I was spending USD5 in Pakistan, Syria...etc including hotel. Now SGD value drop, things are more expensive.

Veritas said...

This is the website for Singaporean visa requirement