Friday, May 31, 2013

Syrian rebels caught with sarin

I am an ardent follower in reading updates of Syrian civil war. I do not like Bashar Al-Assad, but the alternative "freedom" fighters supported by USA are much worse. The freedom fighters are Sunni Islam Al Qaeda terrorist. USA has always been supporting Al-Qaeda. The rebels called themselves Free Syrian Army (FSA).

The Assad government is mostly Alawite, an Shia offshoot.

The Clowns of USA

USA Senator John McCain meeting Syrian Terrorist in Syria [source]
Few months back, USA keep accusing Assad gassing its people. The clowns who make false accusations against Assad are

Obama, President
Chuck Hagel, US defence secretary
John McCain, Senator 
John Kerry, Secretary of State
Dick Durbin, Senator
Dianne Feinstein, Senator

Again USA is lying. By telling the whole world Assad is using chemical weapon, USA will be able to invade Syria. In fact, USA military intervention is almost a certainty. China and Russia's strong opposition is something that hold USA back.

In reality, it was the rebel who use chemical weapon. UN commission of inquiry's head, Carla Del Ponte said Rebel used sarin gas. In addition, in numerous videos and leaks on internet, have featured personalities allegedly the rebels gassing animals, and also civilians accusing the rebels of using chemical weapons.

Bad karma hits Turkey

Turkey is an enthusiastic supporter of rebel, acting as a conduit for arm. Turkey is Sunni Muslim country. A news just came out that Turkish security forces found a 2kg cylinder with sarin gas after searching the homes of Syrian militants from the Al-Qaeda linked Al-Nusra Front who were previously detained. Until now when I have finished this writing, this news has largely been hush up by western media. Western media may downplay it with help of Turkey or they may simply lie.

While secular Turkey is giving trouble to secular Assad, Turkey is shooting itself at its leg. The Al Qaeda Islamist hates secular Turkey not much less than Assad. After finishing off with Assad, Turkey could be the next target. Al Qaeda may let go a few gas in Istanbul or Ankara.

Sunni Terrorist giving more terror than ever

USA supported Al Qaeda in many cases. Al Qaeda's master is USA. They are funded and trained by CIA and thrown into Afghanistan against USSR. Later, Al Qaeda is used by USA to sabotage Yugoslavia, against Serbia and next, in Kosovo. After that, USA sent Al Qaeda to Chechnya to sabotage Russia. And finally USA is helping terrorist Al Qaeda now in kicking Assad.

Al Qaeda is a tool for USA. but that does not mean they do not hate USA. They bombed USA in 911 event.

I do not have good opinion about Sunni Islamist. I have studied Sunni insurgence operations and they do not merit any respect. The major reason is Sunni group engage in too much indiscriminate killings.

Hezbollah militia. 

I have no problem with Shia groups like Hezbollah that USA loath. Hezbollah is very much discriminate in their operations. They mostly target the USA embassy (aka CIA), or USA military installation in Arab land, which is quite a legitimate target.

Or they fired a few rockets into Israel, never mind it hits civilian. But this to me look more like military tit for tat. Since the death of Ayatollah Khomeini 24 years ago, I cannot remember any Shia group engaging terrorist activities in foreign land. Most Islamic terrorist groups are of Sunni confession. I conclude the world is able to cut a deal with Shia.

The Sunni group sinks lower and lower. Before they are using bombs. Today Sunni groups are using chemical weapon. Sunni groups seems to have master the art of chemical weapon in Syrian civil war due to the sponsor of USA. In the future, probably one or two may go off in New York. USA will taste the fruits that she sowed.

Israel is big loser if Assad goes

The Jews control the USA. They hate Assad and want to see him go. But Assad has proven to be someone who is rational. Even though Assad hates Israel, he has never use chemical weapon on Israel.

If FSA and their Al Qaeda friends comes to power, sarin will be rained upon Israel. And right now, as I am reading newspapers from Israel online, I am starting to see more and more wise Israelis speaking up in support of Assad.

USA trying to accuse Assad of using chemical weapons. First, western media lie in lock step. Next USA will invade. But there is more and more evidence that the rebel (CIA sponsored Al Qaeda)  are the culprit of using weapon of mass destruction. There is very little credibility left of western media.


Anonymous said...

Veritas said
The Jews control the USA.

Show me the evidence.

Veritas said...

See The Israel Lobby," by John J. Mearsheimer of the University of Chicago and Stephen M. Walt of Harvard's John F. Kennedy School of Government

In fact USA would be better by letting Arab conquer Israel, a place as big as car park.

Helping Israeli serve no interest other than making all Muslim hate USA.

Israel cannot offer anything in return. Arab have oil and have lots of geopolitical influence and have 200,000,000 people. And total Muslim is 1.6 billion.

The only logical explanation of why USA help Israel against all Muslim is Jews controlled USA.