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Blond people in China Part 3: Aryan in China

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Uyghur (Turks) are not the the only local in Xinjiang. Before the Tang dynasty, Xinjiang was dominated by the Aryan kingdoms. Historical records show that numerous small kingdoms in Xinjiang. Though the racial compositions of these people is still obscure, most believe that they consisted of Turk and Sino-Tibetic kingdoms, while the majority are Aryan kingdoms.

Aryan Migration

Aryans in Xinjiang

The Aryans speak Indo-European languages. The big Aryan tribes today are German, French, English, Iranian, North Indians, Russians...etc. Many Aryans are blond and blue eye people. The Aryan homeland is at Southern Russia. From there they migrate all over Eurasia.

 Today, there are still Aryan in Xinjiang. They are mainly found in Tashkurgan county. They are the Tajik people, speaking the Persian languages (Iranian). They are mutually intelligible with modern Persian to a very large degree. In fact, Tajik is an artificial invention. Tajik race is Persian race. 

Other than that, archaeologist has discovered another Aryan tribe in Xinjiang. They are the Tocharian. Tocharian is believe to be the eastern most Aryan tribe to be discovered. The Tocharian languages are extinct today. There are linguist who believe that Tocharian is close to Celtic. The Celtic are the western most Aryan. Today, the Scots, Wales and Irish are Celts.

In fact, many people hypothesized that Aryan could have reached Northern China. The Chinese history books recorded numerous tribes whose racial composition are unknown today. Modern genetic theory shown that Northern Chinese and European have smaller genetic distance compared to Southern Chinese vs European.

The ascendancy of Turkic languages in Xinjiang
The supremacy of Turkic languages in Xinjiang occurred quite late in history, around the time of Tang Dynasty in China. The Turks conquered the Aryan land and assimilate the Aryans. The proto Turkic people is a mongoloid people. The acquired the caucasoid feature after mixing with the Aryan. 

In fact Uyghur domination is often interrupted. At mid 18th century, Xinjiang is still under the Zunghar Khanate, of the Buddhist and Mongol people. The Qing Empire got hold of Xinjiang after defeating Zunghar Khanate.

Tajik in Xinjiang

There are 41,000 Tajik in Xinjiang, mainly in Tashkurgan county. They are Shia Muslim.

Blue eyes [Source]

Blue eyes [Source]







bond said...

Everyone came from the same ancestor - Adam and Eve. People should live in harmony with each other and not be brainwashed by some elites to fight for religion or race.

Veritas said...

Yes, I hate racism. But we also must not be naive. We must be aware that certain race are not civilization builders and they will destroy civilization. An example is black...etc. An city with 40% of black will see lots of criminals, windows got smash, vandalism everywhere.

Also there are some race who will create Dalits wherever they go.

I am not proposing any discrimination even towards black. We must advance together. No man is an island. For blacks, I am proposing looking into early intervention to reduce their violent tendency....etc

I see Western and Chinese builder of civilization. Islam has a lot of potential.

bond said...

There is a reason for behaving in a way that is termed 'criminalised'. When the french or chinese fought during the revolution, they were also not displaying any 'civilisation' fit for this age. It probably depends on what you compare to. I think the race that create Dalits everywhere they go need to go for a complete overhaul of their beliefs and thinking. They are too into karma. They think they are the way they are because of past lives not the choices they made this life. Changing the belief system can utimately change the way people behave. Understanding why they behave the way they behaved is the key.

Anonymous said...

BTW, i think those white collars criminals probably cost the society more monies and energy than those few blacks or whatever caused. Poor blacks and muslims people are very discriminated everywhere they go even if those trouble makers of their kind are actually a small number.

Veritas said...

I have think about that. If you follow me close enough, I rank Chinese as 2nd most wicked race.

But overwhelming evidence compel me to put the high caste Indians as the most wicked people in whole universe.

We must not choose to believe in our own lies. We must not believe the BS that ranking high caste indians as wicked is racist. This is supported by evidence.

But over-all I rank Sinitic and Western 2 greatest civilization in the whole world. Sinitic civilization has a lot of strength that we have underlook.

I also hope Islam will not dissappoint me.

The reason I am not so hopeful of Hindic people is all their cognitive elites are corrupt. They seek to exploit people.

Many cognitive elites of Sinitic people are always instrospecting ourselves and we repent. In doing so we redeem ourselves.

In Islam, even though they are quite violent now, we need to look at one important thing. Islamic elites take good care of their people. See how UAE treats their citizen. Malaysia take care of Malay.

In SG, PAP does not take care of people.

Anonymous said...

Senkaku Islands.

The world supports Japan, a democracy, and a civilised nation, unlike the PRC.

The USA supports Japan. International law is also on Japan's side.

Anonymous said...

US Takes Japan's Side On Disputed Territory in East China Sea, Saying Senkaku Islands Fall Under Security Obligations

The U.S. made its position on the East China Sea territorial dispute over the Diaoyu/Senkaku islands very clear this week when U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel met with his Japanese counterpart Itsunori Onodera.

“Don’t be too surprised if the U.S. and Japan go to war with China next year over the uninhabited rocks,” [Hugh] White wrote in his editorial published by the Sydney Morning Herald.

I dare the PRC to try and take these Islands. USA and Japan will teach the PRC a lesson that will last a 100 years.

A war will be bad for anyone who is Chinese, from PRC or overseas.

Anonymous said...

China’s Lie About the Senkaku Islands
Why the Chinese Government Tells a Lie About the Senkaku Islands of Japan

The Senkaku Islands are now uninhabited, but during 1900-1940, about 200 Japanese workers had lived there.

One day, a Chinese ship wrecked nearby, and the Japanese people of the Senkaku Islands saved the Chinese crews.

After that, the Chinese people sent a letter of thanks to the Japanese people. The letter was addressed to “Dear people of the Senkaku Islands, Okinawa, Japan.”

Veritas said...

Whether Okinawa is Japan or is it Ryukyu is questionable.

And how Japan got Ryukyu is good example of gangsterism. Ryukyu now is quite contented with Japan now.

The latent Ryukyu independence movement will be rekindle once Japan economy blow up and China surpase japan in everything,

Then Diaoyutai is no longer a question.

Anonymous said...

Veritas said
...once Japan economy blow up and China
Keep dreaming.
Before that happens,your poisoned milk will kill many Chinese babies.
Your poisoned food will kill many Chinese.
Your corrupt officials will lead to another revolution and the end of the PRC dynasty.

Veritas said...

Keep dreaming.
Before that happens,your poisoned milk will kill many Chinese babies.
Your poisoned food will kill many Chinese.
Your corrupt officials will lead to another revolution and the end of the PRC dynasty.

This is a possibility. I always talk about moral values. The greatness of nation is due to aggregate moral value of its people.

Right now, there is moral deficit in China.

Today India is shit because of shitty wicked high caste Indian. USA is going to get shit because its elite are doing the wrong think.

If China get regain our old ethic, we will have hope.

Anonymous said...

After us spy plane trapped in china and got 2b shipped out iinstead, us military was furious for vengeance. Japan as us ally aware of this seize chance to raise tension and draw in the US. There is hope that some hotshot from the navy start fire but the us govt unlikely to want a clash with the MK cause the real victor is only dark forces in Asia.

Veritas said...

Have everyone wonder why so many China neighbour hostile to China recently?

Under Bush administration things are much peaceful? (initially Bush looking for trouble with China, with a stroke of luck 911 occur and Bush start to wack Islam)

The reason is Obama and his administration understand that the real threat to USA is confucius civilization represented by China, instead of Islam.

Obama is digging hole for China.

The Obama administration are working very hard to steer USA from shitting on Islamic civilization towards shitting on China.

Luckily for China (God forbid), Syria burns. And that take away many pressure from China.