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Blond people in China Part 2: Turkic Tribes

Turkic languages and Tribes

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Turk land spans contiguously from China Xinjiang to European Istanbul. Only Sakha/Yakut is an isolated group in Siberia. The major Turkic languages with the greater number of speakers are

1) South Western Turkic(Oghuz) - includes Turkish, Azerbaijani and Turkmen
2) South Eastern Turikic - includes Uyghur and Uzbek
3) North Western Turkic - includes Kazakh and Kyrgyz
4) North Eastern Turkic (Siberian Turkic) - includes Sakha (Yakut) and Tuvan

The North Eastern branch of Turkic is not mutually intelligible even within their its group, due to isolation. If you look at the map above, the North Eastern Turkic live in Siberia, far removed from other Turkic tribes. Other than that, all branches of Turkic languages are highly intelligible among their subgrouping and have a low intelligibility between their subgroup.

The worldwide number of speakers of various Turkic languages is as below. Turkish, Azerbaijani and Turkmen can be considered one languages, having total 80 million speakers. Uyghur and Uzbek is also one language having 28.2 million speakers. Kazakh and Kyrgyz can be considered one language as well, having 12 million speakers.

The Siberian Turkic has few speakers, for example only 363,000 people speaks Sakha.

Below of some comparative Turkic lexicon.

The origin of Turks

Turks originated is widely recognize to be North or North Western China. There could be Turks staying in China proper 2000-3000 years ago. The Northern Chinese could have some genes of Turks.

The first verifiable Turkic people, the Göktürk  appeared in the North-South Dynasty, and it quickly became a big security problem to China.

The Göktürk rulers originated from the Ashina clan (阿史那), who first comes to historian attention in AD 439. The Book of Sui (随书) reports that in that year on October 18, the Tuoba (拓跋)ruler Emperor Taiwu of Northern Wei (北魏) overthrew Juqu Mujian (沮渠牧犍) of the Northern Liang(北凉) in eastern Gansu, whence 500 Ashina families fled northwest to the Rouran Khaganate (柔然) in the vicinity of Gaochang (高昌). [see this]

The Northern Han Chinese have Turkish gene

Every period of Chinese histories, different tribes are mentioned. Detail information regarding the peopling and languages many of these tribes remains obscure till this day. They have all amalgamated into Han Chinese. After the unification of China, mass migration of Northern nomadic still occurs frequently, especially when central government was too weak to provide security.

During the period of chaos of Northern China in Jin dynasty from AD 304 to AD 416 (五胡乱华), the Northern nomads, and as well as Tibetic tribe mass migrate into China.

The gene of early Tang emperor has been shown to be mostly of Northern Nomadic tribe. It is still not clear whether the paternal line is Han Chinese, but the maternal lines are definitely of female nomadic aristocrats, from Xianbei tribe.

And canonical Chinese history text Zizhi Tongjian (资治通鉴) shows that  Emperor Taizong of Tang, Li Shimn 唐太宗李世民 speak Turkic. To simplify, the text below states, Emperor "Li Shimin asked his soldiers to stay behind and he went himself alone to speak to East Tu-Jue Illig Khan"  "上麾诸军使却而布陈,独留与颉利语" .


His first crown prince Li Cheng Gan 李承乾 not only like to speak Turkic, but also like to dress as a Turk, stay in Turkic tent, and relish Turkic culinary.

又使户奴数十百人习音声,学胡人椎髻,剪彩为舞衣,寻橦跳剑,鼓鞞声通昼夜不绝。造大铜炉、六熟鼎,招亡奴盗取人牛马,亲视烹燖,召所幸厮养共食之。又好突厥言及所服,选貌类胡者,被以羊裘,辫发,五人建一落,张毡舍,造五狼头纛,分戟为阵, ,系幡旗,设穹庐自居,使诸部敛羊以烹,抽佩刀割肉相啗。

Below is picture time.


Chinese Tatar are descendants of Volga Tatar. Stalingrad is along Volga river. Their ancestors move from Northern China to Volga. Then a part of tribe decided to return to China as they did not want to be ruled under Russia. They are Muslims and they numbered around 5000 in China. The Tatar language belongs to the North Western branch of Turkic language, under the same umbrella as Kazakh.

They have a very high prevalence of blonde hair and caucasian feature as their ancestors inter-married with people along Volga river. Today people along Volga river is white, so the Chinese Tatar acquired their white genes there.

The history of Chinese Tatar shows a remarkable mobility of Turks along the Eurasia steppe.





China shares a long border with Kazakhstan. There are 1.5 millions of Kazakhs in China. Kazakhs are Muslim and speak a Turkic language that has very low intelligibility with Turkish and Uyghur. Most Kazakhs are quite yellow. Few are blonde.




Sakha/Yakut is the northern most Turkic language, and its so insular that the Sakha is very different from many other Turkic language of large number of speakers. There is no or insignificant Sakha in China. However, I think it would still be a good idea of putting some of their pictures. Sakha was a very mongoloid people. They stayed in Siberia, not coming into any contact with outside people until the arrival of Russian gangsters who conquered their land. When Russian came to Sahka-land, many women are sexually exploited. They were made into sex-slave, while Russian bleed their men, and living parasitically on the food provisioned by Sakha people.

Sexual transmitted disease, and other old world diseases, previously unknown locally, decimate a large numbers of Sakha. Today, many Sakha are considerably mixed. There are 478,000 Sakha in Russian most living in Siberia, and some are not able to speak their own language.

Sakha people in Yakutsk [Source]


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Hey Veritas,
Maybe you can shed some light on this.

The Han Chinese discriminate against Uyghur/Turkic people.

But, many Chinese women marry European/Westerners (i.e. Caucasians). And their children look Turkic/Uyghur. Do they want these kids to be discriminated by the Han Chinese.

Veritas said...

Do you know how many White/Chinese mix are holding top positions and are power elites of our society and society in China?

There are many fabrications of Chinese racism. For example

Han Supremacism. Han Supremacism is the underlying racist ideology behind almost all Chinese racism. Han Supremacism generally says that Northern Chinese are superior to Southern Chinese. The Southern Chinese were originally the Yue people, but they got conquered by the Han and become Hanized.

I am Southern Chinese from Fujian and its 100% mutually unintelligible with Mandarin, the linguisitc distance is like Vietnamese to Mandarin. I look very dark.

I have never felt any racism against me by Mandarin speaker.

If you think Chinese is racism, what about Islam, India, or white man?

In fact pan-Turkism is the worst racist in Islamic civilization. The worst genocide conducted by Islamic civilization is the Armenian genocide of Turks under the ideology of pan-turkism.

Veritas said...

There are many "experts" trying to create division even among different Han Chinese tribe thinking they can split China up.

Splitting up China is always USA dream. Han China has 4 main dialect group that has potential to form individual states, due to 100% unintelligibility of lects. They are Mandarin, Min-Nan(Hokkien), Cantonese, Wu (Shanghai-nese).

These people do not know that due to the non-racist nature of Han Chinese people, all of us do not think we are different people but think we are Han. We are so non-racist that even Cantonese (Sun Yat-Sen), and Shanghai-ese Speaker (Chiang Kai Shek) ascend, they did not impose their lect on China but impose Mandarin. All Han Chinese accept.

Many claims of Chinese racism are totally irrational wild exaggeration.

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Veritas said...
I am Southern Chinese from Fujian .... I look very dark.

I am Chinese man and I want my wife to be fair skin.

Okay for my mistress to be dark.

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White Skin: A Chinese Obsession

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You know something Veritas? Racial mixing dont work

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