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Syrian rebels caught with sarin

I am an ardent follower in reading updates of Syrian civil war. I do not like Bashar Al-Assad, but the alternative "freedom" fighters supported by USA are much worse. The freedom fighters are Sunni Islam Al Qaeda terrorist. USA has always been supporting Al-Qaeda. The rebels called themselves Free Syrian Army (FSA).

The Assad government is mostly Alawite, an Shia offshoot.

The Clowns of USA

USA Senator John McCain meeting Syrian Terrorist in Syria [source]
Few months back, USA keep accusing Assad gassing its people. The clowns who make false accusations against Assad are

Obama, President
Chuck Hagel, US defence secretary
John McCain, Senator 
John Kerry, Secretary of State
Dick Durbin, Senator
Dianne Feinstein, Senator

Again USA is lying. By telling the whole world Assad is using chemical weapon, USA will be able to invade Syria. In fact, USA military intervention is almost a certainty. China and Russia's strong opposition is something that hold USA back.

In reality, it was the rebel who use chemical weapon. UN commission of inquiry's head, Carla Del Ponte said Rebel used sarin gas. In addition, in numerous videos and leaks on internet, have featured personalities allegedly the rebels gassing animals, and also civilians accusing the rebels of using chemical weapons.

Bad karma hits Turkey

Turkey is an enthusiastic supporter of rebel, acting as a conduit for arm. Turkey is Sunni Muslim country. A news just came out that Turkish security forces found a 2kg cylinder with sarin gas after searching the homes of Syrian militants from the Al-Qaeda linked Al-Nusra Front who were previously detained. Until now when I have finished this writing, this news has largely been hush up by western media. Western media may downplay it with help of Turkey or they may simply lie.

While secular Turkey is giving trouble to secular Assad, Turkey is shooting itself at its leg. The Al Qaeda Islamist hates secular Turkey not much less than Assad. After finishing off with Assad, Turkey could be the next target. Al Qaeda may let go a few gas in Istanbul or Ankara.

Sunni Terrorist giving more terror than ever

USA supported Al Qaeda in many cases. Al Qaeda's master is USA. They are funded and trained by CIA and thrown into Afghanistan against USSR. Later, Al Qaeda is used by USA to sabotage Yugoslavia, against Serbia and next, in Kosovo. After that, USA sent Al Qaeda to Chechnya to sabotage Russia. And finally USA is helping terrorist Al Qaeda now in kicking Assad.

Al Qaeda is a tool for USA. but that does not mean they do not hate USA. They bombed USA in 911 event.

I do not have good opinion about Sunni Islamist. I have studied Sunni insurgence operations and they do not merit any respect. The major reason is Sunni group engage in too much indiscriminate killings.

Hezbollah militia. 

I have no problem with Shia groups like Hezbollah that USA loath. Hezbollah is very much discriminate in their operations. They mostly target the USA embassy (aka CIA), or USA military installation in Arab land, which is quite a legitimate target.

Or they fired a few rockets into Israel, never mind it hits civilian. But this to me look more like military tit for tat. Since the death of Ayatollah Khomeini 24 years ago, I cannot remember any Shia group engaging terrorist activities in foreign land. Most Islamic terrorist groups are of Sunni confession. I conclude the world is able to cut a deal with Shia.

The Sunni group sinks lower and lower. Before they are using bombs. Today Sunni groups are using chemical weapon. Sunni groups seems to have master the art of chemical weapon in Syrian civil war due to the sponsor of USA. In the future, probably one or two may go off in New York. USA will taste the fruits that she sowed.

Israel is big loser if Assad goes

The Jews control the USA. They hate Assad and want to see him go. But Assad has proven to be someone who is rational. Even though Assad hates Israel, he has never use chemical weapon on Israel.

If FSA and their Al Qaeda friends comes to power, sarin will be rained upon Israel. And right now, as I am reading newspapers from Israel online, I am starting to see more and more wise Israelis speaking up in support of Assad.

USA trying to accuse Assad of using chemical weapons. First, western media lie in lock step. Next USA will invade. But there is more and more evidence that the rebel (CIA sponsored Al Qaeda)  are the culprit of using weapon of mass destruction. There is very little credibility left of western media.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Blond people in China Part 3: Aryan in China

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Uyghur (Turks) are not the the only local in Xinjiang. Before the Tang dynasty, Xinjiang was dominated by the Aryan kingdoms. Historical records show that numerous small kingdoms in Xinjiang. Though the racial compositions of these people is still obscure, most believe that they consisted of Turk and Sino-Tibetic kingdoms, while the majority are Aryan kingdoms.

Aryan Migration

Aryans in Xinjiang

The Aryans speak Indo-European languages. The big Aryan tribes today are German, French, English, Iranian, North Indians, Russians...etc. Many Aryans are blond and blue eye people. The Aryan homeland is at Southern Russia. From there they migrate all over Eurasia.

 Today, there are still Aryan in Xinjiang. They are mainly found in Tashkurgan county. They are the Tajik people, speaking the Persian languages (Iranian). They are mutually intelligible with modern Persian to a very large degree. In fact, Tajik is an artificial invention. Tajik race is Persian race. 

Other than that, archaeologist has discovered another Aryan tribe in Xinjiang. They are the Tocharian. Tocharian is believe to be the eastern most Aryan tribe to be discovered. The Tocharian languages are extinct today. There are linguist who believe that Tocharian is close to Celtic. The Celtic are the western most Aryan. Today, the Scots, Wales and Irish are Celts.

In fact, many people hypothesized that Aryan could have reached Northern China. The Chinese history books recorded numerous tribes whose racial composition are unknown today. Modern genetic theory shown that Northern Chinese and European have smaller genetic distance compared to Southern Chinese vs European.

The ascendancy of Turkic languages in Xinjiang
The supremacy of Turkic languages in Xinjiang occurred quite late in history, around the time of Tang Dynasty in China. The Turks conquered the Aryan land and assimilate the Aryans. The proto Turkic people is a mongoloid people. The acquired the caucasoid feature after mixing with the Aryan. 

In fact Uyghur domination is often interrupted. At mid 18th century, Xinjiang is still under the Zunghar Khanate, of the Buddhist and Mongol people. The Qing Empire got hold of Xinjiang after defeating Zunghar Khanate.

Tajik in Xinjiang

There are 41,000 Tajik in Xinjiang, mainly in Tashkurgan county. They are Shia Muslim.

Blue eyes [Source]

Blue eyes [Source]






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Blond people in China Part 2: Turkic Tribes

Turkic languages and Tribes

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Turk land spans contiguously from China Xinjiang to European Istanbul. Only Sakha/Yakut is an isolated group in Siberia. The major Turkic languages with the greater number of speakers are

1) South Western Turkic(Oghuz) - includes Turkish, Azerbaijani and Turkmen
2) South Eastern Turikic - includes Uyghur and Uzbek
3) North Western Turkic - includes Kazakh and Kyrgyz
4) North Eastern Turkic (Siberian Turkic) - includes Sakha (Yakut) and Tuvan

The North Eastern branch of Turkic is not mutually intelligible even within their its group, due to isolation. If you look at the map above, the North Eastern Turkic live in Siberia, far removed from other Turkic tribes. Other than that, all branches of Turkic languages are highly intelligible among their subgrouping and have a low intelligibility between their subgroup.

The worldwide number of speakers of various Turkic languages is as below. Turkish, Azerbaijani and Turkmen can be considered one languages, having total 80 million speakers. Uyghur and Uzbek is also one language having 28.2 million speakers. Kazakh and Kyrgyz can be considered one language as well, having 12 million speakers.

The Siberian Turkic has few speakers, for example only 363,000 people speaks Sakha.

Below of some comparative Turkic lexicon.

The origin of Turks

Turks originated is widely recognize to be North or North Western China. There could be Turks staying in China proper 2000-3000 years ago. The Northern Chinese could have some genes of Turks.

The first verifiable Turkic people, the Göktürk  appeared in the North-South Dynasty, and it quickly became a big security problem to China.

The Göktürk rulers originated from the Ashina clan (阿史那), who first comes to historian attention in AD 439. The Book of Sui (随书) reports that in that year on October 18, the Tuoba (拓跋)ruler Emperor Taiwu of Northern Wei (北魏) overthrew Juqu Mujian (沮渠牧犍) of the Northern Liang(北凉) in eastern Gansu, whence 500 Ashina families fled northwest to the Rouran Khaganate (柔然) in the vicinity of Gaochang (高昌). [see this]

The Northern Han Chinese have Turkish gene

Every period of Chinese histories, different tribes are mentioned. Detail information regarding the peopling and languages many of these tribes remains obscure till this day. They have all amalgamated into Han Chinese. After the unification of China, mass migration of Northern nomadic still occurs frequently, especially when central government was too weak to provide security.

During the period of chaos of Northern China in Jin dynasty from AD 304 to AD 416 (五胡乱华), the Northern nomads, and as well as Tibetic tribe mass migrate into China.

The gene of early Tang emperor has been shown to be mostly of Northern Nomadic tribe. It is still not clear whether the paternal line is Han Chinese, but the maternal lines are definitely of female nomadic aristocrats, from Xianbei tribe.

And canonical Chinese history text Zizhi Tongjian (资治通鉴) shows that  Emperor Taizong of Tang, Li Shimn 唐太宗李世民 speak Turkic. To simplify, the text below states, Emperor "Li Shimin asked his soldiers to stay behind and he went himself alone to speak to East Tu-Jue Illig Khan"  "上麾诸军使却而布陈,独留与颉利语" .


His first crown prince Li Cheng Gan 李承乾 not only like to speak Turkic, but also like to dress as a Turk, stay in Turkic tent, and relish Turkic culinary.

又使户奴数十百人习音声,学胡人椎髻,剪彩为舞衣,寻橦跳剑,鼓鞞声通昼夜不绝。造大铜炉、六熟鼎,招亡奴盗取人牛马,亲视烹燖,召所幸厮养共食之。又好突厥言及所服,选貌类胡者,被以羊裘,辫发,五人建一落,张毡舍,造五狼头纛,分戟为阵, ,系幡旗,设穹庐自居,使诸部敛羊以烹,抽佩刀割肉相啗。

Below is picture time.


Chinese Tatar are descendants of Volga Tatar. Stalingrad is along Volga river. Their ancestors move from Northern China to Volga. Then a part of tribe decided to return to China as they did not want to be ruled under Russia. They are Muslims and they numbered around 5000 in China. The Tatar language belongs to the North Western branch of Turkic language, under the same umbrella as Kazakh.

They have a very high prevalence of blonde hair and caucasian feature as their ancestors inter-married with people along Volga river. Today people along Volga river is white, so the Chinese Tatar acquired their white genes there.

The history of Chinese Tatar shows a remarkable mobility of Turks along the Eurasia steppe.





China shares a long border with Kazakhstan. There are 1.5 millions of Kazakhs in China. Kazakhs are Muslim and speak a Turkic language that has very low intelligibility with Turkish and Uyghur. Most Kazakhs are quite yellow. Few are blonde.




Sakha/Yakut is the northern most Turkic language, and its so insular that the Sakha is very different from many other Turkic language of large number of speakers. There is no or insignificant Sakha in China. However, I think it would still be a good idea of putting some of their pictures. Sakha was a very mongoloid people. They stayed in Siberia, not coming into any contact with outside people until the arrival of Russian gangsters who conquered their land. When Russian came to Sahka-land, many women are sexually exploited. They were made into sex-slave, while Russian bleed their men, and living parasitically on the food provisioned by Sakha people.

Sexual transmitted disease, and other old world diseases, previously unknown locally, decimate a large numbers of Sakha. Today, many Sakha are considerably mixed. There are 478,000 Sakha in Russian most living in Siberia, and some are not able to speak their own language.

Sakha people in Yakutsk [Source]

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Blond people in China Part 1: Uyghur

Turkic People

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Turkestan, click map to enlarge

The title is a little misnomer. This series of writings will discuss about blond race in China and these people often live beyond the border of China as well.

Most Uyghur have a look bias towards mongoloid. Most of them are Muslim , and they live in China Xinjiang province. A small number of them have blond hair and blue eyes.

Uyghur language belongs Turkic language family, an entirely different language from Sino-Tibetan spoken by the majority Han Chinese. The Turkic language continuum spans from China Xinjiang to Turkey Istanbul.

The language divergence from Xinjiang to Istanbul could be less than Mandarin and Fujian (Min Nan). Uyghur is mutually intelligible with Uzbek, and in fact should be regarded as one language. The Uyghur/Uzbek language spans from Yumen in China to around the Shumanay area in Uzbekistan. That is a span of around 3000 km.

Various sources claim that Uyghur can pick up Turkish within a couple of months of immersion in Turkish language environment. The Turkic people claim that a Turk can traverse from China to Istanbul using without any language difficulties is a wild exaggeration but its not entirely baseless. Below display the cardinal numbering spoken in Turkish and Uyghur.

Number Turkish Uighur
1 bir bir
2 iki ekki
3 üç uch 
4 dört tot 
5 beş  besh 
6 altı   alti 
7 yedi  yeti 
8 sekiz seggiz 
9 dokuz togguz 
10 on   on 

Most Uyghur look more mongoloid with a distinct central Asian feature. 

Uyghur boy with blue eyes

Blond Uyghur girl

Blond Uyghur girl

Blond Uyghur adult girl and they are very caucasoid looking

A Uyghur girl of mix caucasoid and Mongoloid phenotype. She is extremely beautiful.

Beautiful Uyghur girls. A large proportion of Uyghur girl look quite Mongoloid
The two Uyghur girls have a 50-50 caucasoid and Mongoloid look

Gulnazar, a Uyghur model. She have a mongoloid look with caucasoid feature such as sharp nose.  



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Syrian Rebel eats heart

Very graphic video

The man is identified as Abu Sakkar, a leader of Syrian Rebels. The Syrian Rebels are Sunni Muslims, and Sunni groups like Al-Qaeda supported by USA, UK, Saudi and Qatar. The are fighting the government led by Bashar Al-Assad, who is an Alawite, an off-shoot of Shia Islam.

While Abu Sakkar is cutting open the soldier’s liver, the person filming says, “God Bless you, Abu Sakkar, you look like you are drawing [carving] a heart of love on him.”

After he cuts out the corpse’s liver and heart, he is filmed holding the organs in his hands and speaks into the camera: "I swear to God we will eat your hearts and your livers, you soldiers of Bashar the dog." Off-screen cheers shouting "Allahu akbar (God is great)" can be heard in the background.

Past few months, Bashar Al-Assad seems to have won the PR war in internet, whereby leaks of atrocities of "freedom fighters" are posted on Youtube. The rebels, or so call the FSA (Free Syrian Army) have shown to execute POWs on several clips.

To provide balance reporting, most casualties of Syrian civil wars are Sunni as FSA took cover in Sunni quarters and the government does not hesitate to use indiscriminate artillery fire.

Nevertheless, recently the government has at least bothered to drop pamphlets giving safety passage to civilians, request them to flee and giving them few days to do so, before shelling starts.

The FSA's most effective fighting force are Al-Qaeda, and video clips on youtube has given people impressions that they are wicked nuts.

Syrian civil war has again exposed that the Sunni-Shia conflict could be much more serious than that between Muslim states and Israel.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Research showing Hindic civlization as universe worst racist

Hindic civilization indicted as world worst racist again

It seems that Indians nationals just cannot stop their nonsense. Two days ago, the respected Washington Post published research showing Indian as the 4th worst racist in whole universe [see this]. A group of Swedish economists conduct a survey. The survey asked respondents in more than 80 different countries to identify kinds of people they would not want as neighbors. Some respondents, picking from a list, chose “people of a different race.” The more frequently that people in a given country say they don’t want neighbors from other races, the economists reasoned, the less racially tolerant you could call that society. (The study concluded that economic freedom had no correlation with racial tolerance, but it does appear to correlate with tolerance toward homosexuals.)

And in the survey, India Indians rank 4th while another Bangladeshi, another Hindic people rank 2nd in racism. Other non tolerant people includes those from Islamic civilizations. Pakistan which straddle between Hindic and Islamic civilization is surprisingly shown to be tolerant in the survey. Sinitic dominant countries like China, Taiwan, and in particular Singapore has proven to be very much less racist, the only exception is Hong Kong ranking top in racism.

So if we take Singapore, Hong Kong, China, and Taiwan as Sinitic civilization, India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh as Hindic civilization and the rest of the Muslim countries as Islamic civilization, the Hindic civilization will top as world's biggest racist.

India, Jordan, Bangladesh and Hong Kong by far the least tolerant. In only three of 81 surveyed countries, more than 40 percent of respondents said they would not want a neighbor of a different race. This included 43.5 percent of Indians, 51.4 percent of Jordanians and an astonishingly high 71.8 percent of Hong Kongers and 71.7 percent of Bangladeshis.

FT Indian resented in the entire world because of their problematic racist way of life 

Today, we look at departments of every companies where FT Indians are managers. There is a clear pattern that all non-Indians executives will be kicked out to be replaced with FT Indians shipped from India.

At the same time, FT Indians feign victims by accusing all non Indians of racism against Indians. However, from this survey, we can conclude that wherever FT Indians go, they are always planning to kick out non-Indians because Indians simply do not want a neighbor from elsewhere other than India.

The Malay in Malaysia may probably be right by giving all sorts of negative associations for Indians [see this]. We may need further reflection on whether Malaysian Malay are racist or whether they are candid and truthful in their opinions towards Indians.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

An etymological study of the word Keling Part 2: "Keling" in modern Malay languages

No way to call "Indian" for many Hindic tribe once upon a time

Continue from part 1

Keling is a neutral and canonical word to describe South Asian. But Indian might ask, what don't the Malay use "Indian" instead? The reason is very simple, there is no such people as "Indians" before British colonization. "Indian" itself is a white man invention, named after the Indus river, which today flows mainly in -- Pakistan, whose citizen Pakistani is the worst hater of "Indians" in whole universe.

The unitary state of India you see today does not exist in the entire history of mankind until British colonization. India was never a united country. India is always fragmented into states of hundreds and thousands of princes, calling their principalities various names, until recently. The biggest "unified India" are Aurangzeb Mughal which lasted 40 years, and 36 years Ashoka Muaryan, out of an entire 5000 years of Hindic civilization. And these empires did not even cover the entire South India.

The pre-British Indians could have probably called themselves according to geographical names or name of their own respective kingdoms, rather than an unknown river. I believe words like "Chola people", "Mughal people", "Kalistani", "Bengali", "Kalinga people" may have been used. Some other names like "Bharatiya" seems to be commonly accepted as well. Nevertheless, I am not an expert in this area.

The people in the south imported by British have never set foot Indus river in their life time, and no way they name themselves "Indian", after a river 2000 km northwest from their village. So its perfectly logical that the South Asian name themselves something else, that was borrowed by the Malay as part of Malay vocab.

Interesting usage of "keling" in modern Malay languages

Indians were imported by British after the 1824 Anglo-Dutch treaty, which established the hegemony of British in Malaya.

Also, the word neutral and canonical word "keling" acquired variegated usage due to unknown reasons. It is also unclear at which period of time such usage started. Such uses stem from Malay grass root people, which is among the most honest, and hospitable people in the world. It got nothing to do with UMNO or Malaysia Malay elites who are corrupt and racist. I enumerate some examples below. These words are no longer just colloquial, they are codified and made their way into kamus. The colloquial usage of "keling" could be much worse.

janji keling (keling promise) - false promise
cakap macam keling (talk like keling ) - lying
lidah keling (tongue of keling) - lying
temberang keling (keling's boasting) - boasting
gerantung keling (keling's intimidate/bragging) - empty bluff/threat
gerontang keling (keling's intimidate/threat) - empty threat
Akal keling (keling's mind) - liar
Otak keling (keling's brain) - like to play with complicated words
keling karam (keling running around) - noisy
keling mabuk todi (keling drunk) - chatterbox
Gertak keling (keling bully) - bold hypocrisy with cowardice

many more many more.....etc

It seems that there is a "keling", which may or may not be referring to Indians, that is causing a lot of distress to Malay people. The grass-root usage of "keling" word seems to have indicted "this keling" as a very dishonest people, a hypocrite, a bully, someone who talk cock and bull story, and someone who always intimidate.

I would like Malay to find out who "this keling" is. We need to deal with this problem. We cannot let such "keling" causing so much distress to Malay people.

If "this keling" is referring to Indians, its better to have a national conversation.

A negative connotation to the name of a race is not the end of the world

All race create their own slur on other tribe. Chinese were shocked when they first came into contact with white man. The Hokkien Chinese call white man "ang moh" (红毛 literally red hair), the cantonese call them "gwai loh"(鬼佬 literally demon), and the Mandarin people called them "yang gui zi" (洋鬼子 literally foreign demon). It is not the Chinese who discriminate the white man, but the opposite.

After World War 2, the German acquired very bad reputation. The word German has acquired the impression of Nazi who killed the Jews. But eventually German redeemed herself through hard work, sincere introspection of the crime, and making compensation. Although many people still think of German as racist today, most of the negative image due to World War 2 atrocities have already evaporated.

There are better ways forward than banning the use of "keling"

Cleansing in Ganges at Varanasi is thought to be able to purge away sins in Hindic custom

If "keling" is a racial slur because of many concocted idioms in Malay languages referring to Indians, there are better ways forward than merely striking off "keling". I would suggest Indians to do a German style reflections on themselves, whether those idioms in Malay languages are an accurate umbrella descriptions of most Indian people.

Most German did not kill the Jews but the number of German participating in holocaust is large enough. The whole German race takes the responsibility. Similarly, I believe the German way is a better way forward.

If those idioms in Malay languages are baseless, Indians just have to behave honestly and upright, sooner or later, all negative connotations should disappear. They must also inform Malay that Malay have wronged them. Then both Malay and Indians work out a way to solve the problem. If the Malay refuses to work with "innocent Indians", then Malay are at the wrong. We must lend our support to "innocent Indians".

If Indians really behave like what the Malay have attributed them, they must apologize to everybody. Then I suggest holding a ceremony whereby Indians vow to change for the better, and forgo their old ways. It could be Klang river or Kallang river, where thousands of Indian representatives perform an ablution, to symbolize a rebirth.

I do not oppose Indians rallying to ban using "keling". A temporary ban would be preferable. There are more important things to do. "Keling" is already a canonical lexicon in Malay classics, there are limitations on how far you can ban it. However if Indian change, and in the future when Indians are as good as German, "keling" will have all positive connotations and everyone will want to associate with it. Then we unbanned it. Who knows.

Nowadays, only very few equates German with Nazi.

Other than that, Indians and Malay communities in Malaysia got to convene frequent dialog to do away with all misunderstandings.

Today, most Malay elites have largely acceded Indians demand, not to use "keling" in formal occasions, despite the fact that it is a canonical Malay lexicon. There are still occasional incidents of its public use though. Even so that would not prevent Malay grass root from being ever more creative in making idioms by mixing "keling" with other words.

Solving the root cause is still most important. If we never address the root cause, eventually, the word "keling" could acquire more and more negative colloquial connotations, which could never be prohibited effectively.

Citibank@CBP. If Malaysian Malay come visit here, rest assured that "keling" will pick up even more negative connotation.

Innocent Singaporean Chinese suffering collateral damage

Recently, an Indian girl Faz insinuate Singaporean Chinese as racist by painting a Chinese majority Singapore, and telling everyone she got slured "keling". This has nothing to do with Singaporean Chinese at all.

In reality, this "keling" thing is an hot issue between Malay and Indian in Malaysia. You will need to understand Bahasa Malayu to be aware that "keling" is now a slur. Faz got slured by friends in young days, that is probably during the nineties, where there is no internet access, no Malaysian Malay newspaper allow to circulate in Singapore. There is no way Singaporean Chinese could be aware of the latest update in Malay languages.

Unfortunately, Malay, Indians and Chinese commented on her works, attacking innocent Chinese for sluring. Singaporean Chinese are crucified, on behalf of Malay.

Faz got slured by kids and she got hurt and call Singaporean Chinese racist. In Malaysia, "keling" was used by prominent politicians publicly in many occasions. So racist are Singaporean Chinese? [see this]

“Ada badigol Baghdad ni percaya, entah keling mana bawa kitab Hindu dia, ‘saya ada tengok, saya ada bukti’. Keling ni bawa kitab Hindu sumpah, dia percaya (There are these Baghdad fools who believe this keling from nowhere who brings his Hindu holy book, saying, ‘I have seen, I have proof’. This keling brings and swears on his Hindu holy book, he believes),” 

Sunday, May 12, 2013

An Etymological study of the word Keling: Innocent canonical lexicon

Recently an Indian girl Faz claimed she was called the racist slur "keling", while under her big title of "racist country", giving a backdrop of a Chinese majority Singapore, effectively insinuating Chinese Singaporeans as racist. I have criticized her work in my blog and unfortunately, I have incurred many hostile comments ostensibly from minorities who are not able to defend their views.

Indians' version of origin of keling

Indians claim that keling is a derogatory word for Indian people. They claim that the name of keling caught on because Indians prisoners bought into Malaya by British wearing chains which make "kling", "kling" sound. That makes the word "keling" derogatory. Unfortunately, nothing can be further from truth.

Keling was a neutral and canonical lexicon to describe Indians in Malay languages

The word keling is used to describe Indians without any negative connotations in Malay classic literary works. Malaysiakini, a respected online newspaper, who fought against the use of "keling" reported an alternative opinion as below.

The first reference to the word 'keling' in the Sejarah Melayu, for example, in the second chapter dealing with the exploits of Raja Chulan, whom the emperor of China is said to refer to as 'Raja Keling'.

If this chapter is indeed, as some theorise, a distant memory of the invasion of Rajendra Chola during the Sri Vijaya period (circa 1025 AD), one can surmise that the 'keling' referred to in the chapter may indeed be the Cholas of south India rather than Kalinga in the east.

Many other references in the Sejarah Melayu refer to more recent events during the Melaka Sultanate period - such as Hang Nadim's visit to 'Benua Keling' - which must refer to India generically, rather than Kalinga in particular, as Kalinga had by then significantly declined as a major power, following its destruction by Asoka and later the Moghuls.

The Hikayat Hang Tuah itself has a whole chapter describing Hang Tuah's voyage to 'Benua Keling'. Portuguese accounts also indicate that the majority of Indian inhabitants and traders in Melaka were Muslims from the south of the subcontinent, with little mention of people from the Orissa coast.

Keling was found in many places in Hang Tuah referring to Indians without the slightest derogation. [see this]

Indians' version of Keling etymology is baseless

Sejarah Melayu was written before 1511. Hikayat Hang Tuah was written  between 1641 and 1739. Keling was referred in Sejarah Melayu and Hang Tuah long before British East India company rule in India, which began at 1774. The earliest keling reference is also more than 300 years before 1824 Anglo-Dutch treaty which put Malaya under British domination.

The first western European to set foot in India is Vasco Da Gama in 1498. In 1511, British was not even present in India, the European that came was the Portuguese. As late as 1608, the English East India Company established a settlement at Surat, India.

During 1511, British did not even have a naval supremacy. Her naval supremacy was established only after the defeat of Spanish Armada at 1588. She did not have access to large number of Indian people before her colonialization of India in 1757. She has total access to Malaya only after 1824 Anglo-Dutch treaty.

That is to say, there is no way Malays can refer to Indians as keling before 1511, for the reason of seeing British importing Indian prisoners to Malaya, marching in chain, making sounds of "kling", "kling". There was no British. There was no Indian prisoners to be seen in Malaya.

And many European text documented the use of keling even way before colonization of Malaya by British. The History of Languages of the Indian Islands was published in 1814 as below.

Next in series I will write about the degeneration of the word "keling" [see this].

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Singapore is the best place for all Muslims in the world: Chinese Singaporean is a beacon of tolerance

Very few people know that the best place for all Muslims in the world in not Malaysia, neither Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, UAE or Iran. The best place for all Islamic religion is -- Singapore. Singapore is the place whereby all faith of Islam respect one another and enjoy one another's diversity, due to the anchoring effect of Chinese race.

Singaporean Chinese is the most non racist and tolerant people

All evidence has shown that Chinese Singaporean is the most tolerant people in the planet. Most visitors are awed by extreme hospitality of Singaporean Chinese, to the point that foreigners can injured us and got forgiven.

Our minorities do not appreciate how tolerant Chinese Singaporean is but someone from a persecuted minority elsewhere would quickly amazed that why Chinese Singaporean does not seek to impose itself on minorities.

Many Muslim confessions are persecuted by our neighbours


I have many resources on internecine of various Islamic factions in our neighbours. After much considerations, I decided to attach a very mild clips from Al-Jazeera. Al-Jazeera is owned by Qatar Royal family, of Sunni confession, who funded many of the Sunni missionary activities as well as war chest, most recently in Syria.

The clips depict machete waving Sunni, attacking the Shia, burning down Shia place of worship. Shia are receiving death threats coercing them converting to Sunni. There is one scene of an angry Shia ask for protection in the parliament. The clip has a scene that portray a "religious leader" saying as below, commenting about Sunni attacking Shia.

We from the Islamic council want peace. That is why the Sunni community in Indonesia has to be defended. There is no advantage to allow a different group of very different opinion to grow. This will lead to conflict and that is dangerous for the country. 

Any negative reports about Shia persecution in Indonesia by Al-Jazeera would mean that the actual situation on the ground is much worse. Al-Jazeera is owned by the reactionary Royal family of Qatar who is Sunni and it is a very Sunni bias channel. She presented a very distorted view during the 2011 Shia uprising in Bahrain in favor of Sunni.

Religious conflict in Indonesia is now almost a monthly event. Minorities often tremble as their neighbors gone berserk after attending hate preaching.

Meanwhile Malaysia banned Shia in 1996

Unlike the tolerant Singapore, the majority Muslim country Malaysia banned Shia in an 1996 fatwa.

Shia are facing arbitrary arrest and harassment. They have even no rights to celebrate their festival, even it is dedicated to the birthday of the Prophet Mohamed daughter, Fatimah. Also, Police rounded up the those who dare assemble for the sake of commemorating Ashura.

Soon Malaysia may descend into sectarian violence not unlike what is happening in Indonesia

Malaysian police rounding up Shia for their "crime" in remembering Iman Hussein's Karbala event [see this]

Persecuted minorities enjoyed unprecedented religious freedom in Singapore

Singapore could have been in the same situation as our neighbors. The 1824 Ango-Dutch treat set as apart from Indonesia, else we would be an Indonesia province. Our 1965 independence bring us away from Malaysia.

Throughout history of Singapore, we are either part of Malaysia or Indonesia. Our social and political situation could be similar. The most salient difference of Singapore with our neighbor is we are now a sovereign with a big Chinese majority. Chinese is the most tolerant people and we think for the others. We do not like others to impose their faith on us, and because of our kindness we do not impose anything on others, even if we are in the majority and in the position to do so.

What if Chinese impose
1) capital punishment for apostasy of confucianism
2) capital punishment for blasphemy
3) prohibition of inter-religious marriage
4) impose a caste system making minorities Dalits (as in Hindic civilization)
5) create hereditary prostitute career for Dalits (as in Hindic civilization)

We won't. We have set ourselves very high values and standards.

Promoting racial harmony

Chinese Singaporeans are very understanding. We know Islam is a very peaceful religion. There may be just 0.1% of extremist among Muslim while others are good. Our neighbors always seem to have this 0.1% of extremist causing trouble. For Chinese Singaporeans, we strive to have 100% peaceful adherents of all faiths. Just one extremist is too much for us.

We organized racial harmony day and all sorts of interaction between confessions. We show every faith that each one of us is a good human being by himself. That give mad preachers little room to preach killing "infidels" as we are shown the human side of one another. Many people, including idiots like Mas Selamat and JI hate Singapore because we are peaceful people. If Mas Selamat and JI have their way, Muslim like Shia will suffer big time. These extremist are dangerous to different Muslim confessions.

We throw Mas Selamt and JI to cage. We propagate love among different Muslim sect not hate.

Chinese Singaporean is the ultimate anchor in multiracial Singapore

In all Shia states such as Iran and Syria, Sunni are discriminated. And similar things happen to Shia in Sunni states. All seek to impose themselves on minorities. In Singapore, no religion can bad mouth one another. Chinese Singaporean see no reason why we should cut anyone up just because he choose to believe in Jesus and we choose to believe in Buddha. God want love. Those who kill in and persecute others in the name of God is phoney adherents.

In Singapore, we have Sunni, Shia, Ahmadiyya Islamic denominations, with other religion all co-existing in peace, not seen in any country in the world. All religion here can evangelize their faith freely. Everyone can leave their religion and convert to new one. No one can accuse their neighbor of blasphemy and got their neighbor stone to death.

Today, we have some problem. We have Muslim extremist trying to attack our institutions like Mas Selamat, JI and many other clowns. We have Hindu caste-ist trying to impose caste system here and they have succeeded doing so, to some extend in Citibank@CBP. We may be on the way of becoming Dalits.

Some bad elements of our minorities are attacking us. Nevertheless, we must stand firm. We are against wicked racist and nuts extremists. We mustn't fall because then evil will prevail. We must fight. We are good. We are the bulwark of humanity, peace, reasons and enlightenment. We stand for freedom and protection of those persecuted.

URL of Shia in Singapore
URL of Ahmadiyya in Singapore

Ahmadiyya Masjid Taha in Singapore standing proud among peaceful people, in Joo Chiat. We are not Indonesia and Malaysia. We will protect all faith unlike Malaysian and Indonesian.

Shia Masjid Burhani in Hill Streets.

These mosque are not welcome in Malaysia and Indonesia. In Singapore, they are free.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Indian girl spreading racial hatred : Singaporean Chinese Cruxified

Recently a Indian girl by the name Brown Girl Faz wrote an article bashing Singapore as a racist country.


The first time I experienced racism was in a classroom when I was nine years old. I didn’t know what was happening, but I understood that there was a lot of hate there while my teacher loomed over me and said, “You know why I didn’t call on you to answer my questions? Because your skin is black.”

She spat the word black like it gave her boils. 

I’m from Singapore. One of the richest nations in the world, touted as a cultural and religious melting pot with racially harmonious Rainbow Brites running around throwing glitter in the air. I’m calling bullshit. I have never felt like I belonged in this country a single day of my life.

Products that are supposed to whiten your vaginas may be new to the beauty market in Asia, but the correlation between dark skin and "dirtiness" is not anything new. You don’t even have to look further than the makeup counters and drugstores –- no colors exist after a certain shade of beige.

I should explain the racial make-up of Singapore: 

 Faz commented on this pic "The only dark skinned girl in the room". She is trying on protray herself as a solitude minority out of a sea of yellow people. Look the the picture carefully, there are 3 non-mongoloid out of a total of 8 people. That is to say, there is close to 40% non-mongoloid. And whether all mongoloid is Chinese or speak Chinese (they could be Indonesian or Thai), is one other big question.

It is a country of 5 million people, with Chinese making up 74% of the population, Malays -13%, Indians - 9% and the rest are Eurasians and other minority ethnicities. Right from the time you are born, your ID tells you what race you are. Nobody identifies themselves as Singaporean first; your racial identity is what you are first and foremost.

I was already a cultural mess to begin with -– unlike most of Singapore whose first languages are their arterial languages (i.e., the Chinese speak Mandarin, the Malays speak Malay, Indians speak Tamil), I come from an English-speaking Indian family. 

So while kids hung out with other kids who spoke their mother tongue at recess, I spent my lunchtime solo with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and Enid Blyton. 

In hindsight, what appalls me most is not how merciless my peers were in school, but how many of the educators were equally if not more vindictive. The teacher I mentioned earlier? She taught me English, Math and Science for two years and made me sit by myself right at the back of the class. The whole two years I was made to feel worthless and disgusting, and the entire time I thought it was my fault. 

I was to blame because I had skin that matches the earth. I deserved it all.

When I was 11, we were told to write poetry and present it in class. A boy wrote about me. Not a sappy puppy love letter, mind you –- it was a poem about how fat I was, how black I was and how I was a mess, I shouldn’t exist. Instead of doing anything about it, the teacher (a different one) laughed with him and with the rest of the class.

High school was no exception of course. People tend to think that just because I’m Indian, I couldn’t speak anything else other than Indian languages but my multi-lingual background allowed me into a world where people spoke about you in languages they thought you didn’t understand.

Let me tell you –- oblivion can be blissful. I can never erase the things people have said about me in front of me just because they thought I wouldn’t understand. 

At 15, when my self-esteem was probably at its lowest, I walked past a bunch of guys talking openly about me: “If Faz were fairer, she’d be pretty.”

Keling (the Indian equivalent of n*gger). Burnt. Black skin. Dirty. I’ve been called the worst names from fellow Singaporeans. 

It’s funny because one of the lines in the Singapore pledge is “We are the citizens of Singapore… Regardless of race, language or religion.” You’d recite this pledge every morning in school for at least 10 years of your life, but who actually means what they pledge?

Which is why I love being in the US –- there's  foundation that matches my skin, I see Indian, Chinese and African-American people on TV and I don’t feel like people are constantly judging me based on the color of my skin.

While I work and surround myself with people who never look at my skin color as something that defines me, I walked into an elevator just last week and had two guys talking about me in Malay. Of course I told them off as I stepped out, but it’s so disheartening.

I spent an hour looking through local magazines for a dark-skinned person and I couldn’t find any. What I could find were pages and pages of whitening products. Minority races on the main English TV channel are never main characters -– they are usually obese and made fun of (don’t get me started about how I’m a US Size 8 and “obese” in Asia).

For now, as far as I’m concerned, I know it starts with me. I will call anybody out for racism, I will continue writing and featuring people of all colors and sizes in my work, I will teach my children that your skin is something you should be so proud of because skin itself is a miracle, no matter what shade of awesome you are.

One day maybe Singapore will follow suit. 

First this article tries to mis-inform by mixing truth with lies. She wrote "Products that are supposed to whiten your vaginas may be new to the beauty market in Asia, but the correlation between dark skin and "dirtiness" is not anything new. You don’t even have to look further than the makeup counters and drugstores –- no colors exist after a certain shade of beige." This was written while she give a backdrop of Chinese majority Singapore, as if Singaporean Chinese forced everyone to accept the notion that white is good.

Unfortunately, the reverse is true. Its the Indian culture of herself that is crazy and mad about being white. Its Indians who look down on black people. Whitening cosmetic biggest market is not Singapore, but India.

Instead of writing about whitening and make up in Singapore, she should curse her own culture for being crazy about being white. This has little to do with Chinese culture in Singapore. Many Chinese in Singapore can be quite dark, especially those manual job workers. In India, the high caste Indians are white, and low caste are dark. So all Indians like to be white.

Then she mentioned she was called "Keling (the Indian equivalent of n*gger). Burnt. Black skin. Dirty. ......called the worst names from fellow Singaporeans."

She claimed people was derogating her. But who is calling her? Chinese or Malay? According to Wikipedia, the word keling is never a derogation until 1960. These degeneration of "keling" did not took place in Singapore, but Malaysia. Before that, keling is the most common colloquial terms to describe Indians in Behasa Malayu. It was even used in very formal text written by Europeans in European languages. The degeneration is not even in Chinese languages at ALL. It is not derogatory Behasa Malayu, until very recently.

The term keling in Chinese is "吉宁", literally "lucky and peaceful". If you search the term keling (吉宁) in Chinese in google, you are not able to find anything derogatory. Most results are to describe places like Masjid Kampung Kling (甘榜吉宁清真寺). Malaysia Chinese webpage may also have information to warn people against using the word keling "吉宁". And Chinese in China even use "吉宁" on one another in high frequency. How can it be any derogatory? 

But if you study Behasa Malayu in Malaysia, things started to get more funny for the word keling. And it was not after 1990s that "Keling" is widely considered derogatory in Malaysia, and in Singapore, the negative connotation was largely unknown.

It would be quite true that that local Singaporeans may not know what is happening across the causeway. We have no access to the media in Malaysia other than those filtered one relayed in local newspaper. Other than the very informed people, her young friends in Singapore could have used "keling" without much thoughts. How you expect kids to be informed?

But for Faz, any young friend calling her "keling" during her childhood is racist to her, without any deeper thinking.

Then she continue to write, "Which is why I love being in the US ..... and I don’t feel like people are constantly judging me based on the color of my skin".

Just few months before she publishes her work, Indian Sikh were murdered in large number by white Nazi gun man. And in India newspaper alone, not to mention USA paper, there are many reports that Indians are target for hate crimes nowadays in USA. More than yellow people, Indians are widely resented in all blogs and discussions. Almost every Indians friends told me, they have been call racial slur in USA or being bullied in schools. Most racist crime against Indians such as bullying, beating, never made it to newspaper.

For Faz, everything happen in white man land is ok, even if many Indians got beaten, shouted and murdered by white nazi. Faz likes white man. She hates Chinese. Faz just want to paint Singaporeans, especially Chinese as racist. 

In Singapore, there is not a single racial hate crime for decades, because the Chinese are the most colorblind people. That does not matter to her. 

This man Latchman Ramnarine had his eyes ripped out by Jason Wallace, while his attacker shouted "I hate Indian". USA not racist, Singapore racist. [see this]. Just look at Indian newspaper alone, you find lots of hate crime in USA targeting Indians. This is not an isolated incidence.

The worst racist in Singapore is not Non-Indian people but Indian themselves. Go Citibank@CBP and tell me what is racist.