Monday, April 1, 2013

The Malay Race 2 : The Malay gene

Before we start, I need to highlight Proto Malay is Mongoloid. The Malayan Malay is Mongoloid with a significant Australoid admixture. 

See The Malay Race 1 : Proto Malay for the first part. Malay race by itself is one of the most open, hospitable and tolerant people in the whole world. Today we see many intolerant behavior of Malay in our region. That is not due to Malay culture. That is due more to Islam.

Malay Racist in Malaysia

Unlike Indonesia where President Sukarno set a socialist road map on race and religion issues, Malaysia was captured by reactionary hereditary aristocracy. The aristocracy uses racism and Muslim fundamentalism to manipulate the Malay people.  

Even though President Sukarno's rule was not lack of controversies, his progressive view on race and religion greatly influence generations of Indonesian elites. This act as a impediment towards fundamentalism. Even though Indonesia is moving more towards religion fundamentalism over the decades, the effect of President Sukarno's policy has prevented situations from getting far worse. 

Malaysia produces a lot of bigotry works. You cannot trust Malaysia academics on their studies of Malay race.

Proto-Malay could be closer genetically to Fujian Chinese, Taiwanese than Malaysia Malay

I have read many academic works on Malay gene, language and anthropology. The most authoritative scholar on genetic distance is Luigi Luca Cavalli-Sforza of Stanford University. Cavalli-Sforza's The History and Geography of Human Genes (1994 with Paolo Menozzi and Alberto Piazza) is a standard reference on human genetic variation.

Below is some of the findings of Cavalli-Sforza.

Northern Chinese group with Japanese, Korean and Tibetan. Southern Chinese group with Malay.

Southern Chinese group closely with Taiwanese aboriginals, who is genetically closest to proto Malay. Malaya Malay is quite far from Proto Malay.

Southern Chinese IQ and Malay IQ

We know Southern Chinese scores very high on IQ. Our IQ are way higher than Northern Chinese. That could imply that the proto-Malay could be very intelligent. The proto Malay could carry a high IQ gene. 

The Southern Chinese high IQ is not likely due to genetic input from Northern Chinese. If Southern Chinese IQ is to be benefit due to intermarriage with Northern Chinese, then the Northern Chinese need to be smarter. So its likely that one of the main reason for high IQ of Southern Chinese is the Southern Mongoloid group is way smarter than Northern Mongoloid group. And I wish to highlight again that proto Malay is Mongoloid, not Australoid. Malayan Malay has more feature of Australoid.

And why Malayan Malay scores lower in IQ? I have form some sets of answer and would like to share in subsequent postings. It would probably enrage the Malaysia Malay racist.

From current evidence, there are reasons to believe that the proto Malay is high IQ people.

The Penan tribe of Borneo

These people have interesting phenotype. They are Malay. They are 100% identical to Fujian Chinese. From the feature, we could probably deduce that they have very high genetic similarity with Fujian Chinese. They are bullied and discriminated by Malaysia bumiputra-ist. They may be very close genetically to proto Malay.

In my coming postings of this series, I would like to illustrate more on the concepts. The Malaysia mainstream Malay is unlikely to be very "bumiputra", and is genetically very far apart from proto Malay. Nevertheless Malaysia Malay clowns will not cease to shout empty racist slogan which have little basis. Many more  Malay tribe could be more "bumiputra" and genetically closer to proto Malay than mainstream Malaysia Malay.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the write up. interesting to know these things. Not thought at all in school.

Anonymous said...

Fair on Malay article but please eleborate.Singapore constitution recognise the Malay as the ingeious people os Singapore but Lee Kuan Yew declare the Malay is an immgrant as others? Welcome to the Malay Archipelago,Malay World ,Malay Region and speak the constitutio n Bahasa.

Veritas said...

If you read my writings, I am a firm supporter of using Bahasa Indonesia as our national language.

I have advocate it at least 50 times.

Anonymous said...

Are u stupid or what? Have u even live in indo? Did u know that how much the organization were controlled by the Javanese? Have u ever seen how much they try to 're-javanised' the Chinese? I bet u have a little knowledge about the history & world issues... I think u write this school essay based on ur opinion alone... little about fact. U just stamp on someone's study here & knows zero about it. Or r u on somekind of political side? I smell like u want to provoke some racism here.. Ur writings are only weighting on semenanjung Malays. Seriously, hv u even went to other part of Malaysia? There's Malay too in Sarawak & Sabah If u learned history, which I think u don't... They have live there governed by king long enough before the Chinese discovered their dynasty & called themselves as the Han Chinese. U hv no right to say the Malay were racist toward their subs & other ethnics. If ur Chinese ancestral r so great in IQ, why're u still stuck living in this worst Nanyang land, serving 4 the Malays? I guess, u should goes back 2 ur mainland, if the hakka in China, still want to accept u, the southern Chinese decent. I know the racism involved in ur own Han-Chinese community bcoz I lives in it. I know how much the hokkiens, the fukkiens, foochows, teochews, hakkas, hates each others but denies it. Such a hypocrite this Han-Chinese. If we breaks the Han's, u r just nothing, u r not even relative to each other... Ur late emperor that u betrayed, knews about ur differences, that's why the Han Chinese were formed... 4 political benefits. U should realise this fact b4 u point out someone's genes distribution. I hope u understand where ur shoes are, regarding this matter. If not, just refresh back ur background. Ur ancestral were just a British slaves when they arrived here. If the Malays don't pity u, u might become a homeless refugees right now. The reality are hard to accept sometimes, if u knowledgeable enough to understand what I mean

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the write up. It is most interesting. The Penan tribe are an interesting people and from your photos, I agree that they can look somewhat like Chinese/Fujianese. However, I dont think they are the same because all natives in China are probably closer to those in surrounding Indochina like Vietnam, Myanmar or Laos before Borneo. What I agree with you is that Penan are definitely discriminated by fugly "Melayu" because of the religion of Islam. I prefer Filipinos, Indonesians and real native malays/Penan people than Malaysia Malays and Singapore Malays. Those in Singapore should just get the hell back to Malaysia alredy lar so they can relak and blow up their women(stupid dindoo malay muslim accent). Muslims are closer to Indians and Arabs both in genes and behavior. Sometimes I even think they are more like Africans. Don't believe those who claim to be "Penan" here, they're probably just your typical Muslim Malay.

How can these two be even the same race lol
Penan woman

Malay Pig

Anonymous said...

When postulate that south chinesee has high IQ genes than NChinese and Malaysian Malay you have lost me. Nothing but racist pseudo science.
Mak Jun Yeen

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

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There are not many people who write about the origins of the "Malay" proto-race in Malaysia. I cannot find many modern studies on their IQ, genetic makeup in terms of other ethnicities from the government themselves. I have been trying to figure out why "Malay" society in Malaysia tend to behave the way they do and your blog has helped. It is quite humorous how "Anonymous" and "anak" have just attacked you personally - I noticed that they aren't actually disagreeing with you but just slandering other ethnicities.

Interestingly, "anak" seems to be disillusioned by his public schooling and needs a proper history lesson as he is not aware that 10% of the communists were Malays and Indians.

Anonymous said...

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klsekaki said...

Many Malaysian CHinese are planning to go back China, I am one of them. I have properties in Daya Bay and Meizhou. Planning to get one in Naning when price is good.

China is planning to give green card to oversea chinese from Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, SIngapore etc very soon to be finalized in 5 years. Bye bye Ketuanan.

Anonymous said...

I came to this blog when I searched Malay and IQ. My old girlfriend who was Chinese and very high IQ always complained about the stupid Malay. I just wanted to get some more insight into it.

Anonymous said...

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