Monday, April 15, 2013

Indian will murder you for sharing high caste's name

Not too long ago on BBC.

A low-caste Dalit boy has been killed in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh for sharing a name with a man of a higher caste, police say.

They said Neeraj Kumar's father Ram Sumer had been asked to change the names of two sons as they were the same as those of Jawahar Chaudhary's sons.

The body of Neeraj, 14, was found on 23 November in a field. Two friends of the Chaudhary family have been arrested.

Mr Chaudhary denies the involvement of his family in the murder.

He says the family is being framed by police.

Dalits, formerly known as "untouchables", are at the bottom of the Hindu caste system in India.

Although caste discrimination is illegal, biases remain in many areas.


The latest incident took place in Radhaupur village in Basti district.

Both Ram Sumer and Jawahar Chaudhary have sons named Neeraj and Dheeraj and that has long been an issue between the two families, Sub-inspector Praveen Kumar said.

Mr Chaudhary, who belongs to a higher caste, had given several warnings to Mr Sumer to change the names of his boys.

On 22 November, Neeraj left home after dinner to watch television at a friend's house. His body was found the next day.

Police said he was strangled.

Mr Chaudhary's sons - Neeraj and Dheeraj - are missing, but police have arrested two friends of the family who they say had a role in the murder.

High caste Indians are the most wicked people on planet

In the 21th century, people are still being killed in India by sharing given name (not even the odious high caste surname yet), with a neighbor. This is a tip of iceberg. I am a reader of Indian newspaper and a frequent visitor of forums participated by Indians. From all information gathered, I am shock by the collective wickedness of the Hindic civilization. India is one of the most fertile land on this planet. It could easily become the richest. Today India is a shithole literally and spiritually. Indians are shitting even on their holy land. Indians shit in their lakes and rivers. Indians are consummate backstabber and traitors.

The poverty of India is entirely in the mind and wicked thoughts of Indians.  

No one can get murdered in other civilizations for sharing the same name with the most lofty elites, not even Islam or the most savage African nations can beat India in racial discrimination. The most scum mafia would not even kill anyone for sharing the same name. And yet, Indians out beat everyone in wickedness. The murder is not an isolated event but an incident out of a wider and noxious Hindic culture and institution. Besides, millions of Dalits are raped or are forced into prostitution by high caste Indians each year.

High caste Indians persisting in their crime

You go into forums and often see Indians blaming their miserable conditions to historical baggages, to British colonization, to Muslim conquest, and even to natural disaster.

God is kind to Indians. God give Indians Singapore. There are nothing to complain about Singapore. The FT Indians start a new life here, far remove from the India shithole they themselves created. Singapore is among best city in the world, created by the hardworking citizens.

Unfortunately, the FT Indians are determine to screw Singapore. They do not come here as honest citizens. First thing they do is to blame Singaporean Chinese for racism, a label best attributed to FT Indians themselves. Next, they kick out every Singaporeans on the way, shipping their entire village.

FT Indians are cancer to Singapore culture. What can you expect from a tribe who will murder someone simply because the victim share a given name? If they can murder for such trivial matters, they would not have any qualms about firing the most talented Singaporeans replacing them with the most stupid Indians.

At the same time, FT Indians bad mouth Singapore at every given opportunities in web forum, despite the fact that Singapore has given them a new life, saving them from their shithole India.

Singapore is already in Caste system now.

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