Sunday, April 14, 2013

Hindutva immense hatred against Christians

PAP importing Christian haters

Very few people are aware of the immense hatred of FT Indians, against Chinese, and more so if you are a Christians. Most FT Indians are the higher caste Hindus, and Christianity is a threat to their privileged existence. These days, not a week pass without the news of ethnic cleansing of Christians in India.

Jesus is a God of redemption compared to Hindic Deity

In India, Christianity are mass converting dalits. The dalits are told by the high caste Indians during every Hinduism sermons that they committed grave sins in their past life. This is what the hindus call the Karma. To redeemed these sins, the dalits need to stooge worse than the animals, prostitute their daughters and embark career path as shit collectors.

However, Jesus Christ give the dalits a new deal. Jesus does not need anyone to redeem themselves. Jesus takes on the sins of his followers. On day 1 the dalits join Christianity, they are cleanse off their sins by Jesus. The Hindus who wanted to enslave the dalits using the karma theory now, got to collect the redemption not from dalits, but from Jesus, who agreed to offload all sins to himself. That incense the high caste parasitic Indians. 

One Christian was quoted saying as below in another video clip.
"The Hindu Gods did nothing for me. They didn't bring me any peace. They could not answer my problems. But in Christianity, I found true peace and freedom from the Hindu caste system."
Dalits Christians going strong on education, IQ and social status after converting to Christianity

Over 3000 years, the sole aim of Brahmins denied dalits access to means of production (force eviction from land) and educations, so that they can work as whit collectors and prostitute perpetually. The dalits are treated worse than animals.

Hinduism's theory of Dharma and Karma are instituted racism, while Christianity stands for humanistic ideals. 

Christianity is a total game changer. Under Jesus Christ, everyone are brothers and sisters. Christian missionaries are the most fanatic builders of schools and hospitals, everywhere in the whole world. Christian run charity feed the poor and house the homeless.  

Becoming a Christian did seems to incur the blessing of God. For the first time, Dalits are having access to good schools and good teachers. Many of these schools are plugged in to international missionaries network which provide infinite supplies of oversea Christian volunteers. And for the first time, the dalits are given a windows to contact with foreigners, world view, a higher human ideas.

Now Christians dalits are gaining access to good schools and teachers that are deliberately deprived to them by high caste Indian. Their social standing and IQ start to ascend. That debunk a large part of Hinduism. 

The high caste Indians watch and fume. The started to persecute Christians.

Hinduism finding Singapore as a frontier missionary outlet

Hinduism is in decline in their home ground. Many in India are mass converting either to Christianity or Islam. Nevertheless, Hinduism got compensation in their evangelism efforts, with the help of PAP. Many in PAP are neo-Hindus, especially Kuan Yew, Hsien Loong and phoney Christian George Yeo. George Yeo is a phoney catholic who manage to fool Singaporeans. Singaporeans believe George Yeo is good man. In reality, George Yeo did only 2 things. He is the main enbler of casinos and second, CECA, which is instrumental in mass importing FT Indians. 

PAP imports these racist high caste Indians to screw Singaporeans. These hindus hate equality, hate Chinese and hate Christians. Together with PAP, the FT Indians perfected the theology of neo-Hinduism. The neo Dharmic and Karmic theory put it simply are

Singaporeans are descendants of coolie, they have bad genes. They are stupid, lazy and  hence, deserve to be screwed perpetually. This is on the background that Singaporeans have the highest IQ and academic achievements in the world. 

Indians are good in everything and deserve are entitled to lord over Singaporeans, even if studies shown India Indians are the most stupid people in the planet.

Note: Indians IQ are moronic 82 and Singaporeans are highest at 108. Singaporeans academic ranking under PISA is among the highest in the world.

The neo Hindu theology form the ideological basis for kicking out every single Singaporeans in work place, eventually preparing the career path of Singaporeans as prostitutes and shit collectors. 


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the article. The power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ sets men and women free from the bondage of servitude. It not surprising to learn that these high caste Indians are Christian-haters because their own belief system are threatened. In Singapore,however, many Christians are among the educated elite class.

Veritas said...

Singapore Christian is a big disappointment. The church today exist as a platform to find boy and girlfriend.

The pastors and reverends are shallow in their sermons. Many engage in bitter office politicking. Their main focus is not Christ but their career.

Then there is this Sun Ho who is a better cut for porn star than pastor.

Today, Singaporean christian are no longer interested in community service, like building hospital, or educating the flocks. There is some effort in it for window dressing. Most donations goes into property and other investments.

The elites are Christian. But most are better qualified as pharisee. They help LKY in oppressing the people. They never blow whistle.

Singapore has become like the land in Book of Micah. If our Christian still insist on their wicked ways, we will be punished by God.

Anonymous said...

You are spot on. Politics, power, control, prestige, riches and sexual attractions are all part of the mix in the churches today. The Pharisees were the religious fundamentalists and the High Priest and Sadducees were the religious elites that wielded power and control over the temple with the blessing of Rome. John the Baptist and Jesus called these hypocrites, vipers and whited sepulchers.

Anonymous said...

I have been to church where the congregation was led be pastor in prayer and he prayed for the ministers by name. I do not agreed to this, bec then this is too political. church should be non-partisan. i believe we should pray for a good country, a good government etc. but not by name, eg. so-and-so.

I have also come across prayer led by foreigner who prayed that "singapore should accept foreigners and integrate well...." why should they be given such "authourity" to lead singaporeans in politically sensitive prayer ? no political agenda should be allowed in church.

now even in church, i sometimes also cannot find peace !!

Veritas said...

I have also come across prayer led by foreigner who prayed that "singapore should accept foreigners and integrate well...." why should they be given such "authourity" to lead singaporeans in politically sensitive prayer ? no political agenda should be allowed in church.

This clearly shows how moronic the pastors are. Take for example FT Indians have been racist scum for 3000 years. Even if we can "integrate" them and make them non-racist within the next 300 years, it would still be too unbearable for me.

And PAP importing these slumdog screwing us could be exactly what PAP wants.

Anonymous said...

Elites everywhere is the same. They all take for granted that they are the appointed 'lords' over us who are serfs, subhumans, slaves etc. Starting from confucious who confused every chinese to hinduism who confused every indians etc. We should all be protestants and protest against all these inequality mentality and untruths. Only the truth will set us free.

Veritas said...

Liars, type A personalities are extremely prevalent in upper rank, religious institutions, law enforcement agencies, military, corporate and politics.

Protestant church though has its flaw is not the worst form of religious institution.

Yes, we need truth to set us free.

Miguel C said...

God Bless you for bringing this truth out to the world.

Readers are encouraged to youtube 'Persecution of Christians in India' --- WARNING: Not for the faint hearted.

The Hindus are anti-Western & anti-Christian and will go to great lengths to attack and kill Christians.

Be aware and be blessed in Christ!

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...

Hindu nationalism is a good alternative to global jihad and liberal democracy. It is not their fault that we are weak in awakening pan Chinese nationalism. We need to overthrow the communist and restore the Ming Dynasty.