Monday, April 22, 2013

FT Indians polluting USA with caste system : Indian murdered family of daugther

Whenever high caste Indian go, they bring their caste system. They impose on everyone. At the same time, they feign victims. They forever accuse that locals "discriminates" Indians, like the worst self-victimized feminist. They hate all locals on their way, no matter how hospitable the locals are. FT Indians are determined to make locals Dalits.

When you ask FT Indians robbing good jobs from Singaporeans whether caste system still exist, they denied. Then, they accuse Singaporean Chinese as racist. FT Indians are the worst scum in universe. Below is a news from NYT, that FT Indians even after migrating to USA killed the entire family of his pregnant daughter, just because she married a low caste Indian.

The wickedness of FT Indians are immense. Not even the kind and hospitable host culture can change them.

CHICAGO — A man set a fire last weekend that killed his pregnant daughter, his son-in-law and his 3-year-old grandson, prosecutors say, because he disapproved of his daughter’s marriage.

Oak Forest Police Department
Subhash Chander, who has confessed to starting the fire.
The man, Subhash Chander, who lives in Oak Forest, a suburb south of here, told investigators that he was upset with his daughter, Monika Rani, and her husband, Rajesh Kumar, for what he saw as “a cultural slight,” said Robert J. Milan, the first assistant state’s attorney of Cook County.

Mr. Chander said that the couple had married without his consent and that Mr. Kumar was from a lower caste in India than Ms. Rani’s family, Mr. Milan said.

Mr. Chander, 57, was held without bail on Wednesday, charged with three counts of first-degree murder, aggravated arson and intentional homicide of an unborn child.

Ms. Rani, 22, was five months pregnant with the couple’s second child.

A defense lawyer assigned to Mr. Chander’s case did not respond to a telephone message.

On Saturday night, firefighters were called to a blaze that was swiftly consuming an apartment complex where more than 70 people were inside. People raced down stairs, and others jumped from balcony windows. Remarkably, the authorities said, most escaped without serious injuries.

The authorities said the fire started outside the door of Apartment 209, where Ms. Rani, Mr. Kumar and their son, Vansh Kumar, 3, lived.

A witness told the police that just after the fire started he saw a man matching Mr. Chander’s description in the hallway smelling of gasoline and carrying a plastic container.

An attendant at a gasoline station told the police that Mr. Chander had bought a plastic container of gasoline at his station two hours before the fire.

Not long after the fire, the police found the container in the garbage bin outside Mr. Chander’s apartment building, just across the street from his daughter’s building.

Mr. Chander acknowledged setting the fire, the authorities said, but said it had started during an unexpected confrontation with his family members.

Mr. Chander told the police that his son-in-law had pushed him, leading him to spill the gasoline, which he had bought for a relative, Mr. Milan said. Mr. Chander said he grew angry, pulled out his lighter and set the apartment on fire, Mr. Milan added.

Then, Mr. Chander said, he left, threw away the container and went home, Mr. Milan said, adding that he did not call the police, firefighters or his daughter.

Smita Narula, the faculty director of the Center for Human Rights and Global Justice at New York University School of Law who has studied the effects of the Indian caste system, said violence over caste differences and intercaste marriages still occurred in India, although discrimination against the lowest caste has been outlawed for decades.

“What is surprising,” Ms. Narula said, “is that it might happen here.”

Today, USA is no longer a good place. She has been polluted by FT Indians. Caste system is entrench in USA. USA sees her first intercaste marriage related murder. No other civilizations today will kill someone, not to mention own daughter for marriage across social standings. Not even Islam or Sinitic, not even blacks in Africa, and not even cave man. Not even the worst scum mafia is going to kill her daughter's family because she married a lowly person. The only tribe that are so wicked is -- Indian. And such killings are not isolated events. Every year in India, at least thousands of such case are reported. This is just the tip of iceberg, as there are many more unreported case.

Meanwhile, shameless FT Indians still continues to accuse USA white of "racist", despite the fact that the worst racist scum in the whole universe is FT Indians themselves.

Soon FT Indians are going to murder Singaporeans for marrying their tribe

Have you wonder why Singaporeans especially our shameless sluts are having no problems marry FT Indians? The reason is these Singaporeans are back by their own brothers who still have guts.

When FT Indians are afraid of macho Singaporeans, they curse  us secretly while brooding inter-racial marriages. Unfortunately PAP and FT Indians are going hand in hand in weakening Singaporeans.

When Singaporeans are make Dalits, I am sure many of those women chasing after FT Indians will be burned to death by their in laws.


Anonymous said...

This article is way over board. You are using one case to make a sweeping statement of all Indian FTs. It is rather shallow. Your presumable hate for Indian FTs makes you no different. You need to learn not to generalize. These are isolated incidents rare and few. Every country has its fair share. Do you recall a case in S'pore where a Chinese FT killed her brother in law out of rage. So don't be prejudiced over one incident. Let go of your hate. Than you would be able to see the better side to people, Indian FTs or otherwise.

Concerned Singaporean

Veritas said...

My intention is to highlight the psyche of a certain tribe if they are willing to murder the daughter's family due to inter social standing marriage.

This is not isolated case. I will expose more of in future blog. Its very prevalent.

Anonymous said...

You continue to make sweeping and baseless accusations. I was appalled by your blog titled "hindutva hatred against Christians". I find it rather inflammatory. Hinduism has nothing to do with the perverse treatment of Dalits in India as you have alleged. Just like pastor Terry Jones who threatened to burn the Quran in US, these are despicable acts of certain unscrupulous people. It has nothing to do with religion nor represent the majority views of an entire faith community. Your frivolous postings condemning one religion in favour of another display your narrow view of the world. I find your comments ladened with mistruths. The quotes in your blog are misleading, shallow and above all, not factual. You have written absolutely false comments to sway and prove your deep seated prejudice. I find your comments discrimanatory and highly offensive. In essence, your blog is provocative and seditious. Your comments border on racism. I strongly believe every religion teaches us to do good be it Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism or Islam. But above all we need to be good humans first. I urge you not to write such offensive materials in future, in the spirit of humanity.

Concerned Singaporean

Veritas said...

Either you do not know Hindic scripts or you are lying.

Go and read the Manusmriti calls for shitting on Dalits.

And about the predicament of Christianity in India, I have monitor Times of Hindia, Economic Times...etc from India.

These days, not a single week pass without news of persecution of Christians.

I can come to terms with Islam. I travel to Arab and Hindic land. In Arab land, despite how corrupt the elites are, they still take care of people.

The elites of Hindic land practice to each his own for thousands of years. For a civilization of 5000 years, there is no reason why Hindic land is so backward, degenerated, and poor, other than due to shit elites in Hindic civilization, which is the high caste Indians.

And Hindic philo is what PAP preach as well. I am going to oppose it.

Anonymous said...

I am a practicing Hindu. My parents have most parts lived in India. I have made my fair trips to India. And I beleive I know enough. There is no reason for me to lie. As I said what high caste Indians do as you presume has nothing to do with religion. That is my larger point. These are acts of unscrupulous people who belong to a minority. I feel great sadness when senseles acts of persecution takes place such as persecution of Jews and Muslims in miiddle east, Christians in Indonesia/ India, Hindus and Sikhs in India and recently Muslims in Myanmar. There is no place for such hate in society. This is not the civilsation that we stand for no matter who we are or what religion we profess. These acts should be condemned. But one should not denigrate a religion based on selfish acts of a certain group. Read up your facts on Hinduism. There is nothing in the religion that preaches hate nor condemns humanity. The religion expounds virtues of kindness, respect, filial piety, sacrifice, honor and duty, core tenets similar to any other religion. No where in the scriptures does Hinduism tell you to castigate another. You equating the concept of karma to inhumane acts of some so called elitists is hence, misleading, misrepresentative and baseless. The acts of these people as I have said has nothing to do with religion. So on what premise do you link such acts with Hinduism. Worse, you then compare this to the good of Christianity. This appears seditious to me. I grew up in a mission school. I have learnt to value virtues of both Christianity and my own religion, Hinduism. I am also involved in inter religious and inter ethnic work. I realise there are areas where our religions differ but we agree in one principled aspect - valuing humanity. There are radicals everywhere. But they often reoresent a minority. They abuse visceral forces such as religion and race to pursue their own personal ambitions. You don't need to be wise to realise this. These groups in no way represent Hindus or Indians or the larger species of humans in general. Most of us don't behave this way. So you need to learn to stop generalizing people. Worse condemn followers of a particular faith who beleive in compassion and humanity. What makes you different from those radicals you seek to condemn. I truly wonder. From reading your statements, I gather you are no different. You seem to be intent on using religion to pursue your parochial views. You claim to have read vastly on these issues. But sorry, I don't find your views even having a minuscule resemblance of one who is learned.

Concerned Singaporean

Veritas said...

The tenets of Hinduism are Dharma and Kama. That is used as an opium to make oppressed feel good, and to give oppressor psychological balance.

Anonymous said...

That Is what your narrow mind conveys. Dharma and Karma has far greater meaning to life and its meaning is pronounced in the Bhagavad Gita. Do read up. It would help clear your rather muddled mind. I don't wish to suffer fools so I will end the conversation here. I honestly hope you become a better person one day. If God permits.

Concerned Singaporean

Veritas said...

I wish the best for Indians. Instead of accusing my article, please in the meanwhile write something to fuck Indian caste system and the FT Hindu racist in Citibank@CBP.

The guys fanning hate are those idiots FT Indians, not the most hospitable Singaporean chinese.