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Singaporean Chinese is the greatest victim of cultural genocide Part 1 : We are speaking "Chinese dialects"?

In the below article Hokkien is used interchangeably with Minnan. Minnan is the scholastic term for Hokkien languages.

The "Speak Mandarin" campaign by PAP has been a good target for many wicked minorities demagogues to attack Singaporean Chinese as racist. Their writings give false impression that "Mandarin was forced upon" minorities. They felt injured. Many of these writings style, especially in the recent years appears to be the works of FT Indians.

Many Singaporean Chinese not able to defend these evil slanders. We felt that we are really "racist". In reality, the "Speak Mandarin" campaign is exactly the cultural genocide of Singaporean Chinese, and all our prostitute intellects are not informing us in exchange for PAP patrons.

Today, "Singaporean Chinese Dialects" are the only lects that are prohibited to be broadcast in TV programs. They are actively persecuted. When I was studying,  all MOE schools treated our lects as something of a vulgarities, liable to incur punishments. Every other dialects are abled to be air except that of Chinese. Linguistic scholars knew that English, Dutch, are examples of Germanic dialects. French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italians are dialects of Latin. Russian, Polish, Czech, Ukranian, Yugoslavic are dialect of Slavic languages. Everyone of them are able to be aired to be relished as exotic foreign language programs.

Other than that, we have exotics Japanese, Korean, Arabic cable channels. The programs forbidden by PAP are those that speaks Hokkien and Cantonese.

In short, all minorities have access to their own language TV in Singapore, our Singaporean Chinese has no access. "Speak Mandarin" program is a noise, and ranting by PAP that does not affect an iota of our minorities, but is a cultural genocide to Singaporean Chinese. Unfortunately, many minorities seize the chance, and use it to attack Singaporean Chinese, who themselves are the greatest victims of cultural genocide.

What if?

PAP always pretended that Singaporean Chinese are speaking "Chinese Dialects". That is a lie. In scholastic terms, Hokkien and Cantonese languages are separate languages under the Sinitic languages family, same as Mandarin.

To impose Mandarin on Chinese people is similar as imposing German on English and Dutch speakers, Latin on French, Spanish or Portuguese speakers...etc.

What about imposing

Hindi on Bengali, Punjabi, Urdu speakers because all are Hindustanic languages?
Telegu on Tamil and Malayalam speakers because all are Dravidic languages?

Linguistic distance of Sinitic lects are further apart than lects of other family. They can almost be consider under a separate family of languages.

Base on my research, the mutual intelligibility of lects of certain languages group are quite high. For example, speakers of

Latin - Spanish, Portuguese and Italian could have a high degree of mutual intelligibility.
Hindustanic - Hindi, Urdu and Punjabi have a high degree of mutual intelligibility.
Dravidic - Tamil and Malayalam have a high degree of mutual intelligibility.
Germanic - German and Dutch have a high degree of mutual intelligibility.
Slavic - Russian and Ukranian have a high degree of mutual intelligibility.

The mutual intelligibility of Cantonese, Minnan and Mandarin is a big ZERO.

Geographic distance of linguistic center

The mutual unintelligibility of Sinitc languagues is not surprising. The standard German language center is located somewhere in middle Germany, around the area of Frankfurt. The Dutch based on the West Germanic lect spoken near Amsterdam, is 400 km apart.

A geographic distance of only 400 km between is able to give rise to two lects, the German and Dutch within the West Germanic family. (Not the upper node of Germanic family yet).

The distance between Guangzhou, the center of Cantonese and Beijing, the center of Mandarin is more than 1700 km apart. There is no surprise that Mandarin, Cantonese and Minnan are classified as different languages and are totally unintelligible to speakers of all these languages.

Minnan, Cantonese and Mandarin are very different even at the very basic level

Many languages within a big parent language umbrella are quite similar at basic level. This is not the case for Sinitic lects, grammatically and phonetically, and lexically, which use different sets of Chinese characters. For example, the sentence "you give me his book" as below.


你  給  我   他   的     書。(you-give-me-his-book)
nǐ  gěi wǒ  tā   de   shū


你      畀     佢       本      書         我。(you-give-his-book-me)

nei5  bei2  keoi5  bun2   syu1  ngo5

Minnan (Hokkein)

汝  予      我     伊    ea    册   (you-give-me-his-book)

lu   hou   wa    yi    ea    cei

Not only there are complete different in pronunciation, but also grammar and lexicons.The same thing in Germanic languages like English, German "Du gibst mir sein Buch" and Dutch "je geeft me zijn boek" would look quite close compared to Sinitic langauges.

Poor Singaporean Chinese fooled by Kuan Yew and condemned as "racist", by minorities

In short, our fathers did not fight LKY. We have lost our culture. We believe our "mother tongue is mandarin", but in reality Mandarin is a Sinitic languages heavily influenced by northern China barbarians.

Our intellects prostitute themselves to LKY. Many people did not know how much Kuan Yew hate Chinese culture. It is not surprising that Singaporean Chinese today despise their mother tongue, and hope to kill Chinese education, in public schools.

I will continue this topic in next article. 


Monday, April 22, 2013

FT Indians polluting USA with caste system : Indian murdered family of daugther

Whenever high caste Indian go, they bring their caste system. They impose on everyone. At the same time, they feign victims. They forever accuse that locals "discriminates" Indians, like the worst self-victimized feminist. They hate all locals on their way, no matter how hospitable the locals are. FT Indians are determined to make locals Dalits.

When you ask FT Indians robbing good jobs from Singaporeans whether caste system still exist, they denied. Then, they accuse Singaporean Chinese as racist. FT Indians are the worst scum in universe. Below is a news from NYT, that FT Indians even after migrating to USA killed the entire family of his pregnant daughter, just because she married a low caste Indian.

The wickedness of FT Indians are immense. Not even the kind and hospitable host culture can change them.

CHICAGO — A man set a fire last weekend that killed his pregnant daughter, his son-in-law and his 3-year-old grandson, prosecutors say, because he disapproved of his daughter’s marriage.

Oak Forest Police Department
Subhash Chander, who has confessed to starting the fire.
The man, Subhash Chander, who lives in Oak Forest, a suburb south of here, told investigators that he was upset with his daughter, Monika Rani, and her husband, Rajesh Kumar, for what he saw as “a cultural slight,” said Robert J. Milan, the first assistant state’s attorney of Cook County.

Mr. Chander said that the couple had married without his consent and that Mr. Kumar was from a lower caste in India than Ms. Rani’s family, Mr. Milan said.

Mr. Chander, 57, was held without bail on Wednesday, charged with three counts of first-degree murder, aggravated arson and intentional homicide of an unborn child.

Ms. Rani, 22, was five months pregnant with the couple’s second child.

A defense lawyer assigned to Mr. Chander’s case did not respond to a telephone message.

On Saturday night, firefighters were called to a blaze that was swiftly consuming an apartment complex where more than 70 people were inside. People raced down stairs, and others jumped from balcony windows. Remarkably, the authorities said, most escaped without serious injuries.

The authorities said the fire started outside the door of Apartment 209, where Ms. Rani, Mr. Kumar and their son, Vansh Kumar, 3, lived.

A witness told the police that just after the fire started he saw a man matching Mr. Chander’s description in the hallway smelling of gasoline and carrying a plastic container.

An attendant at a gasoline station told the police that Mr. Chander had bought a plastic container of gasoline at his station two hours before the fire.

Not long after the fire, the police found the container in the garbage bin outside Mr. Chander’s apartment building, just across the street from his daughter’s building.

Mr. Chander acknowledged setting the fire, the authorities said, but said it had started during an unexpected confrontation with his family members.

Mr. Chander told the police that his son-in-law had pushed him, leading him to spill the gasoline, which he had bought for a relative, Mr. Milan said. Mr. Chander said he grew angry, pulled out his lighter and set the apartment on fire, Mr. Milan added.

Then, Mr. Chander said, he left, threw away the container and went home, Mr. Milan said, adding that he did not call the police, firefighters or his daughter.

Smita Narula, the faculty director of the Center for Human Rights and Global Justice at New York University School of Law who has studied the effects of the Indian caste system, said violence over caste differences and intercaste marriages still occurred in India, although discrimination against the lowest caste has been outlawed for decades.

“What is surprising,” Ms. Narula said, “is that it might happen here.”

Today, USA is no longer a good place. She has been polluted by FT Indians. Caste system is entrench in USA. USA sees her first intercaste marriage related murder. No other civilizations today will kill someone, not to mention own daughter for marriage across social standings. Not even Islam or Sinitic, not even blacks in Africa, and not even cave man. Not even the worst scum mafia is going to kill her daughter's family because she married a lowly person. The only tribe that are so wicked is -- Indian. And such killings are not isolated events. Every year in India, at least thousands of such case are reported. This is just the tip of iceberg, as there are many more unreported case.

Meanwhile, shameless FT Indians still continues to accuse USA white of "racist", despite the fact that the worst racist scum in the whole universe is FT Indians themselves.

Soon FT Indians are going to murder Singaporeans for marrying their tribe

Have you wonder why Singaporeans especially our shameless sluts are having no problems marry FT Indians? The reason is these Singaporeans are back by their own brothers who still have guts.

When FT Indians are afraid of macho Singaporeans, they curse  us secretly while brooding inter-racial marriages. Unfortunately PAP and FT Indians are going hand in hand in weakening Singaporeans.

When Singaporeans are make Dalits, I am sure many of those women chasing after FT Indians will be burned to death by their in laws.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Earliest year schooling instrumental for success in life

Nobel Prize Laureate James Heckman's research has shown that earliest year school is most critical in the success of a person, especially the program targeted for kids at, 0-3 years old. This is the weakest link for poor parents. Such program often cost tenth of thousands.

Critical age of education

Human IQ and language development is best at earliest stage of life. It is said that people who learn a foreign language after age of 3 will never master it to the level of native speaker. Studies have shown that feral children even after being brought back to civilization will never acquire linguistic and intelligence to function normally in life.

The rich and poor's achievement gap in education and subsequent career is rooted in pre-school and earliest education. It has not that much to do with "hard work" as what PAP has preached. If a person decide to work hard at later stages of life, he would not accomplished much.

Finally PAP open shop MOE kindergarten 

PAP must be fully aware the significance of pre-schooling given so many researchers in MOE. Nevertheless, PAP insisted until very recently not to have a public pre-school. The conspiracy theory that PAP is more interested in making elites excel in studies to enable stratification of social class seems extremely plausible.

Nevertheless, I am very skeptical letting MOE runs pre-school. MOE is hyper corrupt. MOE  kindergarten is a wrong system and very little good will come out of it. We should adopt school voucher system instead.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

High caste Indians are cancer to host countries

I was alerted by TRE on the article of BBC.

Campaigners have vowed to continue their fight for legislation after MPs voted against banning caste discrimination.

Hundreds protested outside Parliament on Tuesday afternoon as the House of Commons debated the issue.

They said legislation was badly needed as thousands suffer abuse and prejudice because they are considered low caste.

But ministers said there were concerns in the Hindu and Sikh communities that legislation could increase the stigma.

MPs voted against adding caste discrimination to the Equality Act by 307 to 243, a majority 64.

Meena Varma of the Dalit Solidarity Network said: "I am very disappointed. But we'll keep going until we get this legislation."

'Demanding equality'
Campaigners say current laws offer no protection from discrimination.

They say caste divides society unfairly, with those at the bottom - often called untouchables - expected to do dirty, poorly paid work.

They complain they are also expected to - and forced to - look up to and respect higher castes.

Those arguing for action say such discrimination is outlawed in India and they want similar protection in Britain too.

One of the protestors, Ravi Kumar of Anti Caste Discrimination Alliance, said: "We are here today because we are demanding equality, respect and dignity in the United Kingdom.

"Caste discrimination has been going on for decades (in Britain). What we have found is that it has actually increased over the last decade or so because of social media and people have gone back to their previous caste identities."

In the House of Commons the government acknowledged the existence of caste discrimination in Britain. But it said it does not think legislation will help to stamp it out.

Equalities minister Jo Swinson told MPs: "This is an issue that is contained in the Hindu and Sikh communities.

"That's why we are working with those communities to address these problems."

She warned of concern that legislation could increase stigma rather than ease the problem. That's why the government was planning to tackle caste prejudice through an education programme instead.

There are thought to be around 400,000 low caste people in Britain.

Campaigner Davinder Prasad of Castewatch UK said many of them had experienced some form of discrimination.

He called it an invisible disease" that non-Asians were only starting to become aware of in Britain.

"The caste system is absolutely horrible for the victims. It makes you feel sub-human. There is no description for the pain that victims feel," he said.

During the debate many MPs backed the protestors.

Conservative MP Richard Fuller said: "This is a straightforward issue, caste discrimination in the work place is wrong and the people who suffer from it deserve legal protection. That's it. Beginning and end."

Lords vote
Shadow business secretary Chuka Umunna said that caste discrimination was "completely unacceptable".

"Every community group, every faith group we have spoken to, on each side of this debate in recent days has been united in the belief that caste discrimination has no place in our country," he said.

Last month, the House of Lords voted by a majority of 103 to amend the Equality Act to include caste discrimination.

That raised the hopes of campaigners. Meena Varma said protestors had come from all over the country to back the call for a ban on caste discrimination.

"I think there is in excess of a thousand people here today," she said.

"We've had coaches from Wolverhampton, Birmingham, Coventry, Southall and Bedford. People from across the country have come here to demand justice today."

The government has asked the Equality and Human Rights Commission to examine the nature of caste prejudice and harassment, and consider what other action might be helpful.

The commission will publish its findings later in 2013.

PAP is importing the worst scum worm of human race, hoping to make Dalits out of Singaporeans

I have warn in my blog over and over again about the high caste Indian who hell bent to recreate shithole India, in everywhere they go. Not too long ago, UK has eliminated racism, achieving a very high level of equality, justice and prosperity. Today, UK is no longer good. She has 4% South Asian, consist mainly of Indians (1.8%), Pakistani (1.6%) and Bangladeshi (0.5%). The Indians are imposing their caste shit even on white man.

Today, many white man curse FT Indians in internet forum. FT Indians are widely hated. UK, their host country is good to FT Indians. They repay UK by the most treacherous act, imposing the caste system on UK, especially to the FT low caste Indians.

Not only UK, everywhere FT Indians went, they shit on locals.

While UK are very pissed by their 1.8% of FT Indians, Singaporeans got to brood with, in my estimate probably 6% of FT Indians among us. We are fast descending into shit hole. Our life are getting very miserable living side by side with these FT Desi. UK government despite being very reactionary decides that FT Indians are too noxious, and their law makers move to pass resolutions against caste system.

What is PAP doing? While Singaporeans are being discriminated big time, PAP accuses Singaporeans of racist, xenophobic, lazy and stupid. Then PAP continue to give FT caste-shit Indians the most sycophantic praise in whole universe. PAP is helping FT Indians to build caste system here.

Singapore society is already living under terminal stage cancer. Once we import FT Indians, in however small amount, the whole society hopelessly corrupts. And we are importing them in large amount.

The confession of FT Indians

I may blog more about FT Indians confession later. I work with FT Indians and I have heard glimpse of their true thought, when we are chatting under relax atmosphere. Below is what they think.

1) FT Indians got discriminated by the highest caste FT Indians in Singapore than Chinese. Nevertheless, they conspire to accuse Singaporean Chinese as racist.
2) They agree their tribe are kicking out and shitting on Singaporeans.
3) They knew India is shit compared to Singapore, but they cannot stop bad mouth Singapore.
4) They cannot stop hating Chinese especially those from China.
5) They knew they are backstabbing people.
6) They prefer Chinese boss than FT Indian boss. FT Indians boss will poison them so much that few years down the road, those working under FT Indian boss become cunning snake, parasite, backbitting asshole or even schizophrenic.

The above may not represent accurately on all cases, but I am sure FT Indians can agree with many of them.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Indian will murder you for sharing high caste's name

Not too long ago on BBC.

A low-caste Dalit boy has been killed in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh for sharing a name with a man of a higher caste, police say.

They said Neeraj Kumar's father Ram Sumer had been asked to change the names of two sons as they were the same as those of Jawahar Chaudhary's sons.

The body of Neeraj, 14, was found on 23 November in a field. Two friends of the Chaudhary family have been arrested.

Mr Chaudhary denies the involvement of his family in the murder.

He says the family is being framed by police.

Dalits, formerly known as "untouchables", are at the bottom of the Hindu caste system in India.

Although caste discrimination is illegal, biases remain in many areas.


The latest incident took place in Radhaupur village in Basti district.

Both Ram Sumer and Jawahar Chaudhary have sons named Neeraj and Dheeraj and that has long been an issue between the two families, Sub-inspector Praveen Kumar said.

Mr Chaudhary, who belongs to a higher caste, had given several warnings to Mr Sumer to change the names of his boys.

On 22 November, Neeraj left home after dinner to watch television at a friend's house. His body was found the next day.

Police said he was strangled.

Mr Chaudhary's sons - Neeraj and Dheeraj - are missing, but police have arrested two friends of the family who they say had a role in the murder.

High caste Indians are the most wicked people on planet

In the 21th century, people are still being killed in India by sharing given name (not even the odious high caste surname yet), with a neighbor. This is a tip of iceberg. I am a reader of Indian newspaper and a frequent visitor of forums participated by Indians. From all information gathered, I am shock by the collective wickedness of the Hindic civilization. India is one of the most fertile land on this planet. It could easily become the richest. Today India is a shithole literally and spiritually. Indians are shitting even on their holy land. Indians shit in their lakes and rivers. Indians are consummate backstabber and traitors.

The poverty of India is entirely in the mind and wicked thoughts of Indians.  

No one can get murdered in other civilizations for sharing the same name with the most lofty elites, not even Islam or the most savage African nations can beat India in racial discrimination. The most scum mafia would not even kill anyone for sharing the same name. And yet, Indians out beat everyone in wickedness. The murder is not an isolated event but an incident out of a wider and noxious Hindic culture and institution. Besides, millions of Dalits are raped or are forced into prostitution by high caste Indians each year.

High caste Indians persisting in their crime

You go into forums and often see Indians blaming their miserable conditions to historical baggages, to British colonization, to Muslim conquest, and even to natural disaster.

God is kind to Indians. God give Indians Singapore. There are nothing to complain about Singapore. The FT Indians start a new life here, far remove from the India shithole they themselves created. Singapore is among best city in the world, created by the hardworking citizens.

Unfortunately, the FT Indians are determine to screw Singapore. They do not come here as honest citizens. First thing they do is to blame Singaporean Chinese for racism, a label best attributed to FT Indians themselves. Next, they kick out every Singaporeans on the way, shipping their entire village.

FT Indians are cancer to Singapore culture. What can you expect from a tribe who will murder someone simply because the victim share a given name? If they can murder for such trivial matters, they would not have any qualms about firing the most talented Singaporeans replacing them with the most stupid Indians.

At the same time, FT Indians bad mouth Singapore at every given opportunities in web forum, despite the fact that Singapore has given them a new life, saving them from their shithole India.

Singapore is already in Caste system now.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Hindutva immense hatred against Christians

PAP importing Christian haters

Very few people are aware of the immense hatred of FT Indians, against Chinese, and more so if you are a Christians. Most FT Indians are the higher caste Hindus, and Christianity is a threat to their privileged existence. These days, not a week pass without the news of ethnic cleansing of Christians in India.

Jesus is a God of redemption compared to Hindic Deity

In India, Christianity are mass converting dalits. The dalits are told by the high caste Indians during every Hinduism sermons that they committed grave sins in their past life. This is what the hindus call the Karma. To redeemed these sins, the dalits need to stooge worse than the animals, prostitute their daughters and embark career path as shit collectors.

However, Jesus Christ give the dalits a new deal. Jesus does not need anyone to redeem themselves. Jesus takes on the sins of his followers. On day 1 the dalits join Christianity, they are cleanse off their sins by Jesus. The Hindus who wanted to enslave the dalits using the karma theory now, got to collect the redemption not from dalits, but from Jesus, who agreed to offload all sins to himself. That incense the high caste parasitic Indians. 

One Christian was quoted saying as below in another video clip.
"The Hindu Gods did nothing for me. They didn't bring me any peace. They could not answer my problems. But in Christianity, I found true peace and freedom from the Hindu caste system."
Dalits Christians going strong on education, IQ and social status after converting to Christianity

Over 3000 years, the sole aim of Brahmins denied dalits access to means of production (force eviction from land) and educations, so that they can work as whit collectors and prostitute perpetually. The dalits are treated worse than animals.

Hinduism's theory of Dharma and Karma are instituted racism, while Christianity stands for humanistic ideals. 

Christianity is a total game changer. Under Jesus Christ, everyone are brothers and sisters. Christian missionaries are the most fanatic builders of schools and hospitals, everywhere in the whole world. Christian run charity feed the poor and house the homeless.  

Becoming a Christian did seems to incur the blessing of God. For the first time, Dalits are having access to good schools and good teachers. Many of these schools are plugged in to international missionaries network which provide infinite supplies of oversea Christian volunteers. And for the first time, the dalits are given a windows to contact with foreigners, world view, a higher human ideas.

Now Christians dalits are gaining access to good schools and teachers that are deliberately deprived to them by high caste Indian. Their social standing and IQ start to ascend. That debunk a large part of Hinduism. 

The high caste Indians watch and fume. The started to persecute Christians.

Hinduism finding Singapore as a frontier missionary outlet

Hinduism is in decline in their home ground. Many in India are mass converting either to Christianity or Islam. Nevertheless, Hinduism got compensation in their evangelism efforts, with the help of PAP. Many in PAP are neo-Hindus, especially Kuan Yew, Hsien Loong and phoney Christian George Yeo. George Yeo is a phoney catholic who manage to fool Singaporeans. Singaporeans believe George Yeo is good man. In reality, George Yeo did only 2 things. He is the main enbler of casinos and second, CECA, which is instrumental in mass importing FT Indians. 

PAP imports these racist high caste Indians to screw Singaporeans. These hindus hate equality, hate Chinese and hate Christians. Together with PAP, the FT Indians perfected the theology of neo-Hinduism. The neo Dharmic and Karmic theory put it simply are

Singaporeans are descendants of coolie, they have bad genes. They are stupid, lazy and  hence, deserve to be screwed perpetually. This is on the background that Singaporeans have the highest IQ and academic achievements in the world. 

Indians are good in everything and deserve are entitled to lord over Singaporeans, even if studies shown India Indians are the most stupid people in the planet.

Note: Indians IQ are moronic 82 and Singaporeans are highest at 108. Singaporeans academic ranking under PISA is among the highest in the world.

The neo Hindu theology form the ideological basis for kicking out every single Singaporeans in work place, eventually preparing the career path of Singaporeans as prostitutes and shit collectors. 

Monday, April 1, 2013

The Malay Race 2 : The Malay gene

Before we start, I need to highlight Proto Malay is Mongoloid. The Malayan Malay is Mongoloid with a significant Australoid admixture. 

See The Malay Race 1 : Proto Malay for the first part. Malay race by itself is one of the most open, hospitable and tolerant people in the whole world. Today we see many intolerant behavior of Malay in our region. That is not due to Malay culture. That is due more to Islam.

Malay Racist in Malaysia

Unlike Indonesia where President Sukarno set a socialist road map on race and religion issues, Malaysia was captured by reactionary hereditary aristocracy. The aristocracy uses racism and Muslim fundamentalism to manipulate the Malay people.  

Even though President Sukarno's rule was not lack of controversies, his progressive view on race and religion greatly influence generations of Indonesian elites. This act as a impediment towards fundamentalism. Even though Indonesia is moving more towards religion fundamentalism over the decades, the effect of President Sukarno's policy has prevented situations from getting far worse. 

Malaysia produces a lot of bigotry works. You cannot trust Malaysia academics on their studies of Malay race.

Proto-Malay could be closer genetically to Fujian Chinese, Taiwanese than Malaysia Malay

I have read many academic works on Malay gene, language and anthropology. The most authoritative scholar on genetic distance is Luigi Luca Cavalli-Sforza of Stanford University. Cavalli-Sforza's The History and Geography of Human Genes (1994 with Paolo Menozzi and Alberto Piazza) is a standard reference on human genetic variation.

Below is some of the findings of Cavalli-Sforza.

Northern Chinese group with Japanese, Korean and Tibetan. Southern Chinese group with Malay.

Southern Chinese group closely with Taiwanese aboriginals, who is genetically closest to proto Malay. Malaya Malay is quite far from Proto Malay.

Southern Chinese IQ and Malay IQ

We know Southern Chinese scores very high on IQ. Our IQ are way higher than Northern Chinese. That could imply that the proto-Malay could be very intelligent. The proto Malay could carry a high IQ gene. 

The Southern Chinese high IQ is not likely due to genetic input from Northern Chinese. If Southern Chinese IQ is to be benefit due to intermarriage with Northern Chinese, then the Northern Chinese need to be smarter. So its likely that one of the main reason for high IQ of Southern Chinese is the Southern Mongoloid group is way smarter than Northern Mongoloid group. And I wish to highlight again that proto Malay is Mongoloid, not Australoid. Malayan Malay has more feature of Australoid.

And why Malayan Malay scores lower in IQ? I have form some sets of answer and would like to share in subsequent postings. It would probably enrage the Malaysia Malay racist.

From current evidence, there are reasons to believe that the proto Malay is high IQ people.

The Penan tribe of Borneo

These people have interesting phenotype. They are Malay. They are 100% identical to Fujian Chinese. From the feature, we could probably deduce that they have very high genetic similarity with Fujian Chinese. They are bullied and discriminated by Malaysia bumiputra-ist. They may be very close genetically to proto Malay.

In my coming postings of this series, I would like to illustrate more on the concepts. The Malaysia mainstream Malay is unlikely to be very "bumiputra", and is genetically very far apart from proto Malay. Nevertheless Malaysia Malay clowns will not cease to shout empty racist slogan which have little basis. Many more  Malay tribe could be more "bumiputra" and genetically closer to proto Malay than mainstream Malaysia Malay.