Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Winner of China's Hunan TV station singing contest

Taiwanese Terry Lin 林志炫, won the singing competition " I am a Singer 我是歌手" of Hunan TV station (湖南卫视). Unlike others, "I am a Singer" pits well-known artists against one another. The competition brings back Terry Lin's career, and further elevate it to even greater heights. He is now a very hot artist in China.

Today, China's TV programs are of high quality. China's TV programs have improved tremendously. It is no longer the old communist propaganda show. They are much better than what Singapore produces.

Since the takeover of communist, mainland China's culture was in tatters. Imported cultural products such as Kpop, Korean Drama, Hong Kong movies, Taiwanese pop songs, Japanese Drama are popular.

Rebuilding culture takes a longer time than accumulating wealth. It requires rebuilding of moral values. The projection of soft power requires strengthening of culture.

Today in Vietnam and Thailand, Chinese and Cantonese songs, TV drama and movies, origin from Taiwan and Hong Kong are very popular. Taiwan and Hong Kong are small compared to the rest of China. Yet Taiwan and Hong Kong are able to project themselves culturally across SE Asia. Now China is waking up. In future, nations will be drawn into Chinese soft power just like the way we worship Coca Cola and Disney today.

Finally, I want to make certain comments about Singapore's TV program. Ever since the destruction of local culture by Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore is not able to project itself culturally across the region. Our TV stations make junk programs. We have almost no movie industry. 


Anonymous said...

i believe he is obsessed with control, with power. he cannot stand things that will grow from strength to strength on their own, very afraid that if he does nothing at all, this strength may overshadow his power and control of singapore.

Anonymous said...

China’s Yu Quan duo won the competition, not Terry Lin. He was the first runner-up.

Veritas said...

Ya... later I realize this session is still not final.