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The Malay Race 1 : Proto Malay

Proto Malay

Proto Malay were yellow people. They were Mongoloid originating from Southern China. There were two waves of Malay migration to South East Asia. One was by land from Yunnan and the other was the sea route, starting from Fujian, then Taiwan, then to the other part of Malay land. Below is from Wikipedia.

The Yunnan theory, Mekong river migration (published in 1889) - The theory of Proto Malays originating from Yunnan is supported by R.H Geldern, J.H.C Kern, J.R Foster, J.R Logen, Slamet Muljana and Asmah Haji Omar. Other evidences that support this theory include: stone tools found in Malay Archipelago are analogous to Central Asian tools, similarity of Malay customs and Assam customs, and the fact that the Malay language & Cambodian language are kindred languages because the ancestral home of Cambodians originated at the source of Mekong River.

The Taiwan theory (published in 1997) - The migration of a certain group of Southern Chinese occurred 6,000 years ago, some moved to Taiwan (today's Taiwanese aborigines are their descendents), then to the Philippines and later to Borneo (roughly 4,500 years ago) (today's Dayak and other groups). These ancient people also split with some heading to Sulawesi and others progressing into Java, and Sumatra. The final migration was to the Malay Peninsula roughly 3,000 years ago. A sub-group from Borneo moved to Champa in modern-day Central and South Vietnam roughly 4,500 years ago. There are also traces of the Dong Son and Hoabinhian migration from Vietnam and Cambodia. There was also the Southern Thai migration, from what we know as Pattani today. All these groups share DNA and linguistic origins traceable to the island that is today Taiwan, and the ancestors of these ancient people are traceable to southern China.

Malay land

Proto Malay was the best navigating race. They sailed and take over islands from the East coast of Africa to the West coast of continental Americas.  

Proto Malay is Yellow People 

The natives of Fujian are descendant of proto Malay mix with Northern Chinese. Fujian Han Chinese look very different from other Han Chinese. Taiwanese Han Chinese is 90% from Fujian. The purest Malay tribe would probably be the Taiwanese hill tribe. They look remarkably similar to Taiwanese Han Chinese.

When Proto Malay settled in other part of the world, it mixed with other people. Hence, most Malay today lies somewhere between the mongoloid and Australoid phenotype. Filipinos look very yellow. Their gene pool is very close to Taiwanese aboriginals. More remarkably pockets of Malays in Sumatra, Borneo, Sulaweisi still look very yellow. They probably have received very little external genome input.

Most Malay look very brown. Many of these Malay received genes from the Australoid, blacks, Arabs or even Indians. 

The Fujian Han Chinese is 60-70% genetically similar to Taiwanese hill tribe. They receive around 35% of their gene from Northern Chinese. 

Chang Hui-mei is Taiwanese Malay. She is yellow but with feature very different from Northern Chinese. She exult a undomesticated wild sexual energy not found in Han Chinese.

Dong Li Huo Che are Malay singers from Taiwan. They are yellow. They have interesting phenotype. They can be mistaken for Amerindian. They show strong signs of undomesticated-ness.

A Filipino girl. She is beautiful and is throwing around sexual energy. Filipino is very close genetically to Southern Chinese especially Fujian Chinese. They are almost identical to Taiwanese hill tribe. If this girl could spend less time under the sun, she could be pass off as Fujian Chinese.

Nias girl. Nias is an island, off Sumatra, facing the Indian Ocean. Many neighboring regions like Malaysia, and Sumatra are more Australoid looking. Nias is surprisingly very Mongoloid looking. I have Nias friend who is exactly no different from Fujian Chinese, not only in look. The Nias though anchor in Malay culture give me a feeling not different from Fujian Chinese culture. I cannot say that to Malayan Malay. 

Compared to Filipino above, this Nias girl look more sexually reserved and refined. Nias are Christian. The Malay living in Muslim countries seems to hold back on their radiating sexual energies. She look quite domesticated.

Kadazan girl of sabah Malaysia. Kadazans are yellow people.

Another Kadazan girl. You will not be able to tell the difference between many Kadazan and Fujian Chinese. For me, I can tell the difference between Cantonese and Fujian Chinese sometimes, and very often between Fujian Chinese and Northern Chinese.

Iban girls of Sarawak, Malaysia. I have Iban friend. Cannot tell differences in behavior or phenotype between my tribe and Iban. They just speak a different language, somehow I feel a lot of affinity with them.

About Veritas

I am a Fujian Chinese, speaking Min-nan dialect, or more conveniently identify as Taiwanese dialect. I am a 3rd generation Singaporean. I was a backpacker in my younger days. When I traveled around Malay land, I was shock at the similarity in culture between my tribe and many Malay tribe, even though we do not speak the same language. I do not even feel that comfortable with Northern Chinese.

I was also surprise the high degree of similarity between our phenotype. 

Many people told me I do not look very Chinese. My family members look Chinese and I am quite an odd one out. Most people commented I look like people from Indochina, such as Vietnamese, Cambodian or Burmese.  

I come to conclusion that I am a Sinicized Malay, as all Fujian Chinese are.

Click here for part 2 of this series that will discuss about the genetic distance of various Malay groups themselves as well as between Chinese.


Anonymous said...

Great article dude!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to The Malay Archipelago,Malay Region ,Malay Race,Malay World and self Believe of being a Malay.SyabaS.

Veritas said...

Welcome to The Malay Archipelago,Malay Region ,Malay Race,Malay World and self Believe of being a Malay

Give me counter thesis.

Anonymous said...

finally be able to access thru this blog .thanks for sharing.
great articles.
i believe that asian races is complex and interesting to research on. btw the main classes of races before it break up into other races is 3 main race which is blacks, white and asian.
the rest develops into more complex sub race and languages.
btw natives tribe in North and south america are asian too.

from x-men .

Anonymous said...

my father comes from fujian. my son and i look abit "different" from average chinese here. one day while holidaying in NZ, we saw a aborigine boy. his features very similar to my son. i'v been thinking about our gene since. thanks for your great article .

Anonymous said...

I am a kayan(a Sarawak tribe). My dialect is 50% malay based. I look chinese (fujian type) although i am pretty sure i have no known direct chinese ancestry. Many tagalog words are similiar to kayan. (Tian=stomach), (nyipen=teeth), (kiut=sexual intercourse), (likut=back), (buhuk=hair). My tribe is a thousand miles away from the philipines and yet theres a dialect linkage. I believe my forefathers came from fujian then to taiwan then to the philipines and finally setttling in borneo. We are All malays.

Anonymous said...


Veritas said...


Cool down. There are different opinions and people could have migrated both ways.

If your argument is valid, then ancestors of Genghis Khan, Manchus, Japanese and Koreans all came from somewhere near Malaysia?

You 100% sure?

You can cite your research and people has their research to proof otherwise. Grow up.

Anonymous said...

Veritas, you're incredible!

Keep going.

Love your fantastic insight, in depth research and man-made points.

I wonder what gene/dna stock you are of? Must be something really special rarely any one else can claim of.

Do you eat animal shit for your meals? Bet you dont bathe more than once a year. How many mao zedong wall-size portraits do you pray to every night before going to sleep? Do you sleep in a communist CCCP dress?


Anonymous said...

The following is quoted from a scientific research paper from Human Genome Organisation:

"The study also suggested that there was one major inflow of human migration into Asia arising from Southeast Asia, rather than multiple inflows from both southern and northern routes as proposed before. This indicates that Southeast Asia was the major geographic source of East Asian and North Asian populations."

Veritas said...

I can always find article which states migration the other way round as well.

Some suggest that Austronesian languages, and therefore cultures, originated on Taiwan between 5000BP and 6000BP (Bellwood 1995). Three factors mark Taiwan as a likely place where Austronesian language and culture first developed: (1) Taiwan has the greatest diversity of Austronesian languages presently and historically, so much so that a top level linguistic subcategory of Formosan languages is currently used to identify Austronesian languages spoken in Taiwan, contrasted with the neighboring subcategory of Malayo-Polynesian (Tryon 1995, 24-27); (2) the physiological, or genetic, variation of Taiwan’s Austronesian population is greater than any other island in the Pacific; and (3) archaeological dates for the Austronesian cultural complex of pig domestication, agriculture, and pottery are found in Taiwan earlier than elsewhere in Island Southeast Asia or Oceania.

Others suggest that Austronesian languages and cultures originated in the Southeastern Asian mainland that is now Southern China, or that they conversely originated in what is now mainland Southeast Asia, and spread out through the Malay/Indonesian archipelago (Bowdler 1993). This issue is difficult to resolve because the linguistic and archaeological data at times disagree, and there are large gaps in archaeological records.

The above is POV of anthropologist and linguist.

However, genetist suggested migration of genes flow from SE Asia to East Asia.

Veritas said...

The answer could be both way migration.

It appears that the proto people migrated from India, enter SE Asia through Myanmmar, from the inference of genetist. Look at the diagram you given me.

Date is 60,000 BP.

From Myammar, the gene spread to SE Asia and E Asia. That is the first wave.

But does these proto people who migrated to SE Asia speak Malay? That is a question mark.

The anthropologist state that Malay started migrating from Taiwan around 5000-6000BP.

So the next wave starting from Taiwan could have spread Malay thoughout Oceania.

No contradiction if we say Malay from Taiwan.

Anonymous said...

"proto malay is yellow people"
no, and never, taiwan aboriginal is brown, we native malay never came from china

u look like some chinese supemacist mind, joke :>

ur knowledge about native malay and where are asean people came from are too narrow and wikipedia is just for kids :p

pls learn about "out of sundaland" or "out of taiwan" theory

also based on genetic, ur theory about brown skin is because australoid/negroid gene is wrong, some are mixed with them but majority arent and still retain their brown skin

Anonymous said...

Please do not write with your assumed thought. I feel sorry for other non Asian who read your article. This is really a mistake that Fujian is the same as..., .., as you wrote. May be it is only 10 - 20 %, so it is not the same. I have known since long time, Malayan nomads has some word that is the same as Taiwan Aborigin. I did not get shocked when I knew it in my age of 15 y.o. !! I do not their ancestor is probably come from Mainland China somewhere, or Mainland CHina Aborigin comes from is completely wrong if you say, Fujian is the same as those Aborigines or Nomads. NO THEY HAVE ONLY 10 - 20% 'SAME' FACE.
I am a Fujian, too and I do practice my Fujian culture although I am overseas also I learn history. I think you have misinterpret too much. I do know face to face , daily life Malayan, even the nomads !! Do not assume Fujian has same face as Malayan Dayak or even Kazakh , what you wrote ? I forget whta you wrote soon because Fujianese is really different from that Turkmenistan Kazak, other part of ...tan zone or Xinjiang mixed blood. Like that Malaysian who wrote he or she "proto malay is yellow people" no, and never, taiwan aboriginal is brown, we native malay never came from china
u look like some chinese supemacist mind, joke :>
ur knowledge about native malay and where are asean people came from are too narrow and wikipedia is just for kids :p

Unknown said...

A Y Chromosome Haplogroup O-M175 (Paternal Line) and mtDNA Haplogroup R, B and F (Maternal Line) are typical DNA Haplogroups for these peoples.

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

lol be careful what you say you just offended a ton of people with this article. you just annoyed and offended both the malays and the fujianese. also even if we fujianese are not 100 percent northern han chinese we are not malay either . you could say we have min yue blood (look it up if you dont know) but to say we are sinizied malay is ridiculous the original ethnic group of southern china were not malay.

its common knowledge that the ancient northern han chinese migrated to the south(fujian and guangdong) in huge waves in the past few thousand years and intermarried with the minyue people so fujianese and cantonese for that matter all have northern han blood. why do you think our hokkien language is based off of the ancient han chinese language? in fact its a more pure han language than manderin

also wikipedia is not good source of information plse use a better source next time

Anonymous said...

also true philipinos dont look like fujianese even with light skin we have different features. so no that girl you showed in that picture cannot pass as fujianese even if she did have light skin btw look at this

look at the picture of the royal family two of the actors are fujianese (well actually one is taiwanese) and one of them is cantonese whilst the last two are from the far north east of china (the chicken head area). can you tell who is who? if you can without looking it up or knowing who the actors are before hand then bravo cause i certainly can't .

Anonymous said...

heres a better link:

J.Ortega said...

Nice article and a bit more educational. I'm not a racist and am a Filipino but to be honest they all look the same to me that if I happen to bump into one of them, I would speak to them in Tagalog. There are some Filipinos who look very Chinese (my niece is one) and so even them, I still have a hard time.

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

Please remove this article from the worldwide web.
It is garbage and offends a lot of people.
filipinos are not yellow.