Tuesday, March 19, 2013

No Foreigners Would Like to Work in Singapore in the Near Future

Over the years, PAP's policy has been wage suppression, driving down salary of average workers, meanwhile channeling every possible surplus to elites. In PAP's mindset, wage increment for workers is abhorring, blamed for causing inflation. Wage hike for elites is most welcome. Today, workers' wages for Singapore are extremely low. Some countries are traditional sources of workforce. Today, these foreign workers are not coming as they could be earning higher wages at home. PAP's solution is not to pay workers fairly, but to look further and further, and to brought in workers from ever poorer countries. Our wages continue to sink further.

Decades ago, Singaporeans built our own houses. Then PAP started to exploit workers. Instead of letting salary rise for construction workers, Malaysian were brought in. When Malaysian started to despise our salary, PAP brought in construction workers from Thailand. When wages in Thailand rise, Thailand workers prefer to stay at home. Then PAP brought in Bangladesh, China, India...etc. PAP's policies have driven families of construction workers into poverty, creating untold hardship. Meanwhile the top 1% are enriched to an unimaginable extend.

Unfortunately PAP's predatory practice may be close to inflexion point today. Below are excerpts from The New Paper.

Foreign Workers Getting Militant 

WHEN SMRT bus drivers from China went on strike in November last year, they set off a train of copycat behaviour among their countrymen working as school bus drivers here, claim some private bus operators.

Some of the drivers started showing up late for work - well after their morning shift had ended - and were often uncontactable on their mobile phones.

When they finally called back later in the day, they claimed to be on medical leave or said they overslept.

Some even said they had family problems back home, asking for a return to China.

These last minute no-shows have become much more frequent in recent months after the SMRT strike, six private bus operators told The New Paper.

The six companies said they have sent home about 25 of these Chinese nationals in recent months over persistent no-shows.

Like the SMRT drivers who went on strike for higher pay, their drivers are also demanding more money.


They are asking to be paid as much as lorry drivers, who can earn almost double what bus drivers get now.

XingSheng Transport Services operations manager Lim Yong Long said: "They began (to show their displeasure) by hinting that working as a lorry driver would fetch more pay."


But the unhappiness of some of these workers, and their methods of protest, are causing huge problems for the bus operators.

Every time a bus driver does not show up for work, operators have to scramble to find a replacement.

At times, the situation gets so desperate that the owners of these bus companies end up taking the wheel themselves because there is just no one else.

The frequency of no-shows by Chinese drivers has left bus company operators on edge every morning.

Wages Not Rising Despite of Demand for Workers. FT Policy is the Culprit.

Despite this, hiring is still extremely challenging, said some bus companies.

"We put ads in the paper stating that we will pay about $2,500 for a five-day work week, but there are no takers," said Mr Ben Tan, director at BT&TAN Transport.

Malaysian Are Despising Our Wages. Our Workers Wages Could Be Worse than 3rd World. PAP Could Solve The Problem By Bringing In From Ever Poorer Countries Again This Time. Try Afghanistan?

It is also getting difficult to hire Malaysian drivers, because their pay in the home country has been increasing steadily, added the bus operators.

"They can now earn as much in Malaysia as they do here, so they won't bother coming here also," said MrLim Yong Long, operations manager at XingSheng Transport Services.

PRC Workers are More Problematic and Disloyal Than Singaporeans. PAP Continues to Throw False Accusations Against Singaporeans While Praising FT Nevertheless  

Once some of these Chinese drivers get their licences, they job hop to become truck drivers instead, as they can double their pay.

"Even before they start work properly, some of them quit to go back home and then come back to Singapore again as lorry drivers," said Mr Lim.

Instead of Hiking Wages, the 1% Is Working With PAP to Regulate so That They Can Bind Their Workers, Not Unlike Feudal Lords. Forget About Free Market Capitalism, This is Feudalism.

Mr Wong said: "I'm working with authorities to put up the suggestion to differentiate the licences required to drive a bus and a lorry, so that the job-hopping problem can be alleviated to some degree."

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