Sunday, March 24, 2013

Indian kicking out their hosts everywhere: The scourge of Hindic racist

Everywhere high caste Indians go, they kick out hospitable host who sheltered them. The moment step into your land, they bring their vision of moving their entire village, meanwhile creating unemployment for the locals by kicking them out of jobs. They add salt into wounds by accusing the locals as stupid and lazy, and even though the local has much higher IQ than Indians. Indians IQ are moronic 82 and Singaporeans are highest at 108. Singaporeans got discriminated and fired.

Singaporeans must understand that we are not the only victim of high caste Indians. High caste Indians have been behaving in such most degenerated ways for 3000 years. There is no cure for their madness. When Aryan, the forebears of high caste Indians came to Indus-Ganges plains 3000 years ago, they used racism against the high IQ Dravidians. Then racist Brahmins move up Nepal, around 2000 years ago. They enslaved the wise Tharu people. Tharu give the world Buddha, the wisest man 2500 years ago. Now they are widely despised as Dalits. More recently, the Sinhalese Aryans in Sri Lanka got eye red when Tamils are doing well. They instituted racist policies against the Tamil, who are Dravidians. The Tamils rallied around the Tiger and fought, but lost unfortunately. The discrimination continue. FT Indians cannot live one day without racism as fish without water.

Today high caste Indians come to Singapore, You can only expect them to use their old tricks. They are doing it for 3000 years. Do not expect them to change. It is not only Singaporeans suffered. The hindutva are kicking out white man as well. There is an increasing cases in court and newspaper reporting about hindutva kicking out their mentors and shipping their whole villages in USA. Big Indian companies like Tata, Satyam are now deemed in the engineering community as abusers of H1B visa. Sometimes ago the New York Times reported,

Mr. Kavanagh, who attended the hearing to press his case with lawmakers, said that he had been hired by the company to overhaul a major software system, and that many of the workers he managed were Indians with H-1B visas. “They absolutely misrepresented their skills,” he said. “They are working with very critical software, and they don’t understand the nature of it — these are patients’ lives.”

He said the time he took to train the temporary workers had slowed the project and led to disputes with the company, which finally terminated his contract. He said he could not name the company because of a contractual confidentiality clause.

Very often, FT Indians are screwed up in their skills. But if the management of a company is captured by Indians, competency and meritocracy is not factored in in recruitment. The most important thing is to hire as much Indians as possible, never mind there are any screwed up. Whether a company can go bankrupt is not important, the most important is Indian must be in charged. In another report, 

Eighteen IT workers have filed a class action suit Molina Healthcare Inc., claiming that the company laid them off in order to hire H-1B workers from India. The lawsuit was filed in April in Los Angeles Superior Court against Molina, Amir Desai (its CIO at the time), and Molina’s outsourcer, Cognizant Technology Solutions. The suit contends that over a period of several years the U.S. workers were marginalized as the IT department became dominated by Indian nationals.

Although the problems expressed by the IT workers had been going on for a while (the plaintiffs claim pre-existing favoritism on the behalf of IT managers toward the nationals), the layoffs came one day last year when they were called into a so-called planning meeting while someone was rounding up their laptops. They were instead told about layoffs in the meeting.
The lawsuit also maintains that even before the layoffs, the culture of the company had changed and became exclusionary toward American workers. 

Sounds familiar? To FT Indians, they have no compunctions in getting their most competent colleagues or subordinates fired and replace them by stupid and lazy morons from their own villages. To them, everyone else are to be made Dalits. Dalits are worse than animals. And kicking Dalits out of jobs is akin to help them cleansing their sins incurred in their past life. And the next frontiers of Dalits creation are USA and Singapore.

I will further blog on this issues and regarding the ways to defeat Hindic Nazi.


Anonymous said...

True lah.. during CNY was visiting Changi Point Mall, with one of my local tamil colleague. He was mentioning that it looks like a Little North India. And he was mentioning that usually local tamils would get married to Tamil Malaysians or Indian Tamils. And the couple (girl/boy) would well assimilate with the local culture. Nowadays its not that easy for them ..since now most of the Indians are from north (Veg, supposedly Upper Caste), most of the tamil businesses are taken over my north Indians (using wrong money). Was bit moved on seeing how wrong policy affects every aspect of life.

Veritas said...

While we are focusing on the Northern Brahmins, the newly imported Tamil Brahmins are noxious species as well. Our Tamils are mostly Dalits. To the Tamils Brahmins, local Tamils are animals.

Our local Tamils hate FT Indians. Some honest one will tell you that they got discriminated from FT Indians while they get no discrimination from Chinese Singaporeans.

To solve the problems we got to overthrow LKY, and overthrow PAP.

Anonymous said...

The true LKY is not stupid unless we are seeing a cloned version to replace the already passed away one.

Anonymous said...

The truth Lee Kuan Yew is stupid because most Indains have twisted talking and Kuan Yew is the same.While he in Malaysia era he renounced Malaysian Malaysia but now Singaporean renounce Singaporean Singapore he against.

Anonymous said...

Kicking the PAP and LKY out won't help at all. The Cabinet, Parliament are like senior management and board of directors. Their job is to maximise revenue.

Even if you manage to get your favorite guy into the CEO (Prime Minister) position, he still has to maximise revenue. That responsiblity comes with the position, not with the person. In corporate terms, it means "full responsibility over profit and loss".

Solution: Stop expecting an expert/professional (such as a politician or management consultant) to do the dirty work. They'll just take fat cheques and mess everything up. There are actually rules in place where one can take over some of the government duties himself if one desires. One just has to be willing to get his hands dirty.

BTW, within a corporation, unless the senior management is extremely naive (unlikely), they know that people from certain countries cause problems. The senior mgmt just wants those guys around to keep the others on their toes and to prevent the others from knowing too much, because they are too busy playing golf to control their own corporation. Information hoarding is one of their goals.

Anonymous said...

Sorry if it's not clear why companies hire FT.

If a Sinkie minion is distracted by an FT's dirty tactics, he would be unable to learn anything about his workplace that is outside of his immediate jobscope.

This allows senior mgmt to maintain a MONOPOLY over business knowledge and information, further cementing their own positions.

Veritas said...

The FT Indian problem is prevalent in Cisco, Microsoft, Qualcomm, and many US Tech to a very large extend as well.

The yellow especially, got discriminated in USA tech. There is various reason why such things happened.

I believe one of them could be, if Tech were captured by those MBA and business school type in the upper management, they would implement various cost cutting strategy without a knowledge that such measure will hit engineering quality.

And as an engineer, I assured you that many MBA people are extremely wary of engineering guys. We see them as talk cock. They fear engineers using knowledge to project power.

Anonymous said...

I get what you're saying. Suppressing wages is another way to keep minions distracted so the minions will never realise what's really going on.

The senior management does have a monopoly over financial knowledge, or at the very least have the financial power to hire an expert if themselves are incompetent.

Shock shock horror if the engineers found out that finance and engineering are similar. It'a all math, but adding different stuff.

I believe they know that their nonsense measures affect quality. They just don't care and simply plan for short term manipulation of figures to justify their own paychecks. They're usually part of a " big club" (a delusional idea), once they get their fat bonuses, they'll just be shuffled off to another company where they repeat the same leeching methods.

Anonymous said...

Cognizant is a very racist company, they bring in Indian staff at the expense of local people simply because local staff do not speak Urdu.